How to Pitch an Article the Media Can’t Resist — Audio File is Ready!

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What a great call this morning.  Thanks to everyone who tuned in.  Here is access to the audio file so you can benefit wherever you are in the world.

Something unexpected happened during this call that ended up being a great gift to me and a great credibility builder for the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series, especially if you are meeting me for the first time during this call.  At the 60-minute point, I was dropped from my own call.  You know what happened?  The guests and course graduates who I had invited to join me on the call just jumped into the void and took the opportunity to sing my praises while I did my best to chime back into the call.  They said some wonderful things that make me so proud to have the opportunity to do this work in the world.

Thank you Vicki Abadesco, Shari Swoish, Karen Rothstein, Elizabeth Venturini, and the others who jumped in to add your comments and support to the value I bring.  Thank you all for sharing the remarkable media successes you have already welcomed in your businesses as a direct result of applying the lessons you learned during the summer session of this course that just concluded.

From the 60 – 67 minute mark is where this unanticipated gift happens, so stay with the call, and you’ll learn a lot about what my clients think of me.  That will make it an “easy yes” for you to want to journey forward in the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series that starts on Wed. October 5 with me as your guide.

Just like with media relations, the early bird catches the worm.  Decide to enroll by Friday, September 23 at midnight, and you’ll save $100.  Just use Webinar100 as your coupon code, and feel great about the value and results soon to come as a result of your wise investment and action.

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The “How to Pitch an Article the Media Can’t Resist” Call is Today at 11 a.m. PST or 2 p.m. Eastern

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I confess I get a little confused with time zone details, so here is a timely clarification.  Today’s free teleclass takes place at 11 a.m. PST. If you are on Eastern Standard Time, the call takes place at 2 p.m.  I apologize for any confusion. Please be sure to join in for a call that is packed with information and inspiration to help YOU make your own pitch the media can’t resist.  Get all the details here.

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Two Juettens in the News — and Success Magazine — Just in Time for 24th Wedding Anniversary, Plus Two Tips for Aspiring Publicists

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Today is my 24th wedding anniversary to Steve Juetten.   He’s a great guy, and I could write a book about that, and I’ll save that for another day.  One thing about growing together in relationship with another is how skills transfer from one to another.   That Steve listens to me speak about how to earn publicity more than anyone else on the planet, and he sure pays attention.  Just last week, he was contacted by a writer for and was quick to respond with useful tips about saving for college.  The result that that exchange is now evident in this very meaty article about how to pay for college right now.

And this month, I am quoted within the pages of Success magazine — the one with Dr. Mehmet Oz on the cover.   The article in which I am quoted is entitled, “Branding in your own backyard.” When I saw this query come across my desk from Reporter Connection, I jumped on it.   This is a magazine that achievers read, and the halo of credibility that shines on my own expertise is priceless.  Thank you Emma Johnson for including my quote within your article.  I am thrilled beyond words.

So with all that said, there are two points I’d like to make about this when it comes to guiding you to earn your own publicity.

1)  Always strive to be fast and first to reply and be of service to reporters seeking your comments and perspectives.

2)  Consider the editorial environment would be the highest and best place for your comments to add value to the conversation.  Earning a placement in prestigious, well read websites or magazines with national and influential reach is a powerful way to share your expertise and invite people from across the nation to learn more about you and how you serve.

And to Steve Juetten, my beloved husband of 24 years.  Thank you for marrying me, growing in life and love with me, parenting with me, and staying with me.  You are a treasure beyond measure.   And while you have certainly learned a few publicity skills that are paying off for you big time, I will confess that your skills as a financial planner are unmatched and not yet shared on this end.  Let’s see what happens on that score over the next 24 years.  Can’t wait, and counting the minutes to enjoy more  of life with you.

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A Rap Song of Appreciation in My Honor — Alert the Media! — Plus Tips for a Strong Speaker Sheet

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The Canadian Association of Professional Speakers invited me to Vancouver, British Columbia last Saturday to take their members through the rock star status reality check and perform some bio makeovers live for their members.  What a treat to visit a lovely city, meet some wonderful new friends, and be of service to fellow speakers across the border from my Puget Sound backyard.   One of the most memorable moments of the half-day workshop was when event EMCEE Sieglinde Malmberg welcomed us all back from the break at the half-way point with an original rap song she created in my honor.

