Setting the Right Price for Bye-Bye Boring Bio 2nd Edition to Serve the Greatest Good

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If you’ve ever written a book, created a product, or put your heart and soul into something, you know all too well how easy it can be to get emotionally involved in the value that is associated with that amazing thing you’ve just created.

This I know all too well since I have invested the better part of 40 days creating the updated, revised, and much expanded second edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio.    When you eat, drink and sleep a project over such a focused period of time, you get emotionally invested.    Setting aside that emotion to arrive at the right price has been much on my mind.

The first edition was 52-pages of quality content and sold to people all over America and the world for $49.  People loved it and profited from the information within, and their amazing testimonials offer welcome proof.

Now the second edition is a whole lot better than the first.  It includes 143 pages of quality content.  It offers 10 road-tested worksheets that make getting to the heart of your message fast and painless.  Abundant bio examples from clients who have used the tips and templates to write “rock star” bios of their own are showcased to inspire your own writing efforts.  And, if that weren’t enough, this system also provides access to three content-rich audio interviews to bring the content alive with practical suggestions that can guide users to get seen, heard, celebrated and compensated for expert status.

What should be the right price? Here is what I have decided and believe in my heart.  This comprehensive system is so good that people everywhere should be able to buy it and profit from it.  It is better than ever and deserves a very wide and appreciative audience.

Taking Tad Hargrave’s message in the prior blog post about narrowing one’s niche to heart, what I know to be true is that there are over 27 million solopreneurs in the marketplace who are working very hard to get seen, heard, celebrated and compensated for their expert status.  They need all the help they can get, now more than ever.

With that said, the price for the Second Edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio has been officially set at $2 LESS than the first edition.   This is a demonstration of my commitment to advance the success of those I am here to serve.

A great deal of value is packed within this comprehensive system.  The spiral bound version of Bye-Bye Boring Bio is waiting for you at the budget friendly price of $47.   And, you can add the e-version to your order for just $10 more.   You can also purchase the e-version for $47 and enjoy the immediate gratification associated with receiving your product as an immediate digital download.    And, if $47 is beyond your budget, you can access the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action e-Worksheets on an a la carte basis for $27.

Best of all, when you apply the lessons and tips within to your expert advantage, you will be poised to attract more of the right clients, invite more speaking engagements, and welcome media interviews to advance your expert status and fan the flames of your prosperity.    Given the demands of the economy, this seems like a mission well worth the journey.   This is your invitation to take the first step by preparing YOUR story and transforming it from wallpaper to wow right now.

Independent service professionals from a wide range of industries are represented within the Second Edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio.   You can search through the index to find bios for authors, speakers, infopreneurs, personal safety and identity theft experts, a virtual assistant, a home stager, a forensic accountant, a financial planner, and a wide range of life and executive coaches for message inspiration to make writing your own bio a breeze.

Speaking of which, here are the names of those whose bios are proudly featured within the second edition:

Dennis Connor, Barry Diller, Brian Tracy, Patrick Snow, Tammy Redmon, Leslie Irish Evans, Bernice Bright Dickey, Bill Baren, John Eggen, Risa Davis, Catherine Behan, Nina Durfee, Nicole Donnelly, Dawn Martinello, Suzanne Falter-Barns, Kim Duke, Michael Gerber, Marci Shimoff, Nancy Marmolejo, Alice Cunningham, Paulette Ensign, John Curley, Tad Hargrave, John Hutson, Sara Harvey Yao, James Roche, Jeff Bow, Melissa Wadsworth, Steve Juetten, Kammie Lisenby, Larry Kaminer, Don Burrows, Vicki Draper, Fred Matthews, Betty James Laughrun, Margit Crane, Elise Chaudoin, Robert Siciliano, Katherin Scott, Janet Swtizer, Patricia Fripp, Bill Stainton, James Donaldson, Alison Vaughn, and Lori Richardson.    You are all rock stars in my book!

I’ve put my very best effort into this new system with the goal of empowering soloprenuers the world over to prepare and share their stories so the marketplace can celebrate.   Thanks in advance for spreading the word to people you know who can benefit.   With your support and some thoughtful and deliberate action on the parts of those who are ready to stand out and shine with the right bios for the right situations, boring bios will soon be a thing of the past.  Soon we’ll all have a whole lot more to celebrate!

