One Good Thing Leads to Another. Mark Your Calendar for Oct. 26, 2010 for a Preview Call Not to be Missed

Media Savvy 101 Comments Off on One Good Thing Leads to Another. Mark Your Calendar for Oct. 26, 2010 for a Preview Call Not to be Missed

Earlier this year, Pam Perry invited me to talk about how to kick those boring bios to the curb with her community of 10,000  or more followers.   Quite a few people listened in and enjoyed the session.

One of them was David Mathison, who is the creator of the Blockbuster Online Success system.  As a direct result of hearing me share my message with Pam’s audience, he invited me to serve among his distinguished faculty. I mention this because you never know who is listening to your teleseminars. Sometimes amazing doors to new opportunity open as a direct result of sharing your message, and this is certainly happening more and more as I spread my own message well beyond my own backyard.

It wasn’t until James Roche, my information products coach, started encouraging me to host my own teleseminars earlier this year that I finally found the courage to give this a try.   Boy, am I glad I took his sage advice.  Thanks James!

That said, I am honored to be a faculty member for the Be the Media Blockbuster Online Success System along such industry luminaries and mentors as Janet Switzer, Peter Shankman, Joan Stewart, Susan Harrow, Dan Janal, and others.   I’ll be teaching my segment of this course — guiding you to transform your bio from wallpaper to wow — on November 4, and you’ll want to check out the full curriculum by visiting this link. The first preview call takes place October 26 and the balance of the curriculum will be delivered in November and December of 2010.

This course is all about how to make a living online doing what YOU love, on your time, from your own home.  This webinar series with over 30 industry leading success experts is packed with value you can apply to make your own business stand out, shine, and excel.

A shiny new year is coming fast and furious.  This course packs a tremendous punch of value to guide your online prosperity.   Join us in perfect timing to make your 2011 the best it can be.

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John Kremer Resource “1001 Ways to Market Your Books” and a Rant Worth Repeating

Book Publishing Comments Off on John Kremer Resource “1001 Ways to Market Your Books” and a Rant Worth Repeating

Among my favorite resources to both use and recommend to others who want to market their books is John Kremer’s 1001 Ways to Market Your Books.   My colleague Dan Janal posted about this book to his blog today, and I invite you to read all about it.

My 6th edition of this book is well used, and among the pages that are marked in yellow highlighting are pages 695 and 696, where Kremer offers a rant that I think is well worth repeating.

“Well, I’m tired of authors, print-on-demand published authors, and self-publishers who continually spend money trying to get other people to do what they should be doing.  I am sick and tired of that.  I hate the griping that no one wants to listen to you.  I hate the whining when another service provider takes you by the nose and wrings out all your money without providing much.  I hate the statement so many make that ‘I’m giving up because no one cares.’  Everyone cares.  Dang it.  Everyone cares.   Except you.  If you fall into one of the three whining patterns I’ve outlined above, I know exactly what is going on.  You don’t care.  Because if you really had any true passion for your book, nothing would stop you.  You wouldn’t wait for someone else to champion your book.  You would do it.  You would climb the highest mountain if need be, so people would know about your book.  or, you would parachute into Windsor Palace.  Or you would stand in front of a speeding truck.  You would die for your book.  If none of this makes sense to you, you are not an author.  You are a dilettante.  My apologies if this rant offends you, but some days I really get tired of authors who expect other people to do the work they should be doing.”

He goes on to say, “I know the above is some tough talk, but it really frustrates me when people have written a good book but won’t take the time to do the promotion necessary to get people to read their book.  What a shame.  Yes, there is a time when you can hire someone else to do some of the work, or pay someone to help you make your plans, or employ a service for a specific need.  But you should still be intimately involved in whatever someone else is doing.  Learn from them. Help them.  Incorporate their service into the other steps you are taking to marketing your book.”

So, if you have created a book, you owe it to yourself to read Kremer’s comprehensive book and act on the golden nuggets within, while heeding his tough talk.

At the end of the day, it comes down to what Success Coach Sue Clement calls “the vacuum cleaner paradigm.”  If the carpet is dirty, you have to buy a vacuum, plug it in, and push it around to scoop up the dirt.

In like fashion, if you want to sell more books, you have to choose the right tools and resources and use them consistently and tenaciously over time to scoop up all the opportunities you seek.   Otherwise, nothing happens.  And that would be a darn shame.

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Seth Godin Shares Tips for Your “About” Page

Bye-Bye Boring Bio Success Story Comments Off on Seth Godin Shares Tips for Your “About” Page

Seth Godin shares useful tips for your “About” page at his blog today.   These are timely and timeless suggestions that can play a powerful role in inviting more great opportunities, so apply them to your advantage.  Start today.

