Susan Berland: Safe Harbor Coach to LGBT Kids and Parents Seeking Support to Build a Bridge Back to Love and Acceptance

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Susan Berland Headshot 580 x 800

“How would life be different and better if we stopped wasting time wishing for something else and used that energy to appreciate and celebrate who we are and where we are today? It’s not too late and it can change everything.”

Susan Berland is fiercely committed to guiding young people and their parents back to a loving, accepting relationship when the parents are struggling to accept their child as gay, bisexual or transgender. Susan guides parents and their kids to communicate effectively, trust one another and accept one another where and as they are. In as few as six private sessions, LGBT kids and/or their parents make great progress to build a bridge back to love and acceptance to last for a lifetime.

As the proud mother of a gay son and champion for people who are different, it’s Susan’s privilege and pleasure to be the safe harbor for family members who want acceptance without judgment and to find a path to a loving, understanding, accepting family environment with her coaching and support. 

  • If you are looking for a proven professional who can provide your child with a safe place to go with their questions and concerns and receive the support you’re currently unable to give …
  • Or you are a parent who needs a safe place to express concerns and ask  questions without fear of judgment, you’ve come to the right place.

With seven years of experience working with clients with similar worries and concerns and guiding them to build a bridge back to love and acceptance, Susan’s mission and commitment is to provide the support and tools to bring your family back together. What lights Susan up about this work is knowing that she is providing a safe, loving place, non-judgmental way to support LGBT kids and their parents in the most important journey of their lives.

“Nothing breaks my heart more than when I hear parents reject their LGBT kids. They loved them yesterday when they didn’t know. I wish I could reach out to each and every one and let them know they are loved and special, just the way they are. They all deserve the love of their parents, if not their biological parents, than a surrogate parent.”

Susan knows what it’s like to be told your child is gay and what is means to adjust expectations and deal with a roller coaster ride of emotions. And as a mom who loves her son for who he is, she can provide that love and support until the parents themselves can find the path to do the same.

Susan’s Advocacy Speaks Volumes about Her Conviction to Inspire and Ignite Real Change:

• She worked tirelessly on the No on 8 Campaign in California and is a fierce advocate for marriage equality.

• She co-founded a non-profit, The All Family Project, whose mission is to educate the public about the issues faced by gay and lesbian families. Susan donates a portion of proceeds to that and other LGBT organizations.

• Susan was one of the original 70 volunteers involved with the International Coach Federation as it began its quest to raise the profile of professional coaching. ICF now has over 20,000 members around the globe.

• She is a member of the Golden Gate Business Alliance, the LGBT Chamber of Commerce in San Francisco.

Championing the Underdog

Susan’s path to become a coach who fights for the underdog became clear at an early age. In the first grade, she befriended a deaf girl when all the other kids made fun of her. When her son came out as gay, she was called to work in the LGBT community to provide extra love and support. As a Jewish mom, Susan’s heart has always gone out to those who have been rejected by their families. Hers is big enough to provide the love and support others may be denied at a time in their lives when they need love the most.

Your Invitation to ACCEPT Support Now:

If moving more boldly in the direction of acceptance as soon as possible is high on your priority list, schedule a complimentary chat with Susan today.  Connect in the way that suits you best:

  • 415-987-3194

The final Worldwide VIRTUAL Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Workshop is tomorrow, September 25 from noon – 3 p.m. Pacific.  Claim your place now so you can have the chance to have YOUR STORY showcased here as a success.

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Record, Rapport, Results — Three Big R’s for Leading Successful Teleseminars

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I’ve given and hosted scores and scores of teleseminars over the last few years.  And, since using words well is my gift and the technology — not so much — I confess that taking on teleseminars and the technology around them was brand new territory for me.

It’s a little unsettling to know that dozens or hundreds or maybe even thousands of people are making an appointment to listen to content you are sharing. There are a lot of things that go through your mind.  And sometimes, you get so lost in what you are intending to say that you might forget to hit “record” on the teleseminar dashboard.

Or, you might put the entire call “on hold” so no one can hear what you are saying. Mistakes happen, and I’ve made plenty of them. That is why, every time I lead or host a teleseminar, I put a sticky note on my computer with three words written on it:  Record, Rapport, Results.  I know, this is decidedly low tech in approach, but it works for me.  And it should give you hope that if I can do this, you can, too.

