A Couple Of Media Connections Later, Doug Converse is En Route to Building a Hospital Wing for a Fallen Friend

8:00 am Local Publicity

I met Doug Converse at the Mental Journey to Millions Reunion event on September 8, 2007. He shared his commitment to help build a hospital in Haiti to honor the life of his best friend, Dr. Rich Tucker, who died tragically before he could complete his missionary work there.

Douglas wasn’t sure how to give his dream wings to fly, so I started chatting about potential media opportunities. Doug said Dr. Tucker was a very prominent and beloved citizen in the Wenatchee, Washington community. I suggested he visit the online archives at The Wenatchee World and search for stories that had already been written about his fallen friend. And, I suggested he get in touch with the reporter who last wrote about him to share his intentions. Doug called me just the other day to report that he did exactly as I suggested, and the reporter was planning to meet with to write a story for the newspaper. I also helped Doug get in touch with Paul Casey, who hosts a radio program called Small Business Innovators on 1150 a.m. Alternative Talk Radio. Doug followed up with Paul, told him his intentions, and Paul interviewed him on the spot.

That chance meeting between me and Doug on a Saturday afternoon gave Doug the access to the storytellers who could bring his intentions to life. The good news is that his story will soon take flight with the aid and reach of the Wenatchee World and the Small Business Innovators Radio Show. That will mean the world to Doug as real work begins on building that hospital wing in Dr. Rich Tucker’s honor another world away.

If you would like to contribute to Doug’s quest to build this hospital in Dr. Tucker’s name, get in touch with him at dcmagic@comcast.net.

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3 Responses

  1. Zita Gustin Says:

    This is a great demonstration of networking in action. And, Nancy, you have the heart of a “true networker” because you gave freely of your ideas and pointed this person in the direction that would give his dreams wings and his hopes flight! If only everyone were as willing to take quick action on the promptings that you so often and willingly lay at their feet!

  2. NancyJ Says:

    Thank you Zita. I learned much about networking by watching you in action. You are the best!

  3. Kim De Lisle Says:

    I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Douglas and was impressed with his enthusiasm for putting the contribution game to feet. So very excited to hear of the newest contributors to his efforts for the hospital in Haiti. Douglas’inspired actions will no doubt inspire others to pursue their dreams.

    Kim De Lisle

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