How to Use Your Bio and Authentic Story to Grow Your List and Attract Massive Visibility

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There are some pretty major players contributing to Vrinda Normand’s List Building Summit.  Truth be told, I am among the contributors with the smallest lists.  And, I still got invited to play.   I’ve learned a thing or two about how to get noticed by bigger players.  I want to share what I’ve learned so you can get noticed, too, and share YOUR message with a much wider audience of the right people to benefit.

Join me and Vrinda Normand today during the List Building Summit at 10 a.m. Pacific.

Key Points We’ll Cover — Based on My Own Experience

  • Powerfully share your personal story to magnetize clients and stand out from the crowd
  • Savvy strategies to boost your visibility with your “bio box,” press releases, guest blog posts, and more…
  • How to get noticed by bigger players, even if your list isn’t super-sized yet
  • How to be prepared for big opportunities and connections that rapidly grow your list

Join us LIVE for what promised to be a very revealing and practical conversation.

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Lessons Learned from My Dad that Fuel My Life, Work, and Contribution Today — Thanks Ron Soble

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Today, March 28, is the day of my father’s birth.  And, sadly, veteran actor of stage and screen Ron Soble passed away May 2, 2002 at age 74.   Being the publicist in the family, it was my job to write the obituary that traveled far and wide in the entertainment news.  I also spoke at the service to celebrate his life before an audience of life-long friends, neighbors, family members, and Hollywood celebrities.    Hundreds of people came to honor his contributions to the entertainment industry.

Dad studied public speaking at the University of Michigan.  His screen credits are many as his bio reveals.

In 2002, I didn’t know the role that public speaking would play in own life.  Until I met Patricia Fripp in 2009, I had never before taken a speech class.  One thing I did know was that my way with words would be my vehicle to make my own impact in life and work. Today, a decade after Dad’s passing, I’ve found a way to do both to make my own contribution. The truth is that I learned far more about PR by watching Dad in action than anything I learned in business school. Growing up around someone who loved the spotlight taught me a lot.  It’s one of the reasons I am skilled at guiding others to claim their place in the light in this work I do today.

Ours was not an easy relationship. Despite our differences, the way he lived his life left a lasting impression and many lessons from which others can benefit. Today, on the date of his birth, I share those timely and timeless lessons with you.

When choosing your mate, make sure you get it right. My dad was fortunate to meet my mom early in life, and she stuck by him in good and bad times, in sickness and health, though career highs and lows, and for everything in between. Dad and Mom got it right.

Make good friends and keep them. Dad made friends from grade school, high school, college, and throughout his life. And he kept them. That’s richness beyond measure.

Choose work you love, and don’t look back. There’s nothing worse than going to the coal mine every day to do work you loathe. Dad made a career choice that spoke to his passion, and he stuck with it. There was never a question about doing something else to make ends meet. Doing what he loved was the only option.  There is wisdom in that.

Believe what you believe, and defend what you value. My dad’s commitment to the rights of the working actor kept him fighting for the cause for years, and thousands of artists now benefit from his efforts. That is a lasting legacy.

Find your voice and use it. Dad was one to tell it like it is in language that would make a sailor blush. But he got his message across. You always knew where you stood with him. There’s something to be said for that.

It’s never too late to do something really wonderful. Dad gave my mom a simple wedding band when they married. Not too long before his passing, he ventured out to a jeweler friend and purchased a wedding set and diamond for my mom, after 48 years of marriage.  He also started wearing his wedding ring. It’s never too late to get things right. In his final months, he sat alongside the bathtub to watch my toddler son take a bath. There’s nothing better than a little splish-splash in the bath to bring grins all around and create an abiding memory.

If you’ve got things to resolve with folks, find a way to make that happen. In his own way, he told me he was sorry for what had gone wrong with our relationship. That was a treasured, healing moment for us both.

As parents, we all hope that we are going to get that right, too. You hope your babies will be born healthy. You hope that you will be able to give them every opportunity. You hope they will do well in school, graduate from college, and create lives that make them happy.

My parents had two daughters. They gave us every opportunity to find our unique strengths and talents. We ventured into the world to choose wonderful husbands who are involved, supportive fathers to our children. We have both selected careers that allow us to express our unique talents and abilities and live lives that are consistent with our values.

It’s a wonderful thing to look back on my father’s life and see that – despite the differences we shared — good things are still unfolding for our own children as a result of the lessons we learned from Dad along the way.

