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A little over a year ago, my husband Steve and I started on a journey to empower families around the nation to get ahead of life before it happens.  We debuted Life Goes on Roadmap™ and quickly discovered that we could meet a real need among families to get their acts together before life hits a bump in the road.

Then, we started hearing from families around the nation about the bumps in the road they were facing. The urgency to start living more NOW became crystal clear for us.

Every day, someone in our world is touched by one of the Big D’s — disease, diagnosis, divorce, disability, diminished mental capacity, disaster, or death — without warning.

Lives are changed in an instant, and it isn’t always “happily ever after.”

Sometimes, it’s grief, loss, or a whole new way of living that wasn’t on anyone’s bucket list.

Last October, our home was burglarized while we were speaking and exhibiting at a financial planning conference 3,000 miles away.

Coming home to that was hard. It sure made “home” feel like a place we didn’t want to be.

It’s one thing to anticipate challenging times by getting ahead of life before it happens.

It’s another to be wading in the drama, trauma and chaos of all of that and FEELING what it’s like to be dis-empowered, disappointed, dismayed, and so many other negative emotions.

A home burglary is a violation of your personal safety, and it’s hard to get over that.

I think that incident caused us both to start thinking about where we want to live, how we want to live, and what really matters to us.

The stories we have been hearing from families around the nation about how their lives turned on a dime gave us even more of a wake up call.

We came to a powerful revelation and renewed conviction to walk our talk.

  • It’s time to put more life in our years instead of years in our life.
  • It’s time to start a new adventure and plan many epic adventures still to come.
  • It’s time to simplify and right size our lives so we can be at choice to say YES to travel, experiences, and enjoy more discretion to love the life we live today.

If there is one thing we know for sure it is that tomorrow is not promised.

We don’t want to be people who find excuses not to live their dreams, realize their potential, and make their best impact through good work, commerce, or service.

We are action takers who take 100% responsibility for our lives.

There is a popular commercial on TV about enjoying 18 summers with your kids.

Maybe you’ve seen it.

Our son is almost 22 years old. He is just about launched.

That’s why the next 18 years are all about enjoying life together before we run into health challenges or other obstacles that can change the quality of our life and perhaps not for the better.

All this is to say that we are still going to be leading our work with Life Goes on Roadmap™. We’re on a mission to touch and transform one million lives with our powerful toolkit that guides them to get ahead of life before it hits a bump in the road.

Steve is still going to lead his team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals to serve their clients to make the most of their money and their lives.

Our work is purposeful and important.

It plays is a HUGE part of what brings us fulfillment, satisfaction, and rewards.

The big change is that we are moving down the road north about 90 miles from Bellevue, WA to Bellingham, WA.

Bellingham is a coastal city in Washington State, near the Canadian border. It’s a port for ferries to Alaska. East is Mount Baker, a huge snow-capped volcano with ski runs. In the city center, the SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention contains hands-on science exhibits. The Whatcom Museum showcases art, nature and regional history across 3 sites, including the Lightcatcher building with its curving, translucent wall.

This city overlooking the Puget Sound is known for being artsy, outdoorsy, and innovative. That’s translated into job opportunities at companies ranging from high tech and green energy startups to craft breweries. Bellingham has more than 100 miles of shoreline, perfect for sea kayakers, and is just a ferry ride from San Juan Island.

We’ll live the ‘less is more’ lifestyle as we simplify and right size our lives.

We’ll enjoy more discretion to enjoy life.

We’ll create a whole new life full of Saying YES to exploring what might be on our bucket list and working that list, starting right now.

We purchased our Bellevue, WA home in 2008 during a rocky time in the economy. We’ve worked hard to pay the mortgage, maintain the home, and make memories here as we raised our family.

It’s time to shift focus to love where we live and experience life even more.

We bought a travel journal full of blank pages. We’re working on a list of adventures to take to fill it with memories that can last a lifetime.

What a grand adventure this will be.

Fortunately, my work can be accomplished with a laptop and a high speed internet connection.

Steve has been inviting clients to meet via Zoom video and other methods, thanks to the power of technology, and clients are very receptive.

We’ll continue to make our impact from our new home (and Steve’s new office outside of the home) and welcome opportunities to speak, lead workshops, and serve our clients in the best ways possible.

Steve will commute to Bellevue or  Seattle one day a week to meet face to face with clients.

We’ll simply be working our magic from a new zip code that is 90 minutes north of here, starting on or about May 20, 2019.

Crazy, random things happen to all of us that cause us to re-think what we do, why we do it, who we do it with, and where we live.

