Write Affirmations of the Stories that Are True Today, and You Just Might Get Everything You Desire

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PenandPaperIf you have ever felt stuck in an old story that wasn’t serving you, let this very candid post be one that inspires you to write new stories and step into them, starting today. On the advice of own of my favorite coaches in the world — Bill Baren — I wrote a list of affirmations in 2012/2013 that turned whatever was bugging me into statements of truth that were unfolding every day.  And guess what?  Nine of the ten affirmations came true for me.

I still have room to improve on this one, but who doesn’t?

“When conflict and other tough stuff happen, I quickly move from terror to humor by finding the pearl as quickly as I can and moving on.”

Let’s face it. Sometimes, I get knocked off the horse and stumble around a bit as I try to get back on, especially when technology stuff derails me or other things beyond my own control give me a run for the roses. But, I keep on keeping on, and that is the big idea.

Today I am writing NEW affirmations for 2014.  Here are a few in progress, and you’ll notice there isn’t any “I’ve come a long way baby” language here to take the blush off the rose.  It is what it is without apology.  It’s all true, and that’s great.  (Thank you Morgana Rae for the much appreciated application of “foot to butt” to get me to see that.

  • I am playing a bigger game, one bold step at a time.
  • My community of engaged readers, followers and fans grows steadily and decisively with perfect people who are a great match for the powerful and results generating ways that I  make my own impact.
  • Press releases pack a punch for expert positioning, prestige, and lasting impact — delivering SEO and a whole lot more.  The visibility  makes it a whole lot faster, easier, and rewarding to get known and paid for the expert status we own today and make a difference for people beyond those we already know.
  • Perfect joint venture partners gladly play with me in fabulous, CREATIVE and often reciprocal ways. Together we offer a perfect exchange of energy and results that makes an even bigger difference for the engaged communities serve.

This is just the tip-of-the-iceberg for the stories I am writing for 2014 to guide my forward motion, impact, and results.  What are yours? 

And is there one area where you still struggle along the path to mastery so you can keep your focus there and rise above it?

I would love to hear from you and cheer for you. 

What I know for sure — with a tip of the hat to Oprah Winfrey — is that with daily focus, intention, and inspired action, you really can achieve everything you want and more.  And life and work might turn out even better than you ever dreamed possible. 

Write your new stories, starting today. And step into them with your full heart. Great results are waiting.


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Nov. 19 is Your Deadline to Benefit from the Magnetize Your Audience Training and My $997 Bonus to Guide You to Get Known AND Paid

Special Savings Comments Off on Nov. 19 is Your Deadline to Benefit from the Magnetize Your Audience Training and My $997 Bonus to Guide You to Get Known AND Paid

URGENT: This is the link to join Callan Rush’s Magnetize Your Audience training and ALSO benefit from the Get Known Get Paid Success System and Experience as a BONUS from me when you do! www.callanrush.com/nancy

Read about the content, coaching, and community you’ll enjoy as you take action to GET KNOWN and PAID with my unwavering support at www.authenticvisibility.com/callangift. My bonus expires on 11-19 so act quickly.

And my Get Your Client Attracting Story DONE Virtual Workshop — which is part of this bonus — is scheduled for Jan. 22, 2014. New Year. New YOU. Sounds like a perfect opportunity to get this DONE, don’t you agree?

This is an extraordinary value so don’t let this opportunity pass you by. 

Those who purchase at my invitation and with my link will love receiving their Get Known Get Paid Success Binder at their door step and enjoy the live group calls with me coming up in January, February and March to get questions answered and get real help to stay in inspired action to Get Known and Paid!

And, if you still need more time to consider this opportunity, be sure to join Callan for live training tomorrow – Sunday, Nov. 17 at 2 p.m. Pacific to appreciate the depth of her expertise and the bounty waiting for you. Click on the link to register.

Just do your due diligence between now and Nov. 19.

2014 is coming soon, so get ready to rock your expertise and your live and virtual events NOW.