Nancy Juetten.  Rhymes with Button.   But She Looks Like Lauren Hutton.  She’s Not Boring.  She’s a Blast.  Let’s Learn More and Learn it Fast.

I asked her to perform this little ditty so I could capture it on video, and she did.   Tune in and enjoy.   You’ll grin.  I sure did.

Here is what Cettified Financial Planner Professional Patricia LaLonde had to say about my presentation:

“When I heard you present at our CAPS meeting you touched my mind with your brilliance. You were able to state clearly the message that I’m trying to convey. I’ve known that I needed help to put all the bits and pieces of my bio and profile in order and now I know who to go to for help.  I’m looking forward to greater visibility and success after applying the lessons from your course.”

— Patricia Lalonde, CFP™

Here are a few of the tips I shared during my talk:

  • Use descriptive subheadings in your bio to appeal to “skimmers” who want to get to the point fast.
  • If you are a speaker, don’t start your profile with a heading like “John Smith, Professional Speaker, Author, and Coach.”   In a sea of speakers, that is not the way to set yourself apart, especially on speaker sites like eSpeakers or SpeakerMatch.
  • Instead, lead with a sassy headline about what you speak about to grab the attention of meeting planners who are looking for contributors that can stand out and make their impact now.
  • When describing what you do, use the language that your ideal clients use to describe how you serve.   Use words that a 12-year-old can understand.
  • Sometimes, we get so caught up in self importance that we use really big words that don’t count for a lot.   Remember your audience, and speak to them with personality, clarity, and impact.

If you’d like more help getting your story figured out so the marketplace can celebrate, join me this Thursday, September 22 at 11 a.m. PST for the “How to Pitch an Article the Media Can’t Resist” teleseminar.  You can register for this free call and get all the call in details by visiting this link.

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Solopreneurs, Want to Make a Pitch the Media Can’t Resist? Tune In Thursday, 9-22 at 11 a.m. Get Inspired to Create Your Own Economic Recovery

Event Promotion, PR Beyond the Backyard Comments Off on Solopreneurs, Want to Make a Pitch the Media Can’t Resist? Tune In Thursday, 9-22 at 11 a.m. Get Inspired to Create Your Own Economic Recovery

During this call, you will hear from two business owners who were “newbies” to publicity just two months ago who have since taken bold action to earn decisive, stunning results in the media.   You’ll learn the nitty-gritty details about how they did it and the lessons they applied to be so effective so fast.   I’ll share some useful tips to guide you to make a pitch the media can’t resist so you can have what these “newbies” are having as soon as possible.   And you’ll learn more about the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series starting up again on October 5, what sets it apart from other virtual workshops, and why it might be the ideal training to guide you to get seen, heard, celebrated and compensated for your expert status.  It’s going to be time well spent, one and all.  Here is the link to register so you can get the call in instructions.

It’s always best to tune in live because you never know what special treats might be shared that are valid just for those who show up LIVE. And, yes, the call recording will be posted within 24 hours.

By the way, I don’t just talk about preparing and sharing stories to stand out in the media,  I practice what I preach.  Did you see the press release I sent that landed on scores of major news media sites this week, including CNBC? Check out the story that offer tips to create your own economic recovery — especially if you are a solopreneur or independent business consultant.

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Authenticity – The Lie That Tells the Truth (with Apologies to Picasso) – Guest Blog Post from Steve Washer, Video Marketer Extraordinaire

Video PR Comments Off on Authenticity – The Lie That Tells the Truth (with Apologies to Picasso) – Guest Blog Post from Steve Washer, Video Marketer Extraordinaire

Today marks the debut of new guest blog series about video marketing from my good friend and colleague Steve Washer. I know you’ll love his tone of voice and be inspired to learn more about the wow and the how behind adding video to your marketing mix to show up at your very best so you can do more of what you love to do in the world.      Take it away Steve!