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How Narrow is Your Niche? Tad Hargrave’s Take in These Funny Videos Makes a Powerful Point

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My friend Tad Hargrave of Radical Marketing is a marketing savvy guy who knows how to use humor to make a point.   Tune in to see these hysterical videos that showcase the importance of narrowing your business niche to serve the right people.    There is some colorful language within these videos, so consider yourself warned.  Still,  tune in for moments of powerful truth that will also have you laughing and focusing on how to narrow your niche to better appeal to your ideal clients.  After all, we can’t be all things to all people.  We have to be the right things to the right people.   Enjoy!

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If You Missed ThinkBizNW, You Can Still Listen In and Kick Your Boring Bio to the Curb

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What a thrill to serve as the Friday morning keynote speaker at ThinkBizNW at Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, WA  on September 10.  If you weren’t able to attend, you can still tune in and benefit from ThinkBiz2010 about how to kick your boring bio to the curb and why you should.  Listen in and share this blog post with others who are ready to kick their boring bios to the curb at long last.

Special thanks to Lori Richardson of Score More Sales for recommending me to be one of the keynote speakers at ThinkBizNW.    Your glowing recommendation opened the door for me to share my message with a much wider audience, and I know a great many boring bios are soon going to be a thing of the past as a result.   Thank you for opening up a fabulous door of new opportunity for me.

And, on a practical matter, tomorrow, September 12 is the last day to register for the September 17 Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Workshop to be held at my Bellevue, WA home.   Why not set aside this Friday to finally get YOUR bio in rock star shape.  Read more about the workshop and register at this link. The Second Edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio is included in your workshop experience.  It’s going to be a delicious, action-packed event, and I would be thrilled to welcome you.  Additional workshop dates are set for October 15 and November 12, as well, so choose your best date and let’s make some magic happen in creating client attracting bios that will bring you more of the results you seek and sooner versus later.

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Shrinking Violet, Ambitious Violet, or Bold and Tall Daffodil – The Choice is Yours

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Those who are already bold and powerful in sharing their expertise with the world  are already out there, making the noise.

What then for the rest of us who may be a bit shy, introverted, or just darn uncomfortable talking about our own accomplishments and the value they bring?   These are people who need a little extra help to come out of hiding and into the light. This is where I’ve found my unique marketplace opportunity.

Believe it or not,   I completely relate to what it is to be an introvert.  And yet I’ve made my own journey from shrinking violet to ambitious violet to bold and tall daffodil.  That journey informs my ability to make a difference for others as I guide them to tell their stories well with the Bye-Bye Boring Bio system, the Extreme Bio Makeover service, and the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Workshops I love to teach.

Check out my newest video about why I made that transformation.      It’s called “The Choice is Yours.”   My invitation is for you to take steps along your journey to do the same.  I’d love to help your light shine brighter so you can welcome all the opportunities you seek and more.

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How to Get Publicity on Major Media Websites – Guaranteed! Register for 9-16 Teleclass with Dan Janal

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When the press release I crafted for the Dot Girl First Period Kit a week ago landed on CNBC and USA Today Toronto, I became a believer in Dan Janal’s Guaranteed Press Release service in short order.   And the press release to announce the debut of the 2nd edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio is already in the queue, waiting to benefit from this powerful service.   That’s why I asked him to share his program in a content-rich interview on Thursday, September 16 at  10 a.m. PST.

As we all know, publicity is an important tool for speakers because PR leads to profits. Getting publicity can set you apart from your competitors. Publicity can give you the visibility you need to attract new prospects and also get the credibility you need to make selling easier.  However, getting quoted in the media has never been an easy task. There’s a lot of competition from other speakers, authors and experts.

During this interview, you will learn how to tilt the odds in your favor with proven media tactics that you can implement yourself, without hiring an expensive PR firm. You’ll also learn how to get your press releases printed on many web sites from leading media publications, like,, and many city business journals, plus dozens of other websites with sizable audiences.

When you sign up for this call, featuring me interviewing PR LEADER Dan Janal, you will learn:

  • How publicity can actually help you get more speaking engagements and consulting projects.
  • The biggest mistakes people make with their press releases.
  • The #1 tactic to help you dominate the search engines for your topic.
  • How to get started with press release easily, so that it continues to help you grow your business.
  • How to use publicity tactics on a regular basis as part of your marketing plan so you can manage the process easily and get the best results possible.

“How To Get Publicity On Major Media Websites – Guaranteed!”
Thursday, September 16, 2010
1:00 PM Eastern / 10:00 AM Pacific

Here is the link to reserve your place.   Claim yours now.  And invite your friends.

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Extending a Hand Up to New Solopreneurs for Labor Day

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Tomorrow is Labor Day, and the news is packed with stories of people seeking work and wishing for better days to come sooner versus later.   These stories move me deeply.  So many people want to start up businesses of their own right now, but also find themselves strapped for cash.  It feels like a Catch 22.

