Make Your 15-Minutes on Social Media Pay Off with George Kao

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Social media can be huge time taker without discipline, focus, and a plan to use it wisely.  That is why I would love for you to join me for a LIVE webinar with Social Media Expert George Kao on April 12 from 10-11:30 a.m. PST.  We’ll meet up at the Extreme Bio Makeover Salon Fan Page at Facebook.  We’ll  engage right away and learn essential lessons that can pack a George Kao brand of WOW to your social media efforts going forward.  Your ultimate result is the ability to build your business with just 15 minutes of focused effort each day.

George Kao

Social Media Expert George Kao

Just click this link. On that page, enter your email address and you’ll be all set to engage in this LIVE event and benefit.  Please invite your friends seeking social media savvy to join in this LIVE conversation.

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Speaker Diane Ingram Tells a More Compelling Story Now Worth Dancing About

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With so many coaches in the world seeking to make a profound difference in the world, it is really important to nail your particular message so people can know right away if what you speak about is what lights their fire.  When Diane Ingram came into my life, she was getting short-listed for potential speaking gigs, yet she wasn’t satisfied that her message was strong enough to reflect her own authentic story and the value her presentations could deliver for the right audiences.

Before working together, her headline read:

Transforming Insight into Action

The ultimate result for the listener wasn’t clear, and the statement seemed generic as opposed to memorable and magnetic.

After working together, her headline with a subhead now reads:

It’s Time to Envision, Dream and Transform Your Life Now!

Say Farewell to Naysayers, Energy Bandits, and Dream Squashers

and Dance to the Groove of Your Heart’s Longing

There is more energy packed within these words — and some attitude besides.  You can read the rest of her story by visiting this link.

We all have a message to share. Finding the right words and tone of voice to deliver it to the benefit of your ideal audience  is where the journey begins.   If the words don’t dance on the page right out of the gate, that can make it  hard to get invited to share your message at the dance.

Now, Diane is taking steps forward along her path to welcome more speaking engagements with a message that speaks her own truth.  With a more compelling headline and story, she is on her way.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with Nancy to create a bio for my speaking/life coaching business that truly speaks to who I am. When I heard Nancy’s interview on, I got how my bio is the first thing a client sees about me and how it can make or break a decision to hire me. I knew at that moment that I wanted Nancy’s expertise at word wizardry to help craft my bio. I learned that it is possible to distill all the aspects of myself and my business, into a concise, clear story that is compelling, engaging and impressive!”  — Diane Ingram, PCC, CSC

If you would like to listen to the Speakermatch radio interview, here is the  link to make that easy:  SpeakerMatchInterview21711 .  Enjoy.

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Eliminate The Chaos at Work — Book Debut Gives Author and Productivity Consultant Reason to Polish Her Story

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Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant Laura Leist, founder and president of Eliminate Chaos, is leading a great business that is guiding clients to do exactly that for their homes and businesses.   The debut of her newest book, “Eliminate The Chaos at Work: 25 Techniques to Increase Productivity,” gave her  reason to revisit her story to put her very best message forward.

When I reviewed her prior story, I was struck by the meaty credentials and also curious to learn more about the woman behind the company.   Surprisingly, there was precious little about Laura in her story that helped me quickly get to that “like, trust, respect” place fast.   By asking a few probing questions, I learned  some compelling things to make her story shine.  For example, she came upon her talent for organizing through acts of love and service to her visually impaired mom, who needed everything to be in place in order to feel in control over her work as a music teacher and her life as a single parent.

Laura also revealed that her well ordered house in the rainy Northwest was once home to a beloved Saint Bernard named Mozart.  She even trained him to hold his paws up to be wiped clean before entering the house after trips outside.  Something about that really resonated.  After all, her business is about setting up systems that give clients more time for life.  Even by the manner in which she trained her treasured pet, she walks her own talk.

With those details revealed, the story took shape to showcase Laura’s impressive credentials, the news about her latest book, and personal information to guide any potential client to feel fabulous about and motivated to buy her new book and engage her services as a speaker and productivity consultant.  Read on to enjoy Laura’s story.  If you need to Eliminate Chaos in your life, now you know who to call to get the mission accomplished.

And, if you need help telling your story to put your best message forward, check out the three most popular ways clients engage with my company to get the job done.   You’ll find those details right here.

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St. Patrick’s Day Timing is Perfect for Those Who Need More Green. CashMap App for iPad Shows How to Get It

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In the world of publicity, timing is everything.   That is why March 17 was the day to announce a new personal budgeting application for iPad to the world.   You’d have to be living under a rock not to know that the iPad 2 is the shiny bright object of the moment, and that opened the door for my client Dennis Williams to “piggypack” on that news to bring his own new release into the spotlight.

With a little help from Dan Janal’s Guaranteed Press Release distribution service, Dennis’ news about CashMap is showing up at and Consumer Electronics Daily, among scores and scores of additional and relevant media outlets.  You can even take this new personal budgeting application for a spin for free.   For those for whom green is in short supply, this is cause for celebration.  Read the press release for all the details.

