Energy Healers, Holistic Practitioners, and Others — This Audio Replay Will Help You Find Better Words to Describe Your Wow

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I gave a keynote presentation to the Resonance Repatterning Association on Saturday to help their members find better words to describe how they help.  This is a group of folks with a healing specialty that is rather challenging to describe, and I brought in some real help to ease that pain.

The feedback from members was stellar:

“Nancy, You’re a master – right off the cuff you identify the heart of what each of us is saying and deliver a redesigned bio that catches attention in its eloquence and sizzle. Thank you!!! “

== Paula Caplan – Brooklyn

“You are an amazing speaker and you are raising many internal issues for likely most of us on this call to move forward! WE are going to walk the talk of our trade and repattern this situation in
our next segment. Thank you so much for helping us as a group find something huge that needs to shift.”

== Carolyn Winter – Toronto

If you were not able to join us live, here is the REPLAY: Transform your Boring Bio from Wallpaper to Wow Replay.

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“Since working with Nancy, I ‘ve landed two new coaching clients. Nancy gave me the perfect words to describe what I do.”

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It’s so rewarding to hear from happy clients of mine who welcome results within weeks of working together.  It continues to astound me the value that one hour of messaging magic can deliver for clients who are receptive to taking the medicine from “The Bio Doc.”   This week, I heard from Michelle Mazur Ph.D, who landed two new coaching clients already That is a “Bye-Bye Boring Bio” success story that has already paid off big time.

“Nancy Juetten is a word wizard, a business coach, and a vision creator all wrapped up into one amazingly kind package. When I bought the ‘Look Over My Bio and Make It Better’ session, I was frustrated trying to create a bio that really captured the essence of who I am and what I do for my clients. In an hour, I got a bio wow! Nancy turned my testimonials into stunning results, captured my personality and made my online bio shine. Since working with Nancy, I’ve landed two new coaching clients. Nancy gave me the perfect words to describe what I do. Nancy gave me the words to speak to other people when they are interested in my service. I didn’t realize that working on my bio would give me so much clarity about my business. It helped me see the tangible results my clients get from working with me. It does give me confidence. It was always hard for me to go beyond ‘I coach speeches’ but Nancy helped me realize that I give people a voice to their message, help them overcome fear, and let them get noticed and promoted. All of those are such amazing accomplishments for clients. I’ve also felt more able to promote my services. I think I can sell myself better because I believe more in my offering. I’ve also seen an increase in the number of consults that I am getting as well. Overall, it’s clarity in vision for my business, the right words, and confidence. All I know is when my books comes out, and I’m putting together my speaking sheet. I’ll be hiring Nancy again. She is amazing at helping people see the value in what they do. “

You can read more about Michelle by clicking here: Michelle Mazur Ph.D

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Niching Expert and Marketing 101 Marketing Expert Tad Hargrave – in Seattle Feb. 23 – 24. Holistic Practitioners – Don’t Miss Out

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Tad Hargrave is among the top niching experts on the planet, and he is very savvy about all aspects of marketing as well. He is bringing his Marketing 101 Workshop to our own backyard.   This is a”pay what you want” weekend workshop where you can learn the core strategies of the world’s most successful life coaches and holistic practitioners to steadily, authentically, organically and affordably fill your practice with clients who are a perfect fit to benefit, all by using low-cost & low pressure techniques that won’t break your bank or feel gross.

It is ideally suited to people who do work that fits into these descriptions:

Therapist, Life-Coach, Massage Therapist or Body-worker, Reiki/Energy Healer, Meditation Teacher, Chiropractor, Breathworker, Natural Childbirth Support, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Wellness Coach, Fitness Instructor or Coach, Pilates Instructor, EFT Practitioner, Shamanic Practitioner, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, acupuncturists, TCM Practitioners.

You can read all about what Tad has in store by visiting this link.  And you can also “cut and paste” the following link in your browser if that works better for you:  ==

I’ll be “in the house” sharing what I can about making bios better, Getting Known and Getting Paid, and anything else Tad asks me to fill in during his fabulous program in service to your success.

Tad is among the most genuine, thoughtful, and insightful guys I know, and I think the world of him and his work.   I know you will, too.   There is a $100 deposit required to hold your place, and they you can pay what you want when the workshop is over, based on the value you assign to what you learn.  It’s a pretty compelling model, and when you are “in the house” to benefit, you’ll know immediately why it works so well — one and all.  I hope to see you there.

