Small Change, Big Difference, and an Invitation to Strap on Your Angel Wings to Help Some Worthy Kids

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Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I enjoying revisiting some of my favorite episodes of The Oprah Winfrey Show, thanks to the 20th Anniversary DVD Collection I received as a birthday gift a few years ago.  This woman has left an amazing heart print on so many people’s life and work, including my own. I am forever in my admiration.  I laughed.  I cried, and I reflected about the power of gratitude and how each of us can make a difference for others in our own way, no matter how big or small.

When Oprah’s Angel Network debuted, she was inspired by a young girl who was saving her pennies to make a difference for someone else.  She decided to extend that same idea to her viewing audience.  Soon, college educations for deserving young people were being funded, houses for the needy were being built, and a host of other good work was done in the world.  Oprah said, “Small change can make a big difference.” She was so right.

That is why I am so excited about what I have brewing on December 10.  Over 135 people have pre-registered to attend the Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit at Seattle Design Center.   There is no admission fee.  Rather, guests are being asked to bring an incidental camp item to donate to the Rise N Shine Camp Project so kids and teens living with HIV and AIDS can have a wonderful, worry-free, and memory-packed summer camp experience.    Small change can buy a lot of flash lights, back packs, suntan lotion, and bug spray for kids who need a great week of fun this summer.  This message must be resonating with a great many people, because we have reservations for a full house already!

And, to make things even brighter for the kids and for the people I serve who are serious about shining in all their brilliance by telling better stories now anywhere in the world, I am donating 5% of profits from any purchase to my DIY Publicity Store between now and December 10 to Rise N Shine.  Treat yourself to tools and training you need to be in better shape to tell your story to attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews now, and a portion of every purchase will benefit these worthy kids.

Small change.  Big difference. Come play with me. It will do your heart good — and make your business better, too.

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Yes – You Too Can Add Video To Your Facebook Wall — Gina O’Daniel Explains

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Today, my guest blogger is Gina O’Daniel — a talented graphic designer who also has quite a talent for video production.   I’ve engaged her to create a sassy video to capture the magic that unfolds at the December 10 Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit.  I can’t wait to see what she and her team create!

If you’ve been shooting video and asking yourself how you add it to your Facebook wall, you will love Gina’s step by step explanation.   And, if you get into any difficulty, post a question here so Gina can respond to everyone’s collective benefit.

Take it away Gina!

Read the rest…

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Why Your Event Needs a Hashtag on Twitter

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If you are a newbie to social media, my guess is that you are saying to yourself, “What is a hashtag, and why do I need one anyway.”  Did I get that right?

Hail to Constant Contact for explaining in very clear terms why your event needs a hashtag on Twitter.  Click here to read this very useful post.

In the world of small worlds, just yesterday, I was on the phone with my good friend and business growth strategist Tammy Redmon as we talked about this very subject, and today the perfect, informative explanation appears.   Serendipity is a beautiful thing.

As media savvy as I am, there is always something new to learn, and my lesson today was “hashtags.”  In fact, I am already in action on Twitter with the new hashtag for the December 10 Publici-Tea™  and Book Publishing SummitThe hashtag is #publicitea.

Since we’ve got 120 or so people already signed up (and room to welcome 10 more) to enjoy this content-rich session, the timing is perfect to invite everyone to start asking questions, posting comments, and letting me and my event co-host Patrick Snow know what they most want to learn on event day.  This hashtag will also be useful during the event as guests take their opportunity to Tweet about the content as it is shared and post about the event after the fact.

So, there is your lesson for today about hashtags on Twitter.  If you are inclined to help build some buzz, consider sharing these Tweets using the #publicitea hashtag, and see how easy and immediate it is to search for the conversation string and see what the buzz is about.

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Award Wins Pay Off for Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer Jerry Gay

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I read a fabulous article in New Spirit Journal about Pulizer Prize Winning Photographer Jerry Gay that should provide timely inspiration to get recognized for the great work you do in the world because you never know what wonderful doors may open next.

Gay was a 28-year-old young buck working for The Seattle Times who was inspired to enter a photo he took of firemen on a break at an early morning house fire in Burien, Washington.  He asked the secretary at the paper how to enter the photo in contention for a Pulitzer prize.  He entered, and he won.

“This reaffirmed for me that if you listen to your inner voice, believe in who you are, go forward and do what you’re meant to do, things happen.”  He says that he felt the Pulitzer was meant to open doors for him.  “Even years later, I would call someone to do a story and I would say, ‘By the way, I won a Pulitzer prize,’ and they would say ‘Oh, we’ll talk to you.'”

As you look to 2011, what award contests can you enter that could shine a light on the brilliance you bring to the marketplace?  Are you among the 40 Under 40 in your community who are making a difference and building a thriving business?  Are you writing copy that is worthy of celebration?  Are you — like Veronica Mayo of Veymaca — among the leading moms in business according to the voters at StartUpNation?