Speaking of which, I’ve been having fun anticipating the Halloween season in connection with all the launch activities for the 2nd edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio.  To that end,  here are 22 timely Tweets I’ll be sharing to guide my tribe to invite more of the kinds of treats they seek in their businesses.  If you’d like to help spread the good news, please do.   You can add the link above to the end of each Tweet.  Or, you can join my affiliate program and use your unique link to spread the good news so that additional rewards will flow.   Would love to welcome your support and advocacy as we join together to banish boring bios forever so solopreneurs the world over can build their buzz and their businesses by telling better stories now.

  1. Does your bio showcase your stunning results? Bye-Bye Boring Bio shows you how.
  2. Does your bio get ideal clients to that ‘like, trust, respect’ place fast?
  3. What succinct stories does your bio tell that compel your ideal clients to say ‘yes’ to what you sell.
  4. How sassy are your sound bites? Good ones help you attract clients.
  5. Does your speaker sheet compel meeting planners to say ‘yes’? Bye-Bye Boring Bio examples show you the way.
  6. Does your speaker intro invite applause before you say your first word? Bye-Bye Boring Bio examples show you how.
  7. Is your Twitter profile a-Twitter with personality? Bye-Bye Boring Bio examples inspire!
  8. When NPR invites your expert comments, what two sentences introduce you as the authority?
  9. Are your media placements showcased in your bio? Why not? Start today.
  10. How many I’s are in your bio? Shift the focus to your ideal client and see what good things happen next.
  11. Does your bio identify your tribe and niche? It should! Bye-Bye Boring Bio examples show you how.
  12. Do you have a 150-word speaker sheet that offers a descriptive, memorable headline? You should!
  13. Do you ask for testimonials systematically? Bye-Bye Boring Bio shows you how.
  14. Are your a master of new client enrollment? Bye-Bye Boring Bio audio bonus file shows you how.
  15. Are you attracting $$$ from your book before it is published? Bye-Bye Boring Bio audio bonus file shows you how.
  16. Struggling to write about yourself without bragging? Let Bye-Bye Boring Bio ease your pain.
  17. Transform that boring bio from wallpaper to wow now.
  18. Does your bio attract clients or snores? Bye-Bye Boring Bio wakes up decision makers fast.
  19. Bye-Bye Boring Bio.  Hello opportunity.
  20. Ready to scare away boring bios and gather more treats?
  21. Attract compensation with your rock star bio now.
  22. It’s your story.  Tell it well.  Let Bye-Bye Boring Bio show you how.The New Year will be here sooner than we can anticipate. Get that “new you” on paper so you can attract all the wonderful opportunities you seek and are so worthy of. And, of course, if you need a little help, help is close at hand. Registrations are now being accepted for the 10-15 and 11-12 Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Workshops. Join us!
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Timely Story Pitching Tips from

Media Savvy 101 Comments Off on Timely Story Pitching Tips from

Here’s a timely post to guide those of you who would love to be seen, heard, and celebrated within the content featured on this popular blog that serves the interests of women entrepreneurs all over the USA and the world.   Thank you Eva Gumpel for your straight talk that is going to guide a great many people to tell better stories now.

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Ever Wonder What Happens with Opt-Ins and Sales When You Host a Teleclass?

Measuring Results Comments Off on Ever Wonder What Happens with Opt-Ins and Sales When You Host a Teleclass?

Would you believe it if I told you that 26% of the people on today’s “LIVE” call about transforming boring bios from wallpaper to wow decided to take action and make a purchase today?  That was super encouraging news.  Being somewhat new to this process of sharing useful content by teleseminar, I can most definitely say that I was seen, heard, celebrated and COMPEN$ATED today.  And just under 200 people decided to become part of my community as a result of  having the opportunity to learn how to kick their boring bios to the curb.

I am really pleased with the feedback, the opportunity to build relationships with new members of my community, and to welcome sales to reward me for the effort put forth to share this information with a wider audience.  And, one new media interview invitation came my way as a direct result of the buzz created about this topic, and that interview takes place on Monday.

One good thing leads to another, and that is a beautiful thing — especially since I am in launch mode for a product that can ease the new client attraction pain that is deeply felt by so many who just struggle telling their own stories.

I’d love to hear from others who are offering teleseminars to find out the kinds of results they are welcoming.  Truth be told, this is a relatively new activity for me and having benchmarks about what to expect would sure be great.

In any case, so encouraged am I that I am extending the same amazing offers to those who elect to listen in on the REPLAY, which you can opt-in to enjoy via this link.

