An amazing team is greater than the sum of its parts

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Have you ever wanted to be part of something bigger than what you could achieve on your own?

This is something I’ve longed for.

It started in the 1970’s while watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show on TV.  The cast of that show was just so magical, and together they were greater than any one cast member could be.

Is it any wonder this finale show was among the most viewed? The ratings that night were off the charts. This is a cast that caught the viewing audience’s hearts and minds, and the cast was well rewarded for it.  Even today, the YouTube video has been viewed over 9 million times.

Having worked solo for most of my entrepreneurial career, I am not the first to say that it can be a lonely road sometimes.

Late last year, when my husband Steve Juetten and two of his team members put their pens together to write a new book, I got the bright idea that this book could potentially be an Amazon best seller.

I started dreaming about it, thinking about it, and learning the HOW TO details about how to bring that result alive.

Steve’s team is comprised of top notch fee-only, fiduciary financial advisors who are exceptional at guiding clients to make the most of their money and their lives.

Is marketing their favorite thing to do?

Absolutely not.

The dream of best-seller status would not be denied so I offered to lead the team in doing my very best to create this result with their help.

Based on lessons learned from Author to Income Expert Tamara Monosoff, I drafted a plan, involved the team in executing the plan, and cheered the team throughout the process as we did our very best on launch day.

Yesterday, together with the support of our amazing team and the fans, followers, ezine subscribers, champions, and advocates that we all touch in one way or another, we achieved our goal.

Together, we made it happen.  We are an amazing team that is greater than the sum of its parts.  Each and every one of us knows this, now more than ever.

That strengthens our resolve to continue to raise the bar to do great work as a team and in service to all the clients we touch through our work.

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Trio of Bellevue Financial Planners Debuts Smart Money Moves Book to Inspire Professionals Early in Their Careers to Make the Most of Their Money and Their Lives

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For Immediate Release

January 30, 2019

Three financial planners from Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC have released a new book for professionals early in their careers about getting on track and staying on track with their money, just in time for goal setting in the new year.

Smart Money Moves: Get On Track and Stay on Track Early in Your Career with These Tips, Hacks, and Strategies is now available for purchase at

“Money matters are top of mind at the start of a new year. Smart Money Moves is a perfect gift or resource for 20-and-30-something professionals to help them get off to a good start managing their money. It’s an easy read and a useful resource packed with hacks, tips and strategies to make the most of their money and their lives,” says Steve Juetten, CFP® , Founder and Principal of Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC.

When money questions come up around buying a car, starting a new job, or deciding to start a family or buy a house, while figuring out how to pay off student debt, Smart Money Moves is the book to turn to, Juetten suggests.

Co-authors Kyle Wilke, CFP® and Chelsea Hodl, MBA, are early career professionals who confer with and advise 20 and 30-something career professionals about money matters. That is refreshing for clients who prefer to talk to peer experts as opposed to advisors who are decades older.

Roseanney Liu, a nonfiction author and speaker from Los Angeles read the book and had this to say about it:

“Filled with eye-opening eureka moments was my experience reading Smart Money Moves. The financial advice shared with millennials and early career professionals is timely and on par with great wisdom that will help readers be on the right track to financial security and success. As someone with young children, I was pleasantly surprised by tips on the differences between pre-paid tuition plans and education savings plans and that bank accounts may be set to P.O.D. (read the book to find what it means) condition in order for beneficiaries to not pay estate taxes. It was interesting to realize the differences between credit freeze and a credit lock and they both can safeguard one’s financial identity. The advice about how to smartly research and choose debt consolidation companies is excellent for those seeking this avenue to pay down their debts. The explanation on how Bitcoin works and its risks are refreshing for me, as someone not well-versed on this digital wallet account works, and the advice is sound on why fee-only financial advisors and personal (not online) estate planning attorneys are best. Overall, Smart Money Moves is a wonderful, easy to understand financial advice book for millennials, and I look forward to implementing some things I have learned and sharing it with my children as it’s never too early to sow the seeds for one’s financial security.

About Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC

Juetten Personal Financial Planning, LLC is comprised of fee-only financial advisors who act as fiduciaries for their clients. This means advisors do not sell any products or receive commissions, and advisors always act in each client’s best interests. Clients engage for financial planning and investment management.

The Financial Foundations Program is a special division of the company that focuses on working with those early in their careers.  The Financial Foundations Program was started by Juetten Personal Financial Planning LLC. as a way for early career professionals to affordably obtain high quality fee-only financial planning. Early career professionals face unique challenges such as high housing costs, student loans and a dynamic workforce. Advisors focus on client goals and empowering clients to make smart money decisions. Purchase Smart Money Moves as a print or digital item at 


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You Benefit from Special Rewards When You Buy Smart Money Moves on Wednesday, January 30, 2019!

