Make It Easy for Reporters to Interview You with a Bit of Inspiration from “Julie and Julia”

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Did you see the movie “Julie and Julia?”   I love this movie for so many reasons.

One of the scenes that stands out for me is the conversation that takes place during the “ritual cobb salad lunch” with friends.    Julie’s friend asks her for an interview to be part of a magazine feature, and then she then laments how challenging it will be for her to schedule the interview with Julie.   Julie has to remind her that SHE was requesting the interview.  It was a rather off putting scenario.

I am of the mind that both parties should feel great about the interview opportunity and do their part to make getting together as easy as possible.

That said, I was happy to be interviewed by Paul Anderson, columnist for NW Jobs within the Seattle Times in connection with my bio writing expertise.   In fact, I initiated contact with him to explore how my expertise could add value for his readers and was delighted to have enlisted his interest.

As the year was coming fast to a close, scheduling a telephone interview could have been challenging.  To make things easy, I suggested that we do the interview by email.  He could send me the questions he most wanted me to address, and I would respond right away by return email.  That was a welcome suggestion that delivered a quality outcome for all.

Make it easy for reporters to interview you, express appreciation to those who do, and watch what happens in your business as awareness of the value you bring grows.

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NW Jobs Columnist Paul Anderson Posts Tips to Say Bye-Bye to Your Boring Bio

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A big thank you to Paul Anderson, NW Jobs columnist for the Seattle Times, who interviewed me about tips to say bye-bye to that boring bio, just in time for the New Year.   Read the full interview at this link.

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Nancy Juetten Asks, “Are You Ready for Rock Star Status?” Final Day to Benefit from Publici-Tea Gift!

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Happy Holidays everyone.

Today is the last day to benefit from the gift of the 2nd Annual Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit as a virtual workshop experience.   In early 2011, this summit will be turned into a product available for purchase at my DIY Publicity Store, so be sure to opt-in today at to enjoy the entire presentation as my holiday gift to you and everyone you know, complete with PowerPoint slides, audio files, and more.

Today’s final highlight video showcases the Rock Star Status Reality Check.  Tune in and see if you are ready for rock star status!  Treat yourself to the entire video series in sequence.

And, if preparing and sharing your story in the New Year is among your highest priorities, it will be my pleasure to guide your journey.  Bye-Bye Boring Bio is a great place to start. Patrick Snow is happy to coach your book from your head to paper so you can welcome multiple streams of income.   It’s all within reach, provided you take the best next step forward to make it happen.

If not now, then when? Ho, ho, ho VIDEO!

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Patrick Snow Rocks the Publici-Tea™ Audience — “Your Book is Your Hook!” as You Create Your Own Destiny

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My holiday wish is for the gift of the “virtual Publici-Tea™ workshop experience”  to be enjoyed by 100,000 people around the world who sign up at between now and Christmas.  If you reach for the moon, you just might land on a star!

That is my wish for everyone out there who is ready to take action to get known as the experts they know themselves to be.

With that said and to inspire you into action, check out the video series in the post immediately above — created by the amazing Brad Tollefson of VLST Media.  He really is a fantastic storyteller with video as his medium of choice.   You’d do well to engage him to capture the magic of your events in the New Year.  Just a suggestion …

Today’s video features Book Publishing Coach and Best Selling Author Patrick Snow inspiring the audience with tips and insights to turn your areas of passion into books that fuel your prosperity.

Video #4 features event guest Amy Woidke who chimes in with enthusiasm about the next steps she intends to take, based on the inspiration she gained from both me and Patrick.

Video #3 featues glowing comments from Date to Mate Coach Katherin Scott and Femme Finance Radio Host Debbie Whitlock.

Video #2 gives a powerful shout out to our event sponsors.  It takes a village, and I am so glad to have these fine folks in my village:  Debbie Whitlock, Diane Bridgwater, Gina O’Daniel, Cindy Tyler, Sarah Schosboek, John Wheeler, Zita Gustin, and Craig Cross.  Check it out below!

The first wish shares a sassy sound bite from Executive Business Coach Sue Clement about “the vacuum cleaner paradigm.”   It’s not enough to have a vacuum.  You have to plug it in and push it around if you want to scoop up the dirt.  The same holds true for earning expert status.  You have to get your story together and share it if you want to scoop up a world of opportunity for your business.

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Expert Status Readiness Reality Check – How Ready Are You Really? Here’s a Gift to Guide Success!

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For Immediate Release

Contact:  Nancy Juetten,, 425-641-5214

Bye-Bye Boring Bio Author Nancy Juetten Shares “Expert Status Readiness Reality Check” to Guide Solopreneurs, Authors, and Experts to Prepare and Share Their Stories to Welcome Success in the New Year

(December 21, 2010 —  Bellevue, WA) — With 27 million people doing business in Free Agent Nation, many solopreneurs want to get known as experts.  Do-It-Yourself Publicity Expert and Bye-Bye Boring Bio Author Nancy Juetten says many are just not prepared for their moment in the spotlight.  As a result, they suffer lost opportunities to attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews.