There’s a huge misunderstanding about marketing in the conscious business community. It has a name: authenticity.

So it’s no surprise that many in this community hate marketing. But given the importance of marketing to keep your business profitable, wouldn’t it be nice to learn to love it as much as you love working with your clients?

Let’s put this in a moving pictures context where the issue comes up most often.

Movie-makers work very, very hard to create an image that shouts out to the emotional centers of our brain. Sometimes their messages are quite loopy, but nestled in the confines of a warm and fuzzy image, those messages become extremely powerful and unforgettable.

Lauren Bacall in To Have and Have Not:

“You do know how to whistle, don’t you Steve? Just put your lips together and blow.”

Harrison Ford in Raiders of the Lost Ark:

“I hate snakes!!”

Those films and others conjure in us a world of thoughts and feelings that make us laugh and cry and wonder and yearn.

Yet in each case, the moment was carefully crafted by artisans of the first order working at the top of their game. They did it, not to manipulate you, but to make you feel something, or to change your mind. Those feelings are real. And that’s a noble goal.

So how does a marketer use video to create the same effect? Many internet wags go all school-marm on you if you say you want to make a video that doesn’t make you look like you’re strung-out on crack. Why?

Well, simply because it’s not “authentic.” This betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of the word “authentic.” Worse, it can destroy your efforts at video marketing before you start.

Let’s take the typical example of a businessman who makes a webcam video. Usually these can be described as “Raw, Unfiltered, Uncensored, Visceral.” Doesn’t that sound like something you would like for your business? Authentic, right? Well, consider the implications.

“Raw” means his worst appearance. Hair unkempt, clothing the same, shadows that make him look like a vampire, and a background that screams in another language.

“Unfiltered” means he was unsure of what he wanted people to know and so he confused his viewers.

“Uncensored” means he kept in all the mistakes and wasted his viewer’s time.

“Visceral” means he bypassed the logic and emotional centers of the brain and spoke directly to the brain stem, neutering any thoughtful message, leaving his viewer with an undefined yet slightly queasy feeling.

Ah, but at least it was “authentic.”

There is a better way

Take a tip from Nancy Juetten. You can do video simply and in a way that won’t embarrass you. It just takes a bit of learning and conscious awareness. This is where you have it all over the un-conscious businessperson.

Pablo Picasso said that “art is the lie that tells the truth.” You have to be able to hold two opposing concepts in your head simultaneously to get that one, but truer words were never spoken when it comes to marketing with video.

Am I saying there is no place for the webcam? Not at all. If you use it with the right strategy. The Blair Witch Project proved that you could rough up your image to great effect. The key is to stay at the level of conscious awareness, and know how to get the effect that will stimulate the feeling you want to give your viewer.

But what about all those internet gurus who tell you to use highly degraded videos? Um, what they’re not saying is that they were already millionaires before they started using video. And it’s not likely that you have the same markets they do. If your business depends at all on personal relationships, like coaching or the helping professions, the “ghetto” video will usually be of very little use.

Bottom line: if you want your potential clients to embrace your authentic image, give them an authentic image that is embraceable.

Resource  Box

Steven Washer, the vanilla chai video guy, is Headmaster at BrainyVideo and Video Marketing Coaches. He teaches entrepreneurs the easy and effective way to reach their ideal clients with video strategies that create an authority presence for them in their space. | |

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Media Placement Success Worthy of Global Celebration — 191,000 Placements So Far for Mona Lisa Code

PR Beyond the Backyard Comments Off on Media Placement Success Worthy of Global Celebration — 191,000 Placements So Far for Mona Lisa Code

Today I received an email about media placement success that is so exciting that I just have to share it.  It came from Elizabeth Venturini.  She writes, ” I just received a phone call from PRWEB.  This is the news agency that I used to send out the release about the Mona Lisa Code.  The guy that spoke with me said he was red flagged by his manager that our release generated 191,000 placements!  He said it is trending very high on Yahoo news right now. He said PRWEB has NEVER I repeat NEVER received this many placements on a single release.  The guy asked me, “Tell me again who are you? And what does your husband do?”  He was stunned that we made the number one news agency in Italy.”

