Pitch for Uptown Liz Lands Mention in Family Circle, and Uptown Liz Returns the Favor for Publici-Tea™-to-Go!

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Uptown Liz is a retail philanthropy site that makes it easy for you to buy products that contribute part of their profits to causes you care about — including breast cancer research and related charities.   I advocate for this site whenever I can.  One recent pitch landed a mention for Uptown Liz in the November 2009 issue of Family Circle magazine, inviting awareness and action among all the readers of this nationally circulated magazine.

The Universe is an amazing place because Ramona Russell, founder of Uptown Liz, decided to thank me by posting the Publici-Tea™-TO-GO! Gift Bundle on the home page.

It’s the last day of October, which is well recognized as breast cancer awareness month, yet we all know that the quest to encourage women newly diagnosed with breast cancer is an ongoing concern.  I hope you’ll take a look at what Uptown Liz has brewing and consider sharing a Publici-Tea™-to-Go! Gift Bundle with a publicity-seeking business owner you know.   Ten percent of the net profits from the sale of each is donated to Northwest Hope and Healing.

Invite more prosperi-tea as you learn essential skills for do-it-yourself publicity, knowing that every purchase gives something back to women who need encouragement right now.   Thanks in advance for your support.  And remember, these gift bundles are available year-round at the DIY Publicity Store at this blog and not just during October.  That does my heart good!

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Publici-Tea™ Graduate Annie Cheng Leads Team to Earn Stellar Story about Netstar Inc. in Today’s PSBJ

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How I love it when Publici-Tea™ graduates get in touch to share their success stories in the media.  Today’s success story comes from Publici-Tea™ graduate Annie Cheng of Netstar Inc.

Hi Nancy,

As a Publici-Tea™ graduate, I wanted to say thank you for hosting such a great event.  Now that we have a new marketing assistant, I’ve been working with him to coach him on the secrets to pitching a good story.  And it worked!  Justin wrote a great pitch to the Puget Sound Business Journal and then used social media to follow up with the reporter – and he asked to write our story! So today we are featured in the “Growing Your Business” section.  I know you like to share success stories – and you are welcome to share ours!  Here is a link to the article. Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you again soon!

Annie Cheng, Netstar, Inc,

This story is just one of many Annie and her team have earned since she attended the Publici-Tea™ Workshop.  She has clearly learned her lessons well and has the favorable publicity to show for it.  What sets Annie apart is that she is always in action to make the most of the lessons she learned on event day.   That is making a powerful difference for the visibility and business success of Netstar, Inc.

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day: Do you want to have a bit more of what Annie and her team are having at Netstar Inc?  If your answer is YES, we have room to welcome more action-oriented guests to the November 6 Publici-Tea™ Express at Seattle Design Center.  Why not treat yourself to an empowering event experience that will put you in great position to get your company seen, heard, and celebrated in your own backyard and beyond?  Great results await for a return on a very modest investment that you just cant’ beat.  Register today.

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Register for 11-06 Publici-Tea™ Express by Tomorrow and Win Big!

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Be sure to register by tomorrow by midnight for the 11-06 Publici-Tea™ Express Workshop at Seattle Design Center.   That is when we’ll be drawing the winners for $400 in buzz and business building tools and books to reward people for registering early. 61 people have already registered, and the goal is to attract 39 more.  Will you be among them?

Best-Selling Author and Speaker Patrick Snow will be my guest speaker on event day.  He’ll be speaking about whether publishing a book is the right path to enhancing your reputation as an expert.  I’ve been making a lot of upgrades and enhancements to my presentation on DIY publicity and social media.

Remember, if you are a client of mine, a member of Seattle Design Center, a client of Patrick’s or a Publici-Tea™ graduate, you can attend at the VIP rate of $25. 

And, if you want to attend at the VIP rate but don’t yet fit into any of these categories, simply write “Raffle Blog Post” in the comments section of the online registration form, and I’ll honor the discount for you, too!

