Launch Fears or Realities — You Get to Decide

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21694749-businessman-shelters-from-the-storm-of-crisisDo you ever think through your launch fears and envision THE OPPOSITE?

In the spirit of authentic visibility, I did that over the weekend, and I’ll share my list.

One thing that occurs to me is that no matter where we are on the continuum to success, the things we fear and the results we crave are not much different.

I could be wrong, so chime in. Let me know if you have ever felt any of these launch fears and have additional ones to add to the list. Please share what you have done to turn those fears into realities to your advantage.

Launch Fears:

  • I suffer from “They love me but they do not buy from me” syndrome.
  • I disappoint my partners with low commissions and risk not welcoming their support going forward.
  • I say or do something that will offend my audience.
  • I reveal that I am an imposter and unworthy of big success.
  • I stay stuck in “learning how to do this” instead of gaining mastery and the benefit of reliable, repeatable success.
  • Being SO VISIBLE scares me. All the “Me, Me, Me” attention is just too much to take.
  • People will unsubscribe from my list.
  • What if I get all dressed up to go to the red carpet, and no one comes to my party?
  • What if sales tank?
  • What if technology fails?
  • What harm will come to my reputation if I go through all of this and results do not flow as expected?

Launch Realities:

  • “They love me AND they gladly invest in a timely, perfect solution in perfect numbers and perfect timing.
  • My partners welcome generous commissions and can’t wait to lend support for the next launch on my calendar.
  • I am of service in word and deed to make a difference for all who listen live or by replay.
  • I am THE EXPERT and worthy of big success.
  • I am gaining mastery of serving/selling by virtue of reliable, repeatable success.
  • Being SO VISIBLE in my area of expertise is of service to those who need my brand of brilliance right now.
  • The right people find my work and stay with me because we are a great match, and they happily refer their friends.
  • The perfect people in perfect quantities come to my event, and an even more perfect quantity of perfect people buy.11005100-a-female-runner-running-towards-a-finish-line-isolated-on-white
  • Sales are abundant and profitable.
  • Technology functions perfectly, and support is standing by to make quick corrections as needed.
  • My reputation is solid today and grows stronger with every webinar because I deliver on every promise and make it an EASY YES for the right people to say YES to journey forward with me as their guide.

Fears or realities? Which is going to be TRUE for you?

Based on all the books I read and mentors I follow, this I know for sure.  Where we put the focus is where the magic is.

My focus is on the realities I intend to make my own because False Expectations Appearing Real is not how I roll. 

How about you?

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Five Life Accidents that Brought Me Here

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1. I used to own a boutique public relations agency in service to big clients, big budgets, and big news. I enjoyed operating my agency from a home office above the garage in suburban Bellevue, Washington. That was BEFORE two home burglaries, a burst pipe flooded the downstairs, and a tree came crashing through the living room ceiling in a windstorm just in time for Christmas a few years ago.


2. With worry for the safety and security of my young family, I convinced my financial planner husband that we needed to move to a new house.


3. The economy tanked just after the new house closed. We couldn’t sell the one we left behind. And my long standing clients decided to cancel their contracts because they were holding on for dear survival themselves in the tough times of The Great Recession. The media and employment landscape seemed to change on a dime, too.


4. With no rich relatives or deep pockets to draw from, it was a scary time. Fear, self-doubt, and worry sent me to what I call “Pity Party Hotel” and what Oprah calls “The Ugly Cry.” I felt to blame for putting my family in a tough economic spot. Everything I cared about in my life and work seemed to be falling apart … including my marriage.*



5. And then one day, I dried my tears and decided to do something about it. I resolved to create a new and better business that would make the most of my storytelling skills in a new media marketplace. Rather than pitch stories and hope editors would say YES, I decided to serve business owners who needed to make fabulous first impressions so they could get easily found, hired, booked, and referred. Boring Bios were standing in their way, and I could change that to their expert and profit advantage.


