Which Tweet is Your Favorite? Re-Tweet the ‘Done for You’ Bounty with Your People So They Can Benefit

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The Done for You Giveaway Sweepstakes is in full swing, and the winners of $250,000 in Done for You services will be named on June 10.   Already almost 500 people have entered to win the five Extreme Bio Makeovers I will be providing as my part of this amazing giveaway since May 17.  A special shout out to Suzanne Falter-Barns of Get Known Now who shared the message about this event with her ezine list yesterday.  You are a super star.

(By the way, Suzanne is the branding coach I worked with to create the ‘Get seen, heard, and celebrated in your own backyard … and beyond’ message that has served me so well.  Her ability to help you create a sticky brand is remarkable, so keep that in mind if that is a need you have in your business.)

Now we are in the last days of spreading the ‘Done for You’ word on Twitter and Facebook and inviting even more business owners to benefit.   My hat is off to the event organizers for creating some sassy, memorable Tweets that are sure to get a lot of folks talking and participating.   Check them out and send your favorite to your people so they can benefit from the quality services the generous service providers are sharing to make running your business easier!

You could pay thousands for what what these folks are GIVING away. https://bit.ly/Flxr #DFYgive

No learning curve. No reading. No studying. No kidding! It’s Nirvana for your small biz! https://bit.ly/Flxr #DFYgive

Crucial small biz necessities. Done FOR you. For free! It’s not a pipe dream. https://bit.ly/Flxr #DFYgive

Free stuff. Done for you. Why didn’t anyone ever think of this before? https://bit.ly/Flxr #DFYgive

You can pay $2K to learn outsourcing. Or you can get it for free from 30+ talented peeps. https://bit.ly/Flxr #DFYgive

Batman had Robin. Abbott had Costello. You have the Done For You Giveaway https://bit.ly/Flxr #DFYgive

Simon had Garfunkel. Sonny had Cher.  You have the Done For You Giveaway. https://bit.ly/Flxr #DFYgive

Lennon had McCartney. Tracey had Hepburn. You have the Done For You Giveaway. https://bit.ly/Flxr #DFYgive

Ben had Jerry. Mork had Mindy.  You have the Done For You Giveaway. https://bit.ly/Flxr #DFYgive

Bonnie had Clyde. The Captain had Tenille. You have the Done For You Giveaway. https://bit.ly/Flxr #DFYgive

Tweedle Dee had Tweedle Dum. Penn had Teller. You have the Done For You Giveaway. https://bit.ly/Flxr #DFYgive

A talking animal wants to pitch your products. And it won’t cost you a dime (Seriously!) https://bit.ly/Flxr #DFYgive

Free stuff for your biz from really talented people. Really. This event is awesome! https://bit.ly/Flxr #DFYgive

Instead of another “bonus” you’ll never read, how about your life back? Free stuff. Done for you. https://bit.ly/Flxr #DFYgive

Wanna have your life back? Free stuff. Done for you and your small biz. https://bit.ly/Flxr #DFYgive

FREE biz services! Cool people.  Extreme Bio Makeovers. It’s heaven! https://bit.ly/Flxr #DFYgive

My favorite is this one:

Lennon had McCartney. Tracey had Hepburn. You have the Done For You Giveaway. https://bit.ly/Flxr #DFYgive

Heck, none of us run successful businesses by ourselves.  Partnership and collaboration are the keys.  For 46 additional tips on partnership and collaboration, click here.  (My tip is #6.)

So, with all that said, which Tweet is YOUR favorite?   Let me hear from you, and share your favorite with your people.  Great rewards await for all.

And have a fabulous Memorial Day weekend.

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Do You Love to Save on Admission Fees to Cool Social Media Match Making Evets? Let Me Make it Easy For You

Social Media Marketing Comments Off on Do You Love to Save on Admission Fees to Cool Social Media Match Making Evets? Let Me Make it Easy For You

If you are planning to attend the June 9  Salty Waffle Social Media Hook Up and Match Making event, you can save $15 when you type MSMS in the “enter coupon code” box when you register.  Why not gather a group of your friends, colleagues and co-collaborators and register today?  You might meet some new people, learn a thing or two to make your social networking efforts pay off, and have some fun in the process.  Sounds good to me!

