The Webinar Replay with Live Bio Makeovers on the Spot is Now Available for Your 24/7 Enjoyment

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The replay of the LIVE webinar for the 7000 members of Practice Pay Solutions has been posted for your enjoyment at this link. During this Webinar, I share the Rock Star Status Reality Check and do several bio makeovers LIVE to showcase the important teaching points.

The Facebook love notes have been flowing in response to this awesome engaging experience.

  • Sheila T. Allen writes, “Nancy – you really DO rock the bio world — All I can say is WOW!!!”
  • When asked about the biggest “aha” lesson learned from this webinar, here is what Christina McGhee had to say:
  • “Taking imperfect action really hit home as did the tips on developing your speaker page. Clearly I have some work to do and I completely agree that it needs to be done on the front end not in the moment. In short, I need to give myself a media makeover.”
  • Jansenius T. Lange Jr. writes, “Nancy, You have delivered and I received it generously. Thank you very much…”
  • And Andrea Cinnamond writes, “OMG!! I thought you were great. I had the honor of having my sad bio redone by Nancy and I sound really special now. I hope I can get a copy of it as I was only on the phone and was unable to write it down. If your course is as good as this call, sign me up!!”

Needless to say, I am feeling pretty good about these favorable reviews.

What is GREAT for you is that you can benefit from the webinar now at your 24/7 convenience. Just visit this link and enjoy right now.

And, if you are truly serious about getting seen, heard, celebrated and compensated for your expert status and want to chat for 15-minutes the week of May 2-6 to explore the perfect way to get the mission accomplished with my help, send me an email at   I’ll be happy to chat with you.

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Andrea Cinnamond Steps Up to Get a Bio Makeover Live!

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It takes courage to step up and ask for support LIVE during a webinar.  I congratulate those who were bold enough to share their stories for be showcased as teaching examples.

Andrea Cinnamond:

Before: “My life has been full of adventures and I am so pleased to be sharing my new adventure with you.  Born in Vancouver, Canada, I graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology in the field of Biomedical Engineering… After stumbling and bumbling around, I made it my mission to learn from the best in the fields of expertise…”


  • I don’t what what Andrea does, who she does it for, and why it matters.
  • Never stay you stumble and bumble around.  People want to invest in experts who are solid and ready to deliver amazing results now.

After reading the additional text that were shared AFTER this humble beginning, I found the answers and re-wr0te the story to be client attracting.

After: Leading internet entrepreneurs from across the nation rely upon Andrea to handle the “behind the scenes” details of new product launches so they can stay in their genius with the knowledge that every detail is being handled in a world-class way.  A results-focused “energizer bunny on steroids,” Andrea is your secret weapon to rock the internet and your balance sheet.

How is that for an amazing transformation?

The good folks at Practice Pay Solutions will be posting the full Webinar recording within 24 hours.  Be sure to tune in to benefit from the other compelling bio makeovers that were showcased during the call.  And, if you want what Andrea and others are having, I can help.

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Extreme Bio Makeovers LIVE at Noon Today — Join Us!

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Scores of people from all across America sent in their bios to be “workshopped” during today’s LIVE webinar for the good folks at Practice Pay Solutions.   That tells me that people really do struggle writing about themselves and are hungry for help to refine their stories so they can attract more of the opportunities they seek.   Help is on the way.  You can join us and listen in at noon today PST/3 p.m. EST to benefit.  Here is the link to register.  “See” you on the call.

Bye-Bye Boring Bio.  Hello opportunity.

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Access the Audio File from Today’s Bio and Branding Wow Teleclass Before May 2 at 5 p.m. PST

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The energy on today’s Bio and Branding Wow teleclass with me and Liz Goodgold was electric, and the compliments are still flowing in.  If you missed the call and still want to tune in, you can listen in between now and May 2, 2011 at 5 p.m., which is when the audio file expires.  Just visit this link , enjoy, and act on what you learn.

