What’s Red and White and Turns Over Like Crazy? Using Humor to Get Free Publicity

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A PR agent, a rabbi and a minister go into a bar…

That could be the start of a joke, but it is the start of this article on when and how to use humor in your publicity.

There is a time and a place for just about anything and humor can be a good tool to get attention from reporters and prospects.

You can put a pun in a headline on a press release, an article or a blog post. Many people consider puns to be the lowest form of humor, sort of the amoeba of jokes. But people who love words love puns. And reporters and bloggers are word people, so puns could work.

For example, a story about ice skating:
Have An Ice Day

One word of warning about puns: don’t overdo it. One pun in a headline a year is good enough. Two puns could be overkill.

Opening paragraphs of press releases, articles and blogs can also contain humor. You can set up a joke, for example:

What’s red and white and turns over like crazy?

Our new gizmo which will help busy professionals track their expenses better.

Okay, that might not rival Jay Leno, but you get the idea.

You can open with a short, humorous story or anecdote. A good example would be a story about a funny thing that happened to a person who uses your product.

Another winner is a story that has irony.

It should go without saying that humor should not be used in certain situations, like any kind of bad news such as deaths or natural disasters. There are no good jokes about Mt. St. Helens or the Japanese tsunami.

Avoid bad taste. Jokes about mass murders can be funny at the bar or between friends, but could offend others.

The best way to get a feel for using humor in publicity is to read newspapers, and magazines as well as publicity materials like press releases and articles so you can learn from the masters – and see what actually gets into print.

Remember to have several people read your attempt at humor before sending it to a reporter or publishing it. What you think is funny other people might think as lame, juvenile or offensive. But if they laugh, you very well might have a winner.

And everyone loves a good laugh – even reporters.

Dan Janal is one of the Founding Fathers of Internet Marketing and Publicity. He believes press releases are an art form – and he can make your message sing and dance to the front page of Google. Learn more by visiting this link.

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The Truth About Ezine Open Rates — Email Marketing Expert Linda Claire Puig Weighs In

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by 6-Figure Newsletter and Email Marketing Expert Linda Claire Puig

How many of your subscribers open the emails you send?

Many coaches and service professionals new to email marketing get discouraged when they look at the measurement called "open rate." Those who’ve been at it for a while do, too.

Why is only a third of my contact list opening my emails? There must be something wrong. Is it worth all this effort if only a few people are reading what I send?

Before you throw in the towel, I want to let you in on a secret that a lot of folks don’t know:

Your open rate isn’t really your open rate.

As a measurement, the open rate is highly unreliable, imprecise and inadequate.

To show you why that is, I have to explain a little about how open rates are calculated and tracked.

The open rate is actually a ratio calculated as the number of people who opened your email divided by the total number of emails that were successfully delivered to your list.

Email marketing software automatically adds a tiny, invisible image to each email delivered. When this invisible image is called to show up (invisibly) from the server where it lives, that tracks the email as being opened.

But this number is skewed — perhaps significantly — by what are known as "image blockers." More and more people use web mail providers (such as Gmail or Yahoo) or applications (such as Outlook) that allow users to decide whether to view their emails with the images turned on or off.

When you see things showing up in your email with all the images turned off, that’s what’s happening: you have a setting somewhere that is saying "Ask me first if I want to see images." Your images are "disabled" until you click to "enable" them. So…

If a person elects not to view images when reading an email, it will NOT count as an open.

Likewise, the people that elect to receive text-only emails from you (if you give them the option of text or HTML), also will not register as an "open." Some mobile devices only allow emails to be viewed in text form.

Your open rate reporting could actually be off anywhere from 11% to 35%, according to generally accepted metrics in the email marketing world. That’s quite a bit!

So while it may look like nobody is opening them, your emails may actually be doing quite well.

So should you just ignore open rates then?  

No. Despite their shortcomings, open rates can still provide valuable marketing information. Tracking your open rates can help you:

1. Spot trends. For example, if you notice a significant downward trend in your open rates over time (not just occasional dips, say during summer when folks are out of town more), it may be a signal that you need to do something to re-engage your subscribers.