It was time to start a Better Business Bio Revolution. And the opportunity to reflect the brilliance of others in ways that they couldn’t do for themselves was a gift I felt compelled to share and teach that stemmed from a wound of my own. I didn’t feel seen, heard, or celebrated in my own life. And here is the gift in that.


We teach what we most need to learn. That makes us brilliant at what we do because we care about it more than anyone else.


So, on a dare from a friend, I wrote a book called “Bye Bye Boring Bio” that quickly became a go-to resource to make boring business bios better for client attraction for thousands of business owners around the world. Book sales saved my bacon at the time when I desperately needed to bring some home.


Bye-Bye Boring Bio


It’s a funny thing. When you are a carpenter with a hammer, everything around you is a nail. I was a publicist who saw every situation as fodder for a press release, a story pitch, a contributed article, or a media interview.


I pitched my book to every media outlet I could find. I wrote columns for two business journals. Radio and TV interviews came, one right after the other — and I needed to get my story together so I could share it at a moment’s notice.


The “Bye-Bye Boring Bio” topic was timely, relevant and useful to former corporate employees who were hanging out their shingles in Free Agent Nation. Step by step, I got known in that old-school-publicist-kind of way that I knew so well.



Then, one day I got invited to do an interview for Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Experience — and I welcomed 800 opt in subscribers in a matter of hours. Her Transformational Authors bought my book to the tune of $15,000 in a weekend.



The light went on that the base hits of publicity, press releases, blog posts and articles are all fine and good.


And there was nothing quite so intoxicating as seeing thousands of new fans flock to my work with their credit cards because they heard a message from me at the invitation of a joint venture partner that solved a problem that needed relief right away.


Such has been my journey to success, one base hit and joint venture home run at a time, from then to now. Taking my own Get Known to Get Paid advice, I got known for my business bio expertise. And now I get paid for it and get to train business owners around the world how they can, too.


Today, I can proudly say that I am the World’s Leading Business Bio Expert. Just “Google” the term “Business Bio Expert” and you will soon see.


So with all that said, this is my core message, and I hope you will embrace it as truth to you.


Each and every one of us deserves to be seen, heard, celebrated and COMPENSATED for the expertise we bring to market.


Start first with YOUR STORY. Make it relevant to how you serve and the difference you make. And remember that the journey starts with you preparing your story. What happens next depends squarely on how well you SHARE it with the right people who need to hear it and take action because of it.


What I know for sure is that your impact, influence, and income are well within your control, no matter what life accidents may come your way. And that is a mighty powerful place to stand.


That’s my story. What is yours? Find courage to share yours to step up to bigger impact and success. Now is the time.

The Bio Doc is In on June 12. Join me and invite your friends? Click here to claim your place.


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My Own “ProfitQuest” Brings Big Results – Thank You Jeanna Gabellini

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A few weeks ago, Master Business Coach Jeanna Gabellini challenged a world of inspired business experts to double their profits and fun. As one of her joint venture partners, I decided to put her lessons to the test in my own business to see what magic could manifest.  I don’t just advocate for my partners. I use their products, read their books, and prove to myself beyond a shadow of the doubt that they are worthy every moment and every precious dollar to bring in the benefit.

So, what has happened in my business and financial life in the past few weeks?  Let me share the evidence.