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Want to Be a Media Darling? Here’s a Blog Post to Show You How – Thank You Susan Harrow

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2012PhotoSusanHarrowSusan Harrow’s clients have appeared on Oprah, 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, Larry King Live, and national radio, TV and print. Do you want to get on TV and make your appearance count? Join us for the FREE webinar: 5 Ways to Double Your Income With Media Appearances in the Next 90 Days.

Once you have registered for the webinar by clicking on the link above, review this blog post and dig into Susan’s juicy content right away:



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Bloomberg Businessweek and 354 More Media Placements for Callan Rush LIVE Webinar Tomorrow

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Oh the power of Press Release Pizzazz to bring useful news and information to your inbox in perfect timing to benefit from tomorrow’s special live webinar with Master Educator Callan Rush.  Join Callan and me tomorrow, Saturday, November 16 at 10 a.m. Pacific.



Media Only


Nancy Juetten



#1 Amazon Best-Selling Author Callan Rush and Nancy Juetten Train Workshop Leaders to Build Buzz and Fill Events with Education Based Marketing This Saturday by Live Webinar

SEATTLE, November 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ – #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author Callan Rush and Get Known to Get Paid Mentor Nancy Juetten are joining forces this Saturday morning, November 16 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time to guide workshop, retreat, and seminar leaders to build big buzz to fill their events with ease. This free live VIRTUAL event is designed to serve frustrated workshop, retreat, and seminar leaders who want to learn how to focus their education based marketing to reach 67% of the people who are open to receiving and acting on their messages and investing in their programs.

Since its November 4, 2013 debut, Rush’s book “Wealth Through Workshops: Your Step By Step Guide to Creating a Life-Changing Lucrative Workshop, Retreat, or Seminar Business” rose to best-seller status on Amazon.com in two categories. This Saturday’s free live webinar brings key concepts within the book to life to every participant’s expert and bottom line advantage.

As a result of the live webinar, participants will learn:

  • Your First Critical Steps to Having a Lucrative and Successful Workshop, Retreat or Seminar Business.
  • 5 Simple Steps to Craft Marketing That Magnetizes Your Ideal, Perfect Audience!
  • How to Become a Trusted Advisor in Your Space Faster than You Ever Dreamed Possible.

Since 2008, Callan Rush has trained thousands of aspiring workshop, retreat and seminar leaders to become luminaries in their fields by filling, leading, and monetizing their live events. Juetten’s business has been guiding aspiring experts to get known and paid through the power of storytelling and publicity since 2001.

Juetten thinks so highly of Callan Rush’s training that she is offering her popular Get Known Get Paid Success System as a high value bonus to reward those who make the wise choice to enroll in Callan Rush’s proven and results-generating Magnetize Your Audience training. Purchases must be made by Tuesday, November 19 to qualify for the bonus training.

Juetten’s bonus training guides aspiring experts to build big buzz for their businesses by naming and claiming their niche audience, saying bye-bye to their boring bios, and learning the nuts and bolts to become powerful joint venture partners.

“These are essential lessons for workshop leaders to embrace to enhance their workshop and business success and results,” Juetten believes.

“Callan’s programs always sell out quickly, so action by November 19 is required to benefit from both the Get Known to Get Paid Success System bonus training and Callan’s Magnetize Your Audience program,” she adds.

About Master Educator for Workshop, Retreat, and Seminar Leader Callan Rush

In business since 2008, Rush leads more than 50 live seminars and workshops every year and has built a profitable 7-figure business guiding others to succeed with her proven and road-tested methods. A top-notch trainer with over 15 years of success in the speaking, training and educational seminar industry, Rush has mastered the secrets to creating a life-changing, lucrative live event business. An expert in sales and marketing and a genius in program design and facilitation, Rush delights her audiences with her unique blend of humor and wisdom, honesty and openness, and complete generosity of self and spirit.

To claim your place at the Saturday, November 16 free webinar and learn among the highlights from her #1 Amazon best-selling book, visit this link.



