2010 Residential Real Estate Case Study – Selling a Bellevue Family Home in a Recovering Market

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Today I add a new category to the blog that will tell the story of how the recovering marketplace responds to a home for sale in the Somerset neighborhood of Bellevue, WA.   With so much media attention being paid to this topic, it certainly seems timely, relevant, and newsworthy to share the journey.  And it is a very personal journey, as well, which lends itself well to blogging and social media.  Since this blog is all about helping others use the power of the media to get seen, heard, and celebrated, this series of posts will make the most of social media to explore how to spread the good news to invite a stunning, decisive result that takes shape in the form of a perfect sale.

Married with Luggage Lifestyle Blogger Betsy Talbot has been getting creative as she prepares to sell her Fremont townhome.  The house is now Tweeting regularly, and messages about it are showing up on her Facebook page and blog.   Her townhome has plenty of personality, and it’s quite lovely and well appointed, I might add.

Last night, our beautiful family home of 20 years was listed for sale.  (We moved to a new home that we love in July of 2008, and we are very happy living and working in our new home.)

We have high hopes and high expectations for a perfect sale.  And for good reason.  In the “Dwell on This” column written by Sam Anderson for the New Homes section of the Seattle Times, Anderson  writes, “…I agree with the many real estate experts who say there’s scarely been a better time to buy a home.”   Here, here!

So, now you can take a look at the home my husband and I are selling.  This home is ready to welcome the perfect, qualified buyer who will love and nurture this home as we did for 20 years.   If you know of anyone looking to enroll their children in the world-class Bellevue, WA school system and move into a lovely, specious, family home that is truly in “move in” condition, this is it.  The first open house takes place tomorrow from 1 – 4 p.m.  You can source the address at the active link above.   Mother Nature has a beautiful, sunny day planned to put our home in the perfect light to welcome potential buyers.   We hope a parade of fabulous people make plans to visit and ponder if our home is perfect for them.

Right now, we are full of anticipation and high hopes.  No doubt, there will a range of emotions still to come as we wait to see what the marketplace has to say.   I’ll share the journey with equally high hopes that a fabulous outcome is at the ready for all in perfect timing.  Stay tuned.

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Married with Luggage Blogger Betsy Talbot Tells Her Story about Successful Lifestyle Design on the Radio

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I love it when Publici-Tea™ graduates get into action to tell their stories and earn a much wider audience for their message.   A few weeks ago, I saw a query that was right on target for Betsy Talbot, so I sent it her way for reply.  She got into action, applied the lessons she learned about responding in a winning way to a media query, and got her sound bites in order via this radio interview with Janet Vasil of Your Media Moment and Beyond.   Listen in to learn how Betsy designed her life to allow for a year-round trip with her husband Warren around the world.

[audio: https://www.yourmediamoment.com/your_media_momentand_beyo/2010/02/betsy-talbot-interview.html]

By the way, if you want to be a Publici-Tea™ graduate, let me make it easy for you.  Starting March 1, when you purchase the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide, you get the Publici-Tea™ Express Digital Workshop as a BONUS GIFT.   You can learn all the lessons Betsy has learned so well.  And, if you want to go deeper in your learning, you can then rent my PR brain by the hour at Publici-Tea™ graduate rates.   Such a deal!

This is all part of my nine-year business anniversary sale, which starts on Monday.

People continue to RAVE about the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide, and here is a testimonial I received just today from Kelly Wise of One Woman Marketing:

“As a professional copywriter, I thought I knew everything when it came to writing bios. But Nancy’s ‘Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide‘ gave me tons of new insight. Her worksheets helped me add humor and credibility to my existing bio, and inspired several unique talking points for speeches and networking events. Now, I recommend the Action Guide to almost everyone I know.” 

So, if you want what Betsy Talbot is having, treat yourself to the anniversary sale and get into action on the abundant audio and written materials that are part of the bundle.   You’ll be so glad you did.

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Clean Up Your Ezine List to Get Ready to Serve More of the Right People

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Do you ever wonder if your ezine list is really working for you and what to do to make it work better for both your business and your followers?

I am happy to share an excellent blog post by Viva Visibility Founder Nancy Marmolejo.  Her post entitled, “I survived a list purge (You can, too)” gets to the heart of this matter, and plenty of folks are commenting.

