Personal Finance Lessons from Downton Abbey and CFP Steve Juetten — a Reprise Before the Ball Drops to Welcome 2014

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If you’ve got resolutions that relate to money matters, the Smart Money Rules from my husband Steve Juetten are just the ticket to get you where you want to go.  Access this powerful Little Green Book now via this link:

And, for Downton Abbey fans, this press release from a year ago might bring a grin and reinforce the learning in a way that makes you grin.


Success Tip: Issuing press releases to showcase your unique perspective can be a very credible and influential way to showcase your expertise before a wide audience of perfect potential clients who can benefit. If you are an author, consultant, or subject matter expert who is pondering getting the word out about your expertise in 2014, delivering Press Release Pizzazz is absolutely in our zone of genius. Budget for two or four releases to be DONE FOR YOU throughout the calendar year to keep your name and expertise front and center in a “Google” search. The results we bring about through our work give scores and scores of happy clients reason to celebrate. Most welcome between 100 and 300 online media placements within 24 hours of their news crossing the PR Newswire, along with top rankings for their expertise in a “Google” search. This makes it easy for their clients to find them and hire them. In our work with leading joint venture partners in the coaching world — including Christian Mickelsen, Justin Livingston, and Callan Rush — we have found that issuing a press release at the start of the big launch and once again on the “cart close” day can be very effective for reaching people beyond those the partner is already doing business with, while also driving clicks, opt ins, and sales.

We’d be honored to do business with you and those you know who can benefit.

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Is Your Best “Meal Deal” Ready for The New Year — Oh the Power of the Bundle!

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Today’s ezine is packed with powerful lessons around the beauty and impact of the bundle.  Read all the juicy details here. Get your power bundle ready for the New Year, and watch your business take flight in welcome ways.

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Want, Need and Ready to Buy — The Perfect Recipe — Is Yours Ready?

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Something I have found out over the years is that clients tell me three things very often:

  • I need my bio to be so much better.
  • I want an expert to do it for me.
  • I don’t have a lot of money to make it happen.

That is why I created the Get Your Client Attracting Story DONE Virtual Workshop because those who need this result, want to work with me, and wish to invest at a modest level can absolutely get what they need and move on and up with their lives and businesses.  The level of personal attention I provide is in direct proportion to how much participants show up live for the TWO lengthy calls to get real help.

And even for those who elect not to show up live, it is still a great value.  Listen to both call replays when you can make an appointment with yourself to GET THIS DONE. Use the abundant, practical, and result-generating materials that deliver to your inbox right away to make creating a client attracting story faster and easier than ever before.


Just roll up your sleeves to tell your story in a winning way and then SHARE your story with those who need, want, and can invest into YOUR products, programs, and services to benefit.  Getting it done, taking action, and welcoming the results you desire most in your life and business — that is where the rubber meets the road.

Yes, I provide Get Known to Get Paid private mentoring and so much more.

Clients who engage with me in these ways get just about everything but the kitchen sink – including having me as their champion along their journeys. 

So, consider this food for thought as you ponder your holiday and New Year’s plans. I hope to have the opportunity to do business with you and make a big impact when you are ready.  Is now that time?

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Have You Explored Automating Your Webinars? This One Guides You to a Better Bio Now

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After hearing folks I like, trust and respect speak so highly of the impact they are making and the results they are welcoming in their businesses through the use of automated webinars, I decided to jump in and create one of my own. 

Thanks to the good folks at Stealth Webinars, my first automated webinar is ready to share with the world. 

It was so much easier than I thought it would be. I shared the video and general direction through a “support ticket” less than 24 hours ago, and it is ready to share already.  And I didn’t have to deal with the technology piece. They did it for me. What a revelation!

The goal of my first automated webinar is to accelerate the healing of boring business bios in time for the New Year. It’s an “all of the help, none of the hype” presentation. 

Would you like to Beta Test it and share your user experience?   Let me make it easy.

Here is the link to visit.  Opt in, watch, download the PowerPoint, enjoy, and share with others if you are so moved.

I’ll stay tuned to receive your comments about the webinar experience here at the blog, and I promise to respond quickly to your comments because getting this right is of service to you, to me, and potentially many others.  Thank you.


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Last Chance to Benefit from Coach’s Client-Getting Expert Christian Mickelsen and Get Known to Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten’s Bundled Training

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Client-Getting Expert Christian Mickelsen


Dec. 17, 2013 — The New Year is time to lose weight, get in shape, find a mate, get money matters in order, launch a successful business, or achieve all of the above. Client-Getting Expert Christian Mickelsen is on a mission to guide aspiring coaches, healers, consultants, and speakers to connect with their ideal clients to facilitate powerful transformations like these in perfect timing. Through midnight, December 17, Mickelsen offers free access to among his most powerful client-getting resources and videos as digital gifts to advance success.