  • The IRS sent me a letter, letting me know that I had overpaid my taxes by four-figures.
  • My husband and I decided to apply for a home mortgage refinance.  With two self-employed folks in our household, the paperwork can be daunting.  We are excited to be in good position to demonstrate the profits in our respective businesses to qualify. And, provided the home appraisal comes in as expected, this effort has the potential to save us many thousands of dollars over the life of the loan and release discretionary dollars we can enjoy right away.
  • Two of my favorite clients in the Get Known to Get Paid Private Mentoring Program asked to renew their programs and paid in full by check.
  • My “Bio Doc is In” call coming up on June 12 has already welcomed more than 400 opt in registrations, and they keep coming by the dozen every day.
  • I gave an interview for Milana Leshinsky and Rich German in service to their JVIC private membership group that was so well received that two new and amazing partners stepped up and asked to support my June launch on the spot.
  • One of my clients was so happy with the support I provided for her that she felt was above and beyond the call of duty that she sent me a $150 dinner certificate in gratitude that came in perfect timing to celebrate Mother’s Day with my family.
  • I found the courage to make a very big ask of a “rock star” joint venture partner on Friday.  He said YES to every request and made a few requests of his own that make the entire collaboration potentially huge for both of us.
  • Product sales for Bye-Bye Boring Bio Premium have come through as a result of prior interviews I gave months ago.
  • News about generous joint venture payments came through from four partners, and new invitations to play flow in daily. 
  • I learned how to create a URL-style Facebook Fan Page post — Thank you Justin Livingston! — because it feels GREAT to learn new things and apply the learning to see what magic can manifest.
  • And, since things were going so well for me, I decided to lend some support to my husband’s private wealth advisory business, too.  With a few social media posts and a URL-style Facebook post for him, he has welcomed two Retirement Readiness Check Up clients so far with a goal of ten being very do-able for the month of May.
  • This is FUN and rewarding in so many ways.

JeannaGabellini_nSo, am I glad I took to heart Jeanna Gabellini’s call to action for Profit Quest?  You bet. This is going to be an ONGOING effort.

She is having an online party tomorrow — Monday, May 12 from noon – 3 p.m. PST — to offer on the spot ProfitQuest coaching to all who participate.  I’ll be there.  I encourage you to be there, too.  And, if you still want to get on board for YOUR ProfitQuest with Jeanna’s unwavering support, resources, and ongoing coaching, you still can.   I recommend you come to the party tomorrow because she has five-figure goody bags to reward action takers.  This is one of those situations where she saved the very best for last, and you don’t want to miss out.

== If you are ready to say YES to ProfitQuest now, here is the link to “cut and paste” into your browser.



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How a “YES AND …” Answer to a Simple Question in 2010 Made a HUGE Impact to Grow My Influence and My Business

Book Publishing, Business Success Comments Off on How a “YES AND …” Answer to a Simple Question in 2010 Made a HUGE Impact to Grow My Influence and My Business

Christine-and-Nancy (3)In 2010, my business was just taking root to grow in a much bigger way.  My book, Bye-Bye Boring Bio, was earning fans and helping me get a lot of media interviews.  And I was looking for ways to make a much bigger impact.  I was doing lots of speaking at local community events, writing my ezine and blog, and writing a column for the local business journal.  Things were moving right along in a “base hit” kind of way, but I had “telesummit envy” and didn’t know quite how to break through and find my way in.

One day, I got an email from a friend of a friend who told me about Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Experience.  It was a telesummit that brought leading experts together to guide authors to learn essential “how to” information to get their books out of their imaginations and onto paper to hopefully make a big impact in the world.  I just KNEW people in my community would want to know about it.  The friend said Christine was looking for prizes to offer to aspiring authors to create excitement for her event.

So, what did I do?  I told my friend that I would be happy to offer prizes of Bye-Bye Boring Bio for her contestants.  And then I asked the next important question. I said, “AND would it help if I promoted this event to my tribe?” 

This friend didn’t know the reach of my influence, and Christine Kloser didn’t even know my name at the time. In a “what the heck” kind of way, I think they decided to send the partner promotional packet my way and see what might happen by saying YES to my offer to promote TAE in 2010.  

If you’ve never done a big online event like this, what I can tell you is that the event hosts pay close attention to how quickly the opt ins flow when their various partners mail for them. And they can FEEL when there is a flurry of new activity if a partner’s list is responding.  It is a bit like sitting at a slot machine in Las Vegas.

So, one day leading up to her 2010 TAE event, I sent out a heart-felt message to my community that I thought it would be a good idea for them to participate.  The message landed.   I got a private email from Christine asking if I had mailed for her that day.   I said, “Yes!”  The sheer number of new subscribers she was welcoming in short order turned her head.  At that moment, I think she had a good feeling that inviting me to play with her in service to her big event was a good decision.

