Love Chocolate and Giving Back? Seattle Chocolate Co. has Something Delicious Brewing, Golden Tickets and All

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If you love dark chocolate, giving back to a worthy cause, and need a mood elevating lift that extends beyond your taste buds to encourage families helping loved ones navigate their cancer survival journey, here is a treat for you.

Seattle Chocolate Company has created a new specially packaged chocolate bar — called Gilda’s Bar — to benefit Gilda’s Club Seattle. The bar is named for funny lady and Saturday Night Live star Gilda Radner. Gilda’s husband Gene Wilder co-founded Gilda’s Club in her honor after her passing from ovarian cancer.

Gilda’s Club is a non profit organization that provides support for families helping loved ones deal with cancer.   Four thousand Gilda’s Bars are available for purchase for $5 each from the company’s online store, and the dollars raised will fund the good work of Gilda’s Club Seattle.

Why not buy them by the dozen and share them with all your chocolate loving friends?     And, when you unwrap your dark chocolate truffle bars with Gilda’s smiling face on the wrapper, be on the lookout for five golden tickets.  Those lucky enough to receive one will be walking through the doors of Seattle Chocolate Company for a once-in-a-lifetime tour of the chocolate factory.  This tour is a happy nod to Gene Wilder and his role in the beloved film Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. It’s a full circle moment with delicious and satisfying rewards for all.   Love that.  Don’t you?

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Final Oprah Show, a Few Tears, 10,000 Trees, and One More

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The last Oprah Winfrey Show has aired.

For me, Oprah has been a guide to transform my life into something that was beyond what I once did not have the vision to imagine.  I remember her telling the story about looking outside her kitchen window of her childhood home and seeing just a single tree. Many years later, beyond the kitchen window of her Montecito home, she can now see 10,000 trees.

Oprah’s themes about grace, worthiness, validation, showing up, and listening have touched my heart and moved me into action over the years. And so the journey continues.

What Oprah has taught me and so many others is that what is possible is limitless, provided we have the courage to dream. Oprah has given me and so many others this courage. And it’s a beautiful thing for which I feel tremendous gratitude. I will miss her daily dose of inspiration, yet the lessons she taught me are mine forever. For that I feel tremendous gratitude. I just might have to plant a tree beyond my own window in her honor. It seems fitting.

Have any “aha” moments to share or next steps you will be taking?  Please do!

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Oprah — Three More Treasured Days

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There are three more Oprah shows to go, and I am feeling misty.  For 25 years, Oprah has guided me through every major milestone of my life — from starting my career, getting married, having a baby, launching a business, and taking steps along my own journey to live my best life.  Over the years, I’ve written more than a few letters to the show to express my gratitude for the guidance. I even have ten years of O magazines neatly stored in my home office.  And, with all the “ultimate viewer” celebrations that have been hosted, I still scratch my head that my name hasn’t yet been called.

Nevertheless, I am among her ultimate viewers and lifelong fans.  I celebrate Oprah for who she is, the lives she has touched, and the good that she’s done by showing up every day with a mission to guide people worldwide to live their best lives.   She has often said that everyone has a story, and she and her team of producers are among the best storytellers on the planet.   The bar is high, and we can all do well to reach toward the standards they have set as we tell our own.

If you try to reach me this week by phone, email or otherwise at 4 p.m. PST, you won’t reach me.  I’ll be perched in front of my television, Kleenex box in hand, taking in every last moment.  I can feel the sting of tears already.  How about you?

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Social Media Profile Examples to Help You Get a Better Game On Now – Listen in and Enjoy

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If you missed the “Transform Your Social Media and Other Profiles from Wallpaper to Wow to Attract Clients Now” presentation I gave to an appreciative audience at the Constant  Contact big event at Columbia Winery, you can click here to enjoy the presentation:
Audience members said wonderful things about my talk, which is so heartening.

Listen in for “before” and “after” bio examples that will turn your head and illustrate important points that you can use to your own advantage.  Showcased within this audio are profiles of experts who are on fire with credibility and approachability — including Nancy Marmolejo, George Kao, Mari Smith, and Melanie Benson Strick.  There is much to be learned from their excellent examples, and there is also much to learn from stories of those who saw the value in bringing in the reinforcements to tell better stories now.   Listen in, enjoy, share — and  most importantly — take action.  Great rewards are waiting.