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“Going to the Mattresses” to Make Big Impact for a Partner AND to Earn a Place at the Big Kids Table

Get Known Get Paid Success Story Comments Off on “Going to the Mattresses” to Make Big Impact for a Partner AND to Earn a Place at the Big Kids Table

Joint ventures are the power plays that lead to getting known and getting paid because they deliver impact, influence and income. When partners advocate for your programs and offerings with “full court press” as true believers, the people they serve listen and take action.  Those are people who are likely to follow their leader and invest wisely in services, products, and programs that can address real problems in their businesses and lives. This is among the most powerful ways to build big influence and impact quickly.  Those who deploy this strategy get known in a big way among tribes of people who are serious about success.

Since I am a Get Known to Get Paid Mentor, advancing along my own path to mastery with this strategy has been a huge area of emphasis in my business and my professional development over the last two years. When I advocate for others, I have very high standards. 

  • I believe 100% in the expert and the offer and have done my due diligence by reading the book, studying their program and knowing in my heart, head, and gut that it is well worth my advocacy.
  • The match to the needs of my audience is spot on.
  • The folks behind the scenes are total professionals who know what they are doing.

Right now, there is a group of 70 entrepreneurs with very big lists, 6 and 7-figure incomes, and lots of influence.  We are all advocating powerfully for the outstanding work of one of our colleagues.  

And, yes, that means that you have likely been on the receiving end of far more email than you prefer because we all believe in her training and know it can serve those we serve.

I’ve been “going to the mattresses” to make my impact. This expression was first used in “The Godfather.”  And it also got showcased in the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan romantic comedy “You’ve Got Mail.”   Ryan’s character was going to the mattresses to save The Little Shop Around the Corner from big, behemoth Fox Books. The press got involved. It made for great drama and impact. It really got people talking, taking sides, and making decisions.

Going to the Mattresses

So, when the first leader board came out. Of all the folks on the list, guess who was in the #1 position?

Yes. For a brief moment in time, it was Nancy Juetten.

The next day, my name dropped to the #2 position.   

Everything I have ever learned about building big buzz, credibility, and impact over a lifetime has come into play during this joint venture.  I’ve built on my years as a publicist, storyteller, and serving as among the best “setters” on the planet to the “spikes” of my powerful partners.

  • I created and issued a press release across PR Newswire to bring the quality news and information to a much wider audience of people to benefit.
  • I created and issued a second press release across PR Newswire to announce a special webinar just for my tribe. That one landed on Bloomberg Businessweek.




  • I created custom ezines and blog posts to add texture and context to the conversation around filling events with ease.
  • I’ve posted to social media.
  • I’ve sent the partner provided email messages to my list, re-sent to “unopens,” and welcomed plenty of unsubscribes in the process.
  • I’ve deployed paid advertising — Help a Reporter Out and Facebook Ads — to build buzz.
  • I’ve offered a very special and relevant bonus to reward everyone who mades the wise choice to invest in my partner’s program. 
  • And, the partner offered a live webinar for my tribe, too, to offer even more access to her expertise.
  • I believe it is the combination of actions and the spirit behind them that created the momentum, impact and results.

I “went to the mattresses” to advocate for a partner for whom I have great respect, admiration and belief.  That feels great.

But why does this matter to me personally?  I’ll tell you why in the true spirit of authentic visibility.

I’ve been fighting this battle between my ears and “going to the mattresses” for something not so easy to win that matters to me.

After years of working really hard, learning new ways of doing business, and earning success one modest step at a time, I have lamented to my husband and close colleagues that I am tired of sitting at the little kid’s table. I’ve been angling for a chance to take my seat at the Big Kids Table through my inspired and results-generating advocacy, gifts, and talent. 

It is not enough to be good at what you do and earn applause and raves. You need to turn heads with RESULTS that count.  These results need to be the kinds of results that people of influence can SEE and experience in ways that matter to them.

