Community Newspaper Delivers the Ink for La Panzanella Gourmet Italian Snack Crackers

La Panzanella Comments Off on Community Newspaper Delivers the Ink for La Panzanella Gourmet Italian Snack Crackers

Community newspapers are in business to share the news about local people making a difference in the marketplace.  This week, the Madison Park Times profiled Paul Pigott, the owner of La Panzanella gourmet Italian snack crackers,  and his recipe co-collaborator Linda Burner Augustine.   These two Madison Park neighbors have baked up both the Fieri line of spicy, sassy snack crackers — now enjoying local distribution at Whole Foods Markets and PCC and fast gaining national distribution.  And, they are preparing to debut new Sweep Crisps, just in time for holiday shopping.

When I met with Paul to learn about his business success story, he mentioned that he learned about Linda’s expertise while reading her “On the Table” newspaper column in the Madison Park Times.   That tidbit of tasty information gave me the “hook” I needed to make a pitch. Here is the text of my email pitch to the editor.  Notice how I demonstrate that I am paying attention to the newspaper in my first line of text.

Two Madison Park Locals Have New Product News that Can Heat Up Summer Entertaining and Beyond in a Sassy, Flavorful Way

Hi Vera,

Welcome back to the Madison Park Times. Since I know the paper has a keen focus on shining a light on its own neighbors, I am connecting to share news that involves two Madison Park residents who are collaborating to bring to market a delicious, spicy new product line of gourmet Italian snack crackers that is sure to heat up summer entertaining in the Puget Sound and beyond.

Linda Burner Augustine, a prior “At the Table” columnist for the Madison Park Times, has been fast at work behind the scenes at La Panzanella.  La Panzanella is a Tukwila-WA based manufacturer and baker of award-winning Croccantini Italian snack crackers. Working in close collaboration with La Panzanella Owner Paul Pigott — also a resident of Madison Park — this duo has created a delicious, new line of spicy, gourmet Italian snack crackers called Fieri that are just coming to market at better grocery stores and specialty food stores now.   These fiery little morsels in three sassy flavors — Chipotle, Serrano Lime, and Red Chili Basil — are made in true artisan style and are ideal for snacking or use for hors d’oeuvres, antipasto, cheese platters, the buffet table, or along side favorite dips, soups, and spreads.

The company’s popular all-natural, artisan made Croccantini line of flatbreads are favorite items for discriminating shoppers to share with guests and enjoy every day with their families and friends, accompanied by delicious spreads, dips, or cheeses — or right out of the bag. These products are sold across the USA at better grocery stores and specialty food retailers, including the Madison Park Red Apple store. Paul Pigott learned about Linda’s culinary expertise while reading her columns within your newspaper.

They started working together to formulate the flavor profile for the new cracker line, and Linda has been at work identifying the perfect ingredients with which to pair each of the three new Fieri flavors to create the perfect hors d’oeuvres.  When beginning this taste pairing assignment, the question on Linda’s mind was this — What will honor the distinct flavor of each cracker?  Linda has long been an advocate for simple cooking with fresh, seasonal ingredients, and this bias is reflected in her recommendations.

“The Fieri crackers are delicious — each with its own distinctive flavor profile.   I wanted to pair them with ingredients that wouldn’t over power them.  Pairing the Fieri line of snack crackers with the ingredients I’ve chosen creates instant, exciting, fun, and conversational appetizers that elevate hors d’oeuvres to a higher level in a very simple way.”

To follow are some of Linda’s initial recommendations for how to pair each of the new Fieri flavors with the perfect ingredients.

Monterey Jack Cheese
White Cheddar Cheese

Serrano Lime
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese
Hummus Dip

Red Chili Basil
Fresh Mozzarella Cheese – Fresh or Aged
Provolone Cheese
Hummus Dip

Vera, I know both Linda and Paul would be delighted to chat with you about their collaboration and the impact it will have on the local and national marketplace among discriminating grocery shoppers who demand a better snack cracker for every day enjoyment, at home entertaining, and giving/sharing all year long.  One additional note to consider is that at home entertaining is gaining more favor these days, especially as people deal with economic challenges that make dining out beyond the budget.  That is all the more reason to visit explore new products created by your own Madison Park neighbors that can add sassy flavor and variety to the typical grocery cart and bring smiles all around.

You can access  press release about the new Fieri line, along with bios for both Linda and Paul, and a photo of the new line of Fieri crackers at this link: I will follow up with you in a few days to check your interest in this story, unless I hear from you first.

Thank you for your consideration.


