Take the Temperature about the Platform You are Building for YOUR Expertise

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One of the things I do every four months is “take the temperature” about how my influence is growing through the various ways I engage to share my message.

Ideally, your influence is growing, right along with your business results as you take quality actions every day to build your own expert status and build the buzz about the value you bring to the marketplace.

Use this checklist as a starting point to help you evaluate how well your influence is growing through your actions for the first four months of 2010.  If you have not done this before, consider today the day to take a reading so when you revisit your figures at the end of August, you can observe meaningful progress, based on your quality and consistent efforts to grow your influence every day.

  • Number of  Unique Blog Visits Per Month (Google Analytics can tell you what you need to know)
  • Number of Ezine Subscribers
  • Number of Followers on Twitter
  • Number of Facebook Fans on Your Business Page
  • Number of Guests Served through Your Workshops
  • Number of Clients Served by Your Products or Services
  • Number of Speaking Engagements
  • Number of Audience Members Influenced by Your Speaking Engagements
  • Number of Radio Interviews, Podcasts, and Webinars
  • The Names of the “Rock Star” Co-Collaborators Who Shared the Microphone with You
  • Number of Audience Members Influenced by Your Audio Messages (www.freeconferencecall.com call tell you a lot about your teleseminar audiences)
  • Number of Online Articles Submitted
  • Number of Online Article Reads  (www.ezinearticles.com provides free reports along these lines)
  • Number of Bylined Articles Published in Traditional and Targeted Media
  • Number of Media Mentions Earned
  • The Names of the Media Outlets that Carried Your Message, to Make Updating Your Bio a Breeze
  • Number of Networking Events You’ve Attended or Memberships Nurtured
  • Important New Relationships and Business Progress Noted as a Direct Result of Networking Events or Memberships
  • Your Ranking on Google for the Keywords You Want to Own
  • The Number and Quality of Outstanding Client Testimonials You’ve Collected
  • Revenue Growth
  • Other Metrics that Matter to Your Business

If you’ve been watching these results over a period of time, you are in good position to evaluate what you should stop, start, and keep doing as you move ahead.   We all get the same 24 hours in a day, so move wisely in winning directions, based on real data.  And, when things unfold in a winning way, give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done.

Authentic Visibility Truism for the Day: If you do nothing, nothing happens.  When you act specifically to grow your influence every day, you do.  Given the choice between one or the other, the decision about what to do next seems pretty darn clear to me.  How about you?

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David Bromstad’s Comments about Celebrity – Refreshing

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I had the opportunity to share lunch with David Bromstad during a break from the action at Saturday’s Eye on Design 2010 event at Seattle Design Center.   It should come as no surprise that David is an likable and engaging in person as he appears as host of Color Splash on HGTV.

One of the questions I was most eager to ask him is how he has stepped into celebrity since winning the HGTV Design Star competition in 2006.   His answer was refreshing.   David said that he never sought out to be a celebrity.  He just wanted to do what he loves to do every day.  While his schedule is crazy busy, he is still the same guy he was before stepping into the spotlight.

He said that some people want desperately to earn fame and fortune.  That intense desire may be what prevents them from attaining it.   In his case, he has been on a path to express his creative talents in many ways.  The HGTV Design Star competition was the vehicle.  He got on board, did his best, and won.  Now, great new opportunities are unfolding every day, including the opportunity to share his story with over 900 appreciative audience members who attended Eye on Design 2010 on Saturday.   David got a standing ovation before he spoke his first word, and he earned a second standing ovation after sharing his journey.   He was very patient and gracious while posing for what seemed like hundreds of photos with event guests, including this photo of Diane Bridgewater. Diane won a ticket to Saturday’s event by posting a question for David on this blog.

Of course,  while enjoying sandwiches during the lunch break, raving fans were peering through the windows of the Ralph Hays Contemporary Designs Showroom where we were chatting, hoping to capture a photo of this celebrity.    It didn’t phase him one bit.    He is who he is, no matter who is watching or how many.  Oh, by the way, you can follow Bromstad on Twitter. Join the over 5,000 who are among his followers.   And while David refused  requests to take off his shirt during Saturday’s event, you can certainly see him shirtless on his Twitter profile.

David, it was a pleasure to spend time with you.  Thanks much, and all the best for your continued success!