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The Best Social Media is Still Person to Person

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On Tuesday, I am among four speakers who will be talking about social media in some shape or form at the Constant Contact Business Conference at the Columbia Winery.  The event is “sold out” with 150 or more people on the wait list, so this topic is resonating with a great many people.  And, while we are all interested in learning to use Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to our best advantage, let’s not forget that the best social media of all is person to person.

Let’s me share a rather compelling story.  About a year ago, I had the good fortune to welcome almost 800 new ezine subscribers within a three week period of time.  It happened during the 2010 Done for You Giveaway of the Century.  Not quite sure how to upload all of those names into my system, I called the good folks at  Constant Contact for help.   The service technician told me it was rather unusual to have that many new subscribers opt in within such a short period of time.

Not missing a beat, I asked if the marketing department at Constant Contact would be interested in the back story.  She said, “Yes.”   A few weeks later, I received a telephone call for an interview, which resulted in a story about this success shared with over 300,000 readers of the Constant Contact ezine and the active community at the Constant Contact Fan Page on Facebook.   Not long after that, I was invited to speak before a group of Seattle business people who were to attend a Constant Contact workshop at the Museum of Flight.   And, not long after that, the PR person for Constant Contact and I connected, and we started collaborating on story pitches to showcase the value of an ezine for building relationships with clients and prospects.  One good thing has led to another, and it all started with good connections made person to person out of a spirit of making a contribution, being of service, and telling a good story.

No matter how proficient we all become with Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, or any other type of social media, the really good stuff happens person to person.  I hope to meet up with many of you person to person on Tuesday at the Columbia Winery.

And, oh by the way, the 2011 Done for You Giveaway of the Century got off to a fabulous start today.    I am giving away five custom bio box copy blocks to help five lucky winners set their article submissions apart to attract interest in their products and services, and a number of high integrity service providers are giving away their done for you services, as well.   Click on the Done for You banner at the top of this page so you can enter to win the $750,000 in done for you services to help you kick your business to the next level of fabulous.

Already I’ve welcomed 242 new ezine opt-in subscribers just TODAY, and I know that total is going to rise as the event gets into full swing.    As the list grows, so grows my influence and the opportunity to connect with even more people to make a contribution,  be of service, and help shape some powerful stories.  One good thing leads to another, and it’s all good.

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Vrinda Normand Shares the #1 Secret to Make Your Website Irresistible and Magnetize Clients You Love

Event Promotion, For Women Only Comments Off on Vrinda Normand Shares the #1 Secret to Make Your Website Irresistible and Magnetize Clients You Love

I have met Irresistible Writing Mentor Vrinda Normand twice a big events in San Francisco.  Let me first say that is is a treat to meet people who turn their gifts for words into thriving businesses.   Vrinda has done exactly that.  And since Vrinda used to be an investigative journalist in the  Silicon Valley who was responsible for writing about breaking news, I respect her business savvy and her writing talent in equal measure.   That’s why I am pleased to share her guest blog post that covers a topic that is important to many of you who rely upon your website to make a compelling first impression to invite more of the right clients to engage.    Today, Vrinda offers tips to help you make your website irresistible, and she also extends an invitation to enjoy a scholarship to her May 19 special program.   Take it away Vrinda!

The best way to instantly draw ideal clients to your website is to offer them an Irresistible Gift they can’t refuse.  Think of your website as a relationship building tool. It allows you to connect with people and grow trust over time so they become paying clients. The first thing you must do is give your website visitors a compelling reason to stay in touch.

Your Irresistible Gift is a valuable educational resource your potential clients are hungry for. It can come in the form of a special report, article series, short video, audio recording or a combination of these. You offer this gift for free in exchange for your website visitor’s name and email address. The beauty of this strategy is…

Your website visitor gets a taste of your expertise so they see you’re the real deal. They get more awareness about their problem and realize they’re not alone – there is hope for better results! They also get useful, eye-opening tips they can use right away.