“The gap between what aspiring experts want and their readiness to step up, stand out and shine in their own light is a huge hurdle that stands between opportunity and prosperity,” Juetten says.  To ease that pain, today Juetten shares eight questions to ask and answer to find out how ready they are to welcome expert status.  She also offers the GIFT of a virtual workshop to guide aspiring experts to learn even more, provided they visit in time for Christmas.

  • My head shot looks great and looks like my current reflection in the mirror. Read the rest…
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My Dream is for 100,000 to Receive the Gift of Publici-Tea™ Before Christmas 2010.

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Yesterday I had the good fortune to hear Marcia Weider of Dream University speak at eWomenNetwork.  She spoke about the importance of clarity, belief, and action in order to achieve our dreams.

I have a big dream that I would love to achieve between now and December 25, 2010 with your support.  So proud am I of the quality content we shared at the 2nd Annual Publicitea™ and Book Publishing Summit, my short term goal is for 100,000 people around the world to benefit from it between now and Christmas Day AS MY GIFT.

You and everyone you know can benefit in these ways:

  • You’ll enjoy an engaging, toe-tapping video for three minutes of inspiration, and you may even see yourself within it if you were “in the house!”  Special thanks to Gina O’Daniel of O’Daniel Designs for creating this video.
  • You’ll get inspired to get the book in your head onto paper with Book Publishing Coach Patrick Snow as your guide
  • You’ll be able to take the Rock Star Status Reality Check with me as your guide
  • You’ll enjoy the Power Point presentation to follow along with both audio presentations

I am clear that this is a great gift for you.  I believe you and everyone you know will be well served by this gift.
All you need to do now is ACT. It’s my holiday gift to you and a gift you return to me by inviting everyone you know to benefit.

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Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit Video Rocks, Thanks to Gina O’Daniel at O’Daniel Designs

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Check out the highlight video created by Gina O’Daniel of O’Daniel Designs from the 2nd Annual Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit, held last Friday, December 10 at the beautiful Seattle Design Center.  Patrick Snow and I delighted our guests with useful tips, resources, and inspiration to finally get our books done and to step up, stand out and SHINE as experts in our fields.

If you missed the live event, be sure to visit before Christmas 2010 so you can benefit from the two content-rich audio files, the PowerPoint presentation, the Rock Star Status Reality Check, and more.  It’s my holiday gift to you, provided you opt-in before Christmas. I’ll donate 5% of net profits from any sales made to the DIY Publicity Store between now and then to Rise N Shine.

Isn’t it time to step up, stand out and SHINE in all your brilliance to make 2011 your best year ever?  Let me hear you say “YES!”  If not now then when?  If not you, then who.  If not this, then what?  Yes is the answer.

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A Story with Great Heart Unfolded While the Publici-Tea™ Was Brewing

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Kim Crumpler, founder of Uniquely Savvy, an image & style consulting company (featured in the far right of this photo), is known for her personal style.  That is  why it came as no surprise that she arrived at the 2nd Annual Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit festively dressed and wearing ruby red and glittery high heeled shoes.

During the informal networking, Randy Small (featured in the center of the above photo) commented about her sassy shoes.    Kim received the compliment and said she thought it was unusual for a man to take notice of those shoes.  Debbie Whitlock (far left of photo) gave Randy a knowing smile.

Having worked with Randy prior, Debbie knew that Randy is the fortunate recipient of a donor heart that once beat for a young woman — Katie Kuhns from Homer, Alaska —  whose life was cut short at 22 years of age.

Debbie said, “Randy is a chick at heart.” Right then and there, a conversation began about the importance of organ and tissue donation.  Randy had the amazing good fortune to meet his donor’s family in Homer three years after she passed away.  “The Kuhns family is wonderful,” Randy says.  “While nothing can lessen the tragedy of their loss, they are grateful that Katie’s decision allowed others to live.”  Now Randy carries her signed donor card in his wallet as a constant reminder about the extraordinary gift of life Katie gave to him through her final act of generosity.

Randy and the Kuhns have become friends through this special bond, and he and his girlfriend — also a donor heart recipient he met at the clinic —  spent a week with the Kuhns this past summer.

Debbie Whitlock’s father also received the Gift of Life, thanks to a kidney donation several years ago.  Since then, Debbie has been advocating to everyone she knows about the importance of signing a donor card.  She met Randy through her volunteer work with Life Center Northwest.

In the world of small worlds, my friend, neighbor, and fellow publicist Cynthia Flash serves as the public relations talent for the NW Kidney Foundation.  I got in touch with her about this heart warming story, and she is fast at work to see about inviting an even wider audience of people to be delighted by it.

You never know what magic will manifest at these wonderful events at which informal networking, sharing, giving and receiving are taking place with joy and wonder, perhaps three heel clicks at a time.