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day:  How do you envision YOUR life changing when you achieve the expert or celebrity status you seek?  Will you just step into your heightened visibility with ease and authenticity, or will you struggle to step into the new circumstances that await?  Consider that food for thought as you take action to get known for how you contribute to the world today.

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Eye on Design 2010 with David Bromstad a Big Success at Seattle Design Center

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What a great time was had by all at yesterday’s Eye on Design 2010 event at Seattle Design Center featuring special guest speaker David Bromstad, HGTV Design Star and Color Splash Host.    Over 900 guests attended, which is twice as many as last year.   Bromstad delivered a powerful message about following your passion and stepping into your life’s work.   He was as engaging in person as he appears on TV, and the fans were excited to have their photos taken with him and watch him paint two custom canvases to be donated at the upcoming auction for Rise ‘n Shine.   If you were among the 900 raving fans in attendance, post your comments about the event for others to see.  Would love to hear from you!

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Holistic Practitioners – Watch This Video to Make the Most of Your Limited Marketing Budgets

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Tad Hargrave, founder of Radical Marketing, does a lot of work helping holistic professionals make the most of their limited marketing budgets. I invite you to see Tad’s video that addresses the three marketing tools you need most. He says, “Most holistic practitioners spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on business cards, a beautiful logo and brochure and maybe some ads in holistic magazines. These almost never work.”  Here’s Tad’s take on what DOES work.
Watch the Video.

What do you think?  Please post a comment!

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We Sold Our Somerset House! Thank You Windemere Agents Mary Lee and Jeff Shaffer

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When we put our Bellevue, WA home in the Somerset neighborhood on the market on February 28, 2010, we set a very specific intention.

The perfect, qualified, respectful, and motivated buyer will soon emerge to offer a market appropriate price to love the home as we did for 20 years as they raise their family and close by May 19, 2010 or sooner.

With the home inspection complete and buyers who have pre-qualified for financing from a reputable lender,  we signed around a deal that delivers exactly what we asked for.  The deal is scheduled to close on May 18, 2010.

To make this even more wonderful, my Good Timing Guide reports that April 20 is a good day for final results.  Getting signed around to sell our home  certainly qualifies in my book as a stellar final result.

There are still a few hoops for the parties to jump through as we await the home appraisal and tend to a few housekeeping items to satisfy the buyer.  Still, this deal is on its way to a successful closing, and my husband and I couldn’t be more pleased.

Here’s to the power of setting specific, powerful intentions with gratitude to the Universe for providing exactly what we dreamed of in perfect timing.

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LifeSculpt Founder Nina Durfee’s Extreme Bio Makeover Showcases the Recipe of the Four S’s

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Hats off to LifeSculpt Founder Nina Durfee for putting her hat in the ring to enjoy an Extreme Bio Makeover “live” during the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Workshop held at Redmond-based thinkspace last Wednesday.

If you weren’t able to make it, take heart.  You can listen in at your 24/7 convenience by clicking on the audio file link below.  You’ll hear how the recipe of the four s’s — stunning results, sassy sound bites, succinct stories, and social information to help ideal audiences connect — delivers the goods for clients who can benefit from how Nina serves the marketplace.

(Thinkspace audio)

Nina was delighted by the transformation of her information into a powerful story,  and here is what she had to say about her Extreme Bio Makeover:

“Inspired by Nancy Juetten’s Bye-Bye-Boring Bio Action Guide and using her fabulous templates, I turned my boring bio into one that impressed even me. I then handed it to Nancy along with a few pages of eclectic, random facts about myself, my past, my business, my clients, and my likes and dislikes. In 20 short minutes, Nancy applied her magic, bio-whispering talent and transformed a pretty-good bio into a stunning, proud-to-be-me product to post on my media page.  Thank you, Nancy Juetten. You rock!”

You can also read Nina’s new bio that I prepared based on her excellent pre-workshop input, and here it is:

Hundreds of empty-nester women seeking to step off the back burner into satisfying, energetic, purposeful lives are singing the praises of Life Coach, Workshop and Retreat Leader, and Radio Personality Nina Durfee.  Since 2006, Nina’s inspired work has shone light on a time-tested, proven, and practical process that guides her followers to get exactly what they want out of life — finally!  Those touched by Nina’s gifts delight in being heard, acknowledged, and guided lovingly and deliberately to make meaningful life choices, to take action, and to design the sassy, classy lives they could barely imagine without her help.

