Get Ready, Get Known, Get Paid — But How? This Interview REPLAY is Packed with Specifics!

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Multiple Emmy Winning Writer/Producer and Rock Star Speaker Bill Stainton interviewed me earlier this year about exactly what I did to create success in my business. It was a very authentic, candid interview. If you didn’t hear it and want to, you can because the REPLAY is available for your 24/7 benefit.  Bill, thanks so much for being such a rock star host. This was among my favorite interviews this year!   I can’t wait to interview YOU in 2013.

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What Do “Chicken Run” “Green Eggs and Ham” and “The Wizard of Oz” Have to Do with Information Product Success?

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Greenegg.gifHere is an article I wrote with some of my most powerful lessons learned along my information product journey. I hope you enjoy it. 

The Girlfriend’s Guide to Making a Living with Information Products: Real Life Versus the Fairy Tale

1)         When the star chicken in “Chicken Run” had a feeling that life could be better beyond the chicken coop, he was right.  But there are always naysayers.  You have to believe in the journey you wish to travel and keep moving ahead, even in the face of doubt.  It’s not easy to blaze a new trail.  My CPA looked at me sideways when I said I wanted to walk away from fee-for-service public relations consulting to launch an information products and training business.  I knew it would take time to make the transition, and I remained undaunted.  I am glad I made the journey because I how have better control over my own destiny and my income potential than before.  I have more control over my time and my life.  I enjoy my work more.   It’s been a good decision for me.

2)         Take a lesson from “Green Eggs and Ham” and taste a lot of options to find the perfect success recipe.  Your first information product may not be the key to riches. You have to keep revising the recipe to create tools that ideal clients truly need and are willing to spend money to enjoy.   I created a family of do-it-yourself information products over a period of three years before creating Bye-Bye Boring Bio.   This has become the best-selling item at my online store to date  and is the foundation for a suite of products and services that earn raves from clients in my own backyard and well beyond.   Read the rest…

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The $50 Gift at My Online Store Expires at Midnight Tonight, December 1 — Act Quickly to Benefit and Save!

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