1) If I have gone to the time and effort to create a content rich teleclass or webinar, remember to RECORD it so everyone who has opted in can have the benefit to hear it live or via replay.

2) Create RAPPORT with the audience and the host.  That means fighting against reading from the PowerPoint slides during content delivery.  (Boy oh boy, I have struggled with that!)  That means connecting with those who are listening by showing up at your best, most authentic YOU.  That means delivering the content with the intention to deliver real value and plant the seeds for real relationships to take root to grow. As for connecting with the host, that all begins with the first call to suggest a collaboration.  It continues as you demonstrate how truly READY you are to make promoting your call or theirs easy, effective, and rewarding.  And the experience continues as both parties practice the fine art of follow up in the days leading to the deadline to take the desired action.

3) Begin with the end RESULT in mind, and see it through all the way through.   If you want people to request a discovery session, make that clear.  If you want people to make a time sensitive purchase decision to support their success, say so.   Give the audience JUST ONE ACTION to take so the content you have carefully crafted can actually lead to a desired outcome for your ideal client and for you.  And if you want to earn a reputation as a “rock star” joint venture partner, start with that end result in mind, too.  Be a pleasure to work with.  Do what you promised to do to promote the call.  Show up on time and ready to be your very best in service to everyone who expressed interest in the subject of your call.

kimclausen (3)If you would like to learn even more about how to make teleseminars pay off for your growing business, join me and Kim Clausen today at noon Pacific.   All the details are noted within the link right here.   I know as much as I have learned so far about leading teleseminars, I can always get better, and Kim Clausen is among the leading experts to show us all the way.  Join us!

==     Leading Your Own Teleseminars Can Be Easy… And Profitable

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Meet Your Find Lasting Love Mentor and Coach Ellen Samiec

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Here is another of the winning stories created as a direct result of the last Worldwide VIRTUAL Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Workshop.  The next session is  September 25, 2013 from noon – 3 p.m. Pacific, and I’d love to have you and your storytelling buddy join us. Share the experience, the resources, and the modest fee and create your own masterpiece together. I can’t wait to be your guide.

Ellen Samiec – Find Lasting Love Mentor and Coach


 “Before, I was always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Thanks to Ellen’s coaching, that’s not my story anymore.”

Smart, successful single business women who are 35 and better and desire the same for their love relationships are singing the praises of Finding Lasting Love Mentor and Coach Ellen Samiec. Ellen’s proven and powerful process empowers women to dissolve their hidden relationship blocks so that they attract love rather than chase after it, enjoy romantic relationships that are aligned with their values, and create new, enriching relationships for themselves and their ideal partners. Clients can welcome results they love in their lives and relationships in as few as 3 weeks.

Clients Say Remarkable Things about Ellen’s Impact on Their Romantic Lives:

  • “Before, I was always the bridesmaid, never the bride. Thanks to Ellen’s coaching, that’s not my story anymore.” Catherine B, Mississauga, Ontario
  • “When people asked why I was still single, I used to say that I’d never met the right guy. After working with Ellen, I no longer get that question because I have finally met My Man.” S. Wilson, Toronto, Ontario
  • “I tired of wasting time on directionless relationships and was more than ready for a real committed partner. Ellen’s insight had a dramatic impact on my life and I attracted the relationship I was looking for.” Susan T. Boston, Massachusetts
  • “With running my business, there never seem to be time to find and build a relationship. Ellen’s empowering process helped me take my business to the next level while giving me more time for myself and the new love of my life.” M. MacInnes, Toronto, Ontario

How Ellen’s Training and Experience Serve You

Ellen discovered her gift for bringing out the best in people after her personal experiences of burnout in the corporate world and the painful end of a personal relationship. Through her journey to recreate her life, she discovered a powerful proven process that led to her own personal and professional breakthroughs to achieve a level of happiness and satisfaction beyond expectation. During that time, she encountered a number of successful professional women challenged in finding an ideal life partner. Through her own personal experience overcoming this challenge, plus the deep fulfillment that came with helping others successfully resolve these issues, Ellen launched Finally Find Lasting Love with the mission to help successful single business women attract lasting love relationships.

