2009 Highlights, a Hint about 2010 Trends, and Big Goal for 2010. What are YOUR Big Plans?

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Before we turn the page on 2009, here’s a quick wrap up about some of the news stories that captured my attention:

In my business,  two of my best finds on the Internet to help me grow my business this year were:

My proudest contribution to the marketplace in 2009:

  • I brought to market the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide in September and have since earned glowing reviews and sales from business owners all over the world.  This product has only begun to make the difference for others that is possible.   If you’ve written a rock star bio with this guide as your tool of choice, send in your finished bio.  I’ll gladly blog about it!   If you are a member of a group that needs guidance about how to tell a story so the right people will listen, invite me to speak. If you are a fan of the product, I’d be honored for you to advocate to others about it as a proud member of my affiliate program. Then, when your colleagues buy, you earn generous sales commissions.   If you are a member of a direct sales organization, professional association, or other fabulous group and would like to inquire about quantity purchases or licensing agreements, let’s talk!   The mission is to banish boring bios forever with the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide leading the charge.   I can’t wait to see the magic that manifests for all along this journey!

I’ve been thinking a bit about trends and what to expect for 2010.  Last year, I offered a few ideas in this regard with a few of my colleagues/friends at this post. As for me, I stand by my comments from last year.  If you have comments about what is in or out for 2010, please comment!

No matter what the new year brings, may you be surrounded by others who lift you higher.  May you be inspired to achieve great things, doing what you most love to do.  May you be lucky enough — as I am — to share your life with an amazing partner.  Quoting from Julie Powell in “Julie and Julia”  — which was my favorite movie for 2009 —  Steve, you are the butter to my bread and the breath to my life.

Happy New Year, one and all.

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First-Ever E-Book to Guide Consumers to Make their Best 2010 IRA Conversion Decision Debuts

Media Savvy 101, Publici-Tea™ Graduate Success Story Comments Off on First-Ever E-Book to Guide Consumers to Make their Best 2010 IRA Conversion Decision Debuts

My husband Steve Juetten is a close follower of my work, and he is someone who knows how to recognize a good opportunity to serve the marketplace.   He just debuted his new e-book, “Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Making the Right Roth IRA Conversion Decison for You.”

He wrote his own press release.  Then, he uploaded his effort into www.pressreleasegrader.com to learn how well his effort scored on a scale of 1-100 with 100 being best.   He upgraded the content of his release and paid attention to keywords and links to bring his score to 90.  Then, he asked me to review it one last time to make additional refinements.

The press release was issued over PR WEB on 12-29, and Steve’s hopes are high that consumers who earn $100,000 or more all across America will be compelled to visit his site to learn more about the comprehensive and helpful guide he’s created to help consumers make their best decision.  Already, Steve’s site is ranking very high on Google, and hundreds of people have visited so far to learn more about his new ebook.  You can learn more and buy at this link.  You can also but it at my DIY Publicity Store at this link.

By the way, to meet strong demand, my new press release/pitch review service is debuting at the DIY Publicity Store today so you can benefit from my expert guidance as Steve has.   In 2009, I received scores and scores of requests from DIY publicists across the nation to take a quick minute to review their press releases.   I am listening to this need and creating a service that delivers what so many people are asking for.  You should know that it takes more than a quick minute to transform an average press release into a results-generating message.  Investing in an hour of my time to make your press release or story pitch rock is well worth it.   Remember, it’s your story.  Tell it well.  And if you can’t, get proper help.   Help is one click away. Hurray!

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New, Free Media Query Service Called “Reporter Connection” Debuts and Invites New Subscribers

Be Heard, Media Savvy 101 Comments Off on New, Free Media Query Service Called “Reporter Connection” Debuts and Invites New Subscribers

I’ve written extensively about HARO, PitchRate, PR Leads, and ProfNet as quality media query services that can help you get known as experts through the power of free publicity.  On December 22, a new FREE service debuted from the good folks at Radio TV Interview Report.  It is so new that I don’t have success stories yet to report, but I am most definitely taking this service out for a spin.   You can opt-in for free to receive the media queries and test this new service right along with me.  Here is the link to sign up and learn more.  You have nothing to lose, and you just might earn the quality media placements you seek to get known as the expert you are.  Please share your success stories as they unfold.  Happy pitching, one and all.