Elizabeth learned her media relations lessons well as one of the students enrolled in the group webinar series that is gearing up to start again on October 5.  Before enrolling in this course, Elizabeth didn’t know how to write a press release, write a story pitch, or respond to a reporter query.  She hesitated to invest the $497 to enroll, but she took the plunge to see what she could learn and apply to her benefit.  Now she is very glad that she did because the media placement results around the world have put her husband’s expertise on the map in a big way.

Bottom Line:  Elizabeth jumped in to learn her lessons well, and the media results have been beyond her wildest expectations and those of the top brass at PRWeb.   Today she told me a query she made has resulted in an invitation for her husband Scott Lund to appear on a radio show — — that is ranked the number 4 top radio program in the country, averaging eleven to twelve million listeners daily, and  heard in over 200 plus markets.  Segments of the show are often replayed on fox news; cable’s number one news channel.  The interview is slated for Wed. September 14, 2011.

Below is an example of how she made her approach.  If you want to learn these lessons to your own benefit, enroll in the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series by 9-23-11.  The course packs a punch for empowering your success in preparing and sharing your story, and the results Elizabeth has shared are powerful proof. Read the rest…

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Life is Like a Box of Chocolates, You Never Know What You are Going to Get – Networking Success

Networking PR Comments Off on Life is Like a Box of Chocolates, You Never Know What You are Going to Get – Networking Success

In June, I hosted a Great Gals Gathering at my home to bring my favorite gals together with an equally great group of gals I had never met before.  The purpose was to help all of us expand our network of great gals with whom we could be friends, do business, and have fun.   Everyone was invited to bring a tasty treat or a bottle of wine to share, and we just let the magic happen.

I invited Kirsty Ellison and Jean Thompson to attend.  Jean is CEO of Seattle Chocolate Company, and Kirsty is VP of  Marketing.   My good friend Tammy Redmon invited her Great Gal Bri Seely to attend.   Tammy is a coach, and Bri is an up-and-coming fashion designer.   Well, one good thing led to another as these great gals gathered.

The executives from Seattle Chocolate Company engaged Bri Seely to create a suite of one-of-a-kind gowns to match the contemporary packaging of their most popular and delicious truffle bars.  Yesterday, I visited the new retail store for Seattle Chocolates at their Tukwila, WA headquarters and saw the dresses for the first time.  I couldn’t stop myself from posing for a photo with the hot pink dress, contemporary art, and the Extreme Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar for which the dress was made to match.

All this is to say that you never know who you are going to meet at the next networking event or what magic might manifest, so show up at your best and be prepared for something delightful and unexpected.   If you live in the Seattle area, be sure to visit the new retail store for Seattle Chocolate Company.

And, consider hosting a Great Gals Gathering of your own.   It’s a delicious way to bring abundance of all kinds into your life.

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Build Your House On A Solid Marketing Foundation – Start with Your Ideal Client — So Says Juicy Marketing Expert and Guest Blogger Lisa Cherney

Be Heard, Business Success Comments Off on Build Your House On A Solid Marketing Foundation – Start with Your Ideal Client — So Says Juicy Marketing Expert and Guest Blogger Lisa Cherney

This guest blog post is shared today by

Lisa Cherney

Juicy Marketing Expert

President, Conscious Marketing

I’ll be hosting Lisa on Tuesday, September 13 at 5 p.m. for a “Juicy” teleseminar that you won’t want to miss. 
Stand Out & Be Juicy: Magnetize Your Marketing to Attract Your Ideal Clients
Click here to register.

A solid marketing foundation is key to a solid business.  Even the big boys like Pepsi and Coke realize this!  If they get comfortable and let their marketing efforts relax, then sales will suffer, and they’ll have to work twice as hard to get back their share of the market.  You, as an entrepreneur and master of your own domain, have to be cognizant of where you spend your time and dollars.  Just like a house, you need a strong foundation that you can build on that will stand the test of time.  From this foundation, you’ll be able to add on and up as your business grows.  So here are the first 2 key elements to a solid marketing foundation, the Juicy way.

