Ever Listen to a Teleseminar and Come Away Disappointed? If So, Read This!

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Do you ever chime in to listen to teleseminars and come away disappointed?  That happens for me from time to time.  When I am invited to participate as a speaker, I try to go deep and add a lot of value because you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Last week, I participated in both the Small Business Telesummit with Practical Marketing Expert Stacy Karacostas.  I also contributed to the Virtual Launch Party for the Alliance of Online Entrepreneurs.  In both cases, my email box was rewarded with warms letters of appreciation from participants who really gained a lot of value from my contributions.    I confess,  I wonder from time to time if all the time I apply toward these activities is making a difference.  Receiving feedback warms my heart and keeps me motivated to keep on keepin’ on.  So, I offer this letter as shared by one of the callers who followed up for a deeper conversation after hearing me speak during the AOE Launch Party because it speaks volumes about how I work with passion to support others’ success.  I hope it inspires you to reach out and benefit as this business owner has.

Hi There Brenda,

I was on the AOE launch call when you introduced your 2010 panel of experts and while impressed with the background of all of the accomplished women on your panel, there were a few that made a memorable impression, Ms. Nancy Juetten being one of them.  I contacted several ladies on your panel, Nancy responded almost immediately, and a call was scheduled just as quickly. I suppose this would all be very typical except that Nancy is not at all typical.

Let me simply say that I’ve been on many a conference call hoping to glean some truly ‘helpful’ hints and unfortunately, more often than not I’ve been disappointed. Let’s face it, we all want to make money and promote our services, but helping one another whenever possible allows us to move forward together and if we don’t do that for one another, no one else will –  (I’m all about the ‘win/win’) That being said, my call with Nancy has been one of the absolute best! I say that because during these calls, one expects to simply learn about all the services provided and whether or not they can afford them. Therefore the call is quick, polite and often, not much is accomplished (other than feeling badly if you can’t immediately afford something that you’re now convinced your business needs.)

I was thrilled to learn that Ms. Juetten is NONE of these things – She is direct and clear without leaving you feeling as though there are one or two things she can assist you with and if you can’t afford it your simply out of luck. Rather, she is generous beyond measure in that she makes certain you walk away with some sort of knowledge that can immediately benefit your specific goals whether you’re able to afford her services at that very moment or not.

On a more personal note, I was very clear what I was looking for when I called and what excited me was the fact that the very expression I was looking for was exhibited through her words, personality and professional attitude on both her website and our call.  She spent more time sharing and discussing information with me than was at all necessary and I’m sure neither one of us had any doubt that we would most certainly be working together, regardless to what extent.  No matter how long the call may have lasted, I would have walked away with something of great value and I am genuinely thankful to have met  her!

I feel absolutely certain the information she’s already offered will make a significant difference and look forward to working with her more closely in the near future. If anything at all I’ve said resonates, I strongly suggest you contact Nancy Juetten as well!

With Much Appreciation to You Both!

Lauren S. Henry
With a Brush of Love, Inc.

If what Lauren Henry writes resonates with needs you have in your business. keep in mind that my Rent Nancy’s PR Brain by the Hour service is one of my favorite ways to add value to your business in bite-sized chucks that pack a punch of value and results for you.  Read more about this at this link, and get in touch if you’d like to benefit as Lauren has.

Thanks Lauren for the very public shout out.  You have made my week.  And, for those of you who are parents of children with ADD/ADHD, autism and Asperger’s Syndrome, visit Lauren’s site to learn how With a Brush of Love Inc. can make a powerful difference for your children and the quality of their lives.

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Larry Kaminer, President of Personal Safety Group, is Very Happy with His New Bio

Bye-Bye Boring Bio Success Story Comments Off on Larry Kaminer, President of Personal Safety Group, is Very Happy with His New Bio

It’s been really fun these last few days, connecting with very interesting experts who need a little help refining their bios to be ready for the media.   Larry Kaminer is already a successful business owner.  Now, he’s ready to invite even more media opportunities to showcase the value he can add to conversations about personal safety.  To follow is his new bio that helps to position him as an expert.   As Larry adds media credentials to his experience, he’ll update his bio to reflect them.