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When you buy the book on January 30, 2019, you can enter to win valuable prizes to help you get your financial act together!  We’ll draw 25 winners who’ll each receive Life Goes on Roadmap™.

This is an engaging and fun way to get your personal financial information organized so you have power, access and control — before life serves up a bump in the road.   This digital ‘experience product’ is a $97 value for 25 winners!

We’ll draw 1 winner to receive a Kindle Fire Tablet to read the Kindle version of Smart Money Moves! This gift is a $49.99 Value!

You’ll receive a bundle of 3 bonus goodies to make the most of your money and your life when you buy Smart Money Moves on January 30.  Everyone who supports our launch can receive these!

Bonus #1

Slay Your College Debt Special Report: Does My Student Debt Make My Butt Look Big and Other Personal Finance Questions and Answers for Young Professionals 

It’s a great resource — especially if slaying student debt is high on your priority list.

Bonus #2

Check the health of your finances quickly and start taking actions to improve, starting right now! Download yours at

Bonus #3

Request your complimentary ‘get acquainted’ session with Kyle Wilke, CFP® to explore how to add fuel to your money success plans by adding a fee-only financial planner to your success team. You’ll learn something new and smile as you consider the value for your modest investment.

Make your request by emailing

Here’s How to Enter to Win:

Email your receipt to with your name, email address, and Amazon order number to trigger the distribution of all three bonuses and enter to win our awesome launch day prizes!

Thank you for supporting the launch of Smart Money Moves and sharing the good news with all your friends.

Bright Idea — Buy the book in sets of 5 to have on hand for graduation, birthday, and holiday gifts!

We can’t thank you enough for cheering for our success.  The future is bright.  Wear shades.






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Dr. Susan O’Malley’s Road to the TedX Stage and What You Can Learn From It

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My good friend Dr. Susan O’Malley is the Queen of Tenacity and Goal Setting.  This has been a a pattern throughout her life.

She once applied to every medical school in the country to be rejected, only to begin the process anew the following year to earn her acceptance when she was 35 years old, pregnant, and without a husband.

She graduated nevertheless and became a top emergency room physician who saved thousands of lives.

Later she opened a medical spa to turn back the hands of time with needles and not knives.

She then decided she wanted to become a professional speaker and set her sights on taking the  TedX stage.

Tenacity and goal setting work well for this woman who believes in working for her results rather than manifesting without effort.   Her book — Tough Cookies Don’t Crumble: Turn Set-Backs into Success — is a great read to inspire doing the work and staying on track, despite the obstacles that get in the way.

Below are three blog posts penned by Dr. Susan O’Malley, sharing her experience as she prepared to take her place on that red dot on stage. This is important reading for anyone who dreams of taking that stage and making the most of it through proper preparation in service to the audience with excellence.

If you are a woman concerned about aging authentically, Dr. Susan’s TedX talk is ‘must watch TV’ that will stir you up, make you laugh, and shift the conversation about cosmetic procedures in  a refreshing way that will give every reader permission to feel great about whatever choices she makes.

Take it away Dr. Susan O’Malley!

Blog Post #1

The email arrived in my inbox on September 25, 2018 at 12:31pm. I saw it at 12:58pm. Like many of you, my inbox is overloaded and I do a lot of subject scanning before opening. But there it was – Your Official Invitation to Give a TEDx Wilmington Talk in November – in my inbox!!

A gasp came out of me and I just sat there, frozen. Is this real? Could it be? A two and a half year journey, nine applications, six different ideas I deemed worthy of spreading, advancing to the next level three times – is the dream really coming true?

Subject to approval by TED for TEDxWilmington to host the 2018 TEDxWilmingtonWomen Conference, the TEDxWilmington tribe is delighted to inform you…

I had the ALL CAPS THANK YOU email off to Ajit before I even opened the eight attachments. And then I re-read the email. Subject to approval – what does that mean? No! Impossible – I could not have gotten this far and still be in jeopardy of losing it!

Like it or not, it meant exactly what it said. I was totally qualified, my idea was worthy of spreading AND the rest was out of my control. The lesson in proceeding  As If  began. But I had been there before. TEDxWW, I can wait. I can proceed as if.

I’m the girl who was rejected from 42 medical schools the first year and twenty-one the second year. I’m the girl who found herself on the waiting list of the one and only school who showed any interest. I’m the girl whose life changed with a phone call three weeks before medical school started. I’m the girl who started medical school six months pregnant without a husband, medical insurance, furniture, child care or any semblance of a plan. I’m Dr. Susan O’Malley, yeah, I can wait. I can proceed as if.