2. Learn your audience’s preferences. You may be able to notice what days and times of day are better for sending by comparing your open rates.

3. Test subject lines. Split your list into two or three groups, and send the same email with different subject lines to see which one generates more opens (which may indicate more interest).

Is there anything you can do to improve your open rates?

Yes, absolutely! It may not be the most accurate measurement in the world, but there are proven ways to improve your open rates.  And improvement is always good.

Of course, your list should be an opt-in (permission-based) list. If not, that’s the first place to start improving. Otherwise, look to some of these areas to improve your rates:

1. Make sure your content is relevant and valuable. Know what your audience wants, and provide it. Relevant content is read content.

2. Examine your frequency of emailing. Too much emailing can cause "list fatigue" and too little can cause the "who’s that?" syndrome.

3. Write HOT subject lines. These short phrases are often the golden key to unlocking your open rates. Make people hungry to open your emails and see what’s inside!


A NOTE FROM Nancy: Linda is offering a free training on how to create HOT subject lines on Tuesday, July 10, and I highly suggest that you join her! Among other things, she’ll be showing you how to double the profits from your list with powerful subject lines, the 7 biggest subject line mistakes sabotaging your email results, how improving your subject lines can double your business and the #1 secret to avoid getting your emails reported as spam!  Please join her here: https://www.7deadlysubjectlinemistakes.com/nancy

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Proud to be a Contributing Author to New NSA Book – Speak More! Marketing Strategies to Sell More Speaking Business

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Speak More!: Marketing Strategies to Get More Speaking Business


Thirty-three members (including me!) of the National Speakers Association (NSA), including renowned business experts, authors, and marketing gurus, share their sage advice for setting yourself apart from the competition. Whether you peruse the table of contents to find topics that pique your interest or read the book from cover to cover, you’ll discover real-life experiences describing what works and what doesn’t to effectively promote your business, brand, products, and services, and to grow your bottom line. LEARN FROM THE BEST AS YOU READ HOW TO: • Develop a strong personal brand • Get the most out of networking and public relations e orts • Publish a book to propel you from a speaker to an expert • Achieve a professional appearance to enhance your brand • Harness the power of social media • Create a do-it-yourself video • Launch your own radio show • Turn cold calls into hot new prospects • Snag and prepare for media interviews in your field • Optimize mobile marketing with QR codes • Go global with your message • And much more! Speak More! is tailored for keynote speakers, consultants, coaches, trainers, authors, and anyone seeking to expand the reach of their message. Many of the proven methods require little or no monetary investment, yet they provide big payoffs, including increased revenues and opportunities to speak more!

Get your copy today.

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Private Mentoring Program to Guide You to Get Known to Get Paid is Accepting Applications Through July 3

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After learning from the best and welcoming the rewards from inspired and imperfect action in my own business, I am now debuting the Get Known to Get Paid(tm) PRIVATE Mentoring Program.   It is the program I would have gladly invested into to get the support I needed if such a program had existed when I started along my own journey to achieve results in my balance sheet and beyond.  

  • If your first choice is NOT to join another group program …
  • If you want to be seen, heard, and helped and for the focus to be squarely on YOU …
  • And you appreciate that there is nowhere to hide out in because this is all about YOU and your results…

Your invitation is to take a look at the program I have created. Here is the link to read all about it.  It this program resonates with you, opt in to receive your application and send it to me at nancy@authenticvisibility.com.  We’ll schedule a time to chat the first or second week of July to make sure this is the perfect fit for you.  And, if so, we’ll journey forward together.  

There are just nine spots open at this point so take a look and see if this is the program you’ve been searching for.  I’d love to be your mentor to show you how to get known to get paid.

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Nothing Like Video to Create Excitement for a Teleclass Not to Miss – Thank You Bill Stainton

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[pro-player width=’460′ height=’293′ type=’video’ image=’/images/nancyvideo2013-newsomeguy.jpg’]/video/Bill-Stainton.mp4[/pro-player]

Here is the link to claim the REPLAY from the  “Get Ready, Get Known, Get Paid” free and high value teleseminar.