There is opportunity to be found in every challenge in life if you look hard enough to find the blessing.

Our new journey of discovery and contribution from our new home in a new town is just about to begin.

We have many more epic adventures to experience and celebrate and much more to offer to those we serve. We hope to inspire others to make similar plans because you never know what tomorrow might bring.

The time to make it all happen is right now.








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Jean Keener, Keener Financial Planning, in the Spotlight for Life Goes on Roadmap™

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Since August of 2018, Jean Keener of Keener Financial Planning has been sharing Life Goes on Roadmap™ with her clients.  To date, she has ordered 50 Life Goes on Roadmap 3-ring binders. She and her team members are sharing them with retainer clients only during the first half of the year. Her intention is to create more sticky client relationships as she and her team deliver holistic planning. She has integrated Life Goes on Roadmap into each client’s planning process. Each of her team members cover the importance of creating a financial directive during each client’s semiannual review during which estate planning is discussed. They also share an email with clients before that meeting so they are warmly introduced to Life Goes on Roadmap™. During that meeting, the team shares the value of the tool. She says that clients are overwhelmingly positive about the system and grateful to receive it.

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Skip Fleming, CFP® in the Life Goes on Roadmap™ Spotlight

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Skip Fleming, CFP®, was the first Garrett Investment Advisor member to sign on as a Life Goes on Roadmap™ licensee last September of 2018.  Skip saw the value in having the “get ready for life” conversation, especially since he served our country as a member of the United States Marine Corps for 24 years and on several occasions had to start families through the recovery process after a sudden death.

Skip is an hourly planner. He brings his Skip Fleming version of Life Goes on Roadmap™ to get acquainted sessions with potential clients and mentions that the system is one of the ways he goes the extra mile with clients. His aim is to make sure their financial documents and information are in good order in case life serves up a bump in the road.

When he invites prospective clients to sign on to work with him, Skip “bundles” the value of the 3-ring binder and the virtual training the co-founders offer within his estimate for services. That means he adds $200 per engagement so the client can benefit in the specific ways that have been requested and ALSO benefit from the tools and resources that are packed within the Life Goes on Roadmap system. Skip says clients are grateful to receive the system and are engaged in the content.  They definitely see the value of getting their acts together.

Skip says that sometimes, clients ask if they can purchase Life Goes on Roadmap on an a la carte basis.  Up until now, he has not offered this as an option. However, it is useful to note that several licensees are taking advantage of this idea as a way to make a few extra dollars and serve those clients and their families. A future case study will showcase how that can work with ease and how it can also contribute to a steady flow of new client referrals.

So far, Skip says that 12 clients have received the Skip Fleming version of Life Goes on Roadmap™ as a 3-ring binder within the first few months of implementation of this system as a licensee. Skip sees Life  Goes on Roadmap™ as a value added item that helps create deeper relationships with new and existing clients. It’s something to take with him to networking events as a way to get people talking and engaging about how he can be of service and one of the ways he sets his firm apart.

When one of Skip’s clients completed the roadmap, the client asked Skip if he wanted to look it over. That created an opportunity to meet again, make sure the client did all the work, and open a discussion about any next steps that client might take to be on track just in case life should turn on a dime.

Skip has taken the initiative to lead his own Get It Done events with clients to hold their feet to the fire to get their acts together, using the webinar slides and other resources posted within the Licensee Learning Portal.  He has discovered that clients tend to be busy, and it’s been challenging to get them to show up for these calls.  He appreciates that the co-founders of Life Goes on Roadmap™ lead live virtual Get It Done Days several times a year so he can invite his clients to participate and benefit without having to spend his valuable time on implementation.

Now that emails have been written and shared to make it easy for him to invite clients to participate in the next round of Get It  Done Days coming up soon (the next live session is Saturday, June 15, 2019) , Skip has the tools to share that good news with his clients without having to write the messages himself or lead the training.  That saves his valuable time so he can focus more on financial planning.

Like any system, there are bumps in the road to work out as licensees learn how to use it and the co-founders improve their own systems and approach. Skip has raised his hand, made suggestions, voiced his opinions, and helped shape the system for the better.

Together, the rising tide lifts all the boats.

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Millennials and their Parents

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This is such a useful article about talking to your parents about their financial plans …

Life Goes on Roadmap is a great way to start this conversation and get everyone on the same page before life hits a bump in the road. for those mother’s day and father’s day gifts that keep on giving in ways that save everyone drama, trauma and chaos when the moments matter the most.

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