Gain Access to Your Bill Baren Audio File Here and Become a Master of Enrollment Today!

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Here are just a few of the testimonials that came in DURING last night’s call with Master of Enrollment Coach Bill Baren to compel your interest:

Nancy, I really enjoyed the call with Bill Baren today. You really pulled out some juicy morsels from him! The “closing the gap” and raising the possibilities for your reader/prospect was the best piece of info for me. So often I try to meet them where they are instead of wave them on from the destination. I can see where that can make a big difference. I’ll keep you posted on how this little piece of advice works out for me. Thanks again for hosting the free call.

Betsy Talbot | | Twitter @betsytalbot

I’m really enjoying it tremendously. I like his approach…it’s in alignment with my spiritual philosophy…laws of attraction and being authentic! Thank you for this. One question: is this 6 training program monthly or weekly? Thank you,

Jackie Foskett, CH

Wow, can I just say that this has been a super rich call! Fantastic content, great executable items that I can take action on right away. And, a great reframe on enrollment for me, and hahaha, I thought I did that pretty darn well! Great job Nancy, you did a fantastic job facilitating.

Tammy Redmon, ICF, PCC
Business Growth Strategist | Executive Coach | Motivating Speaker |

I too thank you, Nancy, for hosting this and encouraging our participation. I am going to sign up my receptionist to assist her in mastering the art of enrollment and grow the practice! I can’t wait to get her started!! You’re the best!!

Dr Larry

Dr. Larry Greenblatt
“Concierge healthcare that’s all about you! “

I received your e-mail through a friend. This has been a great call. Thank you,

Arlene Arnold
Empower Your Life with Color
my blog–
radio show

Nancy, My meeting was cancelled. Thank Goodness! I jumped on the teleclass. Wow! I so appreciate your tenacity in having me join on this program. I’ve been focused on attracting a coach that has the integrity, standards and heartfelt service as Bill Baren. I’ve already signed up for the Master Enrollment Program. I can’t even put into words the encouragement, support and excitement in learning these Masterful skills. The areas that Bill was covering in this call are the areas that are the last challenges to have me get to my goals. Huge thanks & appreciation,

Mara Davidson

Hi Nancy –

Mara Davidson turned me onto this call at 1pm today. Oh my gosh – Bill and you are so wonderful and quite a great team 🙂 I signed up for Bill’s course AS SOON as he gave the website! This is going to make the difference I’ve been wanting for so long! You both rock!

Nancy Ericksen

The audio file from last night’s rock star teleclass with Master of Enrollment Coach Bill Baren is now available. Click here to gain access to it. Share it with everyone you know who needs to close more of the right clients now.

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Master of Enrollment Coach Bill Baren Rocked the House Last Night! Ali Brown’s Call is Tomorrow

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If you weren’t on last night’s teleclass with Master of Enrollment Coach Bill Baren, take heart. I’ll be posting the audio recording from our interview as soon as it is available so you can listen in after the fact and share the message with your friends and colleagues who struggle with closing the right business to fuel your collective prosperity. You know a call is resonating when dozens of emails come your way DURING the call to express gratitude for bringing his expertise their way. That is what happened last night, and it was heartening and so rewarding. Bill is extending a very special, early bird offer so you can become a master of enrollment, too, so click on the link above to learn more about that.

While you wait for that recording, I want to tell you about another call happening tomorrow with another expert well worth your investment of time. Ali Brown is hosting a call to tell us about her new product launch system. So many people tell me they want to create a reliable, new stream of revenue from the sale of information products. If this idea resonates with you, you can read all about the call and sign up at this link. She knows her stuff. Hope you’ll join us on this call, too.

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CFP™ Steve Juetten Scores Guest Post on Influential “Get Rich Slowly” Blog

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If you want to get known as an expert among your ideal clients, one of the best things you can do is guest blog for those who already “own” a huge position of influence. That is what I told my husband Steve Juetten, a Certified Financial Planner™ professional who has written a really great ebook about how to make the right IRA conversion decision for you.