Remember, if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting the same results.   If it is time to shake things up, you know it.   Hope to see you there.

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Publicity Tactics: Does Old Media Still Matter? PR Leads Founder Dan Janal Weighs In

Media Savvy 101 Comments Off on Publicity Tactics: Does Old Media Still Matter? PR Leads Founder Dan Janal Weighs In

Today’s guest post by PR Leads Founder Dan Janal addresses a question on the minds of many DIY publicists and clients of PR agencies across Main Street USA.

Is Old Media still relevant in today’s social media world in terms of getting publicity that helps you make sales?  You bet.  While it is great to get mentioned on blogs and social media sites, Old Media or Mainstream Media is still the place to be to get results.   Here are five reasons to include Old Media in your publicity and marketing campaigns:

1.     Credibility. If the New York Times likes your product or service, you get instant credibility. I could name 100 other mainstream publications that you’d love to get into so your product, book or service gets the ringing endorsement of a trusted source.
2.     Visibility. Newspapers, TV and radio still reach millions of people every day. While we all like to get some of our news online, you can’t ignore the impac t of traditional media sites and their incredible reach into mainstream America.
3.     Reprintability. Let’s face it. Nothing stands out in marketing kit or sales kit like a reprint from a newspaper or magazine. It demands to be great and it smacks of credibility. I’m seeing more and more websites feature logos of old media companies that have written about those authors and small businesses. That should tell you something: people are influenced and impressed by Old Media.
4.  Links to your site. Nearly all content from nearly all Old Media is printed on the web. Oftentimes, those articles have links to your websites, or are otherwise indexed by Google and other search engines. So if someone is searching for your type of business, they very well may learn about your from a reference in the Old Media on their web site. That’s a great introduction. In fact, I had one client who was named one of the top 20 entrepreneurs of the year by Entrepreneur magazine. When you search her name, the first listing is the link to Entrepreneur, not her own website. Can you imagine how much confidence and credibility she just received? Anyone searching for her can see that she has the implied endorsement of a top magazine! That’s a great way to start a conversation.
5.    Ego. Would you rather say that someone Tweeted about you or that the Boston Globe printed a review of your book and included a picture of the cover? I rest my case.

None of this discussion even hints that new media is not worthwhile. It truly is. However, the torch has not been passed from one generation of news hounds to the next – at least not yet. Good publicity practices should include Old Media as well as New Media so you and your clients get the most publicity possible.

One tactic that I’ve found to be indispensible in getting my clients links from media sites is to distribute press releases. Many top media sites will print press releases word-for-word so you control the message. The benefits of doing this include getting links to your site, creating screen shots of your press release on famous sites to build your credibility and the visibility of reaching the audiences of those publications.

Today’s guest blog post is by  Dan Janal.  The Los Angeles Times called Dan Janal “an Internet marketing expert” who helps professionals build their businesses with publicity and Internet marketing tactics. To learn more about Dan’s coaching and consulting services, visit this link. And, when you visit this link and enter your email address, you’ll gain immediate access to a teleseminar Dan and I offered a while back about how to make the most of your press releases in today’s digital age.  It’s a good one!

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Nicole Donnelly Moves from Successful Path in Retail Soft Goods to Social Media Software and Beyond!

Business Success, Social Media Marketing Comments Off on Nicole Donnelly Moves from Successful Path in Retail Soft Goods to Social Media Software and Beyond!

In this age of reinvention, I enjoy watching how successful entrepreneurs move from one quality, money-making venture to the next.   Today, my attention turns to Serial Entrepreneur Nicole Donnelly.

Donnelly is an entrepreneur who is parlaying her success in retail soft goods to a host of new initiatives relating to social media management software and more.

