Today’s Entrepreneur Woman Magazine Debuts Today — Why Not Share YOUR Expertise to Add Value?

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Cathy Alessandra debuted the premier issue of Today’s Entrepreneur Magazine today to much fanfare among the women entrepreneurs I know around the nation and beyond.   And, because I network often and pay attention to visibility opportunities where my particular brand of storytelling can add value, I am fortunate to have one of my own articles featured within this important first issue.   Here I speak my own truth about my journey of business reinvention which has certainly not been for the faint of heart, but well worth the journey.

Additional contributors include Catarina Rando, Jennifer  Bourne, Jessica Eaves Matthews, Lisa Suttora, Kirin Christensen, Joy Chudacoff, Lisa Cole, Nancy Drew, Nancy Newcomber, and others on topics ranging from speaking with impact, branding, legal matters, health and beauty, sales success, nutrition and more.

Check out the publication, add your name to the subscriber list, and review the writer’s submission guidelines to make your own article submission for a future issue.  Just visit the “Write for Us” tab on the site to learn the details.

You could earn a wide audience of new readers who will soon be learning about your particular brand of genius.  Some of them may very well turn out to be your best new clients.  And to Cathy Alessandra, congratulations.  Today is a big day for you indeed.    It’s not a small thing to launch a magazine.  Soak it in and enjoy it.

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Marketing: Are You Unplugged? Prospect Profiler Rosey Dow Weighs In

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This blog post comes courtesy of Prospect Profiler™  Rosey Dow. She says that knowing your prospects is the first step to creating a powerful marketing message.  This blog post elaborates.  Take it away Rosey.

A few years ago, my son and his four friends — geeks all of them — gathered at his apartment for an all nighter of networked gaming. Several of the guys brought their computers and they proceeded to hook them up. Everything went fine, but one computer wouldn’t show up in the system. Brows lowered, they ran diagnostics and checked settings. They went back and did them again. Still nothing. They rolled up their sleeves and dug in deeper. Two hours later, someone screamed. The other four looked up as from a dream. In the screamer’s hand was the dangling cord. The computer was unplugged.

How about you?  Are you working frantically with focus and precision, typing feverishly and marketing anxiously with few results to show for it? Chances are, you are also unplugged.

Latch onto the problems, needs, and values of your prospects, and you’ll plug into the power you’ve been looking for. Understanding your buyers is the first step to success. This is foundational to your success. Without a complete understanding of your prospects, you have no starting place for your marketing message. Your bio will sag and your blog posts will flounder without this information.

Are your prospects caregivers? Talk about fatigue, the need for a quiet moment now and then, and ways to care for their loved ones more effectively with less effort. Are your prospects leaders? Give them a plan to reach the status and respect they crave. Are your prospects free spirits? Relate your product or service to living life on their own term. Authentically, of course.

A weak message means blown fuses and short circuits. Get clear and you’ll be hardwired into the source with the results to match.

Good news. It’s easier to get plugged in than you might think. While most entrepreneurs struggle with knowing their prospects, you can get insights by studying the values, the attitudes, and the problems of your best clients. Take a good look at the people you love to work with and think back to your first meeting. What did they hope for when they came to you? What did they fear? What did they actually need from you?  Identify these and you’ll be plugged in sooner than you think.


Still puzzled about your prospects’ mindset? Pick up your free assessment at this link. Rosey Dow is a Prospect Mind Reader. She’ll help you get a grip on how your prospects think and ferret out what they really want—so you can give it to them. She is a multi-published author and Internet marketing specialist. That’s why they call her The Prospect Profiler™.

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Changes are Coming Here — Authentic Visibility and So Much More

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This is the year I am making a big shift in my business, playing a bigger game, and working to my full potential.  That is why, over the next few weeks and months, you’ll be seeing some changes here at the blog.

1)  I’ll be changing the brand message and imagery to focus on the timely and essential theme of Authentic Visibility.  Even my email address has changed.  You can now send me email at  Please do!

2)  You’ll read more posts that relate to the ultimate result that matters most to you, which is to Prosper Now.

3)  I’ll be debuting new virtual workshops and services to guide you to Prepare Your Story and Broadcast Your Brilliance in systematic ways that deliver the WOW you need to stand out and shine as you attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews now.

Why the Changes?

  • Well, I’ve been listening very closely to my clients and readers.  I’ve been getting in touch with the aspects of my work that truly light me up and cause me to jump out of bed and into great work every day.  And I’ve been getting some great support to guide me to a higher mission of service.   It feels really great to have found a new groove to serve in a bolder way.
  • I think my biggest wake up call happened in April.  Since 2001, I have had it in my mind that I am the “backyard gal” to help people share their messages in their own hometowns.   I was operating under the notion that my business was mostly in MY own backyard, too.   My husband Steve Juetten, a financial planner, shared some news with me after the first quarter.  He said, “I hate to break it to you Nancy, but you aren’t a backyard gal anymore.  Over 90% of your product sales come from outside of your home state.”  With all my emphasis on the storytelling and the words, and I hadn’t realized how far and beyond my own reach had grown.

As I move ahead, I’ll share more of these kinds of posts that let you in on my own journey of growth, my own “aha” moments along the way, and some of the lessons I’ve learned to show up and speak my own truth.   It’s a little scary.  But I am stepping forward to truly SHOW UP nevertheless.