Randy agrees wholeheartedly, pun intended, saying:  “There is no place like Homer.”

Randy is living his life with the heart of a hero.  He awakens each day with a sense of gratitutde and tries to honor Katie’s Gift of Life every day.

“I have an ordinary life, but my life is very precious to me.  The only reason I am able to continue that ordinary life is because someone chose to do something extraordinary — to be an organ and tissue donor.  To be a hero.”

Well said Randy Small.

Make sure you register your wishes to or your local organ procurement organization or Department of Motor Vehicles.

And, if you want to know everything that happened at the 2nd Annual Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit, be sure to register at before Christmas.  The content is my gift to you to share with the world as long as you act by 12-25-10.

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It Takes a Village …The Publici-Tea™ Cup is Overflowing with Gratitude

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The photos from the 2nd Annual Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit are starting to flow in, thanks to Gina O’Daniel at O’Daniel Designs, who is fast at work creating a sassy video to be put to equally sassy music.   I can’t wait to share that with you.

For this event, I got my son Kyle involved.  He mixed very inspiring music to get our 75 guests grooving, inspired, and connecting during the informal networking.   I express my thanks to Seattle Design Center Marketing Director Craig Cross for opening the doors of this beautiful venue for our gathering.  I also thank Executive Director of  Rise N Shine for being “in the house” to share an inspiring news story about the good this non-profit organization delivers for kids whose lives are impacted by HIV and AIDS.  He is the fellow to the far right of the second photo.

Special thanks to my promotional partners for their part in promoting and supporting this event:  O’Daniel Designs, VLST Media, Speaker/Publisher, Win the Click, The Alternative Board, Vervante, Debbie Whitlock, and the Puget Sound Business Journal.  It takes a village.  Thanks for being in my village.

Patrick and I are grinning for the satisfaction of having delivered quality content to inspire our guests here and beyond to get their books out of their heads and onto paper and to be truly ready to welcome the expert status they seek by telling better stories now.   We can’t wait to serve as the “reinforcements” to guide our guests to step up, stand out and shine in all their brilliance.

If you weren’t able to be “in the house” you can enjoy the event virtually, provided you opt-in at before Christmas.  Don’t miss out.  Click here so you don’t miss a thing.

This event will be turned into a physical product in January to be sold at the DIY Publicity Store, so now is your window to gain access to this content as a gift.   Don’t miss it.

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2nd Annual Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit Rocked! Plus a Gift to Anyone in the World Who Missed It

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Oh, the thrill of producing and executing an event that earns raves all around.  My Publici-Tea™ cup runneth over.

Yesterday’s 2nd Annual Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit at Seattle Design Center was brimming with amazing people, quality content, and the spirit of giving.   Our fabulous guests in the house — about 75 in all — contributed $432 to Rise N Shine, along with an abundance of incidental camp items to make this summer even more fun for kids whose lives are affected by HIV and AIDS.   And, additional sales have been flowing to my DIY Publicity Store that are bringing this total still higher every day.   Thanks so much to everyone who contributed their small change to make a big difference for these worthy kids.

Everyone posed for photos and shared wonderful video testimonials.   Gina O Daniel of O’Daniel Designs and Brad Tollefson of VLST Media are fast at work to create amazing work that will most certainly put our guests in the spotlight.  We should have the first round of images to share by Wed., Dec. 15, so stay tuned.

Patrick Snow delighted the audience with his insights, stories, and invitation to guide guests to step up and get their books out of their heads and onto paper to one day welcome new streams of income.

I shared the Rock Star Status Reality Check to help everyone realize the importance of getting ready for their moment in the spotlight, along with plenty of useful tips, suggestions, and success stories to inspire everyone into action.  It’s one thing to say you want to be known as the expert.  It is another thing entirely to be truly ready to rock.  This quiz offers that timely reality check so many need to get dressed and ready to go to the show as the experts they are.

The Twitter love is flowing, and so are the raves on Facebook.  If you were “in the house” please keep the love flowing by referencing #publicitea in your posts.  I’d love to see your photos and learn your observations.  What were your “aha” moments and take-aways?  Please share!

And,  here is the holiday gift to anyone in the world who wasn’t able to join us. Simply opt-in at between now and Christmas Day 2010, and you’ll gain access to all these goodies as my holiday gift to you:

  • MP3 audio files of all the great content
  • The PowerPoint presentation that makes it easy to follow along
  • The Rock Start Status Reality Check
  • Access to the event-day video
  • And more!

And, if you decide to treat yourself to anything at the DIY Publicity Store between now and then, I’ll donate 5% of profits right back to Rise N Shine.

Popular selections include Bye-Bye Boring Bio, the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Workshop, and the Build YOUR Buzz Strategy Session/Power Hour with Nancy.

Based on the great feedback flowing, this is truly content not to be missed!   It’s a big deal to produce an event like this, so treat yourself and don’t miss it.  And tell all your friends from here and beyond to check out what we brewed up at the 2nd Annual Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit.

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