Nina’s book, Full Bloom: 7 Practical Steps to Get What You Want + 1 to Grow On, has earned readers worldwide as she’s shared her life-sculpting message on Blog Talk Radio, in Northwest PrimeTime, The Country Register, Writer’s Journal, and Going Bonkers — the self-help magazine with a sense of humor.

At age 16, Nina took off and landed an airplane in a 35 mile-an-hour crosswind without the benefit of autopilot, and she lives to tell about it.  Her fearless, adventurous approach to crafting an extraordinary life continues as she inspires others to do the same.

Happily married for three decades to the husband she met as a can-can dancer on stage in an Alaska saloon, Nina’s essential advice is this:  “Live not by default, but by design.” Why wait a moment longer? Click here to find out more.

If you want what Nina is having, read more about the Extreme Bio Makeover service and sign up for your appointment.  I schedule these appointments on Thursdays at 9 a.m., 11 a.m., 1 p.m., and 3 p.m.  I’d love to work with you.

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Pitching TV Talk Shows — What a Producer Really Wants

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Just this month, I had the wonderful opportunity to make a pitch to a new daytime talk show in the Seattle area called New Day Northwest.   I read the press release and other stories about the show,  called to find out the best way to reach the lead producer, and I made what I thought was a pretty compelling email pitch.  Of course, I watched the debut broadcast so I had an up close and personal understanding of the show format and its overall approach.

Within hours of me sending the pitch, the producer made contact and expressed genuine interest in the segment I suggested.  I love when that happens.   And it happened just that way because I do my homework and craft pitches that are focused squarely on serving the audience and the show at hand.  If you have been wondering how to do that, you are going to love today’s post.

Today’s blog post comes to you from my colleague and co-collaborator Janet Vasil, founder of Your Media Moment and Beyond. Janet Vasil applies her more than 25 years experience as a radio/TV anchor, reporter and producer to help women entrepreneurs, authors, service professionals and other experts step into the spotlight, reach out to the media and profit from free publicity on TV, radio and the “virtual airwaves.”  Take it away Janet!

Pitching TV Talk Shows – What a Producer Really Wants

Local television talk shows are always on the hunt for great guests. The producers book guests for short segments on topics ranging from topical and serious to light-hearted and fun. The segments generally run three to seven minutes so a one-hour show has about seven segments. A half-hour show runs about four. That spells opportunity for publicity-seekers because the producers need a constant flow of lively informative entertaining guests every day or every week.

Here are a few things to consider when pitching TV talk shows.

Know The Show. Few things annoy producers more than wading through pitches that don’t fit their show. Just because the host talked about her pet cat that morning does not mean the show does cat stories. Use a DVR or TiVo to record a week’s worth of shows in your area and study them. Check the stations’ websites for more information and to find out how to pitch them. Some will tell you exactly what kind of stories they want and will have a guest or idea submission form right on their site. You can also call a show to ask who handles your topic so you’ll pitch the right person.

Show and Tell. During your research, keep notes on how different talk shows handle visuals. Some will do straight interviews while others love guests who do makeovers, show dramatic before and after photos or video clips, can cook on camera or do other demonstrations. What could you do or show, and especially get the host or audience members involved in, for your segment?

Local vs. National I recommend you get your start pitching local shows and with experience, widen the net to national talk shows, if that’s what you want. If your local TV market is in a major city like New York or LA, target shows in smaller nearby markets initially.

TV talk shows have a voracious appetite for fresh ideas and new faces, plus if you’re a terrific guest, the show could invite you to do regular segments.

Happy Pitching!

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Good News Spreads about HGTV Design Star David Bromstad and Eye on Design 2010 at Seattle Design Center

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With just under two weeks until event day, word continues to spread about Eye on Design 2010 with HGTV Design Star and Color Splash Host David Bromstad and Seattle Design Center.

To follow is a sampling of the online story links that have debuted since we started building the buzz about this Saturday, April 24 event that promises to inspire every guest about the high impact color and art can make to transform any space without breaking the bank.

From Robin “Paint Princess” Daily’s “Design Files” column in the Journal newspaper to the Seattle Homes & Lifestyles Blog to Kelley Moore’s Lifestyle Blog, word is spreading, and tickets are selling.