Not one to sit on good advice, Steve visited to research the highest authority financial planning blogs on the Internet today. It was no surprise to him that his favorite blog — Get Rich Slowly — ranked #4 on the list. Already a regular reader, Steve studied the blog to find out if the topic of IRA conversions had yet been covered. Then, he connected with the blogger to suggest a guest post.

The blogger said YES, and today, Steve’s post is on the home page at Get Rich Slowly.

This is a big deal because plenty of the right people make a regular habit of reading this blog, commenting about the posts made there, and spreading the word to others who share their goal to Get Rich Slowly. As I type this message, Steve’s Get Rich Slowly message has been Re-Tweeted 25 times, invited 13 comments, and spread to other financial planning sites.

Steve is watching his Google Analytics to see what happens with traffic to his own site in the days to come. He’ll also be happy to measure the impact of this post in sales of his well-reviewed ebook over time.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. It happened brick by brick. It’s much like the concept behind Get Rich Slowly. It’s all good.

If you struggle knowing the right decision to make for your IRA conversion, read this post, share it with others, and come to your best choice. And, if you need a little help, Steve can show you the way.

By the way, Steve’s firm was named by Seattle Magazine this month as a Five Star “Best in Client Satisfaction” Award Winner among Seattle area financial planning firms.

Winning awards for client satisfaction as a financial planner is certainly a winning way to set your firm apart from others in the best and worst of times.

Rock on Steve.

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Tonight at 5 p.m. PST Learn from Master of Enrollment Coach Bill Baren

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There is still time to register for tonight’s teleclass when I interview master of enrollment coach Bill Baren.

You are going to learn:

  • His most powerful formula for leading prospective clients to “Yes.”  It works anytime, anywhere.  Whether you are in a one-on-one consultation, leading a teleseminar, or speaking on a stage.  This is the true key to being a master of enrollment.
  • How to turn the dreaded respond of “I can’t afford it” into the perfect opportunity for you to close the sale right now on the spot.
  • Is fear of rejection the #1 thing stopping you from getting clients?  Bill will show you a simple fear-busting technique you can use right away.  You’ll feel much more comfortable talking to people about fees and inviting them to work with you.
  • A proven 5-step system for making money and enrolling new clients through teleseminars and speaking engagements (and if you’ve never done a teleseminar or speaking engagement, this will make it easy for you to get started.
  • His super easy method for you to create an irresistible offer that can DOUBLE the number of prospective clients who hire you.

Register NOW to secure your spot.  And, even if you can’t be on the call, register anyway so you can receive the audio recording after the fact to enjoy at your 24/7 convenience!

And, tell your friends.  I’d love to welcome at least 100 perfect guests to benefit from this call.

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Press Release Delivers TV News Coverage for Personal Safety Expert Larry Kaminer

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Personal Safety Group Founder and President Larry Kaminer is a man on a mission to empower others to stay safe when gun shots are fired.

He and I worked together to craft a press release about a “Gun Shots Fired on Campus” training event he has planned for April 22 in Seattle for college-aged kids and their parents.

Larry said the TV interview came about as a result of him emailing the press release to a reporter he knew at KCPQ TV Fox.  He sent it out on Friday and mentioned the press release was going out over the PRWeb on Monday.  The station called and asked if they could have the interview before everyone else got the release.  Getting first crack at a local story is always a compelling benefit.

Larry’s personal approach and the news release compelled the news team at KCPQ TV 13 to create a broadcast story, and you can see it here.  You can also read about the details of the FREE training workshop at the PRWeb release you’ll find here.

Larry reports that the PRWeb system is easy to use and well worth the fee to get the word out.  He said, “All sorts of other websites that I don’t recognize have picked up the release and posted it.  I am really keen to use PRWeb again soon.”

How did all this happen?  Well, Larry rented my PR brain for one hour to share the details of his event and have me write the press release for him.  I advised him to post the release to PRWeb.  I also suggested he post his event for $19.95 to Full Calendar — a  very efficient event promotion service that is also quite affordable.  And, it’s always a good idea to target your news to a specific media outlet that is a perfect target for your message.