Offer #1: Nancy’s 10-10-10 Deal for a Great 2011

Be the first 10 people to treat yourself to the newly released 2nd edition of the popular and well-reviewed Bye-Bye Boring Bio program and you’ll benefit from a 10-minute laser bio feedback session with me to kick your best effort bio draft to a higher level of fabulous. The only catch is you must submit your draft to me on or before 12-10-10 so you can start 2011 with a new, rock star bio to serve as your ultimate client magnet.

And, the next 147 people to act — either by signing up for an upcoming Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Workshop or engaging me in an Extreme Bio Makeover — will benefit from the high value gift of 147 powerful etips to boost business and profits through the power of free publicity.

First, you have to PREPARE your story.  Then, you have to SHARE your story.  It’s really a step-by-step process that you have to keep taking to make progress along your journey to expert status.   The key is to get into action because when you do nothing, nothing happens.

So, listen in to the call that generated plenty of fan mail in real time and plenty of action on the parts of those who have declared NOW as the perfect time to attract more clients with a “rock star” bio that stands out and shines from all the rest.

And, if you are in a buying mood, just visit this link. The first 10 to buy get that 10-minute bio feedback session with me, and I am pretty good at this and will do my best for you!

Special thanks to Dan Janal, founder of PR Leads, for introducing me to his community of people who are serious about earning expert status and taking action to make it happen.   Welcome to the Authentic Visibility tribe.  It’s great to welcome you here!

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Got Questions about Your Client Attracting Bio? Now is the Time to Ask!

Blogging Basics Comments Off on Got Questions about Your Client Attracting Bio? Now is the Time to Ask!

If you have questions about how to makeover your bio to attract clients instead of snores, share them here at the blog or by email at  I’ll gladly answer them during tomorrow’s free teleseminar on the same topic.  If you haven’t yet registered, here is the link to make that easy.

If you are already a subscriber to my ezine, watch for it today because I am giving you early access to two really amazing offers that you won’t want to miss.  And I’ll be sharing them “live” during tomorrow’s call.  Believe me, these are not to be missed.

Speaking of asking questions, just yesterday, I asked an influential blogger that I admire tremendously if she would entertain a guest post from yours truly.  She agreed, and my post is LIVE at Nancy Marmolejo’s Viva Vivability Blog today.    It’s amazing what can happen when you just ask for what you want.

So, here is my request for you.  Visit my post at Viva Visibility Blog and see for yourself why this blog is one you should add to your RSS Feed today so you can benefit from another Nancy’s amazing wisdom.   She’s a rock star, as you will soon find out.  Please leave a comment on her blog so she knows you’ve stopped by — and everyone else does, too.  She plays with some amazing folks.  Why not join them!

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One Workshop Delivers New Bios for Nine Happy Guests! Do You Want What These Folks are Having?

Bye-Bye Boring Bio Success Story Comments Off on One Workshop Delivers New Bios for Nine Happy Guests! Do You Want What These Folks are Having?

Friday was a great day of hosting nine remarkable business owners in creating rock star bios to open more of the right opportunities for each.  Here is what my guests had to say about their experience:

“Nancy creates in infectious enthusiasm to guide each of us into owning our true power, confidence, and a better way of sharing our stories with those who are looking to find us!  Kyle’s apple cake was the bomb!!!    Thank you for a wonderful creative morning.”

— Doug Barlow

“I gained clarity about what I can say about myself in a fun and interesting way.  I am excited about launching my speaking business so I can make my mark on the world in service to others.  Having other people hear and respond to the draft bio helped and motivates me to make sure this gets finished.   This was so much fun!  It is so great to see you light up doing what you are gifted to share.”

— Audrey Godwin

“Thank you, Nancy, for using your gifts and calling to help me get my message out to the world in a more intriguing way.  You help my written voice to speak better.  Every speaker, author, and small business owner needs you in their arsenal!”

— Krista Dunk

“Having worked with other PR agents/publicists, I like Nancy’s spirit and get-to-the-point approach.  Thanks for a well spent morning of inspiration.”

— Matt Walters

“Nancy’s outstanding wordsmithing revamped my boring boilerplate bio and helped me create a captivating elevator speech.  If you’ve got writer’s block when it comes to writing about yourself, Nancy is the one who’ll get you unstuck.”

— Mindy Landesman

“The best part of the workshop is taking ‘you’ and putting it down on paper.  I love your energy.”

“Lovely home, relaxed setting, welcoming environment to explore one’s gifts.  Loved the group contribution and meeting others looking to be seen, heard, celebrated and compensated!”

If you want what these business owners are having, treat yourself and your business to the next Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Workshop, taking place Friday, October 15 at my lovely Bellevue, WA home from 8:30 a.m. to noon.  I’d be thrilled to welcome you.  And, if you want to bring this workshop to your upcoming conference, workshop, or a city beyond my Bellevue, WA backyard, let’s talk about it.  Give me a call at 425-641-5214 or send email to!