As I write this blog, I have already met two of the application deadlines submitting three head shot, two bios, a working title, an outline and a 60 second promotional video. And I’m still not sure that I’ll be speaking on November 30th.

It’s like being on the waiting list again for medical school. I was qualified to get in but the rest is out of my control. As I reflect on the why of this situation, I am reminded that any great honor that was bestowed upon me in my life came when the time was right, not when I wanted the time to be right. And it will be the same for this. Isn’t the lesson always patience?

Blog Post #2

The countdown is on! Three weeks to go! I have accomplished so much and yet there is so much more to finish before I take my place on the red circle.

My idea worth spreading had been in my head for over a year. I crafted my idea with my coach, Geoffrey Berwind long before TEDxWW said yes. Boy, was I glad about that because there have been a few curve balls that could have derailed me during the last six weeks. The world may stand still the moment you get accepted, but life doesn’t stop!

Curve ball #1: The same week I got accepted for TEDxWW, I was also chosen to give a webinar for a Human Resources Summit. (Isn’t it always all or nothing!?) Taping the webinar, putting together the slide deck and synchronizing the slides to video took a lot of time and brainpower.

Curve ball #2: A pinched nerve in my back and my neck slowed me down on good days and brought me to a screeching halt on others. It also bought me three visits a week with a chiropractor. Just another thing to fit into the schedule! Funny thing about pain, it takes center stage whether you give it a spotlight or not.

Curve ball #3: Because the cliché is true – timing is everything, my coach left for a three week planned vacation days after my acceptance arrived. I felt a moment of panic, but realized very quickly that we had already laid the foundation and all I had to do was stand on it.

I’m at the point in the process where I’m talking to myself. I have repeated my talk in my head at least fifty times and there will be hundreds more to go before I share it. I say it in the shower, in the car, first thing waking up in the morning, last thought trying to go to sleep at night.

Over and over and over again; and every time I make a mistake, I start from the beginning. As you might imagine, I can now recite the beginning of my talk in my sleep!

In my first post, I compared waiting for TEDxWW to being on the waiting list for medical school. As I reflect on this process, there is yet another similarity. Without even realizing it, I had laid a strong foundation during college so that when a baby came in my first year of medical school, I was tired and overwhelmed, but I wasn’t lost.

So too with this process. Because I worked with Geoffrey for a year on this talk, my message was internalized which made the curve balls much less daunting.

And so the lesson? (Because there’s always a lesson) Whatever your path, lay a good foundation.

Blog Post #3

I have spoken on stages before. As a former emergency room doctor, author and owner and medical director of Madison Med Spa I have addressed many issues; leadership, adversity and women’s empowerment to name a few. All of those talks were different, but they all had three similarities – they were all at least thirty minutes long, they were based on a theme and they included stories.

This was different. There was no approaching a theme from different perspectives, no examples from my own experiences to support the message, no extraneous stories from which to draw parallels. Today was ten minutes and an idea.

This was an experience like no other. We all gathered at 8:30am the day before the event for rehearsal. Ajit sat on the stage giving us a little debrief and then spontaneously decided to have us come up one by one, sit next to him on the stage and introduce ourselves. Within two hours, we went from 27 people to a bonded group.

After an entire day of rehearsal and a speaker’s dinner that ended at 9pm, we went from a bonded group to lifelong friends. It sounds crazy, but it happened. The next day, we were all each other’s champion. And two days later, giving everyone just enough time to travel home, the social media connections were flying!

I worked harder on this ten minute talk than any hour presentation I have ever given. It was all in my head and in my heart. Now it had to come out of my mouth. There would be no second chance, no slides to prompt me, no opportunity to go back and clarify an issue that might not have landed as well as I had hoped.

As I was waiting in the wings being introduced, I offered up a silent prayer. I asked God to help me honor Him and to help me reach just one person. An incredible sense of calm came over me as I walked onto the red circle. And I delivered my talk flawlessly.

My talk was based on statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and my experience as a cosmetic doctor watching women contort themselves to hide their cosmetic treatments. I discussed the role that judgement plays in holding us back from aging authentically.

After my talk, many women came up to me to thank me for sharing my message, letting me know I gave them a lot to think about. But it was a fifteen year old girl who touched my heart. TEDxWilmington Women had given some scholarship tickets to a dozen Catholic high school girls. They were all in their uniform and took up an entire row.

A beautiful, fresh faced young child in her high school uniform broke from the pack to speak to me. “I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your talk. You’re a doctor and you said that we could age however we wanted and that was very empowering to me.”

That was very empowering to me. Fifteen years old. That could have only happened at TEDx Wilmington. I believe my prayer was answered.

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