Nicole launched Babylegs and grew it over a five year period from zero to the millions of dollars.   Today, the company she launched and sold to a major hosiery manufacturer enjoys worldwide retail distribution of leg and warm warmers for little ones.  She credits the meteoric growth of Babylegs to the power of connection with the right people to carry a relevant message forward.  

Now, she shifts her focus toward guiding other entrepreneurs to become capable, confident, equipped, and connected to engage and profit from the strategic use of social media.   Her company — creatively named Salty Waffle — is the umbrella organization that serves the the hub for all of Nicole’s latest business ventures, including her new book, Ride Like a Penguin, her new social media measurement application called BigRuby, Salty Waffle Social Media Boot Camp, and the Salty Waffle Social Media Hook Up.

I asked Nicole about how she named her company.   Donnelly told me she is a life long lover and baker of waffles of every possible variety and flavor.  It is actually something she is well known for among her family, friends, and business colleagues.  She said, “Waffles bring people together, day or night, to connect, enjoy, and brainstorm about ideas big and small.  Since I live near the water  in West Seattle, there is always a hint of salt in the air.  When baking up a sticky brand name to serve as the umbrella for my latest business initiatives, Salty Waffle rose to the top of the list.”

Love that.

If you want to taste what Nicole is baking up beyond tasty waffles, don’t miss the Salty Waffle Social Media Hook Up.  This speed dating, social media hook up event that offers guests interested in social media the opportunity to meet up with passionate social media players who know how to make social media work for just about any business.   It is also a fundraiser to benefit EO Accelerator and Ravenstone, both of which are classified as 501c3 non-profit organizations.  A silent auction of fine art will fill the coffers for both worthy organizations.

EO Accelerator guides business owners to grow from $250,000 to achieve the $1 million revenue mark, and Ravenstone guides fine artists in the business of successfully running their businesses.

Here are the event details so you can mark your calendar and gather up a group of your friends to attend, enjoy, and savor the practical knowledge that can propel all of your businesses forward:

Wednesday, June 9

SODO Commerce Building
66 S. Hanford Street
Seattle, WA 98134

COST & REGISTRATION – Click on the link!

I’ll be there.  How about you?

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Tammy Redmon Explains How to Post a Bio Tab on Your Facebook Fan Page, Step By Easy Step

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Special thanks to Catalyst for Transformation Tammy Redmon for sharing step by easy step instructions for adding a “Bio” tab to the horizontal navigation of your Facebook fan page.  Click here to learn how, and add your bio tab today.

Now, everyone who has a Facebook fan page has no reason NOT to post a bio tab to make it easy for their ideal clients and prospects to learn more about them.

How much content is best to post?  My recommendation is to offer a short blurb bio that gets to the magic of the value you bring.  A fan page for your business is still a  social networking page,  so leave the manifesto on your home page on your website or blog.

Do you agree or disagree?  Would love to hear your thoughts.

And, I’d love for each of you to rush to your Facebook fan page to put these instructions to work for you, while this is on your mind.  Ready, set, go!

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On-Air Do’s and Don’ts for Authors from Broadcast Expert Janet Vasil

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Today’s broadcast tip of the day comes from Guest Blogger Janet Vasil of Your Media Moment and Beyond.
Take it away Janet!

Most authors have to do their own book promotion these days unless they are established stars. Consider interviews on radio and TV, even online podcasts and web TV, to promote yourself and your ideas. You may sell a few more books.

Here are some things to keep in mind.

DO ask the producer a few questions before the show.

How will you be introduced? Will they identify you as an author and say the name of your book or will they title you more generally as an “international adoption expert” or “registered dietitian?”

Will they show the book cover on TV?

Will they give out your website or put a link on their website to yours?

They’ll probably say yes to most of these, but don’t push. You may be able to subtly work your book title or website name into your answers.

DO bring extra copies of your book to the studio, even if you sent copies in advance. Props get misplaced in the rush to get on the air. A radio host might flip through your book and comment on something specific. A TV host may hold up the book or put a stack of them on a table in the shot.