==> The “Instant Client-Getting Tool”

==> The #1 bestselling book: Get Clients Today

==> The “$100K in 100 Days” video training

==> The LIVE DEMO of signing up clients

==> The “Get Clients Coach-A-Thon” audio replay

This is also the deadline to purchase his popular and proven Free Sessions that Sell 10.0 program. This program serves aspiring coaches and speakers, authors, consultants, and healers who are serious about taking big leaps forward in their client-attraction skills, confidence, and business results.

Having worked with thousands of coaches, Mickelsen’s proven methods involve the coach delivering a powerful free coaching session and then explaining how their personal brand of coaching will help change the client’s life. That, he says, is the key to filling a coaching business. Since 1999 Mickelsen and his team have trained thousands of newly minted coaches to create six-figure coaching businesses using his breakthrough system Free Sessions That Sell.

To add even more value to his already comprehensive coaching package, Mickelsen has teamed up with Business Bio Expert and Get Known to Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten. Those who make the wise and timely choice to invest in Mickelsen’s program will also benefit from the digital version of Juetten’s Get Known to Get Paid Success System and Experience. In addition, the first 20 people to commit also have the opportunity to work directly with Juetten at the Feb. 8 and Feb. 16 Get Ready to Speak More Private Retreats taking place at her Bellevue, Washington home. Participants will get one-on-one support to prepare speaker topics, takeaway points, and short bios that help them get booked.

Buyers can call 619-320-8185 and ask for the Nancy Juetten bonus offer to benefit. Or they can mention it in the comments section of their order form when they buy online, provided they act by midnight, December 17, 2013.

About The Coach’s Client-Getting Expert Christian Mickelsen:

The Coach’s Client-Getting Expert Christian Mickelsen is the creator of “Free Sessions That Sell” the best-selling program that has consistently helped coaches launch and build full practices and six-figure businesses. His perspectives have been featured in Forbes and MSN. Mickelsen has three #1 Amazon best-selling books including “Get Clients Today: How To Get A Surge Of New, High Paying Clients Today And Every Day.” For media interviews and to book speaking engagements for Mickelsen, send email to or call 619-320-8185.

About Business Bio Expert and Get Known to Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten:

Since 2009, Business Bio Expert and Get Known to Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten has earned a reputation as the “go to” expert for helping aspiring experts – authors, coaches, consultants, and content experts — transform their boring business bios from wallpaper to wow to attract clients now. To contact Juetten for interviews or book her to lead the Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Workshop live or virtually for upcoming conferences and events, call 425-641-5214 or



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The Back Story Behind THIS Cover Story and a Tip: Get READY NOW — Bye-Bye 11th Hour Scramble!

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ExpertPreneurCover2013 Aspiring experts want to GET KNOWN  so they can GET PAID. 

Here is one really great tip that can pay off for you again and again. 

GET READY FIRST if you want to be able to take advantage of opportunities — even when you least expect them.

The “cover girl” situation on the debut issue of ExpertPreneur Magazine just happened for that reason alone. Yes.  That is me on the cover — Business Bio Expert Nancy Juetten.

Apparently, someone with a really big name had already said YES to being on the cover of the debut issue. For some reason, his team was dragging its feet to deliver the requested photo, article, and other requested information.

The publisher had a timetable to meet and was starting to get nervous. By some stroke of serendipity, she noticed me and my expertise on Facebook and reached out. She invited me to be in the magazine, and before the phone hit the cradle, she had my photo, my article, and an opt in page where her readers to access something of real value as a gift. Voila!

There may be lots of big names out there with GREEN ROOM attitudes who dilly dally delivering what is needed in perfect timing. That’s where the “Seabiscuit-like” experts who are ready to rock can step right in and run for the roses.

So, my best advice is to GET READY for opportunity before it knocks. That means having your materials together — a professional quality head shot, a relevant and timely perspective to share, and access to a compelling free gift that can serve the readers. I want you to have your “sassy sound bites” in your hip pocket.  And I want you to be able to  deliver them on demand and without rehearsal. Be a pleasure to deal with in every way and one good media opportunity will absolutely turn into more. It’s relationships you create that can pay off and lead to even cooler and more prestigious placements and invite more of the right people to be excited to do business with YOU. So, get ready now.

If you would like to explore if your expertise is a fit for ExpertPreneur Magazine, here is a link to learn more.  And, as always, it is BEST to read the magazine before you make your pitch so you can demonstrate that you understand what the publication is all about and showcase a specific way your expertise adds real value. I have found that SUBSCRIBING to the publications I most want to be seen, heard, and showcased within always pays off.  You can subscribe to ExpertPreneur Magazine, so consider that another tip for inspired action.  I believe the DEBUT issue is free so there is no risk.

If getting ready is high on your priority list, I invite you to work with me one-on-one.  Here is a link to the GET READY to Get Known and Paid Blast-Off Package.  With me as your word wizard and guide, together we’ll get the job done with pizzazz.  You’ll be in super READY position to rock your 2014 and make the most of your expert status with results you can see, hear, and celebrate as you attract clients who can bring in the welcome compensation.  No more “11th hour scramble” for you.  You’ll be ready to take your place in the spotlight to make your impact. Based on my own experience and results, that is a powerful place to be when opportunity knocks.

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