Puppy Sitting, Ball Chasing, and Memories of a Special Dog Since Passed

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It’s summertime, and the neighbors are on a three-week tour or Europe. The good news for me is that I am enjoying the puppy energy and fun of puppy-sitting for Scooby, the yellow lab.  Scooby and Shadow,  my golden retriever, are having the time of their lives.  Running around in the yard chasing balls looks pretty good to me, especially since I work pretty hard at this work that I do.

My passion for dogs has been life-long.  There is something about that unconditional love and those adoring brown eyes gazing at you that just melts  life’s troubles away.   Around this time in 2004, I said goodbye to my first golden retriever.  Her name was Amanda, which means “worthy of love.”  She was.

As I smile at these two energetic dogs who can’t wait to welcome life with great joy, I will share the tribute to Amanda I wrote when she passed.   I miss her still, but she is alive forever in my heart.

For the Love of a Great Dog Named Amanda

My husband I moved to the Seattle area just about in 1987, and I didn’t know a soul.  Fortunately, we adopted a golden retriever puppy a few months later.  Amanda helped open doors to new friends and neighbors and wonderful places to play and explore.  Some say the people in the Northwest are nice, but not friendly.  I can say with fond authority that having a dog like Amanda makes all the difference in the world.

Read the rest…

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Raves for John Eggen’s Tips on Book Publishing, Plus Access to the Audio Recording!

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Raves for the John Eggen teleseminar continue to flow in via Facebook.

“Thanks so much for this event Nancy. John has so much info I’m still reading all the fab downloads. I have my book on QuickBooks about 50% done and it never occured to me I should be talking about it now. I’ve changed up my bio and my introductions…and I can’t wait for my 30 min call. Wow, the call for me was priceless.”

— Denise Marinacci

“Thank you Nancy Juetten for hosting the call with John Eggen.  Great, great tips on publishing your book.  Amazing — the power of  ‘author fo the forthcoming book.’  When I first saw the promotion for the call, it sounded a bit over the top, but when I listened everything John said made sense–or shall we say $$$$$$! Well worth my time investment.”

— Marlee Huber

So, with quality comments such as these, you can access the audio recording by following this link. A double opt-in process is required, and you will soon find that it is well worth it.

Enjoy and go forth as you write a client-attracting book fast that makes up to $150,000 in revenue BEFORE it is published. Plenty of people have done it.  Maybe you will be next!

And, of course, if you have additional raves or comments to share, both John Eggen and I are all ears.

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Want to Join Me at SHINE in Las Vegas?

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In May of this year, I attended the Oprah Live Your Best Life event in New York City, and it was a dream come true trip for me.   Traveling solo, I ventured to the Big Apple to meet 5,000 of my new best friends.  The experience did not disappoint, and I returned home very inspired to live my own best life.  Great things have been unfolding in my life and work since my return, and it’s a beautiful thing.  In fact, the blog post I shared about my experience has been among my most popular ever.

Last night, I made the decision to register for Ali Brown’s SHINE Event in Las Vegas November 2-4.   Here 1,000 coaches, consultants, heart based business owners, and other independent business owners will gather to benefit from keynote speakers, breakout sessions on a wide range of practical, business-building topics, and facilitated networking.  Since these are the people I serve most in my business, I want to connect with them, learn from them, and see what magic can manifest by being in the room to benefit from the quality programming in store for all.

Plus, I’ve been working by telephone with Marketing Coach James Roche since last December, and this event gives me an opportunity to meet him in person to thank him for the stunning, decisive results his coaching has helped me welcome in my business.   James coaches the Platinum Tier of Ali Brown’s Millionaire Protege Club, so he will most definitely be “in the house” at SHINE.  What a difference it has made for me to have a trusted, experienced, and successful guide to help me think through my own marketing strategy and refine the best approaches to deploy it to create the life and work I crave and deserve.