Everyone is a winner today.   It’s my Halloween treat as we head into the season of gratitude — my all time favorite time of year.

Why not stop what you are doing right now and register.   Bring a friend.  It’s going to be the best event we’ve hosted all year.  Join us!   Here is the link to make it easy to sign up.  Can’t wait to meet you there!

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If You Write Articles for Online Directories, Read This!

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Are you confused about what constitutes derivative content?   Christopher Knight, founder of Ezine Articles, clears up the confusion in this useful video.

I started writing and submitting articles for Ezine Articles starting in April of 2006.  That was when I started my journey in earnest to earn a reputation as an expert in my field of do-it-yourself publicity.  Now, there are 20 of my articles posted there.  The reports function of the service tells me that 7,391 people have viewed them, 692 people have read my profile, and 282 people have published my articles in their ezines.

What I love about Ezine Articles is that if offers all of us a platform to share our expertise with a much wider audience.  When you write quality content, it travels far and wide, bringing new followers and fans for you and your work.

Authentic Visibility Challenge for Today: Make the decision TODAY to write and post a quality article to Ezine Articles.   Set the intention that you will write at least one article a quarter with the goal that other ezine authors will be publishing your work and bringing your message to a much wider audience.  Pretty soon, you’ll have far more followers and fans of your work than you do today, and many of them will be from all over the world.   That, my friends, is a beautiful thing.

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Boo! Viva Visibility Founder Nancy Marmalejo Interviews Me about Scaring Away Boring Bios

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Here is the link to make it easy to tune in now to a 23-minute interview that is entertaining, full of sassy sound bites, and intended to inspire you into fabulous action.   Share it with everyone you know who is struggling with scary bios and ready to do something about it now.

Authentic Visibility Tip of the Day: Did you know that most radio producers will only offer one or two sentences of text to introduce you on their shows?  Don’t leave your bio to chance.  Write a one or two-sentence blurb that explains who you are so there is never any mistake about the message you most want to convey.  When you set the table properly for success, you welcome more of it.   It’s just that simple.

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Register for 11-06 Publici-Tea™ by 10-30 and Enter to Win $400 in Buzz-Building Prizes

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Just a quick reminder that I will be drawing the winners for over $400 in business and buzz-building tools and books on Friday, October 30 from among those who have registered early for the Publici-Tea™ Express taking place 11-06 from 9:30 a.m. – noon at Seattle Design Center.   Check out all the prizes at this link.

Sixty people have already registered, and the goal is to attract a total of 100 perfect guests to benefit from the DIY publicity, social media marketing, and book publishing tips, resources, and stories of decisive stunning results we will be sharing on event day.  This is also a great opportunity to network with great people — many of whom likely need to know more about you.

Join me and special guest speaker Patrick Snow for what promises to be a delicious and inspiring session.  Then, enjoy the visual bounty and splendor of Seattle Design Center once the session concludes.

Learn more and register by Friday, October 30 so you can win prizes — many valued higher than the modest $49 registration fee you pay to attend.  Remember, former and current clients of mine,  Publici-Tea™ graduates, members of Seattle Design Center, and clients of Patrick Snow attend at the $25 VIP rate!    Here is the link to learn more and make your reservation.   Hope to see you there!

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On DIY Branding, “Aha” Moments, and More

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Here is an interview I gave to Amber Singleton Riviere of Upstart Smart about my entrepreneurial journey and the most powerful lessons I’ve learned so far.  I hope you enjoy it and gain value from it.  Upstart Smart is a resource and network to help you learn how to survive and thrive as a solo entrepreneur.

One of the things I speak about during my interview is  how having a “hooky” brand has made a big difference in helping me attract more perfect clients and the prosperity I seek.   I can’t say enough about the lessons I learned from Suzanne Falter-Barns of Get Known Now in this regard   She really helped me get to the heart of my brand through participation in her Extraordinary Business Builders course.  She can help you, too.