And, if you want to go deeper in your learning and finally figure out a way to both write and speak about your business to achieve the “head whip” reaction instead of the “bobble head nod” make the wise investment to enroll in our tele-boot-camp that starts up on Monday, May 9 at 11 a.m.

Of course, all the calls will be recorded so you’ll be able to enjoy them anytime and anywhere.  But you must enroll to gain access to everything we have in store.  Both Liz and I promise that you’ll be glad that you did, or your money back.    If you’ve been struggling to speak and write about your business, let today be the day you do something positive to turn things around.  Liz and I are here to help those of you who say YES to this timely and important opportunity.

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Last Call to Register for the Bio and Branding WOW Call Taking Place Tuesday, 4-26 at 10 a.m. PST

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Tomorrow at 10 a.m. PST is when the fun begins.  The amazing Liz Goodgold and I will be coming to you LIVE at 10 a.m. PST to share ideas to lend some bio and branding WOW to your messaging to ignite the fire beneath your growing business.

There is still time to register for this high value and free call that will show you how to Boost Your Business Now with a Magnetic Brand and Authentic Story. This topic is resonating with a great many people because 400 people have already registered.   Here is the link to make it easy to register.

Will the call be recorded?  Yes.  And, you’ll gain access to the recording — that will be live for a limited time — only when you register.

And, when you show up LIVE on the call, you’ll get first crack at five Rapid Response bonuses that we are offering to invite your enrollment in our upcoming five-part tele-course.

How to Become a Celebrity in Your Field and Earn Respect, Customers, and Big Dollars

Introducing the Write and Speak Your Story to Stardom 5-Week Tele-Boot-Camp

The action begins officially on Monday, May 9 at 11 a.m. PST. These bonuses offer plenty of fire power to catapult your bio and brand to an entirely new level of fabulous.   If you aren’t LIVE on the call, you’ll most definitely miss out on these gifts valued at more than $1000 for each of five Rapid Responders.

And, as you’ll soon experience, Liz is  fun to listen to, and we are both committed to offering great value for the time you invest in this training.   Join us!

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See Jane Succeed LIVE Event in Chicago – May 13 and 14

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As you know, I believe in sharing information about quality information that is beneficial to women in business. My friend, Michele DeKinder-Smith is the founder of Jane Out of the Box and I’m excited to help her spread the word about her live event coming up in Chicago on May 13 and 14.

Michele has used her research findings to create an event like no other. When you register, you will be sent a link to the See Jane Succeed: LIVE! pre-conference assessment. After you complete the assessment, you’re going to get customized event recommendations, as well as recommendations for who you should make a point of meeting at the event (including members of the expert team, as well as other women business owners attending).

At the event, the content is all about you and helping you answer Michele’s FIVE CRITICAL QUESTIONS to business success based on her experience consulting with businesses of all sizes, and industries, and having built a successful multi-million dollar business herself.

The entire agenda has been built to be customized around exactly where you are in your business today. With a mix of lecture, open Q&A, facilitated round tables, structured networking, breakouts, and hot seats, you’ll have an opportunity to learn what you need to learn to dramatically improve your life and business profitability.

Because you’re a friend of mine, Michele’s agreed to let me offer you a special promotion to come to this event. Simply register for the Wine & Dine Me ticket option, and Michele will pay for your hotel room for two nights (a $450 value)!Consider taking advantage of this amazing opportunity!  Here is the link to make that easy.

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Need Help Speaking and Writing Your Story to Attract Clients Now? Here is a Scholarship Opportunity!

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My partner and Red Fire Branding Guru Liz Goodgold and I are working  to finalize the details for our Speak and Write Your Story to Stardom Tele-Bootcamp that starts on May 9 at 11 a.m. and continues through June 6, 2011.   This course will guide you step by step to both speak about and write about your business to capture attention, attract clients, and more.  There will be plenty of personal attention paid to each student during this program so people can set aside their messaging struggles and truly step up, stand out, and show up at their best to attract the results they seek in their businesses.