Being seen, heard, and celebrated for your winning ways gives  you bragging rights that can lend credibility and curiosity to what you offer, and that can often lead to a new stream of sales and other revenue generating opportunities.

How do you want to get seen, heard, and celebrated in 2011?   Think big, and start preparing your story so when your moment comes to put your hat in the ring, you are ready.   If you’d like to read one of my articles about getting ready for award contests,  here is a link to make that easy.

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Just 15 Seats Remain Before 12-10 Publici-Tea and Book Publishing Summit is at Capacity

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If you’ve been thinking about registering for the 2nd Annual  Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit with me and Patrick Snow as your hosts, don’t wait a moment longer.  Already 116 people have pre-registered to attend, and just 15 seats are left.  If you are serious about getting known as an expert in your field or finally writing that book that will accelerate your path to expert status, this is a must attend session.  The event takes place Friday, December 10 from 9:30 a.m. to noon at Seattle Design Center.   The link to learn more and register is right here.

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Psssst. The Link to the Big Sale to Benefit Rise N Shine is Alive and Waiting for You

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On Tuesday of this week, I sent out my ezine to let all my subscribers know that I’ve got a special sale going on.   There was a technical glitch with the link, so no one has been able to benefit … yet.  The good news is that the problem is now officially solved.  Hurray.

Here’s the deal.  Starting now through December 10, I am donating 5% of profits from anything you buy from my DIY Publicity Store to Rise N Shine to benefit the summer camp program for kids and teens living with HIV and AIDS.  These kids deserve to have the best possible time at camp to make memories and feel fabulous this summer, and together we can make some magic happen between now and Dec. 10.

This is also the date of the 2nd Annual Publici-Tea™ and Book Publishing Summit at Seattle Design Center, for which just 15 seats are left.  Everyone who is coming is bringing a donation of camp incidentals — like bug spray, sun tan lotion, and flashlights — as their tax deductible admission ticket to contribute to Rise N Shine.  It’s going to be an amazing event.

If you wish to claim one of the 15 remaining seats as your own, here is the link to pre-register.

And, when you decide to treat yourself to the e-version of Bye-Bye Boring Bio between now and December 10, you get the Authentic VisibilityPublicity e-Tips Booklets that are packed with 147 powerful ways to boost your business with free publicity as a bonus gift.  With these popular items at the ready, you’ll be set to both  prepare and share your story with impact and ease in the new year so you can get seen, heard, celebrated and COMPENSATED for your expert status.

Here is the link to benefit from the e-sale for Bye-Bye Boring Bio.  Those 147 etips to boost business with free publicity are your bonus gift with purchase through December 10.   And I’ll donate 5% of profits from the sale of any product or service you buy at the DIY Publicity Store to Rise N Shine through December 10.   Shop to your heart’s content and feel fabulous about it.  Jump in so you can stand out and shine in more ways than one.

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Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Workshop Dates Set for 2011

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I am happy to share a photo of my fabulous Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Workshop guests from the November 12 event.

The woman holding the book in this picture is Denise Marinacci of Flaunt-It Inc.  This is what she had to say about her workshop experience:

“Recently I attended Nancy’s Bye Bye Boring Bio Workshop and left with a killer bio. Her magic in pulling out the juicy parts of your background and skills are jaw dropping. What I viewed as ordinary became extraordinary under Nancy’s keen eye. I’ll be posting my new bio EVERYWHERE.” – Denise Marinacci, Flaunt- Inc.

If you want what Denise and others are having, make plans to attend a Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Workshop in 2011.  Upcoming dates are January 14, February 11, March 11, April 15, May 13, and June 17.

And, if you want the personal attention and focus that flows when you have me all to yourself, sign up for an Extreme Bio Makeover.

David Steele, founder of Relationship Coaching Institute, engaged me to prepare two new bios to support the good work he has brewing.  So delighted was he that he sent an e-blast to his worldwide membership yesterday, advocating for my work.    You can bet that made my day.

Happy clients really do make the difference, especially when they have influence over so many more people who can benefit.  Thank you David and Darlene Steele for your advocacy.   For those of you who are therapists and coaches who want to benefit from the practice building support available via RCI,  be sure to check out what David and Darlene have brewing by visiting David’s link above.

And, if you want to benefit from an Extreme Bio Makeover as David has, I’d be happy to work with you.

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Sven Mogelgaard of Byte Slaves Inc. Shares More LinkedIn Video Posting Tips

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Let the good how-to information keep flowing for those of you who want to upload your video links to LinkedIn.  Kelsey Foster’s prior post has been quite popular and much appreciated.