In his email to me this evening, Larry said it was worth every penny he spent to get his bio off the boring list for sure!

As you read the bio, notice that it addresses four key elements:  stunning results, a succinct story, a sassy sound bite, and enough social information to help you know, like and trust his expertise.   When you craft your bio, follow the same recipe to achieve winning results of your own.  And, of course, if you need a little help, the Extreme Bio Makeover service is just one click away.

Larry Kaminer
Personal Safety and Security Trainer, Consultant, Speaker,
and Expert to the Media

“Don’t wait to be on the receiving end of gunfire or to have a knife at your throat before you learn essential strategies and tactics that can save your life and the lives of people you care about.”

Saving Lives & Bringing Peace of Mind,
One Spell-Binding Presentation at a Time:

Larry Kaminer’s passion for saving lives – including his own — began one night as a teenager growing up in Johannesburg, South Africa. Pinned down by gunfire during an attempted home invasion, he struggled to think his way through the chaos of the moment as the bullets whistled by. In that instant, Larry resolved never again be caught off guard without a personal safety strategy.  Today, he is president of Personal Safety Group, based in Seattle, WA.

Larry’s Riveting, Memorable, and Practical Advice
Saves Lives & Inspires Change:

Today, Larry’s “man on the street, from-the-trenches, pull-no-punches” approach to teaching crime avoidance is what sets him apart and makes his message riveting, memorable, and practical. Believing that the mind is your best weapon, Larry teaches audiences to think like criminals, understand the victim selection process, and learn how to eliminate the elements that contribute to being an easy target.  These are lessons learned over three decades of travel in high threat environments in Southern Africa.

Since 2006, Larry and his team of experts, trainers, and consultants from the Army Special Forces, Naval Special Operations, SWAT and Executive Protection arenas have inspired thousands of people to craft personal safety strategies that have the potential to save lives all over the world. At the same time, he and his team bring priceless peace of mind to all who benefit from their compelling and empowering message.

What Larry knows for sure is that no matter how we make our ways in the world, we are all ultimately responsible for our own personal safety.

Audience members and meeting planners from leading Puget Sound corporations, non-profits, county governments, safety councils, and law enforcement training events rave about the impact Larry’s message brings to their audiences as personal security earns top-of-mind awareness and inspires new, life-saving behaviors.

Whether he is addressing relocating executives en route to new countries, college aged kids on their way to enjoy campus life, corporate employees or offering provocative media perspective in response to a breaking news story about personal safety, Larry’s commentary always packs a powerful punch for personal safety empowerment in perfect timing.

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“Skittles. It’s What’s for Dinner” – That’s a Sound Bite!

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I’ve decided to celebrate memorable sound bites I read in the media as a way to draw a distinction between “boilerplate” comments and “really great” comments.

For example,  this one  — ”Skittles.  It’s What’s for Dinner” —  is one that captured my attention in an article about the proposed new candy tax.  Being a huge fan of premium chocolate, this article certainly earned my interest.

There is a “boilerplate” way to make a point, and there is a “really great” and memorable way to make a point.  A sassy sound bite is a “really great” way to get the job done.  “Skittles.  It’s What’s for Dinner” is a memorable way one side of this argument for the candy tax made his point.

Seattle Chocolate Company CEO Jean Thomspon, on the other hand, said the candy tax is bad for her business. Plus, chocolate is actually healthy and has more anti-oxidants than blueberries, she said.  “It actually is a food,” Thompson said, “And it’s an important part of people’s mental health when there are not a lot of luxuries available to them.”

Am I in favor of the candy tax?  Absolutely not.    But sassy sound bites like these sure are bound to get a lot of people talking.  And that is a big part of using the power of publicity to share your message far and wide.