DON’T be stingy with information. Please don’t answer questions with, “You’ll have to read the book.” Or, “I talk about that in my book.” The show is not a commercial. The interview is a showcase for you as the expert guest. Talk about the problems you solve and offer insights about issues. Do not say, “You can find the answer to that on page 46.”

DO say instead, something like, “We cover more than a dozen ways in my book. Here are the top four.” Or, “I devoted a whole chapter to that subject and here’s what we found.” Put real substance in your answers.

DON’T think your job is to plug the book. An interview is about showing personality and sharing ideas. Aim to be chatty, credible and interesting. The viewers and listeners who want more of YOU, will want your book.

Media Momentum Coach Janet Vasil uses her more than 25 years experience as a radio/TV anchor, reporter and producer to help women entrepreneurs, authors, service professionals and other experts step into the spotlight, reach out to the media and profit from free publicity on TV, radio and the “virtual airwaves.”

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Nancy Asks a Question about Bios of Facebook – Can You Assist Me and Host of Others with the Same Question?

Social Media Marketing Comments Off on Nancy Asks a Question about Bios of Facebook – Can You Assist Me and Host of Others with the Same Question?

Ever wonder how to post your bio to your Facebook profile?  Here are three easy steps to get that mission accomplished.

1) Click on “edit my profile.”
2) Insert the short blurb bio in the “bio” box
3) Scroll down and click “save changes.”

That was easy enough.  

Now, what I want to know is how to add a “Bio” box across the top of the Facebook navigation so “Bio” appears in the same line with Wall, Info, Boxes, Video, and Blogcast.

I’ve been reviewing some of the Facebook pages for experts I admire, including Leadership Expert and Best-Selling Author John C. Maxwell. In doing so, I have noticed that bio box across the top of horizontal navigation. I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do this on my own profile. And I know I am not the only one who has found herself swimming in even more confusion while sifting through all the “Help” comments posted to Facebook.

That said, do any of you loyal readers know how to add that box in that position on a Facebook page?  I would sure appreciate an assist, and you will be helping aspiring experts everywhere take a bold step forward on Facebook by extending your help.  Can’t wait to hear from you!

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Selling a Home in 2010 Blog Series Ends Happily Today

Selling a Home in 2010 Comments Off on Selling a Home in 2010 Blog Series Ends Happily Today

I was inspired to start a blog to share our home selling journey by my friend and colleague Betsy Talbot, who blogs at www.marriedwithluggage.com.

Betsy just moved into temporary quarters on Queen Anne before leaving the USA in a few months with her husband Warren to travel the world for three years.   She and Warren did all the right things to sell their Fremont townhome within three weeks of listing it for sale.

Did they use the power of social media?  Yes!   Read more about this here.

Betsy even set up a Twitter account, and her series of Tweets is really engaging.  That Fremont house has some serious personality!

Given the challenging times the economy has dished up, I followed Betsy’s lead and launched a category on this blog to chronicle our journey. Here is a link to a series of blog posts I prepared since February 27 to share our experience of selling our home in today’s market. In the world of small worlds, both our home and Betsy and Warren’s home will close on the same day — TODAY!  We plan to get together over dinner to celebrate.

I asked Betsy about what role social networking played in the sale of her home, and here is what she said:

“Our buyers did not come through the social networking as far as we know, but they did tell our realtor that they connected with the house as soon as they read our letter about why we were selling because they are long-term travelers, too. You just never know which of your marketing efforts is going to pay off, so you can’t really slack on any of them. I also think having the buzz out there from your entire network – in person, on FB/Twitter, searching through Linked In, blogging and emailing – helps in creating excitement around the sale of your home. Especially when you can tie it to something positive – in your case that you moved up to a home that better suits your needs.  In our case, we sold our home to pursue a dream of travel.”