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day: What is the single biggest media placement YOU earned from any of the quality services you use to stay in the know and in the news?   Are you game to share your specific pitch and the results that flowed your way as a result of the stunning media coverage?  I can’t wait to showcase your success so others can learn at the feet of your action and experience.

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Don’t Miss Celebration Lane in Downtown Bellevue – Show Closes 12-31-09

Just for Fun, Media Savvy 101 Comments Off on Don’t Miss Celebration Lane in Downtown Bellevue – Show Closes 12-31-09

If you and your family are looking for a magical visual and musical display to get you dancing and ready to welcome 2010, don’t miss Celebration Lane in Downtown Bellevue. The show  continues nightly through 12-31-09 at 7 p.m.   The drummers drum, the music rocks, and the sense of optimism and excitement for 2010 are all alive and well.   It’s free to enjoy the visual and musical splendor.    The Bellevue Reporter did a nice piece called “Behind the Curtain at Snowflake Lane” that shines a light on the drumming talent of young musicians from the area.

Authentic Visibility Tip of the Day: There is always a back story behind every big event that can invite the attention of your community newspaper.   Dig deep to find the story behind your big event that is timely, newsworthy, relevant, interesting, local — and visual.  Then make your pitch.   Whether you live in Bellevue or anywhere across Main Street USA, this recipe always delivers.

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Aspiring Experts – Join Nancy Juetten on Wed., Jan. 6 at ThinkSpace to Learn Tips to Get Known

Event Promotion, Public Speaking Comments Off on Aspiring Experts – Join Nancy Juetten on Wed., Jan. 6 at ThinkSpace to Learn Tips to Get Known

The good folks at ThinkSpace in Redmond have invited me to speak to their members and ten non-member guests on Wed., January 6 at noon about how to get known as an expert through the power of the media.  Be among the first ten people to RSVP to Alyssa@thinkspace.com, and you’ll be secured of a space.  Here is a link to learn more.

And, if you live in the Redmond area and need a new co-working space to make magic happen in your business in the new year, check out what ThinkSpace has to offer.

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3 DIY Publicity Products Retire – Buy Before 12-31-09 at Prices Not to Be Seen Again

Event Promotion, Information Product Success Comments Off on 3 DIY Publicity Products Retire – Buy Before 12-31-09 at Prices Not to Be Seen Again

I am in the process of re-bundling the best  products at the DIY Publicity Store and adding new products and services to be of deeper and more powerful service to the coaches, consultants, heart-centered business owners, interior designers, and aspiring and thriving speakers, authors, and inforpreneurs who are among my most loyal clients.

As such, I am taking the opportunity to retire several products on 12-31-09.  Now is the time to purchase the Publici-Tea™-to-Go! Gift Bundle, the “Anytime, Anywhere Publici-Tea™ Express Digital Download, and the Authentic Visibility Publicity Toolkit at the $57, $49, and $97 price points.  Click on each of the active links to read all the juicy details about how each product bundle delivers value and impact for your very modest investment.

If you are someone who loves a deal, you’ll want to stock up on these retiring items before 12-31-09, when they go away at prices not to be seen again.

In related news, the Publici-Tea™ Express “Live” event will debut in 2010 as a digital experience that you can enjoy at your 24/7 convenience from anywhere in the world.  More details — including pricing —  will be posted soon.

While I will not be producing this event monthly in 2010, I’ll gladly accept invitations to share the Publici-Tea™ Express presentation to large groups that are hungry  and ready to benefit from the engaging, practical, and inspiring information.  Please get in touch with me at 425-641-5214 or by email at nancy@nsjmktg.com to discuss dates and other win-win-win arrangements.

2010 is going to be great.  I can’t wait!