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day: Where do YOU stand on the proposed candy tax?  Premium chocolate lovers such as myself would love to know.   Let me hear from you!

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Personal Safety Training Group Founder Larry Kaminer Earns a Winning Article Placement

Article PR Comments Off on Personal Safety Training Group Founder Larry Kaminer Earns a Winning Article Placement

Larry Kaminer is the founder of Personal Safety Training Group.  He and I met a couple of years ago at the Bellevue meeting of eWomenNetwork.   Last July, Larry and I had a brief phone chat about his intentions to get even better known as an expert in his field.   He expressed passion for lending his expertise to large companies that relocate personnel around the world.  As luck would have it, I had familiarity with one of the leading trade publications that executives in the relocation industry read to stay in the know about recommended resources and best practices.   I suggested that Larry connect with Frank Mauck, the editor of Mobility Magazine, to explore article placement opportunities to share his timely and very important message with the readers.  By November, Larry had earned the article placement he was after.

Larry will be happy to tell you that a it pays to speak with a well-connected publicist who can make timely, relevant, and immediate suggestions to help achieve the mission at hand.   Now, we are working together via my popular “Rent Nancy’s PR Brain by the Hour” program to take Larry’s publicity plans to the next level.  We are both very enthusiastic about the journey ahead.

If you don’t want to go it alone to earn the expert status you seek, help is just a click away.

Authentic Visibility Question and Tip of the Day – What is the trade journal that your ideal customers are most likely to read?  Visit the trade journal website and look for the “writer’s guidelines” and the 2010 editorial calendar.   Then, scan the editorial plans for the perfect placement opportunity for your expertise.  Then, make a pitch to earn the article placement you seek.   This is “block and tackle” work that is easy to do, once you know how.   And great results await.    What are you waiting for?

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Discouraged Former Real Estate Investor Finds Riches in Sassy Novelty Item — It Takes Balls to Golf

PR in Action, product publicity Comments Off on Discouraged Former Real Estate Investor Finds Riches in Sassy Novelty Item — It Takes Balls to Golf

The media loves a rags to riches story, and I had the opportunity to work with a new entrepreneur last week with a very timely, relevant and entertaining story to tell.

Who among us hasn’t been impacted by the challenging economy?  Doug Baker, a former real estate investor, was discouraged when his house flipping business was turned on its side as a consequence of the dramatic changes in the real estate market.  Discouraged and dismayed, he followed advice his wife Sandra gave him.  She said, “Follow your heart.  Figure out a way to make a living doing something you love.”

As it turned out, what Doug loves is the game of golf.  One morning, he woke up with an “aha” moment to create “My Sack.”  Today, the company is on track to generate $1 million in revenues.    Read the press release below for more details and inspiration that anything is possible, if you just allow yourself to think creatively, act decisively, add value to the marketplace — and have a little fun.   And, if you are looking for a playful and affordable gift to share with the golfer in your life this Valentine’s Day, MySack could be just the ticket!

By the way, if you need help turning your “aha” moment into a media opportunity, check out the “Rent Nancy’s PR Brain” service.   That’s what Sandra and Doug Baker did, and they are smiling now.


Contact:   Sandra Baker or Doug Baker,  801-391-7515
doug@mysack.com or sandy@mysack.com

(or call Nancy Juetten, 425-641-5214 or send email at nancy@nsjmktg.com if Sandra or Doug aren’t available.)

My Sack Has “Cutest Gift for Men” in the Bag, According to Hallmark Buyers at Altanta Gift Show

Discouraged Former Real Estate Investor Finds Riches in Sassy Novelty Item

(Atlanta, GA – January 14, 2010) — A new novelty item for golfers took the January 2010 Atlanta Gift Show by storm when “My Sack” came out of the bag in a big way, Founder Doug Baker quipped today.  Baker is founder of My Sack, the original ball holder (www.mysack.com).

