Lakeside Collision Center of Bellevue – Well Kept Secret No More

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When Chuck Oxford and I met at a local networking breakfast, I was immediately taken by his personable style and gracious way of contributing to the conversation.  It turns out he is the owner of  Lakeside Collision Center of Bellevue.   Within weeks of meeting him for the first time, he was named Eastside Small Business of the Year by the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce.  I shared a few ideas to help him leverage his good news, and he took action on just about every suggestion.

  • He noted his award win on his website.
  • He revised his radio advertising message to showcase his award win.
  • He finally got around to sitting for a professional head shot.
  • He decided to share his story with both the local business journal and the community newspaper by preparing customized story pitches for each publication — with a little help from yours truly.

Last Friday, a wonderful story about his company debuted in the “Growing Your Business” section of the Puget Sound Business Journal.  Today, he is being interviewed by a writer from The Bellevue Reporter.   And, I got word last week that a pitch I made on Chuck’s behalf from a lead from Reporter Connection is slated to appear within the pages of Success magazine. This magazine enjoys national readership.  The query asked for tips to build your brand in your own backyard, and winning an award is certainly a great way to get known for excellence.

Now, Chuck is sending out an email to his best customers and colleagues to share his good news.   He is requesting a professional reprint from Scoop Reprint Source so he can showcase his fabulous press within every new client bid his team makes, and he is sharing his good news across the social networks to which he belongs.

Just a few weeks ago, Chuck Oxford was feeling like a well-kept secret.  Now, he is carving out his own slice of the spotlight.   Chuck tells me his phone has been ringing with calls of congratulations for his good press.   No doubt, requests for collision repairs are forthcoming.  As he states so graciously in his Puget Sound Business Journal article, “Our customers drive home our reputation.”   And some good press adds some timely magic to the mix, as well.

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Press Release to Grow Your List? It Can Work, and Here’s How

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In today’s internet age, there is a great deal of buzz about list building. The bigger your list, the greater your wealth. That is why you hear about so many courses to help you learn how to build yours.

Experts say — and I agree — that  you should offer a free gift in exchange for joining your ezine in the first place.  You can write articles for online article directories that invite readers to opt-in to your list.  You can create auto-responders that invite new followers on Twitter to join your list.  You can host teleseminars and webinars that require listeners to opt-in to benefit.  You can stage a contest next time you speak live and collect business cards by permission to enter to win (and join your list.)   You can create networking business cards thatq entice new people you meet to visit your site, enjoy your free gift, and benefit from your ezine.  And, you can joint venture with like-minded partners who have established communities of people who can benefit from your subject matter expertise.  All of these approaches work to grow your list.  All of them are among the strategies I employ.   My list size has doubled since January, so the results are measurable and clear.

However, if you are early on in your business and don’t yet have a big list, it can be slow going to attract joint venture partners. The big players with the big lists are likely going to be reluctant to invite you to play with them because you haven’t yet earned the influence to make an impact that they can feel in their online shopping carts.

So, with all that said, what is a business owner to do when the desire is to attract lots of interest when your own list is still small?

One idea is to issue a press release over a wire service to enjoy widespread distribution of your news. This press release should offer information that is timely, newsworthy, relevant, interesting, and remarkable as opposed to a “buy this service or product now” kind of message. If, for example, your company has something to offer that is timely for the “back to school” theme, tell that story, offer tips and information to inform the reader, and offer a way for the reader to learn even more — by opting into your ezine list to benefit from your free gift that offers a check list of everything you need to be ready for back to school with ease.

And, if you were to create a schedule of compelling news releases — perhaps once a month — to share your unfolding news with the world, readers would have additional reasons to visit your website or blog, opt-in to benefit from your ezine, and get even more familiar with the products and services you offer.   Once people join your list, you can send them a series of auto-responder messages that generously share tips and resources to guide them to enjoy success with your company as a trusted resource.   In short order, many of these new subscribers just might make the wise decision to become your paying clients or customers.

Does it cost a few bucks to send a press release over the wire?  Yes.   But look at it this way.   The lifetime value of one perfect client is more than enough to achieve return on that modest investment.

I have had excellent success inviting media interviews and new ezine opt-ins by sending press releases over the wire.  That is why I can make this recommendation to you with confidence.  This service does a great job for me.  Check it out to share your news, grow your list, and invite more perfect readers to get excited about what you have brewing.

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3-Pay Option for Bio and Branding Wow Now Tele Boot Camp Expires Tonight

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You know, something occurred to me after receiving two heart-felt emails from business owners who are struggling with their bio and brand AND their budgets.  They really want to enroll in the Bio and Branding Wow Now Tele Boot Camp, but they need some help with their budget.  It pains me that there are people who really need this who feel like they can’t make the numbers work.  I was brainstorming with some people today about how to remove any obstacles for you, and here is what we came up with.