Ellen’s professional credentials include a Doctoral Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Certification as a Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the Professional Coaching Program through The Coaches Training Institute. This training, combined with her corporate experience in the financial sector and her 20 years as a Personal Executive Coach working with clients internationally equips Ellen with the understanding, compassion, skills, and lessons learned from the demanding career trenches to guide high achieving women to navigate the world of dating and relationships to winning and lasting outcomes that give them reason to celebrate beyond the scopes of their all-important careers.

On the Personal Side

Happily in relationship with the love of her life, Ellen lives in Toronto and travels regularly to the vacation rental home that they built together in Costa Rica. This relationship bliss was not always the case. After the painful end of her first marriage, she struggled with relationship challenges for years until she discovered a powerful process that lead to her own breakthrough. At age 37, she attracted her husband and finally found the lasting love that she has now been celebrating for more than 15 years. When it comes to overcoming relationship challenges and realizing dreams, Ellen has been there and done it, her clients have done it and she would love to show you how you can do it, too.

To get started and find out if this would be a good fit for you call or email Ellen for a complimentary Find Lasting Love Strategy session. Email or call 416.410.4477.

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Meet Conlee Ricketts, author of Answers are Easy; Living with Them Sucks!

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Here is another in a series of engaging stories created as a direct result of the Worldwide Virtual Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Workshop. I love her straight talk, authenticity, and sense of fun in describing who she is and how she helps.  Anyone who has embraced her inappropriateness in such a way that shines a light for the rest of us to see why we get stuck in our own lives is someone who is instantly memorable to me.

Here is an author and coach with such a distinct tone of voice who has embraced the challenge I invite everyone to take on.  “It is YOUR story.  Tell it well.”  Take care not to delegate this assignment to someone who can’t possibly appreciate your irreverent, unique message and tell it better than YOU can — especially if what you do and how you do it is beyond description.  

That is why leading the Worldwide Virtual Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Workshop is so fun and rewarding.  Everyone has a story.  Being guided to show you how best to tell yours is my way of making the world and the marketplace better.  Every story has its own ripple effect that can make a bigger difference with a wider audience.   The next virtual workshop is September 25 from noon – 3 p.m.  Pacific. Join us.

Here is Conlee’s story. I might suggest an even bolder call to action at the end of the story, just in case someone reads the bio before reading anything else about her or her business.

— To place quantity orders of Conlee’s new book for your association …

— To engage Conlee to lead a workshop for an upcoming conference of misfits, oddballs and unconventional thinkers…

— To chat with Conlee about how her teen life coaching and coaching for stress parents can bring in immediate relief …

If you don’t ask for what you want, you just might not get it.

So, with all that said, enjoy every word, and be sure to share this with the misfits, oddballs, and unconventional thinkers in your life.

Answers are Easy; Living With Them Sucks! is the go-to source for any other misfit, oddball, or unconventional thinker that wants to step into themselves without apology.


Conlee Ricketts is the author of the forthcoming book Answers are Easy; Living With Them Sucks! She is a seeker of spiritual truths who has embraced her inappropriateness in such a way that she shines a light for us to see why we get stuck in our own lives.

Conlee’s laser like honesty can cut through the story you tell yourself to help you get to the story of who you really are. She helps you to find the path you need to follow in order to love yourself with honesty and compassion.

Whether you are reading her book, working with her one-on-one, or in a workshop, she helps you unearth the questions you are afraid to answer, and she knows that your fear is a visceral choice you make in order to not move forward. Her humor will help you to face your fears and vulnerabilities while laughing at the same time. She is an expert at making plans, finding choices, and quieting the over-active mind chatter long enough to find your way back to the heart and soul of balancing your incredibly human and messy life.

After determining that the key to moving forward in life begins with self love, Conlee has embraced her irreverent, misfit self. She is a Misfit with a Master’s degree; a rebellious former math teacher who earned the disgust of fellow math teachers by daring to let her students use pen—as well as a quiet introvert that shines in front of an audience by filling the room with laughter. Her life has been about solving problems—finding answers to the questions and struggles of her students, friends, family, and co-workers. Her non-logical creative soul has battled her over-active logical mind to push her to find spiritual joy by helping others find their own way to balance the head and the heart. Answers are Easy; Living With Them Sucks! is the go-to source for any other misfit, oddball, or unconventional thinker that wants to step into themselves without apology.