Nancy Juetten
After a friendly follow up phone call, Vera Chan-Pool agreed that this pitch would make for a good story, and the results are in the paper this week.

DIY Publicity Tip: Don’t just send a press release to the publication of your choice.  Customize your approach to the newspaper at hand to make clear why the story is a perfect fit for the readers.  Go deep with your storytelling can make a big difference in making it easy for the decision maker to say “Yes” to your story.

P. S. Be sure to follow La Panzanella on Twitter.  The link is

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Listen to 1150 AM Radio in Seattle Today at 2 p.m. to Learn to Say “Bye-Bye” to Your Boring Bio

Be Heard, PR Beyond the Backyard Comments Off on Listen to 1150 AM Radio in Seattle Today at 2 p.m. to Learn to Say “Bye-Bye” to Your Boring Bio

Paul Casey hosts a radio program called Small Business Innovators on 1150 a.m. in Seattle, and I am his guest today at 2 p.m.   The program airs again tomorrow at 2 p.m.   Tune in to learn how to say “Bye Bye” to your boring bio and “hello” to a magnetic bio that helps you attract more perfect opportunities your way.

Speaking of radio, I’ve been digging in to study how to pitch national radio stations.   So much of my publicity work is local in nature or print-focused, that I recognize the need to study best practices to grow my skills.

One of the resources you might investigate is Radio-Television Interview Report – The Magazine to Read for Guests and Show Ideas.  I received the mid-June 2009 information in the mail just days after requesting it, and it is chock full of great tips, examples, and testimonials from nationally known authors and experts who swear by this service for the impact and results it brings about for their businesses and how they serve the world.  Visit this link to request your information packet so you can learn more about how national radio can contribute to your success.

After studying the various pitch formats illustrated powerfully in the Radio-TV Interview Report, here is the pitch I’ve come up with to help share my expertise with the world:

Are You Ready to Kick Your Boring Bio to the Curb?

Tips to Transform Your Bio from “Boilerplate” to “Really Great”

So You Can Get On with Your Life’s Work Fast!

Labor Day is fast approaching.  The Department of Labor reported last week that 15 states are reporting double digit unemployment.  Since many business owners and job seekers are still desperately seeking work, the timing is right to share the four things your listeners MUST share immediately in their bios when inviting clients, the media or hiring managers to pay attention to them.   Now that social media is changing the way people connect and do business, getting the message tight and right has never been more essential.

Do-It-Yourself Publicity Expert Nancy Juetten is on an inspired mission to help people tell their stories so they can attract more of the right publicity and business opportunities.  She’ll empower your listeners to turn their bios from “boilerplate” to “really great” in record time so they can get back to work and on with their lives.

Nancy will share:

  • A surefire way to wake up decision makers fast
  • How stunning results, succinct stories, sassy sound bites, and social information to help ideal clients connect combine to create a delicious bio recipe that makes others take notice;
  • Why going the DIY route with your head shot is the fast track to the round file;
  • How to be memorable and remarkable with a few chosen words to attract more perfect clients and more success with greater ease.


Do-It-Yourself Publicity Expert Nancy Juetten is fiercely committed to helping business owners everywhere quickly get up-to-speed on the best ways to use do-it-yourself publicity so they can get seen, heard, and celebrated in their own backyards and beyond. She has contributed engaging DIY publicity tips to the ABC Radio Network, The Dr. Pat Show, and the Chat with Women Show.  She is a frequent  “Media Savvy” guest on the Small Business Innovators radio show with Paul Casey.  Her “Media Savvy” column for the Puget Sound Business Journal empowers business decision makers to earn the publicity they seek under their own power. She contributes to teleseminars, podcasts, Publici-Tea™ Workshops, and virtual media summits worldwide about DIY publicity. She is the creator of the NEW Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action eGuide that has earned raves from business owners and publicity experts from all around the USA.  Visit to learn more

Contest Giveaways: Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action eGuides are available for give-away on-air!

Reviews of this Book are Fabulous:
Here is a link to a stellar example:

Availability: Seattle, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone.

Contact: Nancy Juetten, (425) 641-5214 (WA);;

What Do You Think? I’d love to learn how this radio pitch lands with you, my loyal blog readers.  And, I challenge you to follow the format to come up with a radio pitch that is even better for how you serve the world.   Create your pitch, and share it on this blog.  I’ll be happy to return the favor and share my upgrade suggestions to support your future success!

