Get Your Bio Dressed for Fall Revenue Generation – This Webinar Shows You the How and the Wow

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Make sure your bio is ready to rock and that you are ready to welcome all the great opportunities you seek.   Here is access to a popular webinar recording that shows you how and showcases some bio makeovers that transformed lackluster stories into tales that drive client attraction and revenue this fall.

“Nancy’s event on creating a bio that shines was our most widely-enjoyed webinar to date! We received tons of feedback from clients filled with renewed passion, ready to reassess their brand and truly stand-out with their business. We’re still getting rave reviews months later from moved and motivated attendees. Thank you, Nancy, for a webinar that truly inspired our community.”

– Shea Carey, Practice Pay Solutions

And, this webinar also shows you the kind of meaty content and actionable examples that are packed into the Broadcast Your Brilliance Webinar Series gearing up to start on October 5.   Tune in and imagine what it would be like to have my attention paid to making YOUR story the best in can be?   If you love that idea, come on along for the five-part series!

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These Testimonials Remind Me that I am Doing My Own Great Work

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A few months ago, I had the wonderful occasion to meet a woman named Mariette Edwards after presenting via webinar for the good folks at Practice Pay Solutions.  Mariette’s  gift to share with the world is to guide people to do their own great work in the world.  Working together, we found the right words to tell her story at  Last week, she send me a post card to say thank you  for our work together, and the invitation was to visit her newly branded website that tells her story.   Her message was short and sweet:  “Nancy, it all came together with your bio.   Clearly you are doing your great work!”

When clients take time to send me handwritten notes on personal stationery, I know I am doing something right.  That feels just great.

Just today, I heard from another satisfied client, Gigi Centaro.  Gigi engaged me to prepare a speaker sheet to support her success after enjoying the first session of the bio and branding wow now tele boot camp concluded in the spring.   Here is what Gigi had to say about our work together:

“The first thing I requested of Nancy when I engaged her services was a speaker sheet. Although I’m an author and I’m good with words, I was having trouble putting my passion to paper. I wasn’t able to show myself in the best light. It’s impossible to see yourself and your work clearly. Nancy spent over an hour on the telephone interviewing me to get the heartbeat of my speaking style and message. She took that information and created a first draft of my speaker sheet.   I was thrilled with the words she found to describe my topic. They were witty, clever, fun and engaging. I did some revisions and sent it back to Nancy. She then took the best of my changes and added even more of her brilliance. The result was a speaker sheet that is dynamic, clear, exciting and attention getting.  Nancy has a gift with words. She comes up with ideas and concepts that are novel and powerful. She generously gave additional time on the phone brainstorming and giving suggestions. She certainly gave value beyond what I had expected.   You can’t see your work clearly. You need someone to shine a spotlight on you to make your work come alive. Nancy Juetten is someone that will make you shine and allow you to stand out from the crowd.”

Gigi Centaro, Award-winning author and speaker, “Let’s Cook Tonight”,

It really does light me up to know that my word wizardry can be unleashed to support the success of really great people who have their own great gifts to share with the world.    With Labor Day fast approaching and busy families scrambling to get a lot of things done to prepare for a demanding fourth quarter and chaotic school year, the timing is right to take more action.  That’s why I am encouraging Mariette and Gigi to prepare and share press releases and story pitches for the media that are packed with useful tips and suggestions to guide people everywhere to benefit from their sage advice in perfect timing for the Labor Day and “back to school” windows.

When broader audiences learn about these fine people and the missions they are here to serve, the buzz will build, invitations will flow, and prosperity will soon follow.   It’s just a matter of preparing and sharing their stories with the right audiences to benefit and sharing the information in a way that is timely, newsworthy, interesting and relevant.  Step by step, one inspired action at a time, success will flow.  With inspired women such as Mariette and  Gigi, I have no doubt.