You know, I started the year working on my LIFE with Oprah and friends as my guides.  I’ll end the year reflecting on my best WORK with Ali Brown, James Roche, and other top performers as my guides.   Things are happening in the right sequence at long last, and I feel happier and more satisfied than ever.

Want to join me at SHINE to meet up with remarkable, talented people who have insights, tips, and resources to guide you along the next step in your unfolding and escalating business success?   Here is a link to make it easy to learn more and register.   Just click on the SHINE logo.  If you sign up by midnight tonight, you will save $500.    Such a deal!

Here’s to all of us finding the right recipe so we can connect, stand out, and SHINE in our lives and businesses, in that order.

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Want Access to the John Eggen Audio File? Here’s How, Plus a Request

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After the fabulous interview with Mission Marketing Mentor and Publishing Coach John Eggen on Thursday, I know I am not alone in thinking about ways to improve my most popular ebook to better serve the world.

If you were fortunate to attend the live call — during which John shared how to write a client-attracting book fast that makes up to $150,000 in revenue before it is published — you already know that the content was solid, actionable, and well worth the investment of time to take in. If you missed the call, you can enjoy the audio file, provided you opt-in to be a subscriber to my ezine. (If you are already a subscriber, you will automatically receive the audio file, so there is no need to re-subscribe.) I will be sending the audio recording to subscribers early next week. If you have a book in your head that needs to get onto paper to fuel your ongoing prosperity, you won’t want to miss this content-rich audio file.

Over the last year, the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide has earned fans from all over the world. Today, in fact, I welcomed an order from a client in Bucharest, Romania!

Thanks to inspiration provided by John Eggen during Thursday’s live teleseminar, I’ve decided to revise and upgrade the guide this summer to include even more quality content. That means I am also giving come consideration to giving the guide a new name. Would you let me know which of these options resonates most with you?

Proposed New Title:

Kick Your Boring Bio to the Curb

Subtitle Options:

1. Road Tested Ways for Solopreneurs, Authors and Experts to Attract Money, Clients, and Media Attention Now!

2. Road Tested Ways for Solopreneurs, Authors and Experts to Get Seen, Heard, Celebrated, and COMPEN$ATED Now!

3. Road Tested Ways for Solopreneurs, Authors and Experts to Share Their Stories, Stand Out, and Shine!

4. The Solopreneur’s Step-by-Step Guide to Attract Money, Clients, and Media Attention Now!

5. The Solopreneur’s Guide to Stand Out and Shine — One Right-Sized Bio at a Time!

Please comment on the blog and let me know which — if any — of these subtitles, resonates most with you. I’d really appreciate your help since this guide is intended to help you do more of what you love, one fabulous bio at a time. Thank you.

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Audio File from Last Night’s Sold Out Event is Here — Boring Bios Be Gone Right Now

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If you weren’t able to attend yesterday’s presentation for the members of Biznik and beyond  about how to kick your boring bio to the curb to attract clients, media attention and money to your business now, take heart.  I captured the presentation on audio file, and you can listen in now!


I’d be thrilled if you listened and shared this audio file with people you know who can benefit. Feel free to Re-Tweet and share over your social networks.

And, if you want even more inspiration, be sure to register to today’s teleseminar that offers even more compelling content on a related topic — Write a Client Attracting Book Fast that Makes Up to $150,000 in Revenue Before It is Published.  You can register for my interview with John Eggen at this link.  Please do!  See you on the call at 5 p.m. PST.

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Make $150,000 From Your Book Before It’s Published

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Do you realize that the moment you decide to write a book, you can begin to leverage that fact to attract new clients and revenue?   You can learn how from my highly-acclaimed teleseminar guest John Eggen.

In fact, his methods to do it cost little or nothing, and take only minutes or seconds to use. Authors that John has taught them to have reported using them and generating $22,000 to $150,000 in new revenues from their book, before even completing a first draft (and more thereafter).

Here are three of the ultra-simple ways to do it:

1. Turn Every Email You Send into a Client Magnet

The first easy technique to attract new clients is to create an email signature line that announces you are authoring a book.