When Betsy told me that the letter she shared with open house guests was inviting some favorable feedback, I posted a similar letter to my blog and to the refrigerator door at our home for sale.   That same day, while watering the plants after the most recent open house had concluded, a real estate agent came by with buyers to offer a private showing of the home.  I took the opportunity to answer their questions while sitting on the sofa in our nicely staged living room.  We were two moms talking about the schools, the neighbors, and the paint colors.  A few days later, these buyers made an offer.   Did that personal connection between buyer and seller make a difference?  I think so.

When we were in the negotiation phase, I took the extra step of writing a personal letter to the buyers to set the stage of cordial and respectful negotiations. That seemed to contribute to a quality process from my perspective.

So often, in my media relations work, I hear people speaking about social media and the role in plays in creating results that matter.  For us, we used every tool we could to invite a winning parade of potential buyers to consider purchasing our Somerset home.  My community at Facebook has certainly been supportive as I’ve dealt with the highs and lows of selling a home in 2010.   Having a chance, personal encounter with our buyers played a role.

Our agents Mary Lee and Jeff Shaffer from Windemere worked tirelessly and with great attention to detail to stage and market the property in the traditional and online media, host open houses, and more.  Oh, by the way,  Mary and Jeff are among the most attentive to detail, professional, hard working real estate professionals I have ever been in contact with.    The business of real estate is not for the faint of heart.  Mary and Jeff bend and sway with the challenges with professionalism at every turn.

The good news, of course, is that houses are selling in our Bellevue backyard and well beyond.  In fact, just last weekend, the neighbor’s house came to mutual acceptance after just a little over one week on the market.

All this is to say that things are getting better.  And social media can play a part in influencing good results that matter and generating support and encouragement for those who are in the trenches trying to get to the winning results they seek.  That is welcome in the best and the more demanding of times.

As for me and my husband Steve and our son Kyle, we are thrilled to be able to shift our focus away from the business of real estate and just be happy forever in the lovely house we now call home.   Thanks for following this home selling journey that has now come to a close.  Onward we go!

If you have anecdotes to share about how social media has played a role in helping you buy or sell your home, please share.   I can’t wait to hear all about it, and the readers will most definitely benefit from the wisdom of your experience.  Who knows.  Maybe the media will even take interest!

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How Fast is Your Ezine List Growing? Are you Ready to Do Something About It?

Article PR, Measuring Results Comments Off on How Fast is Your Ezine List Growing? Are you Ready to Do Something About It?

Have you taken the temperature to see how many folks are on your ezine list lately?  And, are you inviting the right potential clients to opt-in so you can continue to build a tribe of fans and followers who can benefit from your particular blend of talent, skills, and expertise?

Make today the day you do that.  Then, decide what you are going to do to grow your list, add value for your community, and reinforce your expertise and the go-to-person in your field.

All the internet marketing gurus say that true wealth resides within your list.  If you don’t yet have a list or have a list of a size that has great influence among your ideal clients, decide today to do something about it.

  • Do you offer a special report or bonus gift to entice your ideal prospect to share her email address?
  • Do you offer an ezine sign up box on every page of your website or blog to make it easy for people to do exactly that?
  • Are your ezines packed with 80% news your ideal client can use and 20% with a call to action to help him or her engage in the ways that make the most of everyone’s time, talent, and resources?
  • Do you post quality articles that inform your ideal prospects about ways to solve real problems in their businesses at least quarterly?
  • And does your article “bio box” invite readers to opt-in to benefit from your ezine, blog, and more so they can gain even more familiarity with how you serve?

If you offer expensive services, you have to earn your way into decision makers’ hearts and minds over time.  A quality ezine can help you accomplish that objective.  Then, when people are ready to buy, you are at the top of their consideration list.

Since I have been narrowing my focus in my practice to highlight my “Bio Whisperer” passion, Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide, and my Extreme Bio Makeover services, I have been on the lookout for focused ways to share this message with more of the right people to benefit.

