If You are Itching to Update Your Bio and Get Ready for Opportunity Now, This Audio Replay Shows You the How and the Wow

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Yesterday’s live webinar was a big hit with listeners from around the world.   Here is a sampling of what happy audience members and spotlight seekers posted to Facebook:

  • John F. Weiss – Thank you Nancy for this amazing webinar! I will be joining you on your series, but have to wait until I return home from my vacation to purchase. In the meantime, greetings from Auckland, NZ!
  • Roy Montero – Greetings from California! I just shared with Nancy Juetten and Therese Skelly that I wanted to give her and them both a huge compliment for showing up EARLY, like more than 10 minutes early to… the call and greeting us and welcoming us to the call.  She is so APPROACHABLE and I just appreciate that about people.  You need to be emotionally attractive to people if you expect them to come up to and then to get behind what you stand for in the world.  Nancy is this person for me so far.  Thanks Nancy and thanks Therese Skelly for SHARING Nancy with me!
  • Joyce Joneschiet — Wonderful webinar! Thanks Nancy for your 5 steps. I hope to join you soon in your class.
  • Kathy Henderson-Sturtz — Terrific presentation. Itching to update my bio and, especially, to create my ready to go packets. Been dragging my feet on those. You’ve made me realize how important they can be to my continued success!
  • Christine Leonard-Osterwalder — My favorite “aha” moment from your seminar today was “What do you want your bio to do for YOU?” Really enjoyed the call and look forward to doing more with you!
  • Linda Selby – Thanks for this jam-packed gift! So much to think about. The five step process to get clarity about bios is a wonderful tool.
  • Judy M. Graybill — Being prepared for “anything” at any time is my goal! Thank you for all the tips! 🙂

Here is a link that offers you access the recording and the PowerPoint presentation.   Listen in so YOU can benefit.

And, if you want more support and personal attention from yours truly, be sure to take action by 2-6-12 at midnight to enjoy all the high value bonuses that will guide you to attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews in this New Year as the newest participants in the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series.



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Two Webinars Today to Say Bye-Bye to Your Boring Bio: Noon and 3 p.m. Pacific — Join In and Benefit

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Today is a big day to guide hundreds and maybe thousands of people to say bye-bye boring bio and get ready to welcome opportunity now.  At noon Pacific, Tad Hargrave is hosting me for a call to his Marketing for Hippies community.  And at 3 p.m. Pacific, I am doing a call for my own fabulous tribe.   Click on the links for the time window that is perfect for your busy schedule so you can join us or gain access to the recording and the PowerPoint slide presentation within 24 hours.  It’s always best to show up live because there are always treats to reward those who show up and take action.  Be among them.   You’ll be glad.  I promise this will be well worth your time.

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HARO! Wow, Thank You, and Lessons for You From My Winning Advertising Experience

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Help a Reporter is one of my favorite media query services.  I scan the leads every day to seek out perfect media opportunities that can put my publicity and storytelling expertise in the spotlight.  Because I know that somewhere in the neighborhood of 135,000 and 200,000 spotlight seekers love and use this service, I made the wise investment to buy an ad on 1-17 to invite people to enjoy a “pink spoon” to get an irresistible taste of what Bye-Bye Boring Bio PLUS! offers.

If you didn’t know, the first message on the HARO feed is a paid advertisement.

My primary objective in placing this ad at the start of this New Year was to grow my list.  Let me share what has happened so far.

  • Since 1-17, 19,580 people have clicked on my ad.
  • Hundreds of people have opted in to enjoy the free gift.
  • Hundreds of people have opted in to enjoy a free webinar I am hosting tomorrow, Jan. 25 at 3 p.m.
  • Two interview requests have come in.
  • Two speaking invitations have come in.
  • Google Analytics for the 12-24-12 through 1-23-12 show that blog traffic at my site is up over 100% over the same period last year.
  • And, I got to ROI on my ad investment by 8:30 a.m. Pacific Time after my morning ad debuted, and the sales continue to flow.

When I saw how well things were unfolding, I wrote to the advertising manager at HARO to share my success.  Then, guess what happened next? My expectations were exceeded beyond measure when the good folks at HARO ran a bonus ad for me because they had an opening on their calendar.  They also shared my success on their Facebook Fan page.

All I can say is WOW and THANK YOU.

By the way, this is not my first time placing an ad on HARO.  The first time was in 2009.  I got to ROI on my ad investment within the first twelve hours, and this success was reported in the Inc. Start Up Blog.  The second time was late last year when I ran a test ad for the business/finance segmented list to introduce Bye-Bye Boring Bio PLUS!   The traffic that flowed to my site as a result of that segmented ad convinced me that advertising to the master list would be a good decision.

With all that said, there are a few lessons for you in my example.

