‘What if’ and what failure to act can cost you …

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My friend Maureen Kures posted an interesting question on Facebook that resulted in a very compelling thread. She writes, “Do you ever think what would happen if you were to die without a will? Do you want your assets distributed as you wish? Or would you rather have the state decide how your assets are allocated? I want to decide how my estate is settled! I want to decide who will be my healthcare advocate/Power of Attorney if that time comes.As end of the year approaches we have been updating our estate planning. I’d love to share how you can use LegalShield to affordably and efficiently get your will written. It is the LOVE LETTER we give to our family. Isn’t that the perfect Christmas gift? Let me help you get your family LOVE LETTER written!

Jill Nichols-Hicks I’m so glad you are doing this and considering your experiences with families from being a nurse it’s unbelievable the pain when things are not in place. When I was in the funeral industry I saw over and over again how families were not prepared because of the conversation they don’t want to have. However it is key in order to have that peace of mind for what will absolute happen in the future. Who do you know? Thanks for posting here.❤

Nancy Juetten just curious, what is the trigger point that gets families off the dime to have this conversation, given your experience? For me, it was seeing friends suffer unnecessarily at the worst possible times and knowing that I wanted to come at this from a different and more empowering perspective. But I continue to be astounded by the ‘when I get around to it’ approach that is so common and often comes too late. What is the trigger point or the message that can inspire action now? I’d really like to know!

Maureen Kures wouldn’t we all like to know. I believe education and encouragement is the answer. I was devastated when I had patients that did not have healthcare directives in place and had never talked to the families about their wishes. Those situations can divide families, sometimes forever. We need more people like you and me and Yvonne Heath spreading the word about the peace of mind estate planning and conversation brings to families and individuals.

Jill Nichols-Hicks often it’s being a squeaky wheel and getting people to verbally acknowledge that this isn’t about them but those they love and that leaving estate planning and full conversations around end of life, collection of the body, funeral/burial plans, where important documents are, and any wishes of property and belongings will be left to living.

Families have been torn apart when plans are not in place. Do they want that? Stories around what those left behind had to go through when no plan is in place is vital. I personally watched families pour out a ton of money they didn’t have, with the funeral director for hours, and argue over details on the worst day of their life.

Constant conversations, reminders it’s about who is left behind to manage affairs that is everyone’s personal responsibility.

Is it fun? Do we like talking about it? Is there fear?

Get over it and take care of the business that is 100% going to happen. We all will die, please get your affairs in order even if we have years of life. Truly a very valuable gift. I’ve boldly said getting around to it is an unacceptable excuse.

Pull out the calendar, let’s get this done. Peace of mind….unless they know when they’re going to die….not!

Jill Nichols-Hicks Amen! So well said!

Nancy Juetten Life is so random. Heck, there was a tornado is Port Orchard today. Trees falling without warning. Craziness happens when it is least expected. None of us is immune, as you say.

I love this conversation because it reinforces the role I can play in guiding families to get ahead of life before life happens with Life Goes on Roadmap™. This is a system for personal financial information organization that guides users through 16 road stops that ignite important conversations within families, while also putting keyboard to spreadsheet about personal contacts, investment account access, household operations, a valuables inventory, and even end of life wishes so the right people have access to the information when the rubber meets the road in life. Visit this link and use Gratitude as your promo code to save $20 on the system before 12-31-2018.

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Powerful, practical lessons from our encounter with crime …

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About a six weeks ago, I wrote to tell you about our home burglary.

Three burglars broke windows and locks and “went shopping” for valuables in our home — including an entire jewelry drawer full of treasures — before driving away with both of our cars.

One of the thugs is in jail, and the two others are still at large.

One car was recovered and now repaired. The other was found abandoned and trashed in a bad part of town after the insurance company had already paid the claim for its loss.

We are over the worst of it now, and that’s a good thing.

In the moment, while I was feeling the violation and despair of that incident, I kept telling myself that there would be a blessing that would come out if it.

That was a coping mechanism to fight back my tears. It’s just awful to step into a crime scene in your own home and find the strength and resilience to deal with a situation like this.

Mindset matters so much when dealing with the crazy, random things that life serves up.

That’s why today I want to share some lessons from our brush with crime so they can inspire you to take some action.