Gift buyers from Hallmark stores and beyond called ‘My Sack’ the unexpected darling at the gift show,”  Baker said.  Gift buyers from Hallmark and scores and scores of boutique chain retailers and gift stores are placed orders valued at almost $70,000 in sales in a single weekend at this show.  Based on the sales momentum achieved since the product first debuted in July of 2009 at their first Atlanta Gift Show, Baker is optimistic that “My Sack” is on its way toward achieving $1 million in sales for 2010.

“That is great news for him as well as for women everywhere who are looking for the a show-stopping gift to delight their golfing husbands this Valentine’s Day. The picture tells the story about what this item is quite well.  Within the sack are two logo-adorned golf balls and the message, “It Takes Balls to Golf.”

MySack is crafted using high-quality, ultra-suede fabric and industrial-strength stitching.  It has a heavy-duty velcro enclosure and sturdy clasp which are both double-stitched to ensure longevity.  All logos are embroidered (except custom-ordered corporate logos).  MySack was designed to ensure laughs and durability for years to come. My Sack retails for $14.99.

Prior to launching ‘My Sack,” Baker was in the business of real estate investing and flipping homes.  When the market fell out, his business did, too.  Discouraged and dismayed, he searched for inspiration to create a new way to serve the marketplace.  An avid golfer, he woke up one morning with his “aha” moment.  Why not create a useful ball holder that could also lift spirits for those hoping to swing the club for a win next time.”

Baker said the product was in four stores in June of 2009.  In August, MySack was in 36 stores.  By December, 120 stores were carrying the product.  By January, well over 500 stores are carrying the product.

Baker said, “My story offers timely inspiration to those many thousands of Americans who are discouraged, underemployed, or out of work.  You really can live your dream if you just set aside your disappointment and let your imagination take flight.  You just might find a hole in one.”

Baker also offers an extraordinary guarantee for this remarkable product.  He says, “I am so confident that MySack will be a hit in your retail store, as it has for others, I will guarantee that if you are not pleased with the sales of MySack after days, I will buy back the display and all unsold items from you.  I can only do this because of the history and success that we have seen so quickly with MySack.”

This guarantee applies with purchase of the $39.00 display which includes three free MySacks (retail value $42.00) to offset display cost.  Call or email us for pricing info. Doug Baker is available for media interviews.  Call Doug at  801-391-7515.  Reporters and bloggers seeking product samples to feature in Valentine’s Day Gift Guides are encouraged to get in touch, request samples, and share the news with their followers.


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Randy Woods, Hire Ground Blogger for Seattle Times: Boring Bios and What to Do About Them

Bye-Bye Boring Bio Success Story Comments Off on Randy Woods, Hire Ground Blogger for Seattle Times: Boring Bios and What to Do About Them

Thank you Randy Woods for interviewing me about boring bios and what to do about them.  Here is the link to the Seattle Times “Hire Ground” blog so you can read all about it.

If, after reading this story, you find that you are in need of some help with your bio, consider signing up for an Extreme Bio Makeover.   Clients near and far are raving about this service.  You will, too.

At the very least, read some of the “Bye-Bye Boring Bio” success stories that are categorized conveniently under this category of this blog.  Or, opt-in to receive my ezine, and you’ll receive three helpful bonuses to help you get your bio and your 2010 PR action plan in great shape.   It’s all good!

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Two Weeks of January Down and Ready to Rock. P.S. Did You Register Yet for the Small Business Telesummit?

Business Success, Event Promotion Comments Off on Two Weeks of January Down and Ready to Rock. P.S. Did You Register Yet for the Small Business Telesummit?

Have you been on roller skates, getting organized and in motion to bring on amazing results for 2010 in your life and business?   Me, too.  All I can say is “Whew!”

As I said a welcome “goodbye” to 2009, I resolved to practice better self talk, hire a proven coach to help guide the growth of my information products business, and get better control over my time and my life.