When YOUR NAME shows up near the top of the leader board as an advocate that delivers results, here is what happens.  In very short order, everyone who is playing in the same joint venture comes to know YOUR NAME.  Those folks may be wondering, “Who the heck is that, and is that someone I can meet and co-create great results with?”   And then the bigger opportunities start coming your way to deliver your message to more of the right people who can benefit from how you help.

In addition to supporting my partner’s great work during this launch, I sought out to earn a place in the Top 5 or better among a list of A-List performers on the leader board.  Many of the experts I know, admire and respect are participating, so that is very fine company to keep. Earning a leader board position is a way to get seen, heard, and celebrated by folks who a week or so ago probably didn’t even know my name.  Now they do, and they may be wondering how they can benefit from the kind of “full court press” advocacy I deliver for my best partners for THEIR next big launch.

Get Known. Get Paid.  I wave the flag for these outcomes every day, even when it is hard. Why?  Because I have walked the talk to great outcomes in my own life and business, and I want others on missions for good to welcome the same benefits.

And, I will tell you that there are nay sayers, dream smashers, and skeptics everywhere.

Maybe you are earlier in your journey and are hearing things like:

  • “Your list isn’t big enough to make real impact.”
  • “You are not playing a big enough game.”
  • “Come talk to me when you have a better offering to share.”
  • “You are welcome to promote me, but I will never promote you.”
  • “Press releases don’t work.”

I have heard it all before. And these comments just compel me to prove the messengers wrong.

No matter the final outcome, landing near the top of a joint venture leader board for a behemoth launch like this is powerful proof that smaller engines with high octane heart, muscle, and commitment to long distance running can make a huge impact.

For the nay sayers out there, I would also say this.

Don’t ever underestimate or pre-judge “The Little Engine that Could” who crosses your path. There may be a great deal of power under the hood.

During this big launch which concluded with me earning #3 position on that leader board, I “went to the mattresses” to do my absolute best for my partner and also wage an inner game battle.

No matter what happens next, I have put “the little card table with small chairs” in the hall closet for good.  And that feels like a sweet victory to me.

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Can You Share YOUR Story in One Paragraph or Less? I Dare You!

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I am a big fan of the media query service known as Help a Reporter Out.  Every day, I find out about reporters, bloggers, and other people of influence who are seeking commentary or perspective from experts like me and YOU.  And because I want to get known for my expertise so I can get paid, I make a habit of replying to those queries that are a perfect fit for my own story.  You can visit the site, join for free, and start receiving queries in your in-box right now. I highly recommend it.

In my experience, the keys to standing out among a sea of replies are to follow the directions noted in the query, meet or beat the stated deadline, and put some personality into your pitch.

Several of the queries from last week asked for a one-paragraph summary of my story, and I was able to reply within minutes because my story was already on paper. And I was delighted to receive replies from both that my story was exactly what they needed. Coverage should follow very shortly and in perfect timing.

  • If you were to share YOUR story in one paragraph or less, what would you say? 
  • And are you ready to share it at a moment’s notice? 

If you want to get seen, heard, celebrated, and COMPENSATED for the expert status you own today, you have to step up and out so the right people can find you. Responding to a HARO query is a great way to get the mission accomplished.

Here is my one-paragraph example.  My challenge is for you to write one for your own company and to start sharing it with the media outlets and query posters for whom your story is a perfect fit. Come on.  I dare you!

It’s Your Story. Tell It Well. Start Today.