If you need to bring in the reinforcements to reflect your own brilliance in a way you may not be able to articulate on your own, I am here to serve YOUR great work.  Get in touch, and let’s make it happen in perfect timing.  My email is nancy@AuthenticVisibility and my phone number ( PST) is 425-641-5214.

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Don’t Let Your Blog Be Caught with Its Pants Down — Thank You for Timely Inspiration about Being Ready for Anything

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I am a big fan of being ready for the spotlight.  That’s why I am sharing a blog post that came my way via Darren Rowse’s that makes this point in a pretty compelling way.  Guest Blogger Joseph of Blog Tweaks advises, “Don’t Let Your Blog Be Caught with Its Pants Down.” I couldn’t agree more.  Read on, and you’ll get the message in a way that you won’t soon forget.

As Joseph’s post reveals, attracting the eyeballs of Warren Buffett, Mark Cuban, and a great many of their fans and followers right with them can create a powerful impact — or not if you are not ready.  I’ll let him tell you the rest of the story.  It’s enough to have you reaching for belts of all kinds.

Just curious.  What would happen to your business right this very minute if an avalanche of new people came to your website or blog right this minute?  Would you be prepared to capture their interest, earn their subscription to your ezine or RSS feed, or invite a sale right then and there?  If not, take some action today to move fast in that direction.  You never know who might be reading your blog and inviting their fans and followers to pay attention to you.

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Thank You All for Your Notes and Calls — We So Appreciate Your Love and Support

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January 2004 – August 17, 2011

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Here’s the Link to the Audio File of My Interview with Bill Baren

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My follow up email offering the recording of the interview with Bill Baren about enrolling high paying clients without doing any selling had bad links within.  I want you to be able to enjoy the recording so here is a link that works: .   Bill has extended a special offer on his very comprehensive Master of Enrollment System that expires on August 25, so take note and act to benefit.

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Shadow – The Best Example of Seeing, Hearing and Celebrating Others that I Know

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Getting seen, heard, and celebrated means a lot to me, which would explain why I love my dog Shadow.  This golden retriever knows what it is to see, hear, and celebrate everyone who crosses his path, especially me.  Every day starts with the bringing of gifts ranging from socks to stuffed toys to unmentionables he’s found along his travels throughout our house.  His nose rests beside my bed, his tail wags with enthusiasm, and it’s time to wake up to the joy he brings every day.   Shadow is quick to jump on the bed, get “eye to eye” with me, and encourage me to start each day with a smile.  I love this dog.

Shadow joined our family when my son Kyle was seven years old.  These two have grown up together and shared many a joyful moment.  It’s been a joy to behold.  And when I’ve had the ups and downs that are typical as an entrepreneur, Shadow has been loyal, devoted and full of joy, no matter what.

Walking through the neighborhood, Shadow is like my own personal “Chamber of Commerce.”  He greets everyone with a smile and a wagging tail.  He makes friends wherever he goes. This dog knows how to win friends and influence people.   We can all learn a lot from him.

Now, things have changed.  The vet tells us that Shadow has cancer.  My husband, son, and I are faced with some very difficult choices, and we are very sad.   The next few days are going to be very hard, so if you have some love and joy to send our way, we would all receive it gratefully.

You can see a mini video of Shadow’s life by visiting my Facebook page.  Please share a comment if you are so moved.

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Want to Enroll High End Clients to Benefit from Your Services? Join Me and Bill Baren for a Must-Attend Session

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Tomorrow — Tuesday, August 16 at 3 p.m. PST is when this high value, content-rich teleclass takes place, and you can join us.  All you need to do is sign up at this link to get the call in instructions delivered to your in-box in short order.  I have benefited so much from Bill Baren’s  guidance over the last year that it is truly an honor to bring him to you.   Please join us, and invite your friends.  You will profit from what you learn if my own experience is an indication.   When  Bill speaks, I listen and act.  And it pays off, time and time again.  It’s just that simple. Join us.

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Don’t Underestimate the Power of Your Community Newspaper and a Caveat about Story Pitching

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I am a big fan of community newspapers.  Yes.  It is true.  I wrote a column about their power for the Puget Sound Business Journal a while back, and the words ring true still today.