I am working with heart on the first one.  Anyone who struggles with this knows that getting over it has to be an ongoing process.  And, I have finally  hired a coach and a team of Virtual Assistants to support me as I grow my business.

It’s a funny thing.  People I like, trust, and respect have been telling me to hire a coach and a VA team for the last several years.  For whatever reason, I just wasn’t at the right time or place in my life or business to take action. Now, I am.  The sense of relief and optimism I feel for having finally taken these essential steps is huge for me.

One of those people who has been telling me to hire a VA is Practical Marketing Expert Stacy Karacostas. She is about ready to debut her amazing guide to help you know everything you ever wanted to know about hiring a VA.  She asked me to review it before launching it to the world.  I will tell you this.  It’s a fabulous tool.  After reading it, I finally felt comfortable taking action on my own behalf.

Speaking of Stacy, did you sign up for Stacy’s 2010 Small Business Telesummit? . It starts on Tuesday, Jan. 19, and there is still time to secure your place to listen to an amazing line-up of experts who can guide you and your business to the next level of success.  There is no cost to participate.    I’ll be Stacy’s guest on 1-20 at noon PST, talking about how to write a rock star bio.  I hope to “see” you on the call.

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Publici-Tea™ Graduate Debbie Rosemont of It’s Simply Placed Shares Her DIY Pubilcity Success

Publici-Tea™ Graduate Success Story Comments Off on Publici-Tea™ Graduate Debbie Rosemont of It’s Simply Placed Shares Her DIY Pubilcity Success

It’s always a treat to share some of the successes Publici-Tea™ graduates are enjoying as a results of the lessons they learn via this workshop.   Here is the latest from Debbie Rosemont, founder of It’s Simply Placed.

“I’ve earned some favorable publicity lately that I know you’ll appreciate. In August I was quoted in a Seattle Metropolitan Magazine article. In September I was invited to do a Biznik group “Personal Bloom” interview. In October, I received an invitation to be the speaker at eWomen in Bellevue.  I also parlayed a series of articles I wrote for the Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter in 2008 into an eBook and eWorkbook and publicized that.  Zita Gustin, the executive managing director of eWomenNetwork,  got wind of it and asked me to speak on the topic.   In November I was quoted in a RachelRay.com article as a result of responding to a HARO query. And in December I was a guest on a KKNW radio show and was featured in a Seattle Times article.

That featured stemmed from news spreading about a speaking engagement I did called Organize Your Career Search for Lesa Keller’s Job Seekers Network. Lesa had heard of me from some mutual networking contacts (oh, the value of networking!) and from prior speaking engagements. She invited me to speak to her group, which I did on December 7th. Randy Woods, the Times writer, got wind of that and heard good things, and called me to interview me for his blog, Hire Ground (posted on 12/12), and the Times piece (which ran on 12/20).   Wuhoo!

While there are tactics you teach in the Publici-Tea™ workshop that I used regularly before taking the class (public speaking, writing — I submit articles regularly and even achieved a goal this past year of writing a book!), social media activity, building a strong network, etc.), your workshop validated that my efforts were intentional, purposeful and would lead to great things. I’m hoping this trend continues. I know I’ll be doing the work it takes to make it happen.  For me, the goal of the publicity is to educate people about the work we do, earn recognition as an expert and authority in my field, and open doors of opportunity so that I can help more people get the results they want by increasing their organization and productivity.  Thanks for your interest in the story Nancy, for your support and encouragement.”

Thanks Debbie for sharing your story and your results.

It is examples like Debbie’s that validate that this journey I am on to empower others to earn their own publicity is worthwhile.    And this work is so timely and relevant.   In these daunting times, we are all living in what Best-Selling Author Dan Pink describes at “Free Agent Nation.”  BusinessWeek recently reported about the permanent temporary workforce and declares that no segment of the workforce has escaped the temp revolution that is likely to last for years.  Randy Woods, blogger for Hire Ground, says that the age of “the portfolio career” is here to stay for quite some time.