Now, one of the local TV stations in his Seattle backyard is promoting his free public safety workshop.  And, that broadcast clip will be a persuasive future marketing tool to help Larry advocate for his other training programs that keep people safe.

I won’t be the least bit surprised when the event fills to capacity as other local news outlets follow suit.  What would be an even more compelling outcome will be when corporations learn more about the corporate training Larry’s company provides to help keep employees safe when they travel or navigate dark parking lots alone.

The company’s new 90-minute webinar entitled, “Gunman in the Building” debuts April 7, 2010 and is available for purchase and licensing agreements. To learn more and bring this life-saving content to your company, call Larry Kaminer at and visit

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“Cancer Free” Message Delivers a Wake-Up Call, New Calls to Personal Action, and More

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March brought a bit of personal drama my way.  After an abnormal mammogram, followed by another more detailed test, I had a biopsy to remove suspicious cells that the doctor feared could be breast cancer.  Since this was my second experience with this kind of news over a series of years, I spent the better part of March wondering and worrying about what might become of the rest of my life.  As a wife to my devoted husband of 23 years Steve, an almost 13-year-old son Kyle, and a 7-year-old Golden Retriever named Shadow, I lost a fair amount of sleep about this turn of events.   And, that biopsy wasn’t fun at all.

The good news is that I am cancer free, and I couldn’t be more relieved.   For those of you who lent personal support during this challenging time, I thank you.

This was just the wake-up call I needed about a lot of things in my life and business.   I realize that I’ve been planning my life around my business instead of the other way around.  That is going to stop right now.  Enough already about putting my life and personal plans on hold until such time that the business is doing this or that.   “Someday” isn’t on the calendar, and this isn’t a dress rehearsal.

How are things different already?

1)  I’ve declared Friday nights and all day Saturdays as “technology free” days.  The focus is on family and personal time with my husband and son.

2)  Shadow and I are taking more walks.

3)  I am tending to my garden and loving it.

4) I started taking Yoga today, and I am going to stick with it and make regular appointments.

5)  I am going to see Oprah in person at the Live Your Best Life 10 Year Anniversary Celebration for O Magazine this May 7 – 9.  I’ve been a fan for a decade.  It’s time to be in the same room with her.  And maybe I’ll get lucky enough to share that cup of tea with her that I’ve been dreaming of for so long to thank her for the impact she has had on my life.

6) And, on the business front, I am make Extreme Bio Makeovers a priority service in my business.   I love providing this service.   I love connecting with clients in this very personal way.  And I know I can help people walk taller and act more boldly in telling their stories to invite the right opportunities, especially for those who find talking about themselves difficult or who just can’t find the right words.

For reasons stemming from my own life experience, I really understand how important it is to be seen, heard, and celebrated.  It’s my gift to pay close attention and ask the right questions to uncover what  makes you special and different.  I love listening to your stories and turning them into media opportunities and other avenues to share your magic with the marketplace.

And, when you love doing something as much as I love doing this and clients get so much value out of it, why wait a moment longer before making it a priority?

For starters, I’d love Thursdays to be Extreme Bio Makeover Days in my practice.  When that day books up consistently, I’ll add a second day to provide that service.  And then we’ll see what happens after that.

If Anastasia Soare of Anastasia Beverly Hills can be known as the eyebrow guru (she’s also Oprah’s very own favorite) who travels the world arching women’s brows to frame their faces in the best possible way,  I can start blazing my  trail as “The Bio Whisperer” who coaxes your best story out of you so you can do more of what you love, while making you sound like the rock star you are as you are doing it.   If not now, then when?  At least I a boldly declaring what I want to happen next.  That feels really good. And I can’t wait to get started.

And, if you are overdue for your mammogram, make your appointment today so you can hopefully have the peace of mind and gratitude that come with a “cancer free” diagnosis.

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This Call Complete with Two Extreme Bio Makeovers Rocked the House – Tune in!

Bye-Bye Boring Bio Success Story Comments Off on This Call Complete with Two Extreme Bio Makeovers Rocked the House – Tune in!

The Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide teleclass hosted by Tshombe Brown and me has been earning some great reviews.  You can tune in at this link:


My favorite part of the call was transforming the bios of a real estate agent in Portland and a serial entrepreneur from Perth, Australia from “boring, bland, and boilerplate” to “memorable, remarkable, and really great” as a means of demonstrating the lessons I teach from the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide.  The business owners whose bios were being “workshopped” were “on” the call to respond to the Extreme Bio Makeover suggestions, and they were really wowed by the transformations.

Please, share this with everyone you know so we can get a jump-start on banishing boring bios everywhere. And, you can see some of the special offers I have extended to call participants at this link.

Thanks Tshombe Brown for being such a great co-collaborator.  And, oh by the way, when you listen all the way to the end of the call, you can hear about the Publici-Tea™@Sea luxury cruise to Alaska that is brewing for August 8 – 15, 2010.     I’d love to have the perfect people come on board who are truly serious about building their businesses, building the buzz, and forming new relationships to catapult success to even higher levels.   Aren’t you the least bit curious?  Don’t you want to know more?  And won’t you come and play and learn this summer?   It’s going to be fun.  Come on aboard!

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Do You Want to Attract More of the Right Clients Now?

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I have invited my friend and business coach extraordinaire, Bill Baren, to join us for a one-time only FREE teleclass on Monday, March 29 at 5 p.m. PST to help you learn essential strategies to get this mission accomplished.  I couldn’t be more excited for you to experience him.

Bill and I met for the first time at the Robert Middleton Info Guru Summit held in San Francisco, CA in January of this year.  I was immediately attracted to his personal energy, insightful comments, and his commitment to support others’ success.  His own business success is rather remarkable, too.  That is why being able to bring him to YOUR attention is such a thrill for me.  And, his message could not be more timely or relevant.

Bill’s program is called “How to Become a Master of Enrollment”, and it will open your eyes to new strategies and tactics for having prospects jump at the chance of saying YES! to your services.  It’s free to chime in to the Monday, March 29 call at 5 p.m. Pacific Time. You just have to register here to learn more and reserve your spot.   Please do!   And, yes, you can sign up to receive the audio recording if the time of the class isn’t a perfect fit for your schedule.  Sign up now, tell your friends, and be there to benefit.  Can’t wait!

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Manifesting the Perfect Buyer for Our Somerset Home for Sale

Selling a Home in 2010 Comments Off on Manifesting the Perfect Buyer for Our Somerset Home for Sale

We continue to get good feedback about our home for sale.   Here is my wish from the buying pool:

Please, Universe, manifest the perfect  qualified, motivated, respectful family with kids that are old enough to walk to the neighborhood park one block away, smart enough not to play in the street, and big enough not to drown in the circulating pond in the beautifully and professionally landscaped backyard with parents that want to be in the Somerset, Tyee, Newport school district.  It’s a tall order, but I know you’ll deliver in perfect timing!

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Join Me at Tomorrow’s Free Teleclass at Noon PST to Workshop Another Bio During the Call!

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Looking for something to do tomorrow at lunch that can help you grow your business and help you tell your story better than ever before?   Please join me on this free teleclass at noon PST on Tuesday, March 23 to learn how to kick your boring bio to the curb.   Joining us on this call will be the members of the International Coaches Federation and the Puget Sound Coaches Association.  I’ll be “workshopping” at least one bio “live” during the call, and that is always instructive and helpful to everyone listening.

Bridgeline:  1-218-936-7999  Access Code: 510908

By the way, the call with Tshombe Brown from last week earned rave reviews.   My email box was flooded with thank you notes immediately after the call.   I can’t wait to rock the house for this one, too.   Please, join us!

Bio Tip of the Day: When in doubt, always lead with “content over cute” when telling your story.  Keep your focus on appealing to the sensibilities of your ideal client.   If your ideal client has to look too deep to find the answer to the pain that is causing the most discomfort, you’ll lose out on the opportunity to suit up and play.

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