Today, the major metropolitan daily papers are getting thinner and thinner.   The available real estate to cover YOUR news just isn’t there.   And yet your community newspapers are still being delivered to the doorsteps of every neighbor in your own hometown, and people read these papers.   More importantly, the stories travel online and beyond, bringing your news to a much wider audience of potential readers who can benefit from your story.

Not every story has the juice to land on the front page of the lifestyle section of the Seattle Times, but if you live on Queen Anne Hill and have a story to share, you can bet that the Queen Anne News is going to be interested.  What happens when that story breaks can be a game changer.

When in doubt, just remember the story of the soap maker from a suburb in California who got a call from the Secret Service to bring her line of toiletries for men to the store at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  A lucrative, multi-year licensing deal resulted as a result of THAT story in the community newspaper — along with major media in outlets including CNN, the Los Angeles Times, and    What could happen for you when YOUR story earns the ink to invite a conversation like that?   You’ll never know until you try.  And I maintain that it is well worth it.

One more note about this.   Your credibility as a storyteller is on the line with every pitch you make.    You just don’t pitch a story because you want to be in that particular paper.  You pitch a story because it is of service to the readers, listeners, or viewers and it truly has the legs to run within that editorial environment.   You don’t want to earn a reputation of someone who pitches stories that aren’t a good fit because that sure makes it hard to go back the next time to pitch a story that IS the right fit.   Your reputation as a good storyteller is on the line, so make sure you get it right so reporters and others in a position of influence are routinely happy to hear from you — not just this time, but every time.

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Save August 16 at 3 p.m. PST for This Game Changing Conversation with Master of Enrollment Coach Bill Baren

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When I met Bill Baren in January of 2010, things started to shift for me in my business in a big way.  Some of it had to do with mindset and some of it had to do with skills. As I have followed his work and applied his advice, the results I have experienced in my business have been profound and favorable.   That is why I am excited to share that I’ll be hosting Bill Baren for a conversation about how to enroll clients without doing any selling.

Here is just some of what Bill will share on this content-rich teleclass on August 16, 2011 at 3 p.m PST:

  • Bill’s most powerful step-by-step formula for leading prospective clients to “YES” – it works anytime, anywhere.
  • How to turn the dreaded response of “I can’t afford it” into the perfect opportunity for you to enroll a new client right on the spot.
  • The #1 thing you need to do in your consultations so that clients say yes to your services (it’s not what you think).
  • Is fear of rejection or lack of confidence stopping you from getting clients? Bill will show you a simple fear-busting technique you can use right away.
  • Bill’s super easy method that you can use during free consultations that can DOUBLE the number of prospective clients who hire you.

If having consultations that turn into clients is a skill you know you need to learn (or improve), time to be on this call.  Bill will show you EXACTLY what to say to enroll new clients 80% of the time or more. And it’s not pushy, so it’s perfect if you have an aversion to having to “sell” yourself or your services. Register now so that your place on the call is reserved. (You’ll get the call recording too, so be sure to register if even if you might have to miss the call) .  Register here.

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On Facing the Fear of Starting and Growing a Business and Doing It Anyway

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Lady T — The Business Coach for Moms™ — and I had a Blog Talk Radio conversation this morning that focused around facing the fear of starting and growing a business and doing it anyway.  As we spoke, I recalled how I started my business with a desire to buy better groceries and found a way to build my practice to the point at which I was too busy to cook.  It was a fun walk down memory lane as we spoke about my “reinvention intervention” to grow my business in new ways, thanks to the debut of Bye-Bye Boring Bio.   This interview isn’t so much about how to write a great bio.   It is about how to follow your inspiration to create a product that can ease pain that is deeply felt that your ideal clients are willing to invest money into to experience the relief.  And it is about feeling the fear around starting and growing a business and doing it anyway.   Here is the link to make it easy to listen in and enjoy.

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