Growing Pains and Big Lessons

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I’ve been stepping into what it is to be authentic and visible, in spite of and because of my foibles and missing pieces.  That is what authentic visibility is all about.   And if I can’t live that brand, then I am an imposter.   Being an imposter is not an option for me.  So,  with that said, here is some very candid sharing.  

  • Math and technology are really hard for me.
  • Doing time zone conversions is a level of logic that is completely lost on me.
  • I take this whole “get ready” piece so seriously that sometimes, I feel like I pull muscles I don’t even have!
  • I worry what people think about me far more than I should.
  • There is a very narrow and specific zone of brilliance where I do my best work, and there is a very wide zone of mediocrity around other skills that are clearly not my best events.
  • “Going with the flow” has not prior been my preferred operating style.

Over the last few months, things have heated up quite a bit in my life and business, and these foibles and missing pieces have been in plain view.  Everything I don’t do especially well seems to be showing up in an exaggerated way.   And,  I have been giving myself a super hard time about all of it.   I have exhausted myself in the process.

So, today, I am declaring some new mantras to pull me forward, and I would love for you all to be my accountability partners to hold me to them.  Maybe some of these mantras will help you, too, especially if you are reaching higher to make real impact on the world through your work.

  • Isn’t it great that I speak about a topic that attracts thousands of people around the world to listen in and enjoy?
  • How wonderful it is that I need old fashioned clocks displayed on my desk to show me what time it really is Pacific, Central, Mountain and Eastern.
  • I can download the World Time Clock to my cell phone for free and always have confidence that I am getting the details right.
  • I attract perfect partners to extend the reach of my message far and wide, and they are happy to promote me — no matter the outcome.
  • Even though I have specific intentions to invite results, I am open to other and even better outcomes, one and all.
  • I have the courage to just SHOW UP because I know my content inside and out and have a deep desire to be of service to those I am here to help.
  • The story I used to tell about being “Avis” in a world of “Hertz” is not a story I tell about myself anymore.  The heck with trying harder!  It’s time to work smarter.
  • I can roll with things and still connect and contribute to those perfect people who absolutely need my particular brand of magic.
  • “Going with the flow” is my new mantra because that is the best way for more success and joy to show up in my life and work.
  • This journey I am traveling gets to be fun, no matter what happens next.
  • I get to create my own table of dining companions who love what I am serving up and can’t wait for seconds.

Sometimes, you just have to breakdown before you can breakthrough.   I learned this from one of my good friends and mastermind partners Olalah Njenga, and life just keeps on giving me this lesson until I get it right.  And now I am moving forward, full steam ahead, with these ideas to pave the path still ahead.

There are gifts waiting everywhere if we can just have the willingness to see them.   Sometimes they aren’t the gifts you were expecting or reaching toward, and it’s all good if you find the pearl and keep moving forward.  

Today, there is a beautiful necklace of pearls around my neck — a gift from my good friend Tammy Redmon — to remind me that impossible things are happening everyday.  From grains of sand beautiful things emerge.   And the sandbox of life and business gives each and every one of us plenty of opportunity to create castles that are joys to behold and rewarding in priceless ways.

Amen.  Hurray.  And Whew!

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Law of Attraction Expert Eva Gregory and Nancy Juetten — Encore Call for Bye-Bye Boring Bio/Hello Opportunity — Join Us LIVE!

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Tuesday, September 25 at 1 p.m. Pacific, Law of Attraction Expert Eva Gregory and I dish about boring bios and what to do about them. Join us live and invite your friends!

To attend, visit:

Phone Number: (206) …402-0100
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During our scheduled call last week, we ran into unexpected technical difficulties, so that is why we are offering this ENCORE call.  Join us, and come prepared to get your questions asked and answered.  Can’t wait to have you join us.
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Psychic Compensation in Real Time When You Share Your Teleseminars — Here is How — Plus an Invite to Join Me Today at 4 p.m. PST

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If ever you do a “LIVE” teleseminar or webinar, it’s very rewarding to invite folks to connect with your during the call on Facebook.  Then, they can connect with people who share similar interests.  And, if you need some “psychic compensation” in terms of finding out how well your message landed, you can receive it right away.

Below are just a few of the warm comments listeners shared during yesterday’s call.   

 Jacqueline van To

Nancy Juetten is one of those people who really give valuable principles before they sell! Thank you for your webinar!

 Lori Cassidy Haugland

Yet again you WOWED me!  Thanks, Nancy

Charlene Davies

Great call, Nancy! I really enjoyed hearing you speak and I’m psyched to use some of the valuable tips you’ve shared and write a new rockin’ bio. Thanks!

Kaye Williams

Smart gal Nancy Juetten. Like your presentation and offering. May want to pursue your help in the future. I am looking at selling fine art prints right now. Thanks.

Katherine Ledford Davis

Bio Wow re-inspires me to rework both my entrepreneurial bio as well as the one for the clinic I work for. Sometimes our marketing juju needs this shot in the arm. Thanks, Nancy!

Kris Green

Thanks for a great call, Nancy! The specific examples help me see where to go from here to there. You always share such amazing content. Thank you!

Today at 4 p.m. PST, the amazing Eva Gregory is going to interview me LIVE for an interview-format kind of conversation on the same “bye-bye boring bio/hello opportunity” information.  If you would like to tune in, I’d love to have you join us.  Here is the link to claim your place.

I have a lot more fun engaging in an active conversation when I deliver my message, and that is an important “aha” for me to recognize.    It takes a lot of energy to speak into the void without feeling the energy of the folks on the call.   So, today’s conversation should be super energized because Eva Gregory is on fire!

Join us!


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Are You a Violet or a Tall, Proud Daffodil – The Choice is Yours to Stand Out and Shine — or Hide

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Do you suffer from visibility envy? Ready to do something about it?

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Does your bio stand out from the crowd?  Do you worry people may roll their eyes when you introduce yourself? If you feel like your “boring bio” is holding back your business success, attend this FREE teleclass on September 18 at 3 p.m. PST .  I’ll  guide you through my simple 5-step system to prepare winning stories about your expertise. Whether you want to attract clients, speaking gigs, or media interviews,  this method will help you get booked now.  Best of all, this training will do a world of good for you confidence, especially if you’ve been struggling with this until now.   Getting your bio in shape can be that turn-around point for your business, so don’t miss this great free training – register now.


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Get Ready, Get Known, Get Paid Workbook Sale Ends Tues., Sept. 4 at Midnight

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P.S. If reading isn’t your favorite way to learn, stay tuned because the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series is starting October 10. This new workbook is included in this popular training course packed with personal attention and “Steeping Hot Seats” from yours truly. Early responder bonuses will guide you to name and claim your profitable six-figure niche before we get going! Visit the site to see what’s waiting for you!


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