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Croccantini Good News You Can Use from La Panzanella

La Panzanella Comments Off on Croccantini Good News You Can Use from La Panzanella

If you are among the many who consider Croccantini gourmet Italian crackers a must for Labor Day entertaining and every day enjoyment, I have good news for you.  Today through Sunday, you can purchase three of your favorite flavors of Croccantini for $7.69 when you visit the Kirkland, WA Costco.

Today through Sunday, August 30, visit the Costco in Kirkland, starting at 9:30 a.m. for an extraordinary value on exquisite gourmet crackers.

And, if you are a fan of Croccantini, you can follow on Twitter.  You can also become a fan of La Panzanella on Facebook.  Please do!

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This Review Raves about Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action eGuide – Thank You Matt Youngquist of Career Horizons

Personal Branding Comments Off on This Review Raves about Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action eGuide – Thank You Matt Youngquist of Career Horizons

Check out this rave review from Matt Youngquist of Career Horizons about the new Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action eGuide. He writes, “Trust me people, this book is good.  Unlike some books that just skim the surface of a subject, or take a single lukewarm insight and milk it for 100 pages, Nancy goes into incredible depth in terms of the steps involved to put a great bio together — and backs her advice up with example after example after example in way that really brings her suggestions to life.  Got a big speech to give tomorrow?  She even has several “fill in the blanks” templates contained in the book to make it easy for people to whip out killer copy about themselves, on the fly.”

When I put pen to paper, my intention was to create something incredibly useful that would ease a universal pain among business owners everywhere.  Based on what Matt has to say, it would appear I’ve achieved my objective.  The “final” version of the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide goes on sale on September 1 for $49 for the digital download and $69 for both the digital download and the hard copy workbook you receive in the mail. If you want to buy the digital download “review copy” for $39, you have until midnight on August 31 to do so.

DIY Publicity Tip: How did I invite Matt’s attention?  I noticed he writes a periodic column for the Puget Sound Business Journal called “conscious careering.”  Having read his prior columns, I connected by email to introduce myself as a fellow contributing columnist for the same business journal. Here is the text from my email:

Hi Matt,

Your columns in the Puget Sound Business Journal are well done, and your most recent submission “Serious questions job hunters should ask themselves” inspired me to connect to share something new that I have brewing at my company. I, too, write a column for the PSBJ.  Mine is the “Media Savvy” column that empowers readers to do their own publicity and share their stories so they can get seen, heard, and celebrated in the media.

On September 8, I am debuting the new “Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action eGuide” to the world.  This tool guides job or publicity seekers to tell their stories in ways that invite more of the right opportunities.  Already the review copy has sold to customers in Ireland, the United Kingdom, and South Africa, in addition to sales all across America and earned rave reviews in a soft launch.  When the product launches officially the day after Labor Day, hopes are high that job and publicity seekers everywhere will want to benefit from the useful articles, examples, tips, and bio templates within to successfully shape their website bios, speaker introductions, social networking profiles, and more.

You can preview an excerpt from my new eGuide at this link:  Well over 3000 people have read this article within the last week and said great things about it.  It is officially the “hottest” article on Biznik right now. You can read more about the guide, watch a brief video, and read what experts and business owners have said so far about it at this link:

Matt, I would be honored if you would review this guide and consider how well it can serve you and your clients. I would also like to explore ways I can support you and provide referrals to lend fuel to the growth of your company. I will follow up with you by phone, unless I hear from you first!  Thank you.

Nancy Juetten
Get seen, heard, and celebrated in your own backyard … and beyond!

A day or so later, Matt called me.  We had a nice chat, and yesterday Matt posted his book review to his blog for all of his followers to read.  Better yet, he’s invited me to speak at a September 9, 2009 gathering of his best clients.   Sometimes, when you ask for what you want, you get what you ask for,  and more.  Try it and see what good things unfold for you.   And, of course, be sure your bio is fabulous before you begin!

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Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Strikes Again with Tips Why Women Entrepreneurs are Taking the Lead

Blogging Basics, For Women Only Comments Off on Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Strikes Again with Tips Why Women Entrepreneurs are Taking the Lead

Women business owners flock to the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur to share their tips, not just today but on an ongoing basis.  Mike Michalowicz knows how to build community and how to see, hear, and celebrate others.  He posts queries to Help a Reporter Out.  Women business owners reply.   What happens next is that those whose tips are featured share the link to the tips with the people they know, and word spreads all over the world about the tips of the day.   Is it any wonder that his site gets so much traffic?

There is a lesson in that for all of us.

To see today’s post, offering the reasons why women entrepreneurs are taking the lead, click here. Why not chime into the conversation and comment with your thoughts on this matter?  Be part of the community.