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Serving without Selling — The Replay Link to Serve You — Thank You Therese Skelly

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Last week’s interview with Therese Skelly about the secrets to serving without selling so you can reach more people, have more fun, and make a good living was packed with useful tips to do exactly that.   If you can’t master the ability to sell what you do COMFORTABLY, you will not be able to achieve the level of success you deserve. Period. Selling is the back bone of any business, yet most of us shy away or don’t have the mindset, a system, or structure to be able to pull it off. 

Therese  is one of the most engaging, authentic and delightful experts I’ve had the pleasure to interview. The five-step process she guided us through  to make mindset and inner game shifts to rock the bottom line is really important to learn and master.

After all, it’s the journey we travel between our ears with our mindset that has the biggest potential and power to change our lives and businesses for the better in ways we can count at the balance sheet and beyond. This I know for sure from my own experience.

Therese offered a 30-minute coaching session to guide you to blast through any “messed up selling mindset” challenges standing in the way to the first eight people to enroll, and two more of those spots are still open, just for people in the Nancy Juetten tribe.  If that is exactly what you need, take inspired action and enroll so you can benefit from that private session and a whole lot more.

Here’s the link to listen in.

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The Tender Underbelly of Visibility — What are the Solutions? Join this Conversation — Post Your Comment

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So often, I read and write about the upside of visibility, and there is plenty to share on that score.   What I’ve been pondering lately is the tender underbelly of visibility.  This may not be something top of mind for you at this point because you are still intoxicated at the prospect of welcoming the influence, impact, and income that so often are associated with getting known for your winning ways.

That said, here are among the potential negative consequences associated with getting known that I have noticed in my own experience:

  • Visibility is tough on thin skin.
  • It makes you more subject to criticism and praise.
  • Hecklers can be cruel.
  • You may run into envy or jealousy from others.
  • No more hiding out or being anonymous.
  • Visibility brings up issues around worthiness.
  • Visibility brings you face to face with lessons learned as a kid from parents and others in authority around bragging, self promotion, and standing out.
  • Your wardrobe gets worn out fast, especially if you are photographed a lot.
  • You may suffer loss of privacy.
  • You may fear for your personal safety.
  • Reputation management becomes more important and potentially expensive.
  • Visibility can tax your “receiving” muscles, especially if scarcity and hard work are hard wired into who you are.
  • It can be challenging to find safe ways to vent or ask for help the more visible you are.


On the one hand, you could say, “Put on your big girl underpants and deal with it,” and that would certainly be one way to proceed.DebbieWhitlockEWN

My good friend Debbie Whitlock, managing director of the Seattle Chapter of eWomenNetwork, says that one solution is to surround yourself with truth tellers.  These are the people who help you put situations quickly in perspective, especially if you feel you are being picked at like those dastardly little birds that eat crud off a hippo.  She says it is important to remember that the brighter your light becomes, the more you will attract.  And sometimes those who are attracted aren’t ready themselves for the heat and intensity of the light.  She says, “Never dim your light to make anyone else feel safe or comfortable.  Stand centered and true to yourself.”

That is pretty stellar advice. 

And, the truth  is, some of these issues run pretty deep  and can’t be set aside with the shrug of a shoulder or the turning of a cheek.  It takes some real work.  Inner work.  And I am working on it.

I’d love to hear from you about some of the negative consequences you have encountered around earning more visibility in your life and business.  What have you done to overcome some of these challenges? This is a potentially powerful conversation that can be of service to many, so please share your thoughts by posting a comment.


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From a List of 185 to Thousands — It’s Possible, Even When Just Starting Out

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Your wealth resides in your list, so say the internet experts who know this to be true.  This I do not doubt.  And, I most definitely can relate to those who are earlier along their path to success who haven’t yet figured out how to set up an opt-in page, don’t know why they should, and feel confused about what to offer as a free gift besides.

For the longest time, my company was a fee-for-service public relations agency serving quality corporate clients with great stories to tell.   My business grew mostly by word of mouth referral.  And the projects I was invited to contribute to had significant budgets and scopes over time to keep me in billable hours indefinitely.   If I needed a new client, I would mention it to one already in the house, and a new client would soon appear.