Since we are committed to making a difference, we will be awarding three scholarships valued at $497 for deserving professional service providers, coaches, authors, and speakers who submit their 200-word essays for consideration by the application deadline.

Here is what you need to do.    Prepare 200 words about WHY you are the worthy candidate to benefit from this tele-bootcamp and HOW you will use the opportunity to propel you forward in your business or your life.  Send your submission to by April 26, 2011 at 10 a.m. PST.

Liz and I will review all the submitted stories and choose the three most compelling storytellers as winners who will join us on May 9 at 11 a.m. when all the excitement begins.  This is your invitation to tell your story well because  when you do, you’ll benefit from two word wizards who will set your story on fire so you can attract more of the results you crave in your business as soon as possible.

Liz and I will be sharing our messaging magic with you during our 4-26-2011 teleclass, and those of you who are tired of struggling when sharing your stories are officially invited to join us.   If you have not yet signed up to benefit from this high value and complimentary call, here is the link to make that easy.

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Social Media Wow with George Kao Webinar is Today at 10 a.m. PST

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If you would like to learn a few new skills to make the most of your 15-minutes a day with social media, don’t miss today’s live webinar with Social Media Expert George Kao from 10:oo a.m. – 11:30 a.m. PST.   My new Facebook Fan Page is going to serve as our chat room for your questions and learning.  There is still time to register, so please do.  Here is the link to make that easy.

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My Own Bio Gets a Makeover Today

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Today, I took on the task of updating my own story to reflect my most current and authentic message.  This isn’t easy because I am so close to my own work.    And, I would bet that this comment resonates with a great many of you.

Still,  I’ve put out a new message for the world to see so my ideal clients can know right away that I am the right person to add value to what they have brewing.  I’d love for you to read it and tell me how it lands for you.

Telling our stories as they unfold is always a work in progress, and we are never complete on this task.   Check out your own story and ask yourself if you are telling your BEST, most authentic story that is going to resonate most with your ideal clients.  If so, let me be the first to congratulate you.  If not, it’s time to update and refresh your message so you can step up, stand out, and shine in the best possible way to invite the results you seek.

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Meet Michele DeKinder-Smith – See Jane Succeed Author and So Much More

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What an honor it was to work with Michele DeKinder-Smith in the creation of her new and updated story.  She and I met at the Ali Brown SHINE Event is Las Vegas last November.  I was attracted to Michele’s  “See Jane Succeed” booth, so I approached and I asked some questions to learn more.

It turns out that Michele is  a veteran market research professional who interviewed over 1,500 women to identify five distinct types of women business owners — Jane Dough, Accidental Jane, Merry Jane, Tenacity Jane, and Go Jane Go.  She then identified their keys to being more profitable and to love life and wrote a book that is giving women business owners around the world plenty to talk about.

Michele speaks often to professional groups and associations about what her research means to women everywhere.  That’s why having a quality story to share with meeting planners and women business owners was among her priorities.

If you are a woman business owner or have one among the important people in your life,  I know you’ll enjoy meeting Michele by reading her story.  And, if you would like to participate in the See Jane Succeed LIVE event in Chicago this May, here is a link to tell you more about that.

Michele DeKinder-Smith is on an inspired mission to guide women business owners to celebrate their unique styles of doing business without self-judgment as she helps to solve the complex puzzles that stand in the way of building more profitable companies, stronger brands, and better lives for themselves and their loved ones.

A successful, seven-figure business owner of three companies – Linkage Research & Consulting, Inc., Jane Out of the Box, Inc., and Team Women, Inc. – Michele is an inquisitive, personable, and engaging 20-year veteran market research professional on a quest to connect with and understand people. Known for her high standards, integrity, and commitment to “giving dangerously” to support others’ success, Michele applies genuine curiosity, caring, intuition, and amazing insight to connect the dots as she guides motivated women to create businesses and lives they love. Read the rest…

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