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Energy Healer for Pets is Beaming with Pride about Her New Bio

Bye-Bye Boring Bio Success Story Comments Off on Energy Healer for Pets is Beaming with Pride about Her New Bio

As we head into the final days of holiday shopping, don’t forget to celebrate your pets for the joy they bring to your lives. Speaking of which, I had the wonderful opportunity to assist Energy Healer for Pets Vicki Draper in crafting a winning bio to tell her story, and I am pleased to share it with you now.    Vicki is also a very happy client.  Vicki Draper says, “Nancy is nothing short of amazing.  She can take good information and turn it into great information in a very short time. My bio is now something that really portrays me and I am proud of sharing it.  For anyone having trouble expressing the right words, Nancy is your best resource.  I am so grateful to have benefited from Nancy’s service and expertise!”

Vicki Draper, Founder – Vi Miere

Touched by an Angel.  Healed in a Moment

Energy Healer for Treasured Pets Brings More Joyful Life to the Years

Energy Healer Vicki Draper is passionate about ensuring vitality and pain free lives for pets and the owners who love them.  She discovered her unique talents at an early age.  When Vicki was just 11 years of age, her kitten was diagnosed with distemper. Rather than accept a tragic diagnosis, Vicki intuitively began visualizing a long, healthy life for her beloved pet.  The kitten lived a happy and active 16 years more.  Since 1999, Vicki has worked with thousands of happy and loyal pet owners and their veterinarians to bring to life similar stories for their own pets.  With Vicki’s healing touch at their sides, anxious animals are empowered to be calm.  Fearful animals are empowered to feel safe.  Abused animals are empowered to release the old and embrace the new with comfort.  Many pets and their loving owners enjoy more joyful years together as a result. Happy clients cry tears of joy to watch the quick patter return to the steps of pets who are touched by this angel.   Customers from around the world also purchase Vicki’s line of essences that invite healing.

With extensive training and clinical experience from leading institutions including the Northwest School of Animal Massage, Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute, Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing, Bellevue Massage School, Acupressure Institute of Berkeley, and Upledger Institute, Vicki has invested thousands of hours to learn the best ways to apply her special gifts with animals for their physical and emotional benefit.  Pet owners and their veterinarians have come to trust and rely on Vicki to solve the unsolvable.  She brings to light the right way to proceed in concert with conventional methods and how to apply new approaches to best serve each pet’s unique circumstances in perfect timing.

Vicki embodies a remarkable combination of Sherlock Holmes-inspired investigative skill, Dr. Doolittle-like communication and connection with animals, and Fairy Godmother-like oversight and compassion.  Giving back to the animals in ways to facilitate both healing and peaceful passages is how Vicki’s work makes the most crucial difference.  This is her passion and what compels Vicki to serve the animals and their owners every day. Vicki’s God-given and inspired intuition, healing gift of touch, and heart-centered commitment to make a difference give pet owners and their pets relief, healing, and peace of mind.    Her phone number enjoys placement on the “speed dial” function of many cell phones across the Puget Sound region as clients engage with Vicki in a variety of ways:

1)    Engage by the hour for energy healing;
2)    Purchase her popular line of essences that invite healing;
3)    Enjoy new information products that support their commitment to lovingly care for their pets throughout their lives.

Vicki also welcomes invitations to speak to pet loving groups and teach about her methods.   Visit this link to see Vicki’s healing gifts in action and see happy “Client Tales” in progress.  Get in touch by calling her at 425-785-4232, sending email to vicki@vimiere.com, and visiting the website.

Action Tip of the Day: If you can’t quite put into words the story you want others to know about how you serve the world, start first with the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide.   Then, engage me to help you upgrade your best effort into a fabulous story with your own  Extreme Bio Makeover. Good input from you always contributes to better storytelling on your behalf.  When you work through the easy templates and worksheets in the guide, it just makes it faster to transform  your bio from “boilerplate” to “really great” with impact and efficiency.

You are cordially invited to join Vicki Draper among the scores and scores of happy service providers who finally feel fabulous about how they are sharing their stories with the world.   With a New Year coming soon, the timing certainly couldn’t be better.

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Cancer Diagnosis is a Wake-Up Call for This Author – Don’t Miss the Precious Moments

Be Heard Comments Off on Cancer Diagnosis is a Wake-Up Call for This Author – Don’t Miss the Precious Moments

Randy Broad, a resident of Kirkland, WA, was diagnosed with lung cancer and is in the fight for his life.  With two kids, ages 14 and 15, he has a lot to say and do.  He told me today that this Christmas may be his last.