In the darkest days of the Great Recession, my boutique publicity agency (launched in 2001) fell on hard times. After a brief stay in “Pity Party Hotel,” I wrote a book called Bye-Bye Boring Bio: The Solopreneur’s Ultimate Action Guide to Get Seen, Heard, Celebrated and Compen$ated for Expert Status. A friend dared me to write the first draft and share it as a gift to the guests who had paid to attend a do-it-yourself publicity workshop I was leading in Portland, Oregon at her invitation. I created the first draft in three weeks because I desperately needed to find a new way to serve the marketplace in a daunting economic time. Making boring bios better for client attraction seemed like a timely way to guide others in trouble to a much-needed outcome. Today this well-reviewed and popular workbook is the foundation behind the Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Worldwide Virtual Workshop. This virtual training earns raves and results in powerful story transformations for the hundreds of action-takers who participate from English speaking nations around the world. It is also among the useful training elements in the Get Known Get Paid Success System and among the tools that clients in my Get Known to Get Paid PRIVATE Mentoring Program enjoy. And, just this week, I debuted a new GIFT BOOKLET called Heal Your Boring Business Bio Now – The Bio Doc Offers Tips and Story Makeovers to Show You How, and it’s available for free download between now and Dec. 31, 2013. A shiny New Year is fast approaching, and there are plenty of bios that still need healing for optimal client attraction. The bottom line is that my interest in better business bios saved my bacon at a time when I really needed to bring some home. The bounty continues, one book purchase, workshop, training system, and mentoring program at a time. The lesson from all of this makes me grin. When the world dishes up lemons, find a way to make lemonade. Let the healing for boring bios begin because “The Bio Doc is In.”


“OMG! Nancy’s book is a GOLDMINE of ‘bio brilliance!’ What’s especially delightful about this immensely helpful book are the before/after demonstrations of bios that go from ‘meh’ to magnificent under her tutelage. Well done, Nancy!”

 —Linda Claire Puig, 6FigureNewsletters.com


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Getting Known Versus Spam and Inviting Your Straight Talk

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There is a huge joint venture in progress that has 70 big internet entrepreneurs involved. 

We are all beating the drum for Callan Rush for good reason.  She is a master trainer who guides workshop, retreat, and seminar leaders to successfully and profitably deliver their messages to change the world. That is a drum I’ll gladly beat because I believe in the mission, have studied her work, and know that she can make a huge difference for the people I serve.

And that means that everyone on the partner lists is getting pretty much the same email copy to share with their tribes to invite interest and engagement.

Yesterday, I received several comments from people from my own tribe.  They said that the perceived those emails as “spam” and wouldn’t open them. I think that is pretty strong, but that’s what they said. And, they wrote to me to say they opened my email in a sea of sameness  because it offered a distinct and authentic message. One reader said it was a courageous message. Their comments were heart-felt. And that did my heart good.

I am a huge fan of getting known. And these joint venture campaigns certainly bring the name of the featured expert center stage in a big way. That gets a whole lot of people talking.

It also sets the stage for that expert to offer real value in the short term and ultimately get paid when the time comes.  This is provided that the expert makes a winning invitation to provide a quality solution to a serious problem that is giving a great many frustrated workshop, retreat, and seminar leaders serious grief.

The results are where the rubber meets the road, which is why joint venture partnerships continue to hold favor among so many internet entrepreneurs — including me.

Let me be clear. I am in the mix, right there with them, because reaching more people with my own message is important and influential, and the math does work out. But, at what expense?

Math has never been my strong suit. Words are my favorite currency.  I may not have the answers, but I can ask the questions and invite your replies at a time when so many of us are thinking about this.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these questions:

  • How do you react when you receive the same email in your inbox from multiple sources?
  • Does this powerful influx compel you to pay more attention or less?
  • Does this improve or take away from the way you feel about the expert?
  • Does this influence the actions you intend to take?
  • If you had a wish about how this could be done differently or better, what would it be?
  • And if the message travels across a news wire to reach hundreds of media outlets as news with the potential to reach people beyond the lists to which so many of us subscribe, is that better? Or do you consider that spam, too?

I think this could be a very juicy conversation.  Won’t you join in and comment?  Can’t wait to read what you have to say.


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Feeling Gun Shy About Hosting Your Own Live Events?

Event Promotion Comments Off on Feeling Gun Shy About Hosting Your Own Live Events?

Truth be told, for me, the answer is yes.

  • Do I know how to lead a pretty good teleclass and webinar? YES
  • Have I attracted between 100 and 800 guests to some of my events?  YES.