Go ahead and enroll today because I have created a 3-Pay plan so you can spread out your payments over three months.  I’ve tried to make our program more accessible to you.

And here is the best part.  When you show up for the teleclasses, receive our support, and enjoy the personal feedback that is a hallmark of our program, you will be well set to attract clients, attention, and opportunities within 21 days or less.  That grace will open a world of opportunity for you that will make this a whole lot easier to say YES to, knowing that attracting the right clients going forward will also be much easier.

The main thing is this.  I really want you to know that I am committed to doing everything I can so we can work together to bring you to the bio and branding wow that will make your work ten times more attractive and inviting for your ideal clients.  So too is Liz Goodgold.

So with that said, here is the link to enroll now:

Is your “Easy” button nearby?  I hope you are smiling now.

We’ve got some great work to do. I can’t wait to learn more about what makes you special and well worthy of celebration by your clients.

If you’d rather make one payment, here is the link to do that.

This is my final reminder that today is the last day to enroll at Early Bird Pricing and to take advantage of the 3-pay option I created to support more people in their important work in the world.  Join us.  You’ll love it.

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Way to Stop the Conversation Before it Starts

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Phone message — We are looking for a super low budget publicist.  Call me to talk it over.

Call me crazy, but that is not the way to start a conversation. And the message was left on my answering machine at 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday.

How conversations start is a good indication of how the relationship will flow throughout an engagement.

I think I will let this phone call go unreturned, and I wish the caller success in finding the right candidate for this sizzling opportunity.

What would you do?

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Need Help with Your Best Selling Book Goal?

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Join me and a line up of high integrity experts to get the mission accomplished,  The high value and free telesummit runs July 18 – 21, and all you need to do us register here: .

All calls take place at 3 p.m. EST.

Mark Levine, Rosey Dow, Dan Poynter, Randy Peyser, Dan Smith, Penny Sansevieri, Faye Levow and me will be speaking on hot topics to guide you to the book you have brewing so you can get it done this year.  Join us!

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Two Webinar Replays for Bio Wow — An Abundance of Riches to Fuel Your Storytelling for Prosperity

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Thanks to George Kao and Therese Skelly for hosting me for two fabulous live Webinars today on bio wow.  The Facebook love was flowing in a big way as a direct result of the Kao event during which I took his guests through the  Rock Star Status Reality Check and showcased several story transformations to guide listeners to create client-attracting bios of their own.  You can read the comments — all 117 of them — by visiting George’s Facebook Fan page.  If you’d like access to the Webinar replay, here you go.

And Therese Skelly hosted me for a second live Webinar, and here is what she had to say about it as she shared the replay with her community:

“Wow! Nancy rocked it today!  In this call she took numerous bio’s and walked us through what to do to make them better. Her examples are amazing!  You’ll want to listen to discover how to make your story really pop from the page so that you will be seen, heard, celebrated and compensated. (How cool is that!)   You’ll also learn how to move your bio from one that is rather bland, to using your story and elements of what you do so that it will get you noticed.  Her way with words is like some crazy super power, so you will definitely want to listen to her craft language that shifts things instantly.  Here’s the replay . And what’s really cool is that Nancy invited us to join her upcoming program that starts in a couple of weeks. Go here to learn more about her BIO and BRANDING WOW program. (There are KILLER bonuses, so you’ll want to check it out now!)  I know you’ll get a ton of great content from this call.”

Thanks Therese!

So, if you’ve been wondering when would be the right time to get your bio wow on along with your personal branding, listen in, act on the compelling invitations noted, and join me and Liz Goodgold for the summer session of “Bio and Branding Wow Now” Tele Boot Camp starting on Wednesday, July 27 at6 11 a.m. PST and continuing for four additional weeks.  All Webinars will be recorded so you can access them anywhere you are in the world.   We’d love to have you join us.

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Bio and Branding Wow Events Today at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. PST — Tune in and Benefit

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At 10 a.m. PST  — Live Webinar with me and George Kao — Bio Wow and Rock Star Readiness – Register here.

At 1 p.m. PST — Liz Goodgold shares how to create a hot personal brand to have customers for life – Register here.

And, of course, you can listen in to the audio recording from yesterdays big teleseminar here. It was all about how to create a memorable brand and authentic story.  Good stuff!

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Facebook Love for Today’s “Ignite Your Business” Teleclass is Flowing — Now YOU Can Listen In

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If you missed today’s teleclass on Igniting Your Business with a Magnetic Brand and Authentic Story, here is great news — direct from those who engaged LIVE with Liz and I during the call at my Facebook Fan Page:

Lee Newcomb

Nancy and Liz– you are the greatest wrapping paper– thinking outside of a beautiful and unique box!