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Oh the Niche — If You Struggle Declaring Yours, Watch This Video about the Amazing Green Juice — You’ll Laugh & Learn

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1squinting 198x300 About MeTad Hargrave of Marketing for Hippies sure knows how to make a point and serve his tribe.  Watch his video about the amazing green juice (why you need a niche)  to appreciate why gaining clarity around your niche matters.  He’s got three upcoming webinars on niching coming up.  Choose the one that suits your schedule best, and take his medicine.  Your business will be better for it.  I promise.

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Emmy Award Winning Producer and Writer Bill Stainton to Grill Me about Getting Known and Getting Paid – 6-27 at 10 a.m. Join Us!

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It’s a “Get Ready, Get Known, Get Paid” conversation with no holds barred.

Won’t you join us?  Here is the link to access the replay.

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One Good Thing Often Leads to Another — One Signature Talk Can Travel the Globe, Even While You are Wearing Pajamas

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I often say that one good interview leads to another. And when it rains, it pours. (And it does rain a lot here in Seattle…) That is what can happen FOR YOU when you create a signature talk that eases a real pain in the marketplace. One good thing leads to another, and pretty soon, your message can be heard around the globe. That has certainly been my experience since I created the Transform Your Boring Bio from Wallpaper to Wow presentation. It seems I get a new invitation to share it every day. 

What would happen in your business if you had a talk to share that invites these kinds of opportunities? If you are intoxicated at this prospect, we should talk!

In the meantime, please tune in to the presentations and other events coming up and enjoy:

Messages, Meaning, and Money Radio Show with Sharon Saylor and Nancy
June 13 – 1 – 1:40 Pacific

Start Up Expert Tommi Wolfe – Show Me the Money! Teleseminar
For entrepreneurs who are ready to earn $10,000/month with their dream business
June 20 at 10 a.m. Pacific
Secure your place at this not-to-be-missed call:
Show Me the Money!


Tommi Wolfe Photo


SpeakerMatchRadio Interview
Bye-Bye Boring Bio!
June 26 at noon Central

Bill Stainton Grills Nancy Juetten: Get Ready.  Get Known. Get Paid.
June 27 at 10 a.m. Pacific – Claim your place now. This one is going to be juicy!

Get Known to Get Paid™ Intimate In-Home Retreat – June 28 – 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

8 spots are open for perfect guests to benefit.  Does one of them have your name on it?  — I hope so!

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Are Your Ideal Clients a Lot Like You?

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The noise all around can be deafening at times. Being a bit of an introvert, I prefer a quieter approach. It just suits my sensibilities. And having this insight into who I am is really helping me figure out with even more specificity who I am here to serve.   What I am getting present to is that my ideal clients are a lot like me. Isn’t that a revelation?

So this brings me to an important question for you.
  What would happen in your business if you figured out with remarkable detail all the characteristics, struggles, and sensibilities of your ideal clients? Are they like you in important ways? And can you use that insight to be even more attractive as a potential solution provider?

When I think back to the last 50 clients I worked closely with recently, I note that these are not "scream from the mountain top" or "yell into the telephone" kind of people. They are messengers on a mission for the greater good — and the rewards and results that flow from their inspired service. They are smart, practical resourceful, and committed to earning their success — one step at a time.

And once they make the commitment to get help in areas that aren’t their favorite things, they take inspired action.

I love my clients. They are the perfect people to benefit from how I serve.

I want you to feel the same way about your clients, which is why I invite you to dig deep to consider their characteristics, struggles, and sensibilities. Upon reflection, you just might find "messaging gold" to drive your business forward in ways that give you reason to smile.

What you figure this out, be sure to tell me how it pays off for you.  I’d love to hear about your results and share them here for all to see!

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Get Known to Get Paid Intimate In-Home Retreat Video Highlights — Join Me June 28 in Bellevue, WA

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Eight spots are open for the June 28 event. They will go fast, so claim yours — www.getknowngetpaid.com.

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