Thanks to her observant nature and the “children are to be seen and not heard” generation of her parents, she has taken time to look, listen, and imagine. Twenty-three years teaching math and helping parents understand their adolescent children have honed her skills in motivation and explanation. She helps you break down a situation to its nuts and bolts, rearrange them, and consider how they might be reassembled in order to live a more peaceful, well balanced, albeit messy life.

Conlee empowers you to take responsibility for your choices and the quality of the life you are living. She is an intuitive problem solver; she cannot “show her work” or use a geometric proof to verify that her answers are correct, but as you work with her you will have a realization that her observations and her options are necessary to ponder in order to find a better path.

Learn more about Conlee Ricketts by visiting


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Meet Death Doula Sarah Gramm Wolf – The Most Valuable Player to Add at Death’s Door

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SaraGrammWolfe “Working as a death doula is fun; I get to talk straight and honestly about a subject that is largely not talked about. And I get to work with amazing people who — when given a chance — will ask those burning questions, like … ‘Can I be buried in my back yard?’ ”

Death Doula Sarah Gramm Wolf is in dedicated service to death; she believes that dying is participatory, just as life is.

She is fiercely committed to guiding or coaching individuals who are dying, similar to the way a birth doula coaches a woman in labor.  She helps families validate their feelings, usually held in check by cultural taboos and guides them to restoring natural, after-death care in a family-directed approach.  And, she provides families with an understanding of the inner dynamics of leaving the physical body at death so they can be at peace with their loved one’s last breath.

By working with Sarah, you can be assured that she will be there through the moments of deep, wrenching pain, through the confusion and chaos that can come up when someone is dying, to the assurance that her skills have been honed through a lifetime of observing nature use everything; that death is required to sustain new life. This pattern is reflected in her understanding that bodily remains need to be given back in such a way as to benefit new life.

Her photo series “Biofeedback” was created collaboratively with artist Ariel Kaplan as encouragement to take a look at the everyday deaths in nature. It was their hope that this series of photographs would provide a point of focus, a starting point, in examining our own ideas and beliefs surrounding death.

With years of serving individuals in hospice and pastoral care settings and a major trauma hospital as a chaplain, Sarah was able to bring a sense of peace to those families, individuals, and staff who sought her out. For her exceptional ability to help a large family in their loss, she was awarded Most Valuable Player commendation. At the request of the cancer floor nurses, she published, for distribution within the hospital, “Taking your Spiritual Pulse: Spiritual Reflections during a Hospital Stay.”

And, for her years of dedicated service, life experiences, and continuing education, Sarah was commissioned as a clergy. Thus, she brings with her the sensitivity to differing faith traditions and the ability to create ritual and ceremony to celebrate a life.

Contact: Sarah Gramm Wolf, M. Ed., Death Doula & Educator


Sarah Gramm Wolf created her story with the support of the Worldwide VIRTUAL Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Workshop.   She was the “storytelling buddy” brought to the event by her friend Ingrid Kincaid at no additional fee.

I believe the workshop is best experienced in pairs so everyone who enrolls receives a “bring a storytelling buddy” invitation 24 hours after enrolling. 

By entering a buddy’s name and email into the system, both the participant and a buddy can enjoy the resources and the experience and benefit in a much bigger way than by going it alone.

And, everyone who participates has the same opportunity to enjoy the Bio Doc is In call one week later and submit their best effort story draft to be showcased on the blog as a winning example for the world to see.

My business is founded on the belief that everyone is important and deserves to be seen, heard, celebrated and ultimately compensated for their winning ways, and I walk my talk.

So, if you need the gifts of  Death Doula Sarah Gramm Wolf, please get in touch with her.

And if your story needs to find a way from your head to your website or social media or beyond and you need expert guidance to GET IT DONE, join me and so many others on September 25, 2013 from noon – 3 p.m. Pacific for the Worldwide VIRTUAL Get Your Client Attracting Story DONE Workshop.


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Meet the Natural Holistic Plumber Laura Keiles, ND, CNHP – Your Holistic Drain Cleaner

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Here is another “after” story to attract clients created by Laura Keiles, ND, CNHP as a result of the recent Worldwide VIRTUAL Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Workshop.  