That is why when I was invited to participate in the Second Annual “Done for You Giveaway Sweepstakes” it was my pleasure to say “yes.”    Just this morning, almost 200 people have opted in to enter to win the five Extreme Bio Makeovers I will be giving away.   No doubt, thousands more are entering to win the $250,000+ in other “done for you” services from high integrity vendors who were hand-selected to participate in this event.

Speaking of which, you are invited to check out the 2nd Annual “Done for You” Giveaway of the Century.  It opened   TODAY, May 17, and you DON’T want to miss it. This giveaway is unlike any you’ve ever seen. Together with 30 amazing co-collaborators, we’re NOT giving away info products and downloads that you may never listen to. Thirty of my high integrity colleagues (and counting) have joined together to give away actual done-for-you products and services that you can use in your business but don’t have to create yourself.  I’m giving away 5 Extreme Bio Makeovers!

Starfish Girl

And here are just SOME of the other things being given away:

· Quickbooks set-up
· Opt-in page creation
· Ready-to-deliver workshops & teleseminars
· Custom Video production
· Website copywriting
· A full custom website
· Custom ezine templates
· Ready-to-give speeches
· Blog set-up
· Article submission services
· Shopping cart service & set-up
· Ready-to-go articles · Audio “logos”
· Newsletter service

And lots more!

This is the REAL DEAL. No hype, catches or gimmicks, but a TRUE giveaway. I know many of these providers, and they are top-notch…high integrity all the way.

Over $250,000 is services is being given away, so you’ll definitely want to check out what is on the menu and make your selections.    You can’t win if you don’t put your hat in the ring!  Don’t delay! Go here to sign up for your ‘done for you’ products and services.

By the time this event is complete, I’d love to welcome 1,000 or more happy new fans of my work.  To that end, please forward this email to your colleagues who can benefit from receiving “Done for You” products and services as part of the “Done for You” Giveaway of the Century!

I hope you win exactly the services you need to propel your business forward and make quality new connections to help you and your business grow.   I’ll let you know how well I meet your goal.   So then the question becomes what will YOU be doing to grow YOUR list?   Please share your successes!

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Michele PW Shares the Value of Attending Events to Boost Your Business

Business Success, Event Promotion Comments Off on Michele PW Shares the Value of Attending Events to Boost Your Business

In January of this year, I was invited by Action Plan Marketing Guru Robert Middleton to attend an Info Guru Summit of top contributors from across the nation.  Honored to be invited, I gladly accepted and spent the weekend with successful business owners who share a commitment to serving others through a wide variety of marketing expertise.    I am convinced beyond measure that attending events packs a powerful punch for inviting new relationships that can help business grow and make life better because I have experienced it first-hand in abundant ways.

Just since January, successful joint ventures between me and Radical Marketing Founder Tad Hargrave, Master of Enrollment Coach Bill Baren,  and Tips Booklet Queen Paulette Ensign have taken place to add value for our respective communities and all of our businesses.   And the “Done for You Sweepstakes of the Century” starts on Monday during which over $250,000 in “done for you” services to build and support your business will be given away.   I would have never been invited to participate in this amazing event had I not been in the room with that remarkable, successful collection of business owners at Robert Middleton’s kind invitation in January.

That’s why I am sharing this excellent blog post by Michele PW that appears on Nancy Marmolejo’s Viva Visibility Blog today.   Her message?  You must attend events to grow your business.

I would add to Michele’s post to be aspirational when you make your event choices.   Attend events where you are truly honored to be in the room.  Along those lines,  I like what Oprah Winfrey once said.  “Surround yourself only with those who lift you higher.”

Speaking of which, the Publici-Tea™@Sea is coming up August 8 – 15, 2010.   Why not treat yourself to a luxury cruise to Alaska with 200 very successful business owners and see what magic can manifest in your life and business while you are having the time of your life?   It doesn’t cost a penny to learn more.  Robert Middleton will be sharing essential marketing wisdom along the journey, and other experts will be adding to the conversation.   Sounds pretty fabulous to me.  How about you?

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