Valerie Bernard

Thank you so much Nancy and Liz! Wonderful information! A valuable use of time today!!

Kay Herring

Nancy and Liz: How talented you both are! The conference was wonderful! Very instructive and inspiring!

Rebecca Cooper

Thank you so much. As usual, jam-packed with USEFUL information!

If you have been struggling finding the right words to speak your brilliance so more of the right people will do business with you, you can listen in.

Here is the link to make that easy.  And if you’d like to go deeper, enroll in the “Bio and Branding Wow Now” Tele Boot Camp that is starting on July 27 at 11 a.m.   Register by July 21 by 5 p.m. and you’ll enjoy the special unadvertised bonuses that we promised during the call that will most definitely guide you to prepare your story, broadcast your brilliance and prosper in the spotlight.    We’d love to have you join us.

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Invisible Fence Northwest Unleashes Visibility Opportunties, Many Paws at a Time via Doggie Drag Costume Contest

Local PR Success Comments Off on Invisible Fence Northwest Unleashes Visibility Opportunties, Many Paws at a Time via Doggie Drag Costume Contest

Here is a DIY Publicity Success Story from Rebecca Murray from Invisible Fence NW that will bring a grin, especially if you watch the accompanying video.

“Shortly after seeing Nancy in action for the first time at a business development conference near Seattle, I contacted her for PR guidance. During our phone session, I shared that Invisible Fence Northwest would be participating in a community event in the coming days and we were helping organize a sure-fire festival highlight: a Doggie Drag Costume Contest.  But I wondered how to publicize our company name in connection with the event to promote a connection with the Capitol Hill community. I planned on creating a video to document the event, and sharing it afterward, but where there other opportunities?   Within sixty-seconds Nancy found the Capitol Hill Times  online and directed me there. Nancy explained that smaller publications are notoriously short-staffed and often welcome assistance with copy and content. She told me to call the editor, find out if they will be covering the event, then offer my help.   The following day I did exactly that. The editor said she had only recently found out about the event and on such short notice had no one to cover it! She was thrilled that I would share my photos and then asked if I’d write and event summary.  The end result was not only publication of a photo and article, but byline credit for myself and Invisible Fence Northwest.  Thank you Nancy for giving me the direction and support to seize this amazing publicity opportunity.”

Watch the VideoRead the Article.

Thanks Rebecca.   Way to get into action to welcome visibility for your company.  And if you want the kind of help Rebecca received to create leveraged visibility that puts your company in the spotlight, consider a Build YOUR Buzz Strategy Session with me.  Great results await.

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On Taking a Big Leap, Making the Commitment, Doing the Work, and Staying with It – Cause for Independence Day Celebration

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Three years ago, my husband Steve and I bought a new house for our treasured family that includes our son Kyle and our golden retriever Shadow.  Some would say that the timing was bad, and they would be right.  Have the last three years been a challenge for us?  You bet.  But there is a beautiful silver lining that makes the journey so worthwhile.

It was a BIG leap to make the commitment to buy a new house.  Once we stepped forward, there was no turning back.   We had no Plan B.  We made the commitment.  We moved.  And we did everything we could to navigate the demanding economy to serve our clients, earn enough money to pay the higher mortgage, and make our new house a home.   This was no small feat, given the demands of the Great Recession.

Had we stayed in the other house, it would have been so much easier.   We could have hidden out until the dust of the rocky economy  cleared.  We could have enjoyed more leisure time.   We could have marched in place with a whole lot less worry and wonder.

But here’s the thing. Where I live is important to me.   Living and working  in a space that inspires me to be my best has compelled me to  reach higher, go deeper, and find even more satisfying ways to contribute to my clients, bring rewards to them and to me through my work, and build a business that makes me and my family proud.  All the reinventing over the last three years has been challenging to my growth as a business owner and in every other way.  And that is an understatement to be quite candid with you.    When I see photos of me and my son from our move-in date to yesterday — which was our three-year anniversary of moving in — the growth is unmistakable.

Reaching higher — or growing taller as the case may be — requires a great deal of care and feeding.  We are all growing in ways that are obvious, subtle, and game-changing if we dare to think bigger for what is possible for our lives and  work. Today I can say that I am a great deal happier than I was three years ago, and that is the most priceless reward for having made the move.

Taking a big leap, making a commitment,  doing the work, and staying with it have paid off.   These are the kinds of lessons my husband Steve and I model for our son, and he’s growing into a fine young man so far. And  day by day we are each creating and growing businesses that make us proud.  On this Independence Day weekend, that gives us even more reason to celebrate.

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