It’s one thing to have a huge list.  It’s another entirely to have a powerful, responsive list of true and loyal fans.   Given the choice, my bias is to build a responsive list of true and loyal fans by being of fabulous service.  To that end, what DIY publicity questions do you have, and how can I help?   Let me hear from you!

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Make Your Bio Better at These Upcoming Events!

Event Promotion Comments Off on Make Your Bio Better at These Upcoming Events!

Check out these “live” and online events coming up next week to guide you to the rock star bio you’ve been craving to get known as an expert, invite quality leads, and attract quality media attention to you and your business now.  These are engaging, content-driven workshops that help you tell your story so the right people will listen.  Whether you enjoy listening to the radio, tuning into a teleclass, or showing up live and in person, there is something to suit your preference next week as I celebrate my 9-year business anniversary with valuable insights to support your bio writing and business success.

Rock Your Genius Radio Show with Amber Singleton Riviere – FREE
Friday, February 26
Here is the link to learn more.  (And, if you think you have insights to add value to Amber’s show, get in touch with Amber and share your show idea.)

Alliance of Online Entrepreneurs Teleclass – FREE
March 2 at 9 a.m. PST
How to Say Say Bye-Bye to Your Boring Bio and Why You Should!
Here is the link with all the details for this FREE call.

BizEnrich “Live” Event – FREE
Nancy Workshops Three Bios “Live” to Showcase What Works Best
March 5 from 10 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

RSVP to Berry@bizenrich.com, and learn more about Berry’s BizEnrich company and how it can support your success as an independent business professional at this link.

Patrick Snow’s Best Seller Publishing Institute
Nancy Delivers the Publici-Tea™ Express “Live” on March 16.
This is a three-day event packed with value as Patrick Shows You How to Get That Book in Your Head on Paper
March 16 – 18, 2010
Bainbridge Island, WA
Learn more and register at this link.  Be sure to mention “Nancy Juetten” when you register to enjoy preferred pricing.

ThinkSpace “Live” Event – Redmond, WA – FREE
Nancy Workshops Three Bios “Live” to Showcase What Works Best
April 14 at 3:30 p.m.
RSVP Alyssa Magnotti at alyssa@thinkspace.com

These events are part of my company’s 9-year business anniversary celebration, so join in and benefit from these quality events. Space is limited, so act quickly to confirm your place online or in person at the event(s) that suit your needs best.

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Hail to “Free” at Jack-in-the-Box and Well Beyond!

Event Promotion Comments Off on Hail to “Free” at Jack-in-the-Box and Well Beyond!

In today’s demanding economic times, who doesn’t love a deal?    Jack in the Box restaurants is offering a one-day-only sale today in which you can enjoy a free grilled sandwich with the purchase of a large drink.  Here is the link with all the details, and no coupon is required.  (Oh, by the way, I was employed by JIB as a regional marketing manager from 1989 – 1993, so the company’s activities still capture my attention. )   No doubt, folks are bound to be talking about this offer, and plenty more are going to act upon it.  That means new restaurant visits, new product trial, and the opportunity to be of service to many more people as a result of the quality experience the restaurants deliver to their guests during today’s one-day-only sale.

With that as an introduction, I am going to take a ride on the FREE express and deliver the benefit to you  with the first ever “Buy One Really Great DIY Publicity Tool, Get the Second Really Great DIY Publicity Tool FREE” business anniversary sale.   For a full week — from March 1 – 7 — when you buy the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide for $49, you ALSO get the Publici-Tea™ Digital Workshop as a high value bonus gift.  That’s $97 in audio and print products that will deliver priceless visiblity for your business in the media and in your future book, provided you act on the information within.

I want people the world over to banish boring bios forever and to have the nitty-gritty information and resources they need to tell their stores via publicity and book publishing so they are never hungry for publicity again.   And,  besides, it’s my nine-year business anniversary, and I feel like celebrating with a valuable gift for you.

And, if after enjoying the quality packed within these audio and print materials, you still find that you need someone like me to guide your journey to publicity success by renting my PR brain by the hour, OR you just want me to do the work for you, you’ll be in excellent position to know if I am the right talent for the job.