Just by reading the first two lines of her text, I wanted to read more.  And so I did, and I loved what I read and the passionate, skilled professional I came to know by reading her words. 

Truth be told, I do not know what CNHP stands for, and would love for that to be spelled out.   And the narrative is a bit long. I would like to know where she studied and when she graduated. I am not so sure that offering a discounted rate right out of the box would be my recommendation.  I’d love to know how many patients have welcomed the results she is suggesting to give me even more confidence that she is the right expert to bring about the solution.  The power of proof is a powerful thing.  It could be that she is early in her career and doesn’t yet have hundreds of success stories, and that is OK.  We all bloom where we are planted, and I have a feeling that a lot of good things are still sprouting for this Naturopath.

Those comments aside, it is good reading and authentic expression.  If I suffered from the ailments she describes, I can absolutely see the benefit of giving her a call and exploring how she could help me.

  • We know what she does, the benefit that awaits and why it matters.
  • She has created a memorable “handle” for her expertise  — Your Holistic Drain Cleaner
  • Her journey to this work is deeply personal, so it is easy to get to know-like-trust with every word.
  • There is a call to action so you know what next step she wants the reader to take: make an appointment.

So, with those comments, what are YOUR thoughts about this story?  Please share.   And if what this Holisitic Drain  Cleaner provides is what you or someone you know needs, by all means, get in touch with Laura Keiles.

The NEXT Worldwide VIRTUAL Get Your Client Attracting Story DONE Workshop is coming up September 25.  Join us to be guided to get YOUR client attracting story done.

Laura Keiles, ND, CNHP – Your Holistic Drain Cleaner

 “I facilitate your individual ability to clear the clogs in your digestive health drain.”

People call me the cleaner: the natural holistic plumber. Your digestive system is the primary plumbing of your health. If your health issues have you blocked, sluggish and feeling at the end of your rope, as I had been, you need the best formula to clear those pipes. These clogs in the drain show up as autoimmune challenges, inflammatory conditions, and neurological issues. Healthy pipes lead to healthy functioning of the body.

LauraKeiles ND, CNHP

I used to perform minor surgeries on my dolls, or so that is what I called it when their split seams were being repaired. When it came to school, I loved to know the why, to be able to explain and apply, especially in science and computer classes. Everyone thought I should be a doctor, dentist or programmer. However, those roles seemed so confining to me back then. I loved geology – rocks – the intricacies and integrative processes that take sand to crystal or stone and wrote computer programs to explain them. In college where I continued that trend, you could always find me going back to health functions of living in a vegetarian cooperative or studying with the athletic trainers.

It got easy to be derailed from my healthy path of living while making other companies to become better and financially healthier at the cost of my own needs. Seven years ago, at the end of my health rope, a Naturopath dragged me back on a lifeline. He inspired me to return to school to become a Naturopath and prevent others from suffering as I had with postpartum depression and other digestive challenges.

Three years later, I realized my most sincere and aggressive personal health reforms were not paying off due to autoimmune and food allergies/intolerances. Research into how to address and reverse them in my life prompted me to develop the protocol that helps others today. The protocol uses my internationally published reference Foodergies! Eat Right with Food Families as the foundation for your plumbing transformation.

People who have not been helped with traditional western medicine have significant results early in their recovery process working with me. Identification of those Foodergies in your diet and eliminating them is a big step forward in your digestive health. This easy-to-follow protocol earns me the enduring respect and admiration of my clients and their family members.

Together we identify your own Holistic Plumbing Protocol supported by enzymatic, nutritional and educational steps. Like Dr. Xavier of the X-Men, we get inside your mind and help you see things differently, and approach your new healthy “clean-plumbing” lifestyle with an inspired attitude. Targeted small efforts, like a pebble cast into the pond, will result in tsunamis on the shore of your health. You ready to clean up? So let’s work together and create your ultimate drain cleaner path, and get back to healthy living.

My forthcoming books – KISS your way to Health: Keep it Simple Stupid (and Structured) and Practicing Health: Daily Inspirations for the Journey will be available early 2014. Sign up at for pre-release excerpts from these upcoming publications; follow me on Twitter @LauraKeilesND and like Keiles Wellness Care on Facebook.