Today, I share another guest post from Sven Mogelgaard of Byte Slaves Inc. And, I worked through his first video placement instructions and quickly added two of my newest videos to my profile page in less than five minutes.  You can too.  Take it away Sven, and thank you.

Inserting and Displaying Video On Your LinkedIn Profile Page

There are three ways to display video on your LinkedIn profile page.  Each has its pros and cons.  Let’s look at the easiest way first.

LinkedIn allows you to post three URLs in your Profile box under Websites.  If you haven’t used all three it’s very simple to add video from any site that allows you to share video with a URL (YouTube, SlideShare, etc).

1.     Log in to your account and select Edit Profile

2.     In the light blue box with your profile information click on Edit next to Websites

3.     You will see a page entitled Additional Information

4.     Click the drop down menu for any of the three Websites and select Other

5.     You will be given the option to enter a description of your link – describe your video here (e.g. My Video or Meet Me)

6.     Paste the URL that links to your video into the URL field

7.     Click Save

That’s all there is to it.  Now the link shows up in your profile box and visitors can click a link to view your video, and the video opens in a separate window.  Easy squeezy!  But what if you have used up all your Websites or want to post video in another format?

The other two methods involve adding Applications to your profile.  To add an application to your profile:

1.     On the Edit Profile page, scroll down to the Applications section and select Add an application

2.     Choose the application you wish to install (in this case or Creative Portfolio Display)

3.     Follow the instructions to set up a new account for your profile (you can use an existing account if you have one, but they’re free and you can devote these to LinkedIn exclusively)

4.     Upload the video you wish to display. does impose file size restrictions on its free accounts.  There is no video player application associated with, so the visitor must have a compatible program with which to view your production.

Creative Portfolio Display is the most elegant – and most complex – option for adding video.  Once you have installed the app and set up your Behance account you are presented with a wizard that takes you through the process of displaying your video or other media.  There are several steps and you’ll need to have some graphics, keywords, descriptions and tags ready to enter.  Once this is done, however, your video is published to your LinkedIn profile page.  You can post multiple projects and visitors can view them without ever leaving your profile.  You can manage what visitors see and your account setting (for the most part) from within LinkedIn.

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How to Add Video to Your LinkedIn Profile – Guest Post by Click Studios Group Founder Kelsey Foster

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Last week, while attending the SHINE Discover Your True Wealth Conference in Las Vegas, hosted by Ali Brown, one of the speakers said that LinkedIn now allows you to post videos to your profile.  Since there is always something new to learn, I asked my Facebook community how exactly to do that, step by step. Kelsey Foster, founder of Click Studios Group, replied.  If you have been stumped about how to add video to YOUR LinkedIn profile, this guest post shows you the steps to get the mission accomplished.

And, I followed these steps myself, and my newest video is now posted to my LinkedIn profile.  Just click here and scroll to the bottom of the profile to see the magic that manifests during the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Workshop, and you’ll see it there.

If I can do this, you can, too.  Take it away Kelsey.

How to Add Video to Your LinkedIn Profile – Step by Step

By Kelsey Foster

LinkedIn has come a long way over the last five years. And in the last year, they’ve gone to great lengths to provide options you can use to make your profile stand out from the crowd. You can have your Twitter feed directly into your profile by adding the Twitter app, you can collaborate on documents by using the Projects & Teamspaces app, and you can have your WordPress blog seamlessly link up using the (you guessed it) WordPress app. So when Nancy posed the question about how to add video to your profile, I went to my LinkedIn profile and expected to see a YouTube app. But no such luck!

However…with a little Google help, I found out a way that you can add video to your LinkedIn profile. Actually, there are two ways to do it – you can either add the Google Presentations app or the SlideShare app to your profile. I looked at both ways and it appears that using Google Presentations might be the easier way to do it, so I’ll provide the steps here. If you prefer using SlideShare, you can Google “add video LinkedIn slideshare” and find some step-by-step guides.

This process involves YouTube, Google Presentations, and Google Docs in addition to LinkedIn. The first step is to make sure you have a Google Docs account. You start with a Gmail address, if you don’t have one currently they are a snap to set up. Once you have your Gmail set up, go into your Account to find Google Docs, just so you know what it looks like. Stay logged into your Gmail/Google account.

Alrighty…here we go!

1.      Log into your LinkedIn account. Go to your profile and find the yellow bar that allows you to add new sections to your profile.

2.      Scroll through the list and select Google Presentations. Add the application and a new window will open up to begin uploading content.

3.      If you already have a PowerPoint presentation that had video in it, you can click to upload it. If you don’t, select Create a Presentation. The Google Docs window will open.