By the way, my tip is #48, which includes a shameless visual plug for the “Anytime, Anywhere” Publici-Tea™ Express Digital Download.   This product bundle includes an abundance of value, including the “review copy” of the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action eGuide, for just $49.  This offer expires 8-31, so act quickly to benefit.  Join the community of buyers who have already made their purchases and are extremely glad that they did.   Such a deal.

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Don Hewitt’s Mantra from “60 Minutes” – “Tell Me a Story” — Good Advice for DIY Publicists Everywhere

Media Savvy 101 Comments Off on Don Hewitt’s Mantra from “60 Minutes” – “Tell Me a Story” — Good Advice for DIY Publicists Everywhere
Don Hewitt, 60 Minutes

Don Hewitt, 60 Minutes

Don Hewitt, creator of the CBS News Magazine “60 Minutes” died last week, and tonight’s edition of the show paid tribute the passionate journey Hewitt traveled over almost four decades to bring his special blend of talent, intuition, and media savvy to viewers around the world.  While watching tonight’s tribute, I was taken by four simple words that Hewitt often shared with aspiring journalists and veteran reporters.   He said, “Tell me a story.”

It’s not about the stuff we bring to market or the issues of the day.  It’s the impact these things have on the lives of real people here and beyond.

If you missed the New York Times obituary, it’s well worth your time. Hewitt’s career was infused with passion, and his contributions made a  lasting impact.  We should all be so lucky.  The photo above is credited to Jim Cooper of the Associated Press.

DIY Publicity Tip: As you start the week, what stories can you tell?  And why do they really matter?  Start there, your stories will find the right audience, and we’ll all be the better for it.

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The Best Value at the DIY Publicity Store Expires on 8-31-09 – Act Now to Benefit!

Special Savings Comments Off on The Best Value at the DIY Publicity Store Expires on 8-31-09 – Act Now to Benefit!

Did you know that the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide “review copy” is included in the “Anytime, Anywhere” Publici-Tea™ Express Digital Download that is on sale through August 31 for just $49?    If you have been struggling with how to share your stunning results, sassy sound bites, succinct stories, and social information to help your ideal clients connect with you, act quickly to benefit from this AMAZING value.   This bundle includes $99 in high-value ingredients to empower your DIY publicity success recipe, just in time to lend momentum to your fall promotion plans, and you get it all for just $49.

You must act before midnight, August 31 because on September 1, the final and fabulous version of the Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide debuts as a stand-alone product that will no longer be part of this “Anytime, Anywhere” bundle.

Of course, if you live in the Puget Sound region, you are welcome to attend the “live” Publici-Tea™ Express Workshops at Seattle Design Center.  They offer delicious, empowering information and the opportunity to connect with other like-minded business owners to connect, learn, and grow your business through the power of DIY publicity tip and social networking tools, tips, resources, and inspiration.   Register for the “live” events on 9-16, 10-16, and 11-6 at this link.

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“Julie and Julia” Offers Business and Life Lessons for All

Business Success Comments Off on “Julie and Julia” Offers Business and Life Lessons for All

I confess.  I’ve already seen “Julie and Julia” twice, and I’ll no doubt buy the DVD as soon as it’s available for sale.  I loved this movie. And, there are good lessons to be learned about life and business from this film.  Karen Rosenzweig, the Seattle Women and Business Examiner, wrote a sassy post about some of these lessons, and you can read her comments — and a few of mine — at this link.

With all this chatter about social networking, Twitter, blogging, and beyond, one big idea this movie brings home is that a story in the New York Times trumps ’em all!  There is nothing quite like a stack of newspapers you proudly carry up flights of stairs to show the family, frame for your office, and thank for all the wonderful new opportunities that recognition brings your way.

And, oh by the way, it’s fun to get seen, heard, and celebrated in your own community newspaper, too.  This morning, the Bellevue Reporter landed on doorsteps throughout the neighborhood where I live with a great story about my company.   The phone has been ringing a lot today, and it’s a beautiful thing.

You gotta love the power of publicity.  When will you jump in and see what it can do for you?

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Tips and Resources to Set Up Your Business Fan Page on Facebook – It’s Easy to Do, and Help is Close at Hand!

Social Media Marketing Comments Off on Tips and Resources to Set Up Your Business Fan Page on Facebook – It’s Easy to Do, and Help is Close at Hand!

Have you been getting lots of invitations to become a “Fan” at Facebook for many of the businesses your friends, colleagues, and family own and operate?   Are your eyes glazing over because you don’t know what that means or why you should say “yes?”  You are not alone.