  1. If you buy an ad and experience success, be sure you spell it out so the media outlet can enjoy hearing your good news.  You just might welcome an unexpected and welcome bonus or additional and fabulous visibility that makes a big difference in your success  to take YOUR message far and wide.
  2. Take your message out for a spin to a segmented list to make sure the fit and the results are right.
  3. And, if you have an audience of spotlight seekers among your ideal clients, take a fresh look at HARO as a way to advertise your product or service.  It sure has been decisive and rewarding for me.





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10 Things Not to Do When Making an Elevator Pitch

Article PR, Media Savvy 101 Comments Off on 10 Things Not to Do When Making an Elevator Pitch

When a query crossed my inbox about how to make elevator pitches better, I was an early bird with my reply.  And my tips is among the ten showcased in this article.

When I review queries, here are questions I ask myself:

  • Is the subject matter for the query RELEVANT TO MY EXPERTISE?
  • Do I have something of value to add to the conversation?
  • Would showing up in connection with this topic reflect well on my brand, reputation, and ways of being of service?

If my answers are YES, I jump in and offer my compelling, concise, and useful reply, along with a link to my bio/credentials and my contact information.  I review exactly what the query  is asking for, and I deliver as requested.  Making it easy for the reporter to write a great story is always my priority.   It’s a pretty good approach that pays ongoing and visible rewards.  One good thing just about always leads to many others.

Have you replied to a media query lately to welcome great results?  New clients? New ezine opt-ins? New speaking invitations?  Follow up media interviews?   Let me hear from you so we can inspire people around the globe to have some of the success you are having!

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Content Trumps Puff

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This email came in from a new client who decided to enroll in the next session of the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series:

“I have been going through your materials and holy buckets, do you know your stuff or what?! I initially thought, where in the world has Nancy been, I can’t begin to tell you how many guru’s and well intentioned professionals I have worked with that did not serve me half the justice as your program has – and I’m just in to the first document and recordings.”

This email reminds me of an important point.  Content trumps puff every day of the week.

And, this email is also a wake-up call to me.  As visible as I think I might be, there is a great universe of perfect people in the world who haven’t yet heard of me and the work I do to guide them to step into the spotlight and prosper now.  I must remain ever vigilant in getting the word out, just as you must do the same about your particular brand of marketplace magic.

As for the upcoming webinar series, my intention and pattern of performance is to pack as much actionable content and support as possible for every client.  I call this sustainable generosity (Thank you George Kao for that term!) The goal is to empower experts and those seeking to earn expert status to get known and get paid for their winning ways by showing them HOW and WOW. Step by step, we take on bios, press releases, pitch letters, and some aspects of online marketing to bring on the results in short order.

If you’d like to sample my teaching style, I am teaching a series of FREE webinars with amazing partners this week, including Therese Skelly, John Kremer, and Tad Hargrave. And, my own call is taking place 1-25 at 3 p.m. Pacific.  If you want to listen in and learn how to say “bye-bye to your boring bio” and “hello” to clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews by getting truly READY now, this call is for you.  Remember, there are always special treats to reward those who show up live, so be an early bird and show up to benefit.

And, here is inspiration to guide you forward:

“You were born to win, but to be the winner you were born to be you must plan to win and prepare to win. Then and only then can you legitimately expect to win.“

—  Zig Ziglar

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Catchier Headlines on Your Agenda? Read This!

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If you can’t turn heads with a few well chosen words in your headlines, you can’t make much impact with your message.   That’s why I am sharing this article link that offers tips to make your ezine, press release, blog post, and other headlines catchier.   Practice some of these tips to your expert advantage and see what magic manifests in your business!  Enjoy and share for best worldwide results for all.

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What I Would Have Done Differently to Grow My Business If I Had Known Then What I Know Now

Business Success Comments Off on What I Would Have Done Differently to Grow My Business If I Had Known Then What I Know Now

Many experts, authors, and gifted people around the world are starting new businesses with the start of the New Year.  If this is your path, here are tips from my own 11-year journey as an entrepreneur to guide you to bigger success faster.  My business anniversary is February 2, and boy oh boy, I’ve learned some hard lessons along the way.   I hope by sharing mine, you can get to success faster.