Then, the marketplace changed.  The economy took a turn.  The media changed.  And I found myself in the middle of a major business reinvention that caused me to shift my focus away from the corporate clients I used to serve and apply my focus toward authors, speakers, coaches, and those on a mission to make their own marketplace magic under their “solopreneur” power.    All at once, the need to establish and grow a new list of fans, followers, advocates, and colleagues took on great importance.   My livelihood depended on it.

And, when I came to this realization, I had only 185 names on my list.   That is a humble place to start.  Today, the size of my list is thousands better, the people who are on the list are the people I am here to serve, and my business is stronger than ever.

And, because I’ve learned from those internet experts, I grew my list by 3000 during the month of January this year, and things just continue to grow from there.

If you want to learn best practices for growing your list, expert help is one Irresistible List Building Summit away.   You can learn from industry greats including Lisa Sasevich, Robert Allen, Christine Kloser, Vrinda Normand, and many others from the convenience of your laptop computer.    And, I am proud to be among the experts who will be sharing tips.  My voice has particular value for those who are feeling “less than” because their lists may not be as mighty as the big players.   I have “been there, done that, got the t-shirt” AND I learned to be a valued joint venture partner to power players anyway.  You can, too.

It all starts tomorrow and runs through April 6, 2012.   Register today so you can sit at the feet of the best list building wisdom assembled for 2012 and apply best practices to grow yours.   It’s free to listen.  It’s priceless to benefit.

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Today at 10 a.m. Pacific, Learn to Serve without Selling, Reach More People, Have More Fun, and Make a Good Living

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There is still time for you to sign up so you can learn to serve without selling, reach more people, have more fun, and make a good living! The high value and free call is happening at 10 a.m. Pacific.  I’ll be interviewing Therese Skelly. If mindset is standing in the way of you making big leaps forward in your business, this call is for you. Join us!

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One Amazing Online Connection at Biznik Leads to Connections, Visibility, Influence, and More

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A few years ago, Action Plan Marketing Founder Robert Middleton posted to with a comment that turned my head.  He said he was a skeptic about the value of public relations and wanted someone to change his mind.   Having followed his work for years, I posted a compelling, concise, and provocative reply to his post.  That invited Robert to follow up with me to have a phone conversation to get to know me and my expertise better.

One good thing lead to another because Robert invited me to share my expertise with his Marketing Club members around the world via a 90-minute interview that earned some pretty great reviews  He subsequently  invited me to participate in a three-day weekend of collaboration in San Francisco with some power players including Bill Baren, Samantha Hartley, George Huang, John Eggen, and others.  That single weekend opened the door for me to meet and collaborate with a number of those same powerful people to bring my expertise to much wider audiences.

Today, things just got better because I’ve been invited to blog for Robert’s Action Plan Marketing blog as his publicity expert.  Once a month, I’ll be sharing useful tips, tactics, resources, and inspiration to guide independent business professionals around the world to get known, get paid, and enjoy the wow of leveraged visibility.

Opportunity to bring your message to more of the right people is everywhere if you just have the willingness to pay attention, take inspired action, and make your impact.

What will you do today to take inspired action on opportunity that is calling YOUR name?




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Stephana Johnson Emerges from the Rabbit Hole and Into the Light to Broadcast Her Brilliance

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The success stories from the February session of the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series are flowing like music. Here is the latest good news.

“Right out of the box, changing a first person bio to third packed a punch. From there, culling testimonials, some of which I’d never had a chance to read – blew ME away.  Client raves I’d collected yet never shared. Nancy said,  ‘Get ‘em out, use them in your bio!’   Over the past couple of weeks she’s done jaw dropping bio  ‘hot seats’ on fellow participants. She got a hold of mine and said her famous words, ‘You buried the lead.’  That was one huge mistake I fixed FAST!

Using Nancy’s step by step process, I went from a repulsive (so much worse than a boring bio) to a ‘phone ringing, unsolicited speaking engagement, better than ever bio!’

I’ve got some work to do on this marketing and PR area, but I have never felt this effective all while having real fun. If you’re running on empty or feeling burned out in business, it just might be that boring bio and Nancy may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

My heart has never been in it like this. If you want a ride where you get to control the speed and volume – well bring it on. With Nancy’s Broadcast your Brilliance Webinar Series, you’ll certainly get huge return value for your investment. She’s the best out there – plus she is super cool and really nice.”

Stephana transforms lives from unfulfilled to belting out their soul’s sweet song with fearless abandon. Own your power today at

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