Here is what I know is true.  Those who take responsibility for their own storytelling and message sharing to the right audiences often accomplish remarkable things in the best and the worst of times, just as Debbie has.  These also are the people who will survive and thrive in Free Agent Nation.

If you want some of what Debbie Rosemont is having and need some guidance to show you the way, the Pubilci-Tea™ Workshop is NOW a digital experience you can access from anywhere in the world.  You can read more about it here. Please do.   And, when your successes start to roll in, tell me all about them.   I’ll be proud to post them to the blog to lend even more inspiration to those who haven’t yet gotten on the bandwagon.   When the timing is right, you’ll know it, and I’ll be ready to help.

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You Really CAN Judge a Book by Its Cover — Bye-Bye Boring, Hello Wow!

Book Publishing Comments Off on You Really CAN Judge a Book by Its Cover — Bye-Bye Boring, Hello Wow!

In the excitement of creating what has become a pretty popular new tool that is earning fans from all over America and beyond, I tip my hat to Victoria Vinton, a talented graphic designer who worked with me to create a playful and engaging new front cover for the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide.

Victoria listens well and injects a fair amount of both strategy and fun into her work, and the end result of this project from my perspective is right on target.

Victoria  is one of the resources I gladly recommend in “The N List” — which you can find across the top of the horizontal navigation of this blog.   Please connect with her if you need quality graphic design services that are accompanied by good humor and smart thinking.

Thanks to the dozens and dozens of advocates who are singing the praises of this new ebook.   I really appreciate it.  Please share your “after” bios so I can proudly post them as “Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide Success Stories” on the blog with your photo and a mention of your website.  And keep those cards and letters coming!

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Join Me at the Jan. 19 Virtual Launch Party for the NEW Association for Online Entrepreneurs at 5 p.m. (PST)

Event Promotion, For Women Only Comments Off on Join Me at the Jan. 19 Virtual Launch Party for the NEW Association for Online Entrepreneurs at 5 p.m. (PST)

One of the benefits of getting known as an expert in your field is the doors that open for you to participate in expert panels and associations through which your knowledge can empower many more people in your own backyard and well beyond.   Not long ago, my DIY publicity expertise came to the attention of the founder of the Association for Online Entrepreneurs Brenda Rivas.  She invited me to serve as the online publicity expert for this online community, and I gladly accepted.

Read the press release that follows to learn more about this organization and its bold mission to empower online business success.  And, please join us at the Virtual Launch Party on January 19, 2010 at 5 p.m. (PST). You can learn even more about what AOE can offer to support your success and meet me and all the other experts.  Get all the call-in details at this link.

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day: What are your plans to get known as an expert in your field in 2010?   Can you write at least four articles for the media that matter for your message?  Can you speak to at least four professional groups as a workshop leader, keynote speaker, or expert panelist to share your message on a one-to-many basis?  Can you respond to media queries that offer timely and relevant opportunities to share your expertise with a much wider audience?   “Yes” is my favorite answer to these questions.  What I know to be true is that these efforts DO pay off.   It’s just a matter of getting into action.


Contact: Brenda Rivas, 888-691-1114, brenda@aoeconnect.com

A new online empowerment community designed to help women start and grow profitable online businesses, now available at The Alliance of Online Entrepreneurs

(Miami, Florida – January 12, 2010) — “The Alliance of Online Entrepreneurs is a community that empowers women to embrace their knowledge, passion and desired lifestyle and leverage those elements into profitable online businesses,” said founder and online business development expert Brenda Rivas. “The AOE also goes beyond being a resourceful business community. We strongly believe that a woman with evolved mindsets is a woman of power and determination. Therefore, bringing women the resources to break through limiting beliefs is of equal importance at the AOE.” Read the rest…

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