What I was thinking at the time was that I KNEW a perfect partnership over a long period of time was possible, and I was going to do whatever I could do to support her success to swing the door wide open for a deeper conversation when the timing was right.

So here is what I did.   When the 2010 TAE event was over and I had a sense that Christine might have recovered from all the excitement and B4FindOutMoreAdactivity and sales, I sent a VIP package in the mail to her with a copy of Bye-Bye Boring Bio and an invitation to read it to determine if there might be additional ways I could be of service to her or her tribe.   There was a hand-written note within the package to invite  a relationship.

Well, a few weeks later, I got an email from Christine that said, “I took Bye-Bye Boring Bio to bed with me last night, and I stayed up half the night reading it.   I wrote a new draft of my bio as a result of it.  Would you take a look?”

Yes, of course,” I replied. And I asked a few questions and made a few suggestions to see about making a good effort EVEN more true and compelling for Christine.

A day or two later, she sent an ezine out to her entire tribe to share her new updated story and received love notes and encouragement from her community, and I felt an enormous feeling of pride around that.

Well, what happened next?  She invited me to SPEAK for her 2011 TAE telesummit, and that is when things started getting interesting. She does dozens of interviews with world-class experts for this event so we arranged a date to PRE-RECORD our interview.  It was going to air on a Friday in May, which was a day I was on the phone with a client and my computer screen was turned OFF.

When the client call was over, I turned my computer ON and couldn’t believe what I found.  There were 800 opt in subscribers from Christine’s list who had opted in to receive the first chapter of Bye-Bye Boring Bio as a gift within the last several hours!   And quite a few of those opt in subscribers decided to purchase my book and a whole lot more.  It was a perfect match of expertise, solutions, and people to create the ultimate win-win-win.

As luck and timing would have it, Christine and I were both invited to a VIP Joint Venture Summit in 2011 and met in person for the first time.  It was a beautiful friendship right from the start.  She invited me to speak for TAE in 2012 and 2013.  I have since welcomed hundreds of new fans and followers of my work, and hundreds of those people have since become clients of my books, trainings, and Get Known to Get Paid private mentoring. 

So the moral of the story is to be open to “YES AND …” as the perfect answer to the invitation you have been hoping to come you way, and to go the extra mile when asked.  This has paid off time and time again for me, and it will pay off for you, too.   It kind of reminds me of that song from “Frozen” — Love is an open door. 

Great “business marriages” are everywhere if you are just open to seeing them and nurturing them along.

Note: The Transformational Author Experience is the “premier” virtual training for authors, reaching more than 35,000 authors to date. This curriculum-based program ensures students learn everything they need to know – from best-selling authors, publishing and marketing experts, and transformational leaders… including you!   General registration is free.  And invite the aspiring authors in your network to join you.  TAE always delivers the goods as you will soon experience. That crowd pleasing and list building “Bye Bye Boring Bio” interview I gave in 2011 is among the juicy replays you will gain access to, so tune in and refresh your learning to make your story the best it can be. Here’s the link to claim your place at the Transformational Author Experience 2014 that opened its doors just moments ago — See you there! 

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Your Business Profits on Speed Dial – Jeanna Gabellini has Another Gift Not to Miss

New Audio File to Support Your DIY Publicity Success Comments Off on Your Business Profits on Speed Dial – Jeanna Gabellini has Another Gift Not to Miss

JeannaGabellini_nTired of putting a ton of effort into your business and not seeing the reward of big bucks in your bank account?  There’s a reason why your “work more, do more, get more” approach is seriously mucking up your money mojo.  Get real world answers on this COMPLIMENTARY webinar with Master Business Coach, Jeanna Gabellini, to learn a 6-Step System for radically increasing your income, doubling (or even tripling) your profits and creating more fun and excitement in your business every single day.

Reserve your seat here.

Jeanna is revealing the 10-minute daily practice that helped her double, triple and then quadruple her profits in record time. You want some of that, right?!

BONUS: Attend live and receive her hottest selling product … the one top coaches buy (by the case) for their VIP clients. Prepare to double your profits here.



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