The sale starts March 1.  Tell your friends!

And for those of you heading over the Jack-in-the-Box today, enjoy your free sandwich.

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PR Expert Dan Leinweber Weighs in on Tiger Woods Apology

Uncategorized Comments Off on PR Expert Dan Leinweber Weighs in on Tiger Woods Apology

Did you see this piece in the Washington Post?  So many people are buzzing about this Tiger Woods apology and how it is being orchestrated.  What do you think? As for me, I’d rather celebrate the Olympic gold medal win by Evan Lycacek in men’s figure skating.  That was a riveting performance that celebrated all that is good in sport.

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O is Turning 10 – An anniversary made relevant to Oprah’s Readers

Media Savvy 101 Comments Off on O is Turning 10 – An anniversary made relevant to Oprah’s Readers

Making anniversaries relevant to readers is essential.  Who better to turn to for a good example being set in this regard than Oprah Winfrey.  She is celebrating the 10th anniversary of O Magazine this May 7-9 in New York City with a “Live Your Best Life Weekend” event.

Event promotions started to show up in the magazine in January.  In February, there was a golden ticket promotion in which 10 lucky readers received the gift of attending with a friend.  No doubt, there will be great stories and photo opportunities about each of these winners as the celebration unfolds.   In the March edition, the build-up continues as readers anticipate when tickets for this extravaganza become available for sale on March 15, 2010.

At this point, no one knows the investment required to participate.   For many Oprah fans, it doesn’t matter.  They are going to be at that weekend celebration because it is a big deal, they love Oprah, and the anniversary is packed with special guests and programming that are relevant and of interest to loyal readers.

Guess what?  I am going to do whatever it takes to be first in line to buy my ticket.   I have read every single O magazine for the last ten years.  Every issue is stored safely in my office.  When we moved to our new home in July of 2008, my husband Steve looked at all those magazines and begged me to recycle them.  Nope.   No way.  Not a chance.  I don’t collect many things, but I do save O magazines.  Every one of them.

Why?   Each magazine is relevant to my life.  As I have navigated every step along my own journey, Oprah has been there to help me through it.  Whether it was dealing with postpartum depression, figuring out how to deal with the “mommy wars,”  finding the right balance between work and family, or struggling to find my authentic voice to be heard, Oprah and her magazine have brought resources, inspiration, and visual splendor to lift me up in perfect timing.  I even have a file directory on my hard drive called “Oprah Dream” in which I have saved every email and letter I have sent to the show since 2004.   At left is a photo of my golden retriever from six years ago, nestled next to a pillow that reads, “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. — Oprah Winfrey.”   I even had ‘thank you’ cards printed to share with my clients with this image on the cover that are in use still today.

Meeting Oprah has been on my “wish list” for quite some time.   And, while I may not have a lot of items on my own “bucket list,” sitting down for a cup of tea with Oprah one day is definitely one of them.

I know I am not alone in this and that competition for those anniversary tickets is going to be fierce.  Whatever it takes, I’ll find a way to be in New York to be part of that anniversary celebration.  And, since I am not alone in this, who wants to attend with me? Let me hear from you.  We may never have met before.  You may live well beyond my own backyard, but I know we already share a lot in common.  And,  I can’t wait to meet you and spend an inspired weekend together in celebration of what Oprah has contributed to all of us through her magazine and so much more.

My husband tells me that what you think about today manifests in three months time.  I believe that.  New York will be lovely in the Spring.  Let’s meet up there and become fast friends.   Can’t wait.

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Publici-Tea™ Graduate Justin Tsang of Netstar Inc. Attracts Attention of ABC News

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I love sharing stories about how Publici-Tea™ graduates use the lessons they learn from this popular workshop to earn media attention in their own backyards and beyond.  Today’s success story comes from Justin Tsang of Netstar Communications.

He writes, “Not too long ago I let you know that we got interviewed by ABCNews.com for expert advice on hidden telecom charges.  You can read the article here.  There is some bittersweet news. The article makes no mention of Netstar. The writer opted to include some of our insight but refer to us as ‘experts.’  Nonetheless, we still see the whole experience as a positive one.  It’s not everyday you get tapped by ABCNews.  Again, thank you for your help and support. Your tips and training helped me secure this great opportunity.”