  • Dream bigger from the start.  In the beginning, my focus was on serving clients in my own Puget Sound backyard, even though successful people who were familiar with my publicity expertise and storytelling gifts were telling me to think nationally or globally.   If I had it to do over again, I would have put more emphasis on NATIONAL and GLOBAL REACH of my message right from the start.
  • Feel the fear, and do it anyway.   I felt fear about what could happen in my life and work if I stepped up big time, and everything I had to learn seemed daunting at the start.  Small thinking stood in the way of me serving so many more people so they could welcome the credibility, visibility, and prosperity they have always wanted.  If I had it to do over again, I would have stepped forward faster, in spite of the fear, so I could make more impact faster.
  • Lead with juicier, higher value, and leveraged offerings first.  When I was just starting out, I put a lot of emphasis on creating the absolute best $10 product about do-it-yourself publicity that I could create.  Yes, the Media-Savvy-to-Go Publicity Tips Booklets have sold by the thousands since debuting in August of 2006.  However, it is so much easier to make a bigger impact for more people and my own balance sheet by leading with a juicer, higher value, and leveraged offerings.  Today, the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series and Bye-Bye Boring Bio PLUS! programs deliver great value for many around the nation and the world at price points that make it a whole lot easier for me to make a good living.   Whether you create an entry level product or something much more, you still have to create all the systems to support those offerings.  By leading with a deeper offering from the start, the rewards are greater for all.
  • Get help.  In the beginning, I struggled with the idea of investing in help to fill in the missing pieces in my skill set.  That meant spending a lot of time doing tasks that were not in my zone of genius.   I was stubborn in thinking that I could figure out everything that needed to get done, including web, shopping cart, affiliate programs, sales page copywriting, and all the rest.  If I had to do it over again, I would have hired help sooner.  Today my virtual assistant, webmaster, and other technical support team members allow me to do more of what I do best, while they work in their zones of genius for values that make good business sense.
  • Invest in yourself.  Working with a business coach has been a game changer for me.  There is nothing quite like being told with great specificity and absolute candor where the missing pieces are in your mindset and business model so you can move forward faster.  It’s not pretty most of the time, and my box of Kleenex gets plenty of use.  But I keep on keeping on, and things continue to come together, step by step.

So there you have it.  My top five things I would have done differently if I had known then what I know now.

Now it’s your turn.  If you’ve been in business for five years or more and are still in business, share what YOU would have done differently to get to success faster.  Your tips just might accelerate the success of a worthy business owner who needs your inspiration right now.

I close with a quote often shared by Oprah Winfrey which was shared first with her by Maya Angelou.  “When you know better, you do better.”   Amen to that.

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Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Makes Monumental Error, and Headline Showcases an Example Where Word Play Works Well

Media Savvy 101 Comments Off on Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Makes Monumental Error, and Headline Showcases an Example Where Word Play Works Well

Did you see the media coverage about the MLK Memorial?  This is an example of word play working really well in a timely headline.  And the story also underscores the importance of properly capturing and attributing quotes to the source.   In email, social media, or ezines, changing a headline is as easy as hitting the “delete” key.   When messages are carved in stone, it’s a horse of a different color. The stone artist paraphrased one of Dr. King’s quotes in a way that didn’t portray him well.  Poet Maya Angelou said, “The quote makes Dr. Martin Luther King look like an arrogant twit. He was anything but that. He was far too profound a man for that four-letter word to apply.”   Whatever we do — as bloggers, newspaper columnists, speakers, ezine publishers, or monument carvers– the lesson is this.  Get the words right because they will take on lives of their own with thanks to sassy headlines that turn heads and start conversations around the nation or even around the world.



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Are You a Spotlight Seeker Dissatisfied with Your Wattage and Ready to Turn Up the Voltage?

Bye-Bye Boring Bio Success Story, Event Promotion Comments Off on Are You a Spotlight Seeker Dissatisfied with Your Wattage and Ready to Turn Up the Voltage?

Join me for this high value and FREE live webinar to guide you to get over “Well-Kept Secret” status so you can get known and get paid to your expert advantage as soon as possible.

Event Date:   Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 3 p.m. Pacific

During this live call, I will:

  • Guide you through a five-step system that you can apply immediately to prepare winning stories about your expertise. Whether you want to attract clients, speaking gigs, or media interviews, this system works every time!
  • Share examples of bios for coaches and consultants just like YOU that brought in the business to inspire your own winning efforts.
  • Reveal some of the most common mis-steps to avoid so you can pave your path to prosperity faster.
  • And inspire you to share your new and improved story with the right people so you can grow your influence, impact, and income now!

Whether you need to attract new clients, invite media attention for your winning ways, or all of the above, you’ll learn essential steps you can take, starting today, to get ready to welcome and initiate more of the right kinds of opportunities to grow your influence, impact, and your income in the New Year. Don’t miss this timely and engaging opportunity to learn how to build YOUR buzz and invite the opportunities to share your message with the world.  Register now.


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“Don’t Let the Icky People Get Under the Tent” and Other Tips for Business Success

Be Heard, Business Success Comments Off on “Don’t Let the Icky People Get Under the Tent” and Other Tips for Business Success

My ezine from yesterday includes some timely tips that might turn your head.  Read it  and share your tips and comments in reply here.

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