  • We are so glad we completed the Valuables Inventory for jewelry when we completed our Life Goes on Roadmap™ system for personal financial organization. We did that about a year ago.
  • Getting organized in this way was what I wanted for Christmas last year.
  • We had jewelry appraisals and receipts for most items. We even had photos of me wearing many of the pieces. For those items for which appraisals and receipts were missing, we visited the stores from which we made the purchases.The owners were happy to write letters to vouch for prior purchases we made and offer a suggested replacement value.
  • When it came time to making a claim with our insurance company, we had proof of what we owned. Had we not, we could have suffered a second loss with the insurance company potentially electing to disallow our claim.
  • An insurance settlement doesn’t make the violation of the burglary go away, but it sure helps.
  • Don’t store your car keys and jewelry in obvious places.
  • Don’t post to Facebook about your fun adventures while out of town until you have returned home.
  • Take care when using a car service to the airport. Ask family members to take you if that’s possible. Who knows if the car service driver has thieves for friends?
  • Purchase and install a home security system and put dowels in all of your windows. Signs on the windows about the security system and in the front yard alert future burglars to keep their distance.

Questions and Suggested Actions for You:

• Is your wedding and engagement ring insured in addition to that beautiful wrist watch you wear every day?
• How about your other valuables?
• If not, decide today to have these items appraised, and add a jewelry rider to your home owner policy.
• When you add new jewelry items to your collection or receive them as gifts, take pictures and save receipts so you have a record that will come in handy if ever you suffer a burglary or your items get lost or damaged in some other way.

A valuables inventory is just one of 16 ‘road stops’ we ask you to make when you complete your Life Goes on Roadmap™ system for personal financial information management with our unwavering support.

You’re invited to purchase Life Goes on Roadmap™ for yourself and your friends and extended family.

This is a very practical gift for the people in your life who have everything so they can drive life forward, no matter what happens next. For those who want to get organized in the New Year, it’s a perfect gift.

We’ll hold your collective feet to the fire to get this done and even make it fun.

Between now and December 31, 2018, save $20 on either the digital or physical system that ships to your doorstep or the doorsteps for the people you love most. Visit this link and use your promo code GRATITUDE to enjoy the savings.

Life really does turn on a dime. Getting ahead of these kinds of situations before they become hardships is a gift you give yourself and everyone you love. Your actions today will make an important impact that is priceless in value when the rubber meats the road … because it always does. There is no denying it. And it is so much better to get in front of it.


Promo Code to Save $20: GRATITUDE

Share this message to friends and family, and give everyone something to talk about and take action on. The aftermath of whatever happens along the road of life will be a whole lot easier when you get your act together. That’s a comfort when chaos, crime or worse hit close to home.

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CFP® Thomas J. Geraghty Jr. signs on as the newest Life Goes On Roadmap™ licensee

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Thomas J. Geraghty Jr., CFP®, of Stonegate Wealth Management has signed on as the newest Life Goes on Roadmap™ licensee, Nancy Juetten announced today.

Life Goes on Roadmap™ is a powerful system for personal financial information and document organization. It offers a way for financial advisors to demonstrate their fiduciary duty to clients before a home burglary, natural disaster, or one of the 4 D’s — disability, disease, divorce, or death — hit close to home.

This collection of proven, practical and empowering tools prepares clients and their families for “God Forbid” and “What If” moments before they become hardships, while igniting powerful conversations that need to happen before life serves up a bump in the road.

“I’ve been very impressed with the comprehensive, engaging system to support clients in getting their financial documents and information organized. I see Life Goes on Roadmap™ as a value added benefit that can serve my clients in a meaningful way,” Geraghty said.

One of the ways this system sets itself apart is that it transforms getting organized into a game to win instead of an administrative task to put off. Advisors can give this system to their valued clients as a gift or assign a value to it and bundle the system into their existing offerings.

Advisors across the nation use this system to add value to their existing services, deepen client relationships, set themselves apart in the marketplace, invite referrals, and make more money.

Visit www.bit.ly/deeperservice to learn more about using Life Goes on Roadmap™ in a financial planning practice and schedule a chat to determine how to get started.

About Thomas J. Geraghty, Jr., CPA, CFP®

Thomas J. Geraghty Jr. is a partner and senior wealth manager with Stonegate Wealth Management and a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors – NAPFA. An experienced financial planner with more than twenty-five years experience, he is dedicated to providing financial, estate and tax planning services. He focuses on the client’s agreed upon financial goals. He will typically bring together a professional team to generate both short-term and long-term solutions. His personal communication skills and professional acumen benefit the firm’s clients in the following ways:Identify current deficiencies

  • Create an integrated financial / life plan
  • Mitigate complex financial problems
  • Reduce significant estate planning challenges
  • Recommend and implement changes
  • Monitor progress and readjust as needed to ensure long-term success

About Life Goes on Roadmap™

Created by CFP® Steve Juetten and his wife Nancy Juetten, Life Goes on Roadmap™ is a proven, practical, engaging system for personal financial information organization that financial advisors can brand as their own to serve their clients more deeply, fill a gap that may exist within their own service offerings, set themselves apart as Life Goes on Roadmap™ preferred providers, attract referrals, and also make more money through inspired service. Learn more at www.bit.ly/deeperservice.







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