And, the two times I created “live” events at a venue in Seattle, I was really disappointed with my results.

  • Did I attract over 100 people to each? YES.
  • Did I get rave reviews for quality content? YES.
  • Do I have a sassy video to show the excitement, the learning, the sponsors, the charitable partner, and all the rest? YES.
  • Did I monetize my efforts with enough of a result to make the effort worth my while? Truth be told?  NO.  I think I checked into “Pity Party Hotel” after my last event in December of 2010 because I worked so hard — to the point of exhaustion — and it didn’t pay off for me in the ways I had hoped.

What I know for sure is that I can’t put my head in the sand and never host a live event ever again.  I must learn from prior mistakes and come out on the other side victorious.  That’s just the way I roll, even when it takes me longer to get the lessons in my bones than perhaps I care to confess.

That is why I’ve been studying best practices around creating successful live events that get YES answers on all three questions in bold type. I realize now that being able to promote, fill, and deliver quality content isn’t enough.  The truth is that when I did my two prior live events, I just didn’t have the right offerings to extend to my guests to compel them to take another step forward with me as their guide. Fuzzy offerings for a non-specific outcome for my ideal client absolutely led to fuzzy and disappointing results.  I made plenty of other rookie mistakes, as well. 

Here’s the good news.  I am done giving myself a hard time about it.  I am ready to examine what I did well and where I have opportunity to improve. callanSo, now I find myself even more eager to learn at the feet of the best in the industry so I can decide what role live events might play in my 2014 plans.  If you have been pondering that same question, be sure to pay attention to this blog and my social media over the next few days.  I’ll be sharing “aha” insights learned at the feet of the incomparable Callan Rush and also offering gifts from Callan over the next few days to guide you toward making your best event moves in the New Year.  You won’t want to miss a single post. 

Callan is offering a report to answer the question: Are live events dead?  I’ve read it, and it is very eye opening.  Workshops, retreats, and seminars are getting hard and harder to fill.  And it is tougher and tougher to sell from the stage, which is rendering these live event much less effective than they used to be. I am not sure if this is true or not. And Callan’s report is will worth your time.  Feel free to pick up a copy here. Callan maintains that live events can be a powerful vehicle to deliver a message and effect meaningful transformation. 

So what does this all mean to me?  Well, for starters, in my humble opinion, the world doesn’t need another “let me guide you to six-figures fast” mastermind program.  That is so NOT for me.

So I am going to dig deep and consider exactly what kind of event I can lead that will serve a specific audience and offer a specific result that will make a big impact in my own best way based on my own business bio and Get Known to Get Paid expertise.  And I am going to be mindful about putting on my “artist” and “scholar” hats to find the perfect delivery method and approach that feels best for my audience and for me.  Stay tuned.  And as your own plans and “aha” insights come to life, please share your comments here so we all can talk about it and get ready to make our best moves in the New Year.






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Dr. Nekeshia Doctor — “You Can Be and Do Anything That You Desire to Be and Do.”

Bye-Bye Boring Bio Success Story Comments Off on Dr. Nekeshia Doctor — “You Can Be and Do Anything That You Desire to Be and Do.”

I continue to be humbled and inspired by the important work being done by my clients.  Today, I share the story of Dr. Nekeshia C. Doctor.  Her mission for women and girls is so big and so important that you will want to visit her site to get your daily prescription to embrace the beauty that was given you and see how you can be part of and contribute to her Beauty Within Project.

Dr. Nekeshia C. Doctor created her message with the support of the most recent Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Virtual Worldwide Workshop.  If you need help right this very minute to make your own story better, access the new Heal Your Boring Business Bio to Attract Clients and Cash Now gift booklet today. It’s my gift to you and everyone you share it with.  Share generously!


“For every girl and woman across this world, from all walks of life, who has been told and made to feel as though she is a mistake, hear this. No matter what others have said and may continue to utter —  no matter how many times you have fallen off course, no matter how little support and love you have surrounding you, you can be and do anything that you desire to be and do.”