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Here’s the Audio Link to the Dan Janal Teleseminar on Guaranteed Press Releases

New Audio File to Support Your DIY Publicity Success Comments Off on Here’s the Audio Link to the Dan Janal Teleseminar on Guaranteed Press Releases

What a great call I hosted today with PR Leads Founder Dan Janal about Guaranteed Press Releases.  If you missed the call, don’t dismay.  You can enjoy the audio file by clicking on this link right now:  gpr dan nancy 9-16-10

As for my own experience with this service, yesterday my web traffic escalated by 43% and I welcomed four figures of sales of my products and services as a direct result of the interest that the press release stirred up about my offerings.   Several interview requests from major media have come in and been scheduled, too.   I couldn’t be more pleased with these results.

As you know, I never recommend a product or service I haven’t used myself to welcome solid results, and I can recommend Dan’s Guaranteed Press Release program without hesitation.  If you would like to take this service out for a spin, be sure to take advantage of Dan’s special offer, which he describes during the interview.

Dan is a very accessible expert who is happy to chat with you directly to come up with a winning way to share your news with your target audience.    You’ll love working with him.  I know I do.

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Once You Earn the Ink, Work It Baby! Plus, Final Reminder about Today’s 10 a.m. PST Teleseminar about Guaranteed Press Releases

Event Promotion, PR Beyond the Backyard Comments Off on Once You Earn the Ink, Work It Baby! Plus, Final Reminder about Today’s 10 a.m. PST Teleseminar about Guaranteed Press Releases

Yesterday the press release about Bye-Bye Boring Bio traveled far and wide, and my webmaster wasted no time capturing “screen captures” of those prestigious media logos that carried the news.

We’ll be posting these images to my online press room and sharing them in marketing materials because we know that the ink we earn today has even more value as we leverage it to earn credibility with even more people down the road.

If you want to learn more about how to make the most of YOUR press release efforts, my teleseminar interview with PR Leads Founder Dan Janal is scheduled to begin in about 45 minutes.  You can still register for the call and join well over 100 people who have already done so.  Why not join us!  Here is the link.

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NPR, CNBC, and USA Today – Hurray for Guaranteed Press Releases

Event Promotion, PR Beyond the Backyard Comments Off on NPR, CNBC, and USA Today – Hurray for Guaranteed Press Releases

Today is the day that news about the debut of the 2nd  edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio is traveling far and wide, thanks to a Guaranteed Press Release sent over the wire this morning.   Already the news has showed up on sites for, NPRUSA Today, and beyond.  The phone has been ringing with inquiries, the online shopping cart has been active with orders, and a prestigious business journal has asked to review the product.  It’s all good, and it’s only 10:30 a.m., so the day is young.

Would I love for the Red Sea to part and have thousands of people beat a path to my online shopping cart to buy?  Of course.   But to tell you the truth, that isn’t my expectation.

I issued this press release today because I want to invite new potential clients to sample the content I share, become members of my community, and get to a place of like, trust, and respect so when they are ready for what I offer, I am the first on their consideration list.  Having news about my company show up on the sites for prestigious media outlets gives me bragging rights I didn’t have prior, and that helps differentiate my offerings from those operating in obscurity.

This is a long distance race I am running here.   I don’t expect leaps and bounds progress.   I am paving a path for slow and steady success that is built one deliberate step at a time.

What I know for sure is that the second edition of Bye-Bye Boring Bio is the only guide of its kind that is focused squarely on helping solopreneurs get seen, heard, celebrated and compensated for their expert status.  It will continue to find its audience among the 27 million folks doing business in Free Agent Nation.  Over time, people will come to view me as the expert who serves in this capacity.  Whether folks purchase the Bye-Bye Boring Bio system, enroll in one of my Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Workshops, engage me to perform their Extreme Bio Makeovers, or invite me to bring my workshops or my keynote presentations to much larger audiences by teleseminar, webinar, or live presentation, I am here to serve.  I’ll continue to do my part to banish boring bios forever so more people can attract more of the right opportunities to make their unique and well compensated contribution to the marketplace.

Now, thanks to my Guaranteed Press Release, a great many more people know that I am here to help.   Rome wasn’t built in a day.  It happened brick by brick.   It’s all good.

If you want to learn more about how to use Guaranteed Press Releases to build the buzz about what you have brewing, be sure to register for tomorrow’s call with Dan Janal at 10 a.m. PST.  I’ll be interviewing Dan Janal about this very program.    Spaces are filling fast, so be sure to claim yours by registering at this link.

By the way, the September 17 Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Workshop is sold out, and we are accepting registrations for the October 17 and November 12 dates.  If you are ready to transform your boring bio from wallpaper to wow, register today.

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