What I know to be true after almost ten years in the trenches is that self-employment is not for the faint of heart.     I will also say that self-employment gives each of us more control over our own destinies.  That is what so many of us crave in these challenging times.

This brings me to a heart-felt offer that I hope will resonate.   The new, second edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio is a comprehensive program that guides solopreneurs to get seen, heard, celebrated AND compensated for their expert status.   The audio files, worksheets, road tested content and abundant bio examples offer a step-by-step road map to tell your story so the right people will listen and act. Attracting clients with well chosen words is a major emphasis of this program.

If you are a new or aspiring solopreneur who needs a hand up to tell YOUR story, here is my offer.  Post a comment to this blog about why you want to either receive a gift copy of Bye-Bye Boring Bio or attend my September 17 Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Workshop to be held in Bellevue, WA.   (Workshop winners are responsible for their own transportation to the wordshop.)  I’ll choose winners from those who comment, and you must offer your email address within your post.   Please forward this message to those who can benefit most.

Remember, it’s your story. Tell it well.   Your rewards in this blog contest will support your journey to do exactly that.

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Ready to ThinkBiz?

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Have you yet made your reservations to benefit from ThinkBizNW?   Conference organizers tell me that 150 people are already confirmed, and they are expecting a flurry of last minute registrants.  I hope you are among them.

I am honored to be the breakfast keynote speaker for the Friday, September 10 breakfast session.  I’ll be talking about how to kick that boring bio to the curb and why you should.  And, one lucky member of the audience will win an Extreme Bio Makeover by yours truly.   Here is the link to learn about the line-up of quality session leaders, the schedule of events, and to register.

Oh, by the way, this event gave me a reason to get the updated, revised, and much expanded second edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio ready to launch.  This comprehensive program of worksheets, articles, audio files and examples is going to help a great many people prepare the right bios for the right situations, and this edition emphasizes that a client-attracting bio is perhaps the most important version of all.    I’ll have more to share about this as we move along.

Please, join me at ThinkBizNW.  I’d love to meet you in person!

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Want to Taste what the 2nd Edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio Delivers? Here is Your “Pink Spoon”

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Oh, things are getting exciting around here.   We are putting the finishing touches on the second edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio to debut on 9-8-10, and I am convinced that this version is going to help a great many people at a time in our nation’s economy when getting people back to work is priority one.

President Obama said that “today, our most urgent task is to restore our economy and put the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs back to work.”  He added that “in the days to come, it must be our central mission as a people and my central responsibility as president.”

Let’s not forget that self-employment is a huge element in our nation’s economy.  In Daniel Pink’s best-selling book “Free Agent Nation” he wrote that there are some 25 million people engaged in some form of business start up across Main Street USA.  Those numbers have most certainly escalated over the last several years as so many people have left their traditional jobs or been shown the door, escaped from cubicle nation, or taken on freelance and consulting assignments to navigate the rocky waters of the Great Recession.

My contribution to lend support to this mission is a revised, updated, and much expanded 2nd edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio.  This comprehensive guide seeks to be the solopreneur’s ultimate action guide to get seen, heard, celebrated and compensated for expert status.   Those who seek to attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews will find this to be an invaluable tool.

If you would like a delicious taste of what this comprehensive workbook delivers, you can visit this link to download a 16-page excerpt.  It’s a gift from me to you that you can enjoy and share with anyone you know who can benefit.   And, if you are a journalist or a blogger who serves solopreneurs, independent professionals, and business owners and others who are engaged in commerce as members of “Free Agent Nation” or “Freelance Nation,” I welcome requests for book reviews.

Speaking of which, did you know you can post queries to invite product and book reviews on Blogger Link Up?   It’s easy to do.  Just sign up to benefit from this free service, prepare a write-up, make your submission, and specify your requirements.   My post ran this morning, and the book review requests are already coming in.

Here is the write-up I submitted:

Seeking Reviews – Bye-Bye Boring Bio Second Edition, Debuting 9-8-10!
Name: Nancy Juetten
Blog or Website URL:
What type of product are you offering for review?: e-workbook
What qualifies a blogger to review your product?: Bloggers and journalists who serve solopreneurs and business owners who want to attract clients, speaking gigs, and media interviews are good candidates to review this e-workbook. If you welcome 100 or more unique visitors each day to your blog, all the better!
This e-workbook is on a mission to guide others to get seen, heard, celebrated and COMPENSATED for expert status, while banishing boring bios forever.   Let’s hear from you to find out how well this book delivers what it promises!

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