We look forward to welcoming  400-600 guests to attend and enjoy the visual banquet Seattle Design Center and HGTV Color Splash Host David Bromstad are preparing to delight your senses and inspire your spaces.   We hope you are among them.

Oh, by the way, a number of these links offer avenues for you to enter to win free event tickets.   It’s always fun to win, so why not put your hat in the ring?  Or, just make sure your place is set at the table and purchase your tickets here.

Authentic Visibility Tip of the Day: Most of these media placements were secured by extending personal invitations to a number of well targeted bloggers and columnists who reach extended tribes of people who love interior design.   I started that work in early March — a full month before issuing the press release over PRWeb.  That gave each blogger the opportunity to jump on the opportunity before the rest of the world knew about it.   In my experience, that approach works pretty well.   So far, so good.  Try it!

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Stopping to Smell the Tulips has Its Rewards – Do You Want What I am Having?

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Spring break came at a good time.   I took a few days to unplug and focus my attention on my family.  It was wonderful to enjoy unstructured time to take in the tulips in Skagit County with my son Kyle and husband Steve, watch some great movies,  and tend to the garden.   I really should do this more often because the new business and speaking opportunities just flowed in while I was away.

Three radio interviews including NPR, two speaking engagement invitations, four Extreme Bio Makeover appointments, four Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide purchases from my own backyard and from as far beyond as Jerusalem, one article invitation to contribute to a perfect trade journal for my expertise, and THREE serious inquiries for retainer/project work all came in while I was on vacation.

All this tenacious, consistent, and passionate effort to build my brand and expertise among audiences near and far is paying off in exactly the ways that I intended when I started this journey to earn expert status about four years ago.

I mention this because I wonder from time to time if all the effort I put forth to build the buzz about my expertise is paying off.

It takes a lot of effort to sustain a quality ezine, post regularly to the blog, scan media queries for perfect placement opportunities for myself and others, engage with my social networks, connect with people in person, contribute to teleseminars and “live” workshops, submit articles to online media avenues and business journals, and engage in joint venture arrangements with quality partners.   These activities are in addition to serving clients who have high expectations for exceptional service and results through the fee-for-service publicity and messaging work I contribute to support their success.

Having stayed consistent with these activities for the better part of four years, I can tell you that patience and tenacity do ultimately pay off.

And they will pay off for you, too.  Those activities  to which you apply your passion, time, quality effort, and talent consistently over time do deliver remarkable results.  And anything you try just one time and abandon will never deliver the goods.

Either you are in it for the long run, or you aren’t.  And if you are in it for the long run, you know that investing an hour a day at least in building your professional reputation is crucial, essential, and well worth the effort.

Can you outsource this work to someone else?  Sure.   The rub is that it takes a fair amount of time and effort do to this work, and the investment required with outsourced talent may be difficult to immediately capture at your bottom line.

That is why  I am a huge proponent of learning the essential skills you need so you can have control over attracting your own media and revenue generation opportunities on a DIY basis.  In what the Wall Street Journal calls today’s “age of going solo,” this just makes good business sense.

Do you invest at least an hour a day in building your professional brand and reputation by sharing your expertise and message on a one-to-many basis?   Are you consistent in your efforts? And, are you at the point at which you know you need a guide to show you the way?

If you answered “YES” to that last question, here is today’s call for action.  Send me an email at nancy@nsjmktg.com asking to receive your application to enroll in the May 14 Publici-Tea™ All Day Private Retreat. During a delicious day together with just five special, publicity-seeking guests, I’ll show you the way and then some.

This retreat isn’t for the faint of heart.  You have to come prepared to work and invest some of your hard-earned money, time and talent into the process.  But I can tell you the effort is well worth it.  I want you to have what I am having, and action is always the key.  Send me your application request at nancy@nsjmktg.com.  Applications are due April 30 for the May 14 retreat.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Ali Brown’s Bio – Being Bold to Suggest a Couple of Upgrades to Make What is Really Great Even Better

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I enjoy reading the bios of successful entrepreneurs. Check out Ali Brown’s bio as shared on an event sponsorship package I received recently and see how she tells her story:

One of the most dynamic female entrepreneurs of her generation, Ali Brown is founder and CEO of Ali International, a company that received the distinction of being named to the 2009 “Inc. 500” list of fastest growing private companies in the nation. Through her coaching and inspiration, she has created a dynamic multi-million dollar enterprise that is devoted to empowering women around the world. She has been featured on TV networks including FOX, ABC, CBS, CW, NBC, E!, and HGTV. Ali’s rapidly expanding business empire now includes Ali Magazine, the Ali Boutique, the Millionaire Protégé Club®, and Ali Events. She currently supports close to 40,000 members as they start and grow businesses for greater income and personal freedom. Her main website, www.AliBrown.com, highlights her spectacular brands and highly sought-after programs that have commanded recognition and respect within the industry.