Schedule an appointment online at for a consultation at a specially discounted rate.

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Doug Mattice Shares His “After” Bio with Pride in Service to Those Seeking to Become Wizards of Their Photographic Fate

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Telling stories all your own … with a little help from yours truly. It just makes me happy.  So, here I share a story Doug  Mattice created as a participant in the last Worldwide VIRTUAL Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Workshop.  If you would like to create YOUR client attracting story, register now for the September 25 event.

I love to showcase the best stories created with my system and expert guidance.  When you participate, this could be you … getting seen, heard, and celebrated in a way that brings you more awareness and the opportunity to attract perfect clients so you can be compensated.  That is what this work is all about, and there are millions more people still to be served.  If you are one of them, come on along.  You’ll be so glad you did!

 Are You Ready to Become a Wizard of Your Own Photographic Fate?

Let’s face it. The digital world has changed the game for all of us in just about every way.  Gone are the days where you have to wait for your “film” to be developed in one-hour or less. Today just about everyone has some sort of camera, and in just a matter of minutes, images are going from the camera out to the world via Facebook, Twitter or email. Those who are not “tech-savvy” are quickly being left in the dust.

It doesn’t have to be that way…

Doug Mattice

Doug Mattice

Doug Mattice is fiercely committed to guiding the “non-techie” amateur to achieving wonderful success in the creative world of photography by demystifying the camera and technical jargon that goes along with it. When you attend his information packed workshops, you will gain the appropriate skills and techniques needed to give you the confidence to make wonderful photographs that will absolutely wow your friends and relatives. You will soon see that your camera loves you and you will learn to love it back!

 Experienced professional who loves to teach

If you are looking for a proven professional who can provide you step-by-step guidance and direction as you master your camera, you’ve come to the right place. With over 25 years of experience working as a professional photographer, his mission and commitment is to share his knowledge and expertise with you so you can quickly become comfortable with your camera and begin creating those fantastic images that you will proudly display in your home.

Doug’s path in becoming the “go-to” photography instructor has evolved over the past couple of years. As a portrait photographer who creates beautiful wall décor for his clients, he noticed that many of his client’s were intrigued with photography and wanted to know more. Most owned decent cameras but were frustrated with the overall results they were getting. The most common issues revolved around bad exposure, blurry images, and confusion over all the camera knobs, dials and menus as well as not knowing how to make a decent photo print from their downloaded images. (Are you able to relate to these issues?) Instead of taking pictures on a film camera and having them developed at their local drug store, his clients were now trying to do everything on their own without much success. Their frustration and lack of technical skills caused Doug to rebrand his portrait business into PhotoPlus Training and Consulting, and now spends most of his time providing training and consulting to “non-techie” camera owners who want to increase their photography skills and go from struggling amateur to rock star shooter.

Each of us has a story to tell, and capturing lasting memories that we can cherish each and every time we look at them is more important today than ever. Doug’s goal is to help you do just that! Almost as fast as the click of the shutter, you can learn everything you need in order to gain the confidence and skills that will give you the power to turn your camera into a storytelling tool, that will record life’s magical moments for all to enjoy.

Not Your Typical Boring Classroom Experience

All of Doug’s courses and workshops are hands-on. You won’t be sitting for hours watching a slide show of his images while taking notes on “how he did it.” Instead you will be using your own camera and seeing the results through your own lens. His style of teaching is based on application learning versus the boring tell all lecture. You will leave each workshop with images on your camera that depicts what you learned in the program that day.

Client’s Rave:

Clients’ say remarkable things about the impact his training has had on their life and photography success. Here are just a few of those comments from the dozens and dozens who have attended his training –

  • “After taking Doug’s 4 hour workshop, I no longer fear those knobs and dials that are on my camera! This was a great afternoon!” Jean Cain, Ashburn, Virginia
  • “Thank you so very much for offering this class, I feel so much more comfortable with my camera, I learned so much in a very short period of time.  I took much better pictures that very day.” Meri Greene, Leesburg, Virginia
  • This class was very worthwhile. I am now more confident when photographing my kid’s sports activities. Great information delivered in a short amount of time. Thanks for the great tips.” Mike Kelley, Sterling, Virginia
  • “Doug is a great instructor. His beginner class was very useful for the person who needs to get acquainted with his DLSR camera. He has a great personality and is very patient with each student. Don’t expect to take a lot of photos in class or spend a lot of time on composition; this class teaches you how to work the camera in order to maximize the shots you want to take. Well worth the money!” Greg Henderson, Reston, Virginia

Similar benefits can be yours when you decide to enroll in one of Doug’s workshops.