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Want the Nitty-Gritty How-To and Why Details about Promoting Your New Book? Tune In 3-17 for this NSA Interview

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Listen in and hear how and why I launched my book, what has worked for buzz building, and more nitty-gritty details. It’s free, high value, and no holds barred.  I promise.

Host: Barbara McNichol, National Speakers Association

Guest:  Yours truly – Nancy Juetten

Date: March 17, 2011

Time: 4:00 PM Eastern, 1:00 PM Pacific

Number to call: (218) 844-8230

Access Code: 580750#

Join us, and share your questions with me here or via Twitter.  You can find me at @NancyJuetten.

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This Know-Like-Trust Audio Interview with Me and Bill Baren is Yours to Enjoy and Share

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Have you ever set an intention for something big to happen in your business and have it happen in real time, right then and there?   In December of 2010, my husband Steve Juetten and I were sharing a festive holiday lunch to reflect back on the year and look ahead to the New Year.

He asked me what I most wanted to happen in my business.  I said, “I want someone like Bill Baren to invite me to share my content with his extended community.  He is the kind of expert, tribe leader, and success influencer who has the magic to bring my expertise and offerings to the perfect potential business owners to benefit.”

As the waiter was bringing us coffee and dessert, I took a quick look at my phone to check messages.  At that very moment, I had received an invitation from Bill Baren’s organization to contribute to his Know-Like-Trust Factor Online Event.

Right then and there, I burst into tears of joy.  Not long after that, Bill interviewed me.   This conversation was probably the best interview I’ve given to date.  As a direct result, blog traffic grew by four times the typical volume, new ezine subscribers opted in by the hundreds, and ‘thank you’ emails and Twitter and Facebook love immediately followed.   (Sales came in, too!)

I share this story because it proves that if you give voice to what you want to happen, the Universe does provide.

This interview about the Rock Star Status Reality Check is one that is packed with content, quality examples, great stories that are steeped in authenticity and value to anyone who wants to tell a better story now.

The ultimate results I want for you are to be seen, heard, celebrated and compensated for your expertise.   If you follow the guidance generously shared via this audio file, you will get what you want.   Listen in, enjoy, and share with others who can benefit: kltwithnancyjuetten.

If you have comment or success story to share about how these tips have worked to your advantage, please share!

Bill Baren, thank you so much for this opportunity.    You’ve opened a world of new opportunity for me to serve, and am so grateful.  Can’t wait to see you at the end of the month at the Big Shift Experience!

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Tune in on 3-15 at 5 p.m. PST for this Rock Star Readiness Interview with Marquesa Pettway and Nancy Juetten

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Here is the site to learn more and register so you can benefit!  Marquesa Pettway and I met in Las Vegas at Ali Brown’s SHINE conference, and we had an instant connection.  That is why this morning’s radio interview on Blog Talk Radio was so energetic, content-rich,  and so much fun.  We talked a bit about common bio blunders and shared a few compelling examples to make clear why bios that read like wallpaper don’t do anyone’s expertise justice.   If you would like to learn even more about getting your bio ready for prime time, be sure to join us for the webinar on Tuesday at 5 p.m. PST.   With this power packed duo, you’ll learn a lot and have fun as you do.

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Here is the Replay for Christina Hills’ Website Creation Workshop Power Point Presentation

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My hat is off to Christina Hills again for doing a rock star job sharing what she has brewing with up Website Creation Workshop.  I just listened to and watched the replay of her content-rich Power Point presentation that explains exactly what she has in store.  Anyone who has been wondering if she can take control over her own WordPress site and never be beholden to a webmaster again should watch this.  And, anyone serious about filling her groups by learning from someone who obviously knows what she is doing should watch to see exactly how Christina does it.  What a pro.  Here is the link so you can tune in and benefit for the reasons that matter most in your business right now.  Registration for this year’s program closes on March 16.

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“Press Release or Press Delete” — A Blog Post Not to Miss from Journalistics

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The headline for this blog post is one I read on one of my favorite blogs called Journalistics. Check out the rest of the post to learn the elements that make your press release worthy of attention.   This is good stuff!

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Marketing Sherpa Shares Event Marketing Success Case Study about 2nd Annual Publici-tea™ and Book Publishing Summit

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So happy today that Marketing Sherpa published a case study of the results that flowed from the recent cause-related event to benefit Rise N Shine.  The case study reveals the nitty-gritty “how to” details behind how we made the 2nd Annual Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit a success.  Any business owner who wants to fill seats, deliver value on event day, and leverage the effort after the fact to invite more opportunities to be of service can learn how we did it by reading this story.   Special thanks to all my event partners and co-collaborators for making this event a success.  They are all proudly recognized on this page. It takes a village.  Thank you all for being in mine. And, if you have a comment to share about how your business is better now since you attended the event, I’d love to hear from you!

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