Then place the title in the signature line for your emails using these exact words: “Author of the forthcoming book, (insert your title and subtitle here).”

It’s that simple.

Independent professional Jeanna Pool, tried it. She reported, “I got two new clients and $25,000.00 in income, all within 30 days of starting my book. It took just three minutes to use John Eggen’s simple technique.”

2.  Turn All Your Introductions into Business Magnets

Another proven way to attract new business is to simply announce the title and subtitle of your forthcoming book in all the prepared introductions about you.

This includes introductions made by others, or you, in all your public presentations, your marketing materials, on your Web site, in your bio, in your media kit, etc.

This only takes a few minutes to do.

Kathleen Holland tested it while she was writing the first draft of her book. She reported, “In just the first four months, I booked an extra $48,000 in fees to me. Now I have more inquiries for my coaching programs than I can handle.”

3.  Put Your Elevator Speech or Audio Logo on Steroids

You can also add news about your forthcoming book into your elevator speech or audio logo and automatically attract more business.

Independent professional Michael Cannon learned how from John and started using this method as soon as he started writing his book’s first draft.

Cannon reported, “I’ve been getting 30-40% more first meetings with CEO prospects and a 25% increase in those who closed. I’ve also been getting less negotiation on price, because they perceive me as an authority.”

Use two or more of these “no-brainer” methods and you can multiply your results.

Want to learn more?  Opt-in to listen to the Thursday, June 24 teleseminar interview at 5 p.m. PST with Book Publishing Mentor John Eggen. Just over 180 people have already opted in.  Won’t you join them?  Here is the link to make it easy.

“See” you on the call.

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Want a Bio that Helps You and Your Expertise Stand Out and Shine? Save Your Place at This 6-23 Live Event

Bye-Bye Boring Bio Success Story, Event Promotion Comments Off on Want a Bio that Helps You and Your Expertise Stand Out and Shine? Save Your Place at This 6-23 Live Event
  • Do you live and work in the Seattle area?
  • Would like to meet me in person and learn some useful tips to get seem, heard, celebrated and COMPEN$ATED because you have finally have a bio that makes you and your expertise stand out and shine?

If you answered YES to both questions,  join me at Friends Philosophy and Tea on Wednesday, June 23 from 3 p.m. – 5 p.m.  I am hosting a free Biznik event that promises powerful tips you can apply immediately in your business to connect more readily with the right clients so you can attract more bounty in your business now.

I gave this same presentation a test drive at a live event attended by 20+ aspiring authors last week and I earned rave reviews like this one:

“I just heard Nancy speak at another event and she is a true gem. Don’t miss this event if you want to see an outstanding professional who is talented, funny and personable.”

— Jeff Bow Executive & Business Coaching

I invite you to put my content to the test to your own benefit.

There is space to welcome  50 perfect guests, and 24 spaces are already spoken for.  Of course, there will be time for informal networking before my presentation, so bring plenty of business cards and be prepared to make connections to guide your business to a new level of wow right now.  Read all the details about this event at this convenient link.  Pre-registration is required.

And, if you have some “dead” cell phones you’d like to donate, bring them along!  I promise to recycle them in an eco- friendly way and donate the proceeds to Olive Crest and Northwest Hope and Healing.  These are two local non profit organizations that are near and dear to my heart.

Come on along.   Can’t wait to meet you.

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CFP™ Steve Juetten Posts a Letter to His Son on Father’s Day with Useful Tips about Managing Money Wisely

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If you have kids and want them to manage money wisely, check out my husband Steve Juetten’s blog post for today.  It is a letter to his son (and mine)  on Father’s Day.  Please share this with others who can benefit.

Here’s to dads everywhere, guiding their sons and daughters to live their best lives, one tip at a time.  And here’s to my son’s dad, who clearly got very lucky in the dad department.