Let me make is very easy for you.  The reason you are getting these requests is that your “Fan” page on Facebook is the only place on the site at which you are allowed to officially promote your business.  The rest of the site is intended for “social” networking.

Since promoting my business is important to me, today I took the plunge and set up a “Fan” page for the Publici-Tea™ Express Workshops I host every month.  Hundreds of prior guests are already passionate about the value and impact these events deliver for them, and earning more fans is my highest business priority.

I started at this link. Then, the system walked me through the easy steps, including how to upload an event image to lend visual interest to my page.  Within minutes, my page was set up. Then, I invited my Facebook friends to “Become a Fan.”  I also sent a personal email to those who attended my most recent Publici-Tea™ Express event to join my club.  Within 30 minutes, there were eight fans showing up at my page, which gave me some feedback and encouragement that the brief time I spent figuring out how to make this work was worthwhile.

Are all my business development opportunities now solved because I have a “Fan” page on Facebook?  Absolutely not!  Today, I just took the first step toward building this aspect of my business community.  What happens next depends upon the tenacious, passionate, and consistent actions that I take every day.  Rome wasn’t built in a day, my citizens,  It happened brick by brick!

To make it easy and trouble-free to set up your fan page, buy Publicity Hound Joan Stewart’s latest report, entitled, “11 Ways to Avoid Missed Opportunities on Facebook.”

Oh, by the way, If you are a fan of the Publici-Tea™ Express Workshop, I’d be honored to welcome you to my Facebook fan page.

And, I’d be honored to welcome you to one of three upcoming workshops coming to Seattle Design Center this fall.  Read all about the Publici-Tea™ Express and anticipate a delicious experience that will unlock even more useful tips and tools to support your DIY publicity success.

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“Social Media Isn’t a Job. It’s a Lifestyle.” Agree or Disagree?

Article PR, Social Media Marketing Comments Off on “Social Media Isn’t a Job. It’s a Lifestyle.” Agree or Disagree?

While attending the Seattle Chamber of Commerce Technology Thursday event yesterday about social media, one of the audience members asked, “Doesn’t all this social media effort take a lot of time?”  There were giggles and other telling sounds from the capacity crowd.  The speaker then said, “Social media isn’t a job.  It’s a lifestyle.”  Now that is  a memorable sound bite!

Just this morning, I had a very engaging conversation with Kristen Marie Schuerlein on this topic.   She said, “Let’s not confuse what we do for entertainment and activity with deliberate actions that deliver meaningful bottom line results.” I couldn’t agree more.

As for me, one success is flowing very specifically from one of my deliberate social media actions.  I’ve written the new “Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide” to empower business owners and job seekers to write compelling bios that will invite more of the right opportunities their way.  As part of my marketing effort, I wrote a brief article offering useful tips on the topic and posted it to Biznik.  Within the last week, 2479 people read the article, 46 people reviewed it favorably, and a number of people are sharing the article with their networks in a very favorable reference.  Within the  last week,  I’ve received one speaking invitation, three inquiries to be of service, I’ve sold a number of Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guides, and registrations are flowing in for the upcoming Publici-Tea™ Express Workshops coming to Seattle Design Center this fall.

You may be asking, “How much time and money did It take to make these specific results happen? Let me answer that question very specifically.

Writing the article was easy and time effiecient for me because I already created the 50-page guide.  I invested about an hour of my time to write the article.  Posting the article to Biznik took less than a minute since I’ve prior submitted ten articles and already know how to do that.  I’ve earned new fans, attracted new opportunities to help others, and I’ve made money by sharing useful tips in an efficient way from which many people can benefit.

I Want to Hear from You:

  • How specifically is social media playing into your very specific prosperity?
  • Do you consider social media a job or a lifestyle?
  • Please chime in and share your stories.   Inquiring readers and this blogger want to know more!

Post Script:

if you read the Biznik article about how to say “Bye-Bye to Your Boring Bio” and find it useful, please share it with others.  Biznik Technical Support Specialist Christian Jacobson explains how to do this as follows, “Just a quick tip for those who want to share great Biznik articles like this with Facebook and the rest of the world…Below the author’s photo are several buttons, one of which is ‘Share this article.’ Click that button and choose Facebook (for example), and you will be presented with the familiar ‘Post this to your profile?’ message from Facebook.” It’s just that easy. Who among us doesn’t need a better bio that tells our stories better so others will listen?   Check out the article, share the article, and let’s help people everywhere get that mission accomplished!

Thanks Christian!

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