4.      Click Create New>Presentation.

5.      Click Insert > Video from the top nav options. Note: your video must already be uploaded to YouTube.

6.      Search the YouTube pop-up window for your video. Once selected, it pops right into your presentation. I recommend deleting the text example boxes that are auto-populated in your presentation. Scale the video player to fill the entire slide area.  To do this,  click one corner of your video and hold down the Shift key and drag the player box to make it bigger.

7.      Name your presentation.

8.      Click File > Save and Close.

9.      Go back to your LinkedIn window and refresh your browser. Your newly created presentation should appear now as an option to select in your Google Presentation.   Select it and it is now in your profile! Note – the app lets you feature one presentation at a time on your LinkedIn profile.

Go forth and post your best video to YOUR LinkedIn profile.  If you get into trouble, post your question to this blog, and I’ll gladly answer it.

Kelsey Foster is the founder and owner of Click Studios Group. She is an award-winning graphic designer and former marketing director. The mission at Click is to help businesses create strategic online marketing efforts that tie-in with their overall marketing objectives. We create custom social media presences (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn), provide editorial calendars for ongoing content and engagement, and can start by assessing your current situation and giving you an online marketing roadmap to maximize your success. ‘Like’ our Facebook page to receive free Click Tips!

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New Bio and a Targeted Story Pitch Land Bernice Bright Dickey’s Story in the Houston Chronicle

Bye-Bye Boring Bio Success Story, Media Savvy 101 Comments Off on New Bio and a Targeted Story Pitch Land Bernice Bright Dickey’s Story in the Houston Chronicle

In September, Bernice Bright Dickey signed up for an Extreme Bio Makeover, and by the time the ink was dry on the new bio, a targeted pitch was on its way to the faith/values editor at the Houston Chronicle to invite a feature story.  The pitch was right on target, and Bernice’s story is now being told.  Check it out at this link.

Here is the pitch I sent, which enlisted a reply within minutes.  This pitch showcases how useful it can be to have your bio and relevant prior media coverage embedded within the text of an email to make it easy for the reporter to decide to proceed.  Notice that the pitch makes clear why Bernice’s story is timely, useful, relevant, compelling and local?  This is always a winning recipe.

The lessons here are simple. First prepare your story.  Then share your story.   It’s just that simple.  And it works.

Hi Diane,

Since you write about health for the Houston Chronicle, I am connecting with you to share a compelling story about emotional healing that seems especially timely, given that our nation is preparing the honor the anniversary of the 9-11 tragedies and the people of the Gulf Coast continue to heal in the aftermath of the losses suffered at the hands of Hurricane Katrina.   This is a story about a local woman who has traveled a remarkable journey of emotional healing to triumph over great personal tragedy and commit her life to guiding others to do the same.

Bernice Bright Dickey, a resident of Sugarland, Texas, has a powerful message to share about rising up to achieve what is possible in the face of profound personal loss.  You may remember reading about a tragic car accident within the pages of the Houston Chronicle in January of 2002.

Her husband Kevin and 10-year-old daughter Naomi were killed when their car and a train collided, and baby Miriam was the only one to survive the accident before the car exploded in a sea of flames.    Bernice, in one moment, went from wife and mother to widow and single mother.  What makes Bernice’s story especially compelling is that this accident was the second accident to claim members of her immediate family.  Her parents were taken from her as a result of an auto accident that took place 11 years prior.

Today, Bernice has emerged from her despair to write a book and become a minister of healing to others who are in some process of grieving profound loss.   Bernice is a licensed minister of the Gospel at Kainos Community Church in Katy, TX. At Kainos she is a Rhema Minister, bible study teacher, and teacher trainer for all bible study teachers. She is fiercely committed to guiding the bereaved and broken-hearted to achieve reconciliation of their profound losses and closure in reconciling past hurts so they can move forward with perspective and feel gratitude for the lives they must be fully present to lead.

As Bernice shares her journey from despair to possibility, she guides others to:

  • Get unstuck in their grieving process
  • Gift themselves and others the treasure of forgiveness
  • Release bitterness and anger to open the door for grace
  • Tame depression
  • Rise up and be resilient, knowing that what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger
  • Look forward to the rest of their lives with gratitude and belief that the best is still yet to come

Diane, don’t you agree that these messages seem especially timely and relevant and quite compelling to share with the readers?  My sense is that the readers would be inspired to learn how Bernice overcame the tragedies and losses of her own family members to rise up to guide others to do the same.    Here is a link to make it easy for you to learn more about Bernice and her book, entitled “My #1 is Still My #1”

I would be happy to arrange a convenient time for you to talk with Bernice and learn more about her story as a means to inform and inspire your readers at a time when her message can guide and heal in perfect timing.  I will follow up with you by phone in a few days to check your interest in this story, unless I hear from you first.


Nancy Juetten

If you are ready for action, you know where to find me and engage me to help so you can get seen, heard, and celebrated — just like Bernice.

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