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Professional Organizer Kammie Lisenby Isn’t Afraid to Reach for the Stars

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At 23 years of age, Professional Organizer and Founder of Simply Efficient Kammie Lisenby has more poise than people twice her age.  And she has big intentions.   She attended the Oprah Winfrey  Live Your Best Life Weekend Celebration in NYC and took advantage of a “live” opportunity to share her dreams with the producers of the new Oprah Winfrey Network.  Guess what?  A portion of her audition was featured in a promotional trailer sent to the entire Oprah mailing list yesterday, bringing her infectious energy and message to a very wide audience.  Here is a link to the video so you can check it out.

And, she is making some magic happen in her business, too.  I just received this email from Kammie yesterday:

Hi Nancy!

I had to share my exciting news with you. Since spending our time together at the Build YOUR Buzz All Day Publici-Tea™ Retreat, I’ve been busy implementing your advice about getting clear and consise about my message and my offerings. Just this last week,  I welcomed seven new leads, one clean sweep and four repeat clients!

Big virtual hug to you.


Something about Kammie that you may not know is this.  Kammie once was a Sea Gal cheerleader who danced in inspired synchronicity to bring football fans to their feet.  Today, she guides desperate and disorganized housewives to turn chaos into divine order, while giving their families reason to stand up and cheer.   It is a beautiful thing.

Congratulations to you, Kammie, for acting on your plans so you can get seen, heard, celebrated and COMPEN$ATED in powerful, welcome ways.  That offers a Simply Efficient cause for celebration!

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Overcoming Fear and Self Doubt to Get Seen, Heard, Celebrated and Compensated

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For many years, toiling away in obscurity as a work-in-the-trenches publicist was the norm for me.  In fact, I felt a bit like the Wizard of Oz.  I was the gal behind the curtain, waving my arms about behind the scenes, working hard to make my clients look big in the media.   One day, I decided that standing behind the curtain wasn’t going to be enough for me anymore.   I wanted to take action and get known as an expert in my field.

That meant writing articles for the local media under my own byline, making article submissions to online sites, venturing out into my community and far beyond to give presentations and, making story pitches to the print and broadcast media, launching a blog,  creating information products, and doing all of the things I often recommend to you as you build your expert status.

Not every media venue said “yes” to every pitch.   I felt plenty uncomfortable in the beginning as a public speaker, and it showed.  Seeing yourself for the first time on TV or hearing your voice for the first time on the radio can be instructive, and what you see and hear is not always pretty.  Not every information product I have created has become a best-seller.  However, I have stayed consistent, persistent, passionate, and committed to getting better every day.  When new skills need polishing, I seek out quality coaches and experts to learn best practices.  And, I practice what I learn.

The good news is that things are getting better every day in my business, too.  It’s not a straight line.   But the progress is decidedly positive because I am staying in action and positive.

In 2006, one of my big goals for my own expert status  was to  earn a column within the Puget Sound Business Journal.    I worked up to asking for this over time by earning a meaningful pattern of quality media placements for my own expertise in a variety of quality media outlets.  One day,  I gathered my courage to make a pitch to earn that sought-after column.  The quality submissions I had made prior were compelling in demonstrating the value I could add for the readers.    I asked for what I wanted, and I got what I asked for.  Every time my “Media Savvy’ column runs in the Puget Sound Business Journal, my heart skips a beat.   Frankly, I get a kick out of seeing my name in print in connection with my expertise.  Over the last several years, being seen, heard, and celebrated for my expertise within the pages of this prestigious local business journal has contributed to new client engagements, speaking opportunities, and much more.   It is a beautiful thing.

Even work-in-the-trenches publicists like me struggle from time to time with fear and self doubt.  It can be easier to advocate for clients than it is to advocate for yourself.  Getting over that fear and self doubt through action has made all the difference.

So, with all that said, where do you want your expertise to be seen, heard, and celebrated?  And, what will you do specifically to take action to learn how to earn the attention what you seek?

When you do nothing, nothing happens.    Given what you have to share with the world, doing nothing just isn’t an option, especially when such abundant rewards await.

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