 — Dr. Nekeshia Doctor, Founder, The Beauty Within Project Inc.


 About The Beauty Within Project:

 Dr. Nekeshia C. Doctor created The Beauty Within Project, Inc. in 2010. This 501(c)3 non-profit organization – known as the “BW Project” — hosts an annual empowerment seminar for girls between the ages of 8 – 18 years old. The vision of The BW Project, Inc. is to assist girls of every race, color, and creed, recognize, embrace, love, and respect the beauty that was uniquely given to them. In doing so, the BW Project transforms communities, one girl at a time. As a result of such great responses from the community about the annual all-girls seminar, Dr. Doctor incorporates quarterly social events throughout the year to maintain support and mentorship with as many girls as possible.

Who Benefits Most:

  • Girls and women seeking guidance, support, and motivation to get moving to create the lives they want in their homes, schools or workplaces
  • Those who have suffered from life circumstances beyond their own control from the very beginning

If this describes you, Dr. Nekeshia C. Doctor has a prescription of the basic essentials with your name on it. It’s called “30 Ways in 30 Days to Guide Women and Girls to Create the Lives They Want And Are  Destined To Have Wherever They Are.”  Dr. Nekeshia’s program is a God-send for:

  • That girl or woman born out of rape,
  • Who might be living in an abusive environment,
  • Who was raised as a child in and out of the foster care system,
  • Who was adopted by a loving family as a child, yet struggling to know who she really is because the family history is a mystery
  • Or that girl or woman simply unsure about where to pick up the pieces of your life to live with pride and joy.

Dr. Doctor felt called to create this prescription as a result of her own personal challenges and uncertainties as a young girl, national research findings, and her humble experiences as a teacher and assistant principal in the public school system. Despite being the oldest sibling, she wrestled with her own internal and external beauty. After years of silent struggles with her own self-esteem, Dr. Nekeshia Doctor found ways to escape the internal battle with self. She discovered that it takes a positive mindset, a system (strategic plan), and the right tools in place to achieve the high goals for your life. Dr. Doctor believes that life is about conquering our fears and extending a hand to be a blessing to others who may share those same fears.

About Dr. Nekeshia – The Deliberating D.I.V.A.

The Deliberating D.I.V.A. (Driven Individual Valuing Authentic capabilities) Doctor Nekeshia is driven to inspire girls and women to aim high no matter where they are in life by prescribing dosages of motivational medicine.

The firstborn daughter of a teenage mother, Dr. Nekeshia was raised in a single-parent home until she was 10 years old with the help of her maternal grandfather, great-grandmother, and paternal grandparents along the way. Beginning at a very young age, Dr. Nekeshia often felt as though she was a mistake and burden because she was the by-product of a 15- year old teenage mother who was still a child herself. Despite the odds, Dr. Nekeshia’s teenage mother took pride in raising her and her sister.

Dr. Nekeshia completed high school and furthered her education, obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Education, Master’s degree in Education-Educational Leadership, and a Doctorate degree in Education-Organizational Leadership. When Dr. Nekeshia earned her Doctorate degree in Education, that was a proud moment that allowed others to see that her teenage mother’s journey and choice to keep and raise Dr. Nekeshia were not mistakes.  Today, her passion, life, and work as an educator, mentor, and consultant are all about opening new windows of possibility for girls and women who are challenged by their staggered mindsets and choices and seeking a path to make the most of their lives.

Your Call to Action:

Get ready to transform from “stuck in a rut” to “ALIVE and THRIVING.” To learn more about how to get a personal prescription to thrive in every area of your life as a girl or woman, contact and book Dr. Nekeshia C. Doctor to receive your personal prescription and instructions for taking your daily dosage of empowerment to be or do that which your heart desires and of which your amazing life is so worthy. She is eager to come to YOU wherever you are in the world to speak with you and/or your organization and place your personal prescription in hand.


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