— Justin Tsang, Netstar Inc.

For those of you who want to learn the lessons Justin has learned so well, here are two items that offer even more great news.

  1. You’ll be able to benefit from the Publici-Tea™ Express Digital Workshop as a gift from March 1 – 7, during my nine-year business anniversary sale when you purchase the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide during the event.
  2. And, if you would like to be among five lucky publicity-seeking guests who will gather around my Bellevue, WA dining room table on their choice of three upcoming Friday workshop dates —  May 14, September 17, or November 12 —  save your preferred date now. The Publici-Tea™ Intensive Workshop is coming back! I’ve decided to bring back these small, focused, and very personalized sessions to give serious publicity seekers the training, brainstorming, and tools they need in a very intimate group setting.   Why?  Because I love working closely with business owners who are serious about getting the attention they deserve. I’ve also found that those who invest in a quality day of training and tools are very motivated to act and excel.In fact, the majority of Publici-Tea™ Graduate Success Stories posted to this blog are from those who made the investment of time and money to spend at least a half-day with me to learn their lessons well.   Since success is what I want for everyone, these delicious, customized Publici-Tea™ Intensive Workshop Experiences are coming back, staring this May.If you want to raise your hand now and tell me this is just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, give me a call at 425-641-5214 (PST) or send me email to get on the guest list for your preferred date.  I’ll have more information to share about what you can expect to learn, invest, and take-away from your Publici-Tea™ Intensive Workshop Experience — including the new DIY Publicity Success System — in future ezines and blog posts, so stay tuned.
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It’s Time for the 2010 Quirky Marketing Calendar

Just for Fun Comments Off on It’s Time for the 2010 Quirky Marketing Calendar

Need some creative inspiration to plan a fabulous and inspired year of marketing activities?  Check this out — The Quirky Marketing Calendar: 365 Ways to Grow Your Business Using Zany and Non-traditional Holidays.  The projects and ideas in this ebook will help you create your own unique marketing calendar that you can use year after year even build upon and improve as the years go by. What makes this book different is that it includes ideas for 365 holidays and at the end of each chapter is a comprehensive list of little-known national and international holidays that you can use to come up with even more marketing programs for your company.

In addition to 12 months of marketing ideas, there is a comprehensive resource section including media contacts, press release distribution sites, podcast, video and social media resources and much more. And there is another feature this book has that other editions did not – several forms you can use to jump-start the programs you create for your business.

If you have found yourself running out of ideas to promote your business, if you have come to a standstill with your marketing department, if you ARE the Marketing department of your company, if you need some fresh ideas to grow your business… then the 2010 Edition of Quirky Marketing Calendar is just for you.  For more information, go to this link. And put some FUN into your business marketing this year!

Thank you Heidi Richards Mooney for the opportunity to contribute content about DIY publicity to this year’s effort.  If ever there was a tool in the marketing “wow” chest that can be used for quirky marketing and so much more, DIY publicity is it.   Get into action and share your 2010 success stories please!

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Self Published Authors: Take Note of www.SellingBooks.com to Share Your Story

Book Publishing, Bye-Bye Boring Bio Success Story Comments Off on Self Published Authors: Take Note of www.SellingBooks.com to Share Your Story

If you’ve self-published a book and want the world to know about it, check out this site.

bookstore.jpgThe copy at Selling Books reads, “Whether you are an aspiring writer, a multi-published author or an independent publisher, you have come to the right place. You will find lots of free information to help you in the next step of your publishing project: writing, production or promotion. And you will also find a number of books, audio programs, special reports, teleseminars and other resources.  Be sure to return often, as we will have new articles and resources added all the time.”

I read about this site first from an email from creator Cathy Stucker, who is also the mastermind behind Blogger Link Up a few weeks ago and was quick to submit my photo and interview answers in connection with Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide for her consideration.  Today, my interview appears on the site.  Check it out.

Authentic Visibility Tips of the Day:

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, one thing you know for sure is that I don’t just offer advice.  I practice what I preach.

As always, the big difference between earning attention for your efforts and the alternative is that those who act typically get what they want.  Are you ready for some action today?  If so, why not submit your story about your book to this site?  You just might welcome some new fans and followers and invite some new book sales today!

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