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Get Known BEFORE Your Book or Speech are Done or Perfect — It WILL Pay Off

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This was probably the most engaging, entertaining and authentic 30 minute talks I’ve ever given, and I know you will enjoy it and learn a lot about the importance of getting known before your book or speech are done or perfect.  I promise you.  It will pay off.   Enjoy and share for best results.

Welcome. Here is the Recording. Enjoy!

“Nancy’s Sassy Soundbites and Audio Highlights from the Marketing with a Book and a Speech Summit

Listen To The Audio Here:

Download The MP3 File:


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Sassy Soundbites and Audio Highlights from the Marketing with a Book and a Speech Summit

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It was a full house at the Marketing with a Book and a  Speech Summit in Seattle in Saturday.  We laughed and learned from the likes of Henry DeVries, Bill Stainton,Mark LeBlanc … and yours truly.   Wish you all could have been in room, and reading this blog post is the next best thing to being there.

They Laughed and Cried and Couldn’t Put it Down:

  • Dorthoy Wilhelm: “Dear Nancy and Bill, I just want to thank you two for doing the Northwest proud with your presentations yesterday at the Book and A Speech Summit.  There was so much valuable, usable information, and I think the fact that you could offer material so valuable to experienced speakers and writers, and beginners, leaving out no one in between was nothing short of incredible. It was as if I heard the last pieces I needed to put my new plan together.  Of course, Mark and Henry are wonderful – but you’re our very own!  Thanks again.”
  • Jennifer Malocha: ” TREMENDOUS!!!!”
  • Anna Goldworthy:  “Once again, Nancy has knocked it out of the park by hosting the Marketing with a Book and a Speech Summit at Verity Credit Union in Seattle. The presenters were top notch, inspiring, and held nothing back. The Summit wildly exceeded our expectations. Thanks to Mark LeBlanc, Henry DeVries, Bill Stainton, and the incomparable Nancy Juetten! The overriding philosophy of ‘write the darn book!’ has put Nina and I on track to publish our book in 90 days!”
  • Tammy Lyon Westergaard: “My head is full of incredible info from the Marketing with a Book and Speech Summit today organized by the fabulous Nancy Juetten. I think I’ll just go ahead and outline my book now… 🙂

Sassy Soundbites from the Speakers to Propel Serious Authors and Speakers Forward:

  • On writing a ‘warm up’ book for seniors:  “You can write a small book with big type.”  — Mark LeBlanc
  • Give your audience everything, trust that the rest will work itself out.” — Mark LeBlanc
  • “Don’t fall in love with your potential.  Take action.”  — Mark LeBlanc
  • “Stay in the game and hurry up.”  Mark LeBlanc
  • “Ask yourself this question.  What is my primary speaking topic for a defined period of time?” — Mark LeBlanc
  • “When setting fees for keynotes and speaking, consider your fee range based on a variety of variables — length of program, geography, type of organization, number of people in the audience, the number of programs to be offered for the event (keynote, breakout session, etc.), and factors such as whether the organization will purchase books in quantity and how the organization prefers expenses to be handled.”  — Mark LeBlanc
  • “Would you be open to a conversation?” is a great way to open the doors to new business.”  — Henry DeVries
  • On project scope creep:   “Yes, we can do that.  And there is a cost associated with that.”  — Henry DeVries
  • Before inviting questions and answers from the audience, say this:  “I’ve got one more story, but before I share it, what questions do you have for me?”  — Bill Stainton, on making sure every talk ends on a high note.
  • “Practice the art of the pause when delivering humor.   And when you start to bomb, slow down!” — Bill Stainton

From me, Nancy Juetten:

  • “People don’t want to by your program, they want to buy your results.”
  • “To attract clients, focus on the who, how and wow.”
  • “What can you offer that eases a pain for your audience that they need, want and will pay to get?”
  • Of course there was a very sassy soundbite having something to do with what happens when you sleep with a publicist, but you would have had to be there to get the joke.  And it just about brought the house down.  (I wrote a press release for my husband Steve Juetten about Smart Money Rules from a Bellevue Fee Only Financial Planner, inspired by Downton Abbey that earned some very compelling results …)
  • If you want to LISTEN TO my 30 minute talk, you can.  Here is the MP3 audio file.
  • Here are more tips from yours truly around building your platform now so when your book, speech, either or both are ready, there is a ready audience of fans, followers and advocates standing by to invest wisely in what you have to offer.

A good time was had by all, and I can’t wait to see what happens when everyone takes action on what LeBlanc calls the “will do” list in the next 30, 60 and 90 days.    What is on YOUR list?  Share, and let’s keep you accountable for your results!




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