While you are visiting Amber’s site to read the interview, see what Amber has brewing to help companies in various stages of launch become Upstart Smart.  You’ll be glad that you did, and you’ll want to visit often.

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day: What are the most powerful lessons you’ve learned along your entrepreneurial journey?  If you could travel your journey again today, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?   Please share!

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Do You Need a Reinvention Intervention? If You are on a New Path Now, It’s High Time for a Bio Makeover

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If you live in and around the Seattle area and you need a “reinvention intervention” – consider attending the “Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide Workshop” on December 4, 2009 from 9:30 – noon at Bellevue Premier Office Center.

Seven lucky guests will collaborate in creating rock star bios by working through the templates and exercises in the new Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide — which is included in the event experience.   This is the perfect solution for those who thrive in collaboration, find a blank piece of paper daunting, and who need the aid of a trusted guide — me — who is sassy with a sound bite at the drop of a hat.

Of course, there will be plenty of premium chocolate and Biscot-tea™ on hand to tempt your senses.   You can call me at 425-641-5214 or send me email at nancy@nsjmktg.com to sign up.

Your investment —  which includes the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide — is $297.

When in doubt, consider this.  What is your snoozer/loser, fuddy-duddy bio costing you in lost business opportunities?   Isn’t it time to do something about it?

If you have just completed your career or business reinvention, it’s time for a bio intervention.  This workshop will deliver the goods and make you sound like the rock star you had no idea you could be, just in time to turn the page on the New Year.

Give me a call at 425-641-5214. I’ll talk you down from the reinvention ledge and guide you to a much higher place that will invite more of the right opportunities your way now.  A great bio is a great place to begin.

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Solutions to Blogger Butt – Inquiring Minds Want to Know

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Did you know that the Urban Dictionary actually includes a definition for a new affliction of the digital age? It’s called “Blogger Butt.”   The definition is —  Weight gain in the gluteal region which is directly related to spending large amounts of time blogging. I found out about this by reading Publicity Hound Joan Stewart‘s Ezine today, and it made me laugh.

Check out the treadmill desk Shannon Nicholson created for Michelle Tennant Nicholson at this link to help her get fit while blogging.  This just goes to show that there are extraordinary solutions waiting to address  common problems — if you just have enough ingenuity to figure them out. Best of all, there are media opportunities waiting for those who take advantage of them.  Michelle landed an interview with FOX News later today on the topic of how women can stay healthy while in front of their computers 14 hours a day. Now that the weather has turned cooler in so many regions of our nation and Halloween and holiday treats stand ready to tempt us all, the timing is certainly right to find suitable antidotes to blogger butt.

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day? What solutions have you found to counter blogger butt?  My favorite solution is working out regularly with a heart rate monitor, eating mindfully, and drinking lots of water.  It’s not a particularly newsworthy answer, but it works for me — and the skinny jeans fit.  How about you?   Inquiring minds want to know!

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Are You Thinking about Writing a Book? Patrick Snow Can Help You Decide

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Best-selling author and speaker Patrick Snow is my special guest presenter at the 11-06 Publici-Tea™ Express Workshop.  He’ll guide event guests to consider if publishing a book is the right answer for building the buzz around their expertise.

This is new subject matter to Publici-Tea™ Express, so prior event graduates and new guests will gain value by attending.  Of course, we’ll cover do-it-yourself publicity and social media marketing tips and essentials, while showcasing the stunning, decisive results that are happening every day for those who getting into action, based on the tips we share on event day.

Those who register by 10-30-09 also qualify for a prize drawing that includes $400 in buzz and business building tools and resources from top local and national authors and experts.    While you are thinking about it, register today!

Authentic Visibility Question of the Day:

If you have published a book, how did you decide to self-publish or engage with a publisher?  And, are you willing to share what you have learned along your journey so others can benefit?  Please share!

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