You get the contact information for your potential clients. They are now on your email list so you can send them E-Zines and make them offers for your paid products and programs. Your visitors may not be ready to buy right away, but if you stay in front them on a regular basis, you’ll be the first person they think of when they’re ready to buy.

Your irresistible gift can also boost your credibility and make people much more EXCITED to buy your products, programs or services.

How to get started designing your irresistible gift…

Hot Tip #1: Your gift is a taste of your expertise – in other words, it should show off what an expert you are! It should give real value and provide important information people don’t already know. It’s okay to cover the basics so potential clients at different levels understand what you’re talking about. But your gift is not the place to just share your most beginning level tips.

Even though we KNOW our potential clients are struggling with problems because they’re probably still missing the most basic steps, you don’t have to solve their entire situation in your gift.  Think of your hottest, most surprising tips that make people go “Wow, I didn’t know that! This person can really teach me something.”

When you’re serving your clients, what simple but powerful secrets do you share that get the best response?  What tips make your clients excited and intrigued?

Hot Tip #2: Your gift should provide a small but DESIRABLE solution to an urgent problem your potential clients are aware they have. This is KEY – your visitors need to know they have this problem and they have to be hungry for the solution you offer.

Your irresistible gift is not a long academic style report to educate people in-depth on the processes or methods you use. You’re not training them to be an expert like you.  Your visitors care much more about valuable tips they can use in their lives and easy-to-understand strategies that help them start solving their problems.  You can’t change their whole life in one report, but you can give them a jumpstart.

  • What is the biggest specific problem your potential clients are struggling with?
  • Does this problem keep them up at night with worry?
  • What mini-solution can you provide that your clients are already thinking they need?

Answer these questions and you’re on your way to designing your irresistible gift.

Come learn more about how to write HOT content for your irresistible gift and website in my NEW teleseminar 5 Secrets to Breakthrough Your Biggest Writing Blocks. It’s happening in just a few days and you can reserve your Full Scholarship here.

Vrinda Normand is the Irresistible Writing Mentor.  Learn more about how women entrepreneurs transform, inspire, and  sell … with words by visiting her site.

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What Makes One Press Release More Successful Than Another? Denise Perez of PR Newswire Weighs In

Media Savvy 101 Comments Off on What Makes One Press Release More Successful Than Another? Denise Perez of PR Newswire Weighs In

For the answer and to join the conversation or spread the good news, check out this article from Denise Perez, manager of release monitoring and measurement for PR Newswire.

As for me, I try to combine quality content and good keywords to tell a story that breaks through the clutter to reach the intended audience with impact.  And, since I work alone most of the time, I find the free Press Release Grader tool — — very helpful.  Just “cut and paste” your press release into the grader, hit “enter” and learn your “grade.”  The closer your score reaches 100, the better.

Earlier this week, I entered a press release draft through this grader only to find a disappointing score of 37.  With some thoughtful editing, the score rose to 90.   Even those of us who work full time in the business of sharing news need to take a careful look at how we prepare and share our stories so they deliver the best possible result.   We are never done “sharpening the saw.”

Read Denise’s post.  You will learn a lot, and your press releases will be better for it.

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Monday, May 2 at 3 p.m. PST – Tune in for the Live Q&A Call with Liz “Red Fire Branding” Goodgold and Nancy “Bye-Bye Boring Bio” Juetten

Event Promotion Comments Off on Monday, May 2 at 3 p.m. PST – Tune in for the Live Q&A Call with Liz “Red Fire Branding” Goodgold and Nancy “Bye-Bye Boring Bio” Juetten

Liz Goodgold and I are hosting a LIVE Q&A session on Monday, May 2 at 3 p.m. PST to help you decide if our 5-Weeks to Stardom Tele Boot Camp is right for you. Here are details:

Monday, May 2, 2011

Call Time: 3 p.m. PST

Call Duration: 1 hour

Phone Access:

Conference Dial-In Number: 712-432-0900

Participant Access Code: 504208#

Please join us.  We’d like you to make your best decision so you can also benefit from Rapid Responder Pricing, which expires on Monday, May 2 at 5 p.m. PST.

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