Anniversary Sale Ends Tomorrow, 2-29 at Midnight for Bye-Bye Boring Bio PLUS! and Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series

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Just a quick reminder that tomorrow, 2-29 at midnight is the deadline to enjoy either Bye-Bye Boring Bio PLUS! at the special 11-year anniversary special of $11 off or to save your place in the May 2 session of the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series at the $497 special price.  The price for both offerings goes up on March 1, so I want to make sure you act quickly to benefit.  When you enroll in the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series by tomorrow at midnight, you also benefit from a bonus 30-minute Build Your Buzz Laser Coaching Session with me!

  • To save your place in the next session of the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series — which includes your copy of Bye-Bye Boring Bio PLUS! and a whole lot more — including personal messaging magic from yours truly — visit this link.
  • To purchase Bye-Bye Boring Bio PLUS!, visit this link and be sure to enter “happy11” in the promotional coupon box when you buy to enjoy the savings.


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Who is the Coach Behind My Own Big Shift in Business? It’s Bill Baren!

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This last year has been a huge year of big leaps and bounds of growth in my business.   It all started when I said YES to investing in myself through a coaching program called The Big Shift.   I attended a three-day event called The Big Shift Experience to benefit from a fabulous weekend of rich content, deep learning, and “aha” moments relating to getting my business model in better shape to deliver sustainable impact for clients and solid rewards for me.   One year later, this is my reality.

For those of you who have wondered what the secret sauce is that has contributed to shifts in my mindset and wonderful results in my business, it’s Bill Baren.   He’s hosting a three-day Big Shift Experience in San Francisco March 23 – 25, and he has just 25 seats still remaining for conscious business owners who are serious about making their own big shifts in their businesses and lives.  I’ll be attending with my husband Steve Juetten, who is completing his second year in this program.  Is he having similar success?   Yes.  Absolutely.  We are both big Bill Baren fans.

So if creating a business model in service to your ideal clients, earning rewards for delivering your impact, and living a life that is less scattered, more focused on “the big rocks” and more rewarding in every way is on your priority list, check out what Bill has planned for this special weekend.   I hope to see you there!

Here the link to learn more and claim one of the last remaining 25 spaces.


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Success Stories are Unfolding Daily for Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series Participants — Market Research Expert Michele Zwillinger Leads the Way

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Teaching the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series is among my favorite ways to serve clients, and when participants welcome success in short order, I love to celebrate and bring their expertise to your attention.  Today Market Research Expert Michele Zwillinger of Zwillinger Research shares her success.

Last week I received word that I had been chosen to speak during a webinar on ‘quality’  qualitative research. While I am familiar with my topic, this will be my first webinar. I am thankful that the organization, NewMR, will be handling all the technical stuff. All I have to do is upload my slides and deliver my case study from my office.   I reached out to NewMR (new market research) an organization which was seeking speakers with content for a series of webinars that would run globally the end of March.

Their topic is: “Putting the ‘Qual” in Qualitative Research.  Since I have already been chosen to speak live at a similar event (Symposium on Excellence in Qualitative Research), I decided to submit my topic and see if they were interested.  While they asked only for a topic, I’ve chosen speakers for other events and felt that was not sufficient to qualify a speaker. So I sent a bit about the topic and an abbreviated speaker bio I prepared as a result of Nancy’s first session. 

Nancy has been so helpful with her questions that I’m sure I will be able to put this experience to use both before and long after the actual presentation. I hope to get a recording of the webinar to post on my website, and use the speaking opportunity to raise my visibility and credibility through various corporate oriented social media sites, especially to groups with interest in marketing research, qualitative research, new technologies in the research arena, etc.  I am becoming known as an expert in laddering, a specific qualitative research methodology, and this will be another opportunity to enhance my reputation.

— Michele Zwillinger, CEO, Zwillinger Research

The course started on February 2, and Michele has been in inspired action to upgrade her bio, speaker sheet, and messaging to invite more of the right opportunities.  By taking inspired action, she is getting noticed by a perfect audience to benefit from the expertise she has to share.   I just love when that happens, and Michele does, too!

If the success that Michele and other participants in the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series is exactly what you are seeking as you expand your expert status, check out what this five-week series has to offer for you.    The next session for May 2 – 30 is accepting enrollments now.  You can lock in current pricing and enjoy a 30 minute Build Your Buzz Laser Coaching Session with me when you make the wise choice to enroll by 2-29-12.

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Announcing the Who’s Who Among Women in Ecommerce for 2012 So Reports WE Magazine

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Fort Lauderdale, FL (Tuesday, February 7, 2012) — WE Magazine for Women and Women in Ecommerce are excited to announce the list of 100 Women in Ecommerce for 2012. These accomplished women are as different as their professions and ages (from early 20’s to late 60’s). These 100 Women in Ecommerce™ represent their industries and professions as artists, astrologers, authors, internet marketers, photographers, coaches, consultants, manufacturers, clothing designers, inventors, event planners, personal trainers and everything in between. Some of the women have been in business for more than 20 years and others as few as two years. And what does each of these women have in common? They all promote their products and services on the Internet. Successfully. According the Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief, “The women WE chose are considered to top in their respective professions and industries. Some are household names and some are known to a small niche of business owners and people they serve. Some were suggested to us by our readers and others we have been following online for years. We are delighted to showcase them to our readers and the world as the 2012
Who’s Who Among Women in Ecommerce for 2012.”  They are:

Nan Akasha, Betty Audish, Walethia Aquil, Ruthie Backenroth, Wendy Y. Bailey, Leesa Barnes, Melanie Benson Strick, Cathy Berger, Stacy Blackman, Toby Bloomberg, Ali Brown , Holly Buchanan, Karla Brandau, Rosana Santos Calambichis, Anita Campbell, Heidi Caswell, Stephanie Chandler, Claudette Chenevert, Shannon Cherry, Lorraine Cohen, Myriam Cohen, Danna Crawford, Louise Crooks, Debra J. “Debbie” Cunningham, Baeth Davis, Faith M. Davis, Nicole Dean, Elena del Valle, Marla Dennis, Jody DeVere, Yvonne DiVita, Sally Falkow, Andrea Feinberg, Dale Filhaber, Kelli Fox, Stacy Francis, Rosalind Gardner, Sabrina Gibson, Eva Gregory, Christine Guld, Donna Gunter, Penny Haynes, Sandee Hemphill, Jessica Herrin, Rebecca Herwick, Angie Hicks, Linda
Hollander, Kyra Howell, Mary Clare Hunt, Kristina Jaramillo, Marilyn Jenett, Nancy Juetten (!), Lorrie Kazan, Simone Kelly, Jessica Kizorek, Donna Kozik, Lisa Ann Krutzik, Charly Leetham, Diane MacEachern, Beverly Mahone, Nancy Marmolejo, Allison Maslan, Alexis Maybank, Shari McConahay, Sheri McConnel, Fay McLean, Stephanie Mulac, Marie, Myers, Andrea R. Nierenberg, Cindy O’Connor, Debbie O’Connor, Kelly O’Neil, Maritza Parra, Michele Pariza Wacek, Linda Pereira, Lisa Marie Platske, Ana Poirier, Rev. Anne Presuel, Morgana Rae, Giselle Rufer, Kerri Salls, Kate Sanner, Lisa Sasevich, Katrina Sawa, Michele Scism, Lynn Scheurell, Beth Schneider, Colleen Slater, Felicia Slattery, Faith Smith, Susan Wilson Solovic, Sheryl Stanton, Kendall SummerHawk, Karen Talavera, Ivana Taylor, Lynn Terry, Tracy Terry, Denise Wakeman, Maureen Whitehouse, Carrie Wilkersom, Alexandra Wilkis, and Daisy Wright.

Read more about these women in the latest issue.

About WE Magazine for Women:

WE Magazine is published by The Women in Ecommerce™ an organization
that has been helping women do MORE business on the WEB since 2001. To contact the publisher, write Heidi
Richards Mooney at P.O. Box 550856 ~ Fort Lauderdale, FL 33355-0856, call her at 1-954-625-6606 or visit:


Heidi Richards Mooney, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

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The Client Allure Virtual Retreat Begins on 2-13-12 — Reminder to Register for High Value and Free Expert Guidance

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Tomorrow at 1 p.m. Eastern/10 a.m. Pacific is when the Client Allure Virtual Retreat begins.

Join 16 savvy women entrepreneurs and discover how to quickly attract all the clients you can handle and turn them into raving fans who love buying from you again and again and again.

And when you register, you get the schedule for all the amazing topics and speakers.  And, recordings will be available within the first 48 hours, just in case you aren’t able to plan your life around all of them. 

Take your own “behind the scenes” peek as the top marketing and business experts reveal their hottest systems, strategies, and secrets to magnetically attract your ideal clients, rake in referrals, and skyrocket your sales.

During the Client Allure Retreat, you’ll learn how to:

  • Raise your visibility and get speaking gigs and media coverage that result in more clients
  • Craft an irresistible marekting message you your ideal clients are magnetically drawn to you
  • Drive traffic to your website so that your ideal prospective clients are able to easily find you
  • Create a consistent client attraction system so you never deal with a “roller coaster” income again
  • Charge what you deserve and get high-paying clients
  • Have smooth confident sales cconversations and get more clients without being pushy
  • Turn Facebook fans into actual paying clients and customers
  • Get massive exposure and grow you business exponentially
  • Streamline your marketing, attract more clients, maximize your profits, and increase your income with ease and grace
  • And so much more …

This F.R.E.E. event starts February 13, 2012 with yours truly as the kick off speaker at 1 p.m. Eastern/10 a.m. Pacific, so register now.

And share this event with others you know who need the relief we are promising.

See you on the calls!

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When the Clock Strikes Midnight, that Build Your Buzz Private Strategy Session with Me Vanishes

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Tonight is the night to claim your place in the Feb. 8 session of the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series, save $400 when you do, and score your 30 minute private Build Your Buzz Strategy Session with me. This special bonus session is an opportunity for you to benefit from my publicity expertise so you get actionable ideas to guide you to SHARE YOUR STORY with the right audiences, once you have prepared it.

Here is what I know to be true.  When you share YOUR story with the right people once you’ve crafted it with help from me, you will attract one new client, speaking gig, or media interview that will be powerful enough to take your message far and beyond. That will more than pay for your investment in the program.

You will receive the full benefits of the Broadcast Your Brilliance program. This includes five juicy content calls that are packed with content, personal attention, and message transformation and ALL the bonuses to make doing the weekly homework manageable, one practical assignment at a time. Plus, we’ve added a private member forum to make creating community with your fellow classmates easy, while offering a great venue through which I can share messaging feedback and suggestions with you between our five live webinar sessions.

Remember, you’re not investing in me or in my program. You are investing in yourself and the power you will forever hold within you own control to share your story with the right people to fuel your credibility, visibility, and your prosperity for the lifetime of your successful and visible business.  With your 100% commitment to your success, you WILL get my 100% commitment and support.

Tonight — Monday, February 6 at midnight PST – is the enrollment deadline. Join us. You’ll be glad that you did.

Here’s the link to enroll right now.


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