What I know is that my best clients are on a similar journey.   We are all trying to make an impact, be remembered, and attract more of the right attention, clients, and prosperity to fuel our best work and our best lives.   This blog will speak to that journey, including the pitfalls and the pearls of wisdom collected along the way.  You’ll get more of those kinds of posts because that is where the real juice is anyway.

As always, I am listening.  I want to hear from you.   Please connect here, share a comment, ask a question, and let’s continue the conversation as we all do our best to truly show up, stand out, and shine.  Why wait another moment longer?  We’ve got important work to do in the world.  Let’s start today.

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Early Bird Registration Ends July 15 to Save $100 on 5 Weeks to a Better Brand, Bio, and Biz Tele Boot Camp

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You are cordially invited to enroll in this sizzlin’ summer session right now to enjoy the early bird pricing that is valid through July 15, 2011. If you visit this link, you can do so immediately and receive the abundant digital bonus curriculum items you need to start crafting your own best story and personal brand today and the $100 savings. The audio file from that April preview call is posted at the top of the page, just in case you would like to listen again.

Of course, Liz Goodgold and me are hosting a second preview call on Monday, July 11, 2011 at 11 a.m. PST.  If you would like to sign up to listen in “live” and enjoy the awesome engaging learning opportunity that will involve those of you who join us at my Facebook Fan Page during the call, we’d love to have you join us and tell your friends. Here is the link to register for the July 11 call.

And, here are two more convenient ways to learn and connect to help you take action, especially if you learn best by watching or chatting with a real person or two:

1) Enjoy a four-video series about telling your best story now here. No opt-in is required. Just watch, learn, enjoy, get inspired to act, and share with others who can benefit.

2) If you are really serious about telling a better story, taking inspired action, and want to chat briefly by phone to determine the next best step to take to achieve your goal with me or Liz Goodgold as your guides, send either of us an email at or, and we’ll schedule 15-minutes to chat.

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“Done for You” Gifts are Waiting, Provided You Act Before Monday, June 6, Plus a Word for Upside Thinking

Business Success, Event Promotion Comments Off on “Done for You” Gifts are Waiting, Provided You Act Before Monday, June 6, Plus a Word for Upside Thinking

Almost 800 people have entered to win five “custom bio boxes” from yours truly in the 2011 Done for You Sweepstakes.   That sure does my heart good.  If you would like to enter to win one of these prizes or the many other “done for you” services that can support you in growing and running your business that are being offered by high integrity business professionals, be sure to click on the link to make your selections before Monday.

Last year, so many people entered to win the Extreme Bio Makeovers that I offered as prizes that I had to ask the good folks from Constant Contact for technical assistance with list management.  When I told the customer service representative that I had added 800 names to my list within a three week period of time, she was quite impressed.  That opened the door for me to share this particular success with the marketing department at the company.   They wrote a story about it in the Constant  Contact ezine and posted about it on Facebook.  That opened the door for me to be a media contact for Constant Contact who would be ready to speak at a moment’s notice about how well this service delivers for me.  That then opened the door for me to speak not just once, but TWICE to large audiences of business people who are also clients of Constant Contact who enjoyed my presentations and have since become fans, followers, and clients of my work.

All this is to say that you never know what good things might unfold when you jump in with both feet to make the most of your list building and other business enhancing opportunities.   When you approach each project with what my friend Lisa Marie Platske calls Upside Thinking, amazing things manifest.   It’s a beautiful thing.

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The Flag is Up to Apply for 3 Bio and Branding Wow Now Scholarships — 200 Word Essays Due 7-8-11

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If you are a professional service provider, speaker, author, or coach who is serious about attracting more perfect clients now, pay close attention to this message because there is definitely something of value in it for you and your growing business.  My partner and Red Fire Branding Guru Liz Goodgold and I are joining forces a second time for our Bring in the Dough: 5 Weeks to a Better Brand, Bio, and Business Tele Boot Camp that starts on Wednesday, July 27 at 11 a.m. and continues through Wed., August 24, 2011. This tele boot camp will guide you step by step to both speak about and write about your business to capture attention, attract clients, and more.  There will be plenty of personal attention paid to each guest during this program so you can set aside your messaging struggles and truly step up, stand out, and show up at your best to attract the results you seek in your business.

Since we are committed to making a difference for others, we will be awarding three scholarships for deserving professional service providers, coaches, authors, and speakers who submit their 200-word essays for consideration to in time for the July 8, 2011 submission deadline. To apply for a scholarship tell us WHY you are the worthy candidate to benefit from this Tele-Boot-Camp experience valued at $497 and HOW you will use the opportunity to propel you forward in your business or your life.  Send us 200 words or less, please!  Liz and I will review all the applications and choose the three most compelling storytellers as winners to  join us for this course which starts on July 27 at 11 a.m. PST.

We will announce the winners via blog post, ezine, eblast, and Facebook, so take note. The volume of entries prevents us from replying to each candidate personally.

And, if you have not yet registered for our July 11 free teleclass that will showcase specific tips you can apply right away to boost your business now with a magnetic personal brand and story, here is the link to make that easy.   

And, if you were on the call last time and just want to enroll right now, you can do that, too.  There are plenty of testimonials posted to showcase the value we are bringing, and that makes Liz and I so proud!   Here is that link.

Both Liz and are can hardly contain our enthusiasm about this program and the impact it will have for your business.  So if earning a scholarship to benefit is a priority, we can’t wait to hear YOUR story when you submit it for scholarship consideration by July 8, 2011 at 5 p.m.  PST.  And we can’t wait for the real work to begin starting July 27!

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