  • Your ideal client is the foundation of your house. I, like most entrepreneurs, didn’t know when I started my business that just having a “niche” was not accurate or precise enough to create the success that I was after.  Let’s face it: your business is you, so you have to love all your clients.  You are no longer employed by someone else, in a job where you have to do what your boss tells you and work with people that you don’t necessarily like.  You’re the boss now, so you’ve got to love what you do and the people you work with.  Picture your clients as the frame that your house is built around.  The large bottom part is your target market – the concrete foundation that holds the house together.  The walls are your niche that you most want to appeal to, but the roof is where it’s at.  They are your ideal clients. So you have to figure out what those folks at the top want to hear from you.  It’s not always about money for them, it’s about growth.  Do you have what they want?  Here’s a question to ask yourself:  “Which clients are my favorites and why?”  You’ll be making a huge mistake if you only focus on what you do.  Focus on the values of your ideal clients, because it will tell you about your own values – and you’ll be speaking the words that they want to hear.  It’s the foundation of your house, so make sure it’s solid!
  • Always highlight your irresistible Juicy benefits. These are the shutters, the crown molding, the landscaping of your house.  It’s curb appeal!  It is your unique way of describing how you can change someone’s life.  In the end, your credentials don’t matter as much as how their life is going to change once they give your their money.  This is where you tell them the benefits of working with you.  NOT how many years of experience you have, or the huge mega-companies you’ve worked with, or all the workshops, workbooks and CD’s that they’ll get with your program.  These are features, not benefits.  Spend the time, dig deep, and have a juicy benefit statement ready to go for every form of service that you provide.  This is your opportunity for getting clarity so that your marketing can stand out.  These statements help you to know your value so you can charge more.  Find the words to say why you’re different than everyone else out there.

The best part about owning your own business is that you get to design your own “house”!

Lisa Cherney, a.k.a. the Juicy Marketing Expert, founded Conscious Marketing 12 years ago to help small business owners find their authentic marketing voice, attract their ideal clients and increase their sales. Following her own Stand Out & Be Juicy program, which centers on owning your unique self and laser-focus marketing, Lisa has tripled her income while working part-time.  Prior to Conscious Marketing, Lisa worked with many Fortune 500 companies, including AT&T, Lipton, Nissan, Blue Cross and Equal. She is a highly sought after speaker and often shares the stage with experts such as Jack Assaraf (The Secret), Jack Canfield and Jill Lublin. Learn more about Lisa at or call 887-771-0156.

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Bye-Bye Boring Bio Celebrates Its 3 Year Anniversary with Two Gifts for You — Including a $100 Coupon Code Valid Through 9-10-11

Bye-Bye Boring Bio Success Story Comments Off on Bye-Bye Boring Bio Celebrates Its 3 Year Anniversary with Two Gifts for You — Including a $100 Coupon Code Valid Through 9-10-11

September 8, 2011 marks the three-year anniversary of bringing Bye-Bye Boring Bio to market.  So far, this book has helped thousands of service professionals — coaches, consultants, authors, speakers — tell their stories to attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews.  In addition, this book has opened the door for me to serve clients around the world through my products, workshops, keynote presentations, mentoring programs, and services. Given the challenges we’ve faced growing our businesses during the Great Recession, these are results worthy of celebration.

Because I am in a generous and celebratory mood, I am offering you two high value gifts to enjoy right now.  Best of all, your quick action to claim them will be rewarded in your business, just in time to make your fourth quarter results the best they can be.

The first gift is immediate access to a juicy recorded webinar that will guide you to get “rock star” ready to welcome the kinds of opportunities you seek.  As you watch this 60-minute webinar, you’ll marvel as I makeover a number of boring bios to become client attracting invitations right before your eyes and you will also:

  • Get a really good taste of the engaging manner in which I deliver relevant and useful content to support your success.
  • Experience how coming on along for the five-part Broadcast Your Brilliance webinar series might feel for you when you enroll to benefit.

The second is a $100 coupon code you can apply by midnight on 9-10-11 to make the wise choice to enroll. Read the rest…

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