He’ll bring all of the powerful techniques and insider experience he’s gained over the years so that you can quickly become “one” with your camera and learn the key principles and techniques required for mastery as a true “photographic wizard”.

Interesting Tidbits about Doug

  • Doug has sold over $1.5 million dollars worth of photography as a part-time photographer who works mainly on weekends from his residential studio.
  • When he isn’t teaching photography, Doug spends his time providing small business coaching to entrepreneurs so they can grow their businesses and create the lifestyle that they desire.
  • Doug is a life-long learner and loves to read business and motivational books on leadership and peak performance.
  • Doug loves all sports and is a die-hard Washington Nationals, Capitals and Redskins fan.

 Are you ready to become a Photographic Wizard?

Send an email or call today to enroll in one of Doug’s workshops or multi-day courses. The magical moments that make up your life story will continue to happen. Take the time now to improve your photography skills so you can share your story with the world!

  • Visit Doug’s websiteand sign up to receive his weekly ezine that has tips and techniques for creating better photograph 
  • Follow Doug on Twitter:
  • Email: or by phone: (703) 858-9090


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Before and After Bio Transformation for Tiffany Kane

Bye-Bye Boring Bio Success Story, Event Promotion Comments Off on Before and After Bio Transformation for Tiffany Kane

Hundreds of folks participated in the July 17 Worldwide VIRTUAL Get Your Client Attracting Story Done Workshop, and Tiffany Kane was one of them.  She sent me the “before” and “after” version to showcase her own story transformation.   With the new story, she tells me she feels much more confident search for speaking opportunities to grow her business and begin her writing and speaking career.

The “before” version stated her life path without specific focus on the direction she is heading in her business.

The “after” version makes her path relevant to her ideal client, the benefit they can welcome with her support, and makes clear the next step she wants readers to take.  She makes her experience relevant to the role she now plays and shares enough about her own journey for the ideal client to know that she is someone they can like, trust, and respect to show them the way to a wonderful outcome.


Tiffany Kane has worked in and around the world of education for more than 20 years. She has served as a preschool director, elementary and middle school classroom teacher, high school administrator, university teaching assistant and adult educator, coach and trainer. She has a Master of Science degree in Educational Leadership from Pepperdine University and successfully completed doctoral level course work in Educational Psychology  at the University of Southern California.  She is a mom and step mom who is concerned about the education of the next generation and their ability to thrive in a world  that is changing faster than in any other time in history.


Tiffany Kane works with proactive parents who desperately want to love the most important job they will ever have, but sometimes feel overwhelmed by the day to day responsibilities that come with it. Through the Connected to Your Core Parenting Program™ seminars and private coaching, parents learn to embrace the perfect parent within, build confidence, eliminate self-doubt, trust themselves and have a lot more fun with their kids. Tiffany is fiercely committed to empowering parents to raise empowered children who think creatively, communicate effectively and take responsibility for their thoughts words and actions. Clients have praised Tiffany for encouraging parents to own their stuff in a kind way and then calling them to action. Despite a successful 20 year career in education and nearly complete doctoral degree in Educational Psychology, Tiffany found herself feeling afraid and unsure about her ability to raise her own toddler son upon the sudden and unexpected death of her husband. She is acutely aware of the fact that you do not have to be a widowed, suddenly single mom to wrestle with fear and sabotaging self-doubt when it comes to raising your kids. Download you free MP3 audio program, “Raising Empowered Children,” at

Thank you Tiffany for sharing your story transformation.   Great work.

It is incredibly rewarding for me to guide action-focused storytellers like Tiffany to achieve quality outcomes.  I’ll be sharing some of the other stellar story examples in the days to come so you can see how effective the process is by which I guide my clients to tell client attracting stories all their own.  Maybe some of these people are folks you need to do business with right now.  If that is the case, all the better.  Why?  Because my work is all about guiding clients to get seen, heard, celebrated and ultimately compensated for their winning ways!

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