Undaunted, he is fast at work, writing what he’s learned about life in a book he can leave behind when the time comes.  He told a story about missing the opportunity to play in the snow with his kids last Christmas.  His email was calling to him.  By the time he left his keyboard, the rosy cheeked and wet kids were safe and warm, sipping hot cocoa in the kitchen.  He missed a glorious opportunity to play in the snow with his kids, thinking there would be plenty more time for that later.

Now, he knows differently.   He isn’t missing a moment of anything now.  He is writing a blog to chronicle his journey.  Three weeks ago, he started working on a book about his life.  His daughter wants to know all he knows about life and business.  Please, read this blog entry, entitled, “Missing It.”    It brought tears to my eyes.  He writes, “One realization I can say for certain is if I would have had cancer when it snowed that glorious day with the kids running around my feet, I can without question tell you I would have been amongst them the entire time. No questions asked. No emails returned. No excuses given nor expected.”

Please, share Randy’s message with others via your social networks.  Wake up those you love to walk away from their work to enjoy the precious moments that are so fleeting.   You never know what tomorrow may bring.   Today is a gift to treasure.

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New Products Set to Debut from La Panzanella – Gourmet Italian Cracker Bliss!

La Panzanella Comments Off on New Products Set to Debut from La Panzanella – Gourmet Italian Cracker Bliss!

Lovers of better crackers, it is time to celebrate.  The good folks at La Panzanella are bringing to market two new products to make your appetizers more delicious than ever.

Sweet Crisps and Croccantini Minis are making their debut at the Atlanta Gift Show January 8-10 and the  San Francisco Fancy Food Show January 17-19.

Sweet Crisps are handcrafted flatbread strips made in true artisan style. They are a cinnamon-topped savory sweet complement to coffee, tea, and soft cheese. They come in bags of 5 ounces with a suggested retail price of $3.99.

The award-winning Croccantini line of artisan-made gourmet Italian flatbreads is being re-sized to a “two bite” size to create a new line of Croccantini Minis to make creating visually enticing and delicious appetizers easy. They are available in 6 ounce packages at retail with a suggested retail price of $4.99. Croccantini Minis are packaged in 6-pound cases for foodservice use.  If you are a lover of Croccantini gourmet Italian snack crackers, now is the time to start asking your neighborhood retailer to carry them.

And, if you are seeking the perfect hostess gift or accompaniment to your favorite holiday appetizers, remember that best-selling and award-winning Croccantini gourmet Italian snack crackers are always a delicious choice.  The very popular 3-pack of best-selling Rosemary Croccantini are delivering to Seattle-area Costco stores this week, just in time for the holiday fun.  You can also find them at QFC and Whole Foods.  Oh, by the way, in case you are watching the calories this season and beyond, take heart that Croccantini are a delicious and low fat choice!

Did you know that you can follow La Panzanella on Twitter?  You can also become a La Panzanella Fan on Facebook.  Please do.

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Leverage Your Best Article Efforts for Best Results

Article PR Comments Off on Leverage Your Best Article Efforts for Best Results

The article I wrote about the DIY Publicity Lessons from the Wizard of Oz is now posted to BizNik, and I’d be honored to welcome your reviews.  The reviews so far are very favorable and the message is certainly timely to inspire your New Year’s success.

This article is also posted to EzineArticles.com to make it easy for ezine publishers everywhere to include it to inspire their readers to DIY publicity success in the New Year.   You are welcome to share this article in your blog or ezine, provided it is shared in its entirely with the bio box intact.

Those among you who want to get known as experts in your field can start now by setting the intention to write and post at least four articles to online article directories in 2010.   Be generous with the guidance you share, and make it easy for readers to get in touch with you to learn more about how you can help them.  In short order, you’ll earn expert status and invite more of the right opportunities to be of contribution to the marketplace.   And, when you post at least five articles to Biznik that earn a rating of 8 or better, you’ll even earn your expert badge.    I’ve posted 12 since April of 2008.  What is your plan?  And what actions will you take?   The Yellow Brick Road to your success is just steps away.

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