Her stunning results are clear. The credibility of her performance is well demonstrated.  I might re-write the last sentence to say that her sought-after programs have successfully guided thousands of entrepreneurs — from  stay-at-home Mom newbie business owners to fully fledged savvy business divas — to achieve greater financial independence and realize and experience that their success has no boundaries. That seems more meaningful than “commanded recognition and respect within the industry.”  I would add a sassy sound bite from Ali to bring some of her warm and generous personality into this description.   Or, I’d also search through her considerable media credits to find a quote that describes her in compelling and inspiring terms with attribution to the source.

A succinct story that would lend even more impact to this bio is a story I’ve heard her tell. When she was a just starting out as a business owner, she didn’t have enough money in a checking account to withdraw $20 with her ATM card.   There is something very compelling about a “rags to riches” story like this that goes a long way toward bringing even more of the right people to the table to benefit from the banquet Ali delivers to loyal fans and followers worldwide every day.

By the way, when you read Ali Brown’s longer bio on her website, you’ll find all these additional pearls.  You just have to read more text to find them.  I am a big proponent of putting all the best pearls front and center without having to ask the reader to go searching.   Most radio and TV program producers won’t go to that trouble.   More importantly, it is crucial to make it easy for members of the media to introduce you exactly the way you want to be introduced so the table is set for you to work your magic straight away.

Nancy’s “AFTER” Bio with These Edits Reflected:

“Nothing makes me more proud or excited, sometimes to the point of tears, when my members have a big breakthrough, share a success story that changed their lives, or multiply their incomes in ways that they couldn’t before imagine.”

— Ali Brown

One of the most dynamic female entrepreneurs of her generation, Ali Brown is founder and CEO of Ali International, a company named to the 2009 “Inc. 500” list of fastest growing private companies in the nation. When Ali was just starting out as a business owner, she didn’t have enough money in a checking account to withdraw $20 with her ATM card.   By immersing herself in books and courses on marketing, success, and prosperity, Ali figured out how to grow her influence and wealth as she served prestigious clients such as New York Times Digital, Adweek Magazines, Scholastic Books, and Dun & Bradstreet.  In doing so, she became a recognized and often quoted authority to a number of books and the media about driving sales and marketing via email marketing in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Business Startups, Personal Success magazine (U.K.), Success for Women magazine, and the Sydney Morning HeraldToday she empowers thousands of entrepreneurs — from stay-at-home Mom newbie business owners to fully fledged savvy business divas — to follow her lead and realize success without boundaries. Through her coaching and inspiration, she has created a dynamic multi-million dollar enterprise that is devoted to empowering women around the world. She has been featured on TV networks including FOX, ABC, CBS, CW, NBC, E!, and HGTV. Ali’s rapidly expanding business empire now includes Ali Magazine, the Ali Boutique, the Millionaire Protégé Club®, and Ali Events. She supports close to 40,000 members as they start and grow businesses for greater income and personal freedom.  Learn more about all of Ali’s brands and sought-after programs and products at www.alibrown.com.

And, if radio interviews are a priority, I’d shorten this bio to two or three sentences so any radio host can just read those lines as they welcome Ali to their shows.  That three-line bio could read as follows:

Ali Brown is founder and CEO of Ali International, a company named to the 2009 “Inc. 500” list of fastest growing private companies in the nation.  A self-taught entrepreneur with her own “rags to riches” story,  Ali’s events, products and programs empower thousands of stay-at-home Mom newbie business owners to fully fledged savvy business divas to create success for their lives and work without boundaries.   Please welcome Ali Brown to the show.

These additions add impact and social connection to the story, and that makes the story even more worth telling, sharing, and remembering.  And it sure makes it a whole lot easier for the media to get to the meat of the matter right away.

(Ali, if you are reading this blog post, know that I am a big fan of your work and would love to meet you one day.   Can’t wait!)

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