Big Leaps, Scary Stuff, and More

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A year ago, I invested in a high-end coaching program to help me kick my business into a new and higher gear.   I was scared beyond words to write that check because, to tell you the truth, I had never invested at that level in myself or my business EVER.  My intentions were very clear, and I worked tirelessly and relentlessly to take action to achieve them. Today, I can say that it was a good investment.  I learned what I needed to learn to take action on my biggest business initiatives to bring them to life.  And I earned return on my investment.  Better yet, I set up systems to support me and my business so future years will be even better.

  • Was it a perfect experience?  No.
  • Can I  take responsibility for my part in that?  Absolutely.
  • Were there blessings waiting?  You bet.

The bounty of lessons to be learned by “bellying up to the bar” is there.  The key is to “belly up the bar” to learn those lessons and act on them.

No high-end coaching program will do it for you.  It’s what you do with what you learn that makes the difference.


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