Act Before Aug. 1 to Benefit from the Ridiculously Low $29 Price for Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action eGuide

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The price for the “Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action eGuide” is going up, as promised, on August 1.  This is a call to action to make your purchase before midnight on July 31 to benefit from the amazingly low introductory price of $29 for the best-selling product I’ve created in three years.

Publici-Tea™ Graduate Annie Cheng of Netstar, Inc. reviewed the product, and this is what she had to say:

“Nancy has done it again — she’s put together a fabulous guide to help increase your own publicity efforts.  The Bye-Bye Boring Action Guide gave me specific action items I could accomplish and a slew of different methods to generate ideas for a winning bio that won’t put people to sleep.”‘

Stacey Anderson, Professional Organizer, Speaker & Author of Organized Solutions LLC said, “I really like the worksheets and all of the bio examples.  It has made me realize that you can spice up your bio with more than just the facts and statistics most of us tend to use.”

Bob Phillips, president of RW & Associates, Inc. and co-author of “Absolute Honesty – Building a Corporate Culture that Values Straight Talk and Rewards Integrity” said, “As a person who has been stuck in a biography rut for 30 plus years of writing very boring things about myself, I found Nancy’s Bye-Bye Boring Bio Guide a real challenge that finally gave me an escape route out of continuing to write such uninspiring bios!  Very few of us who speak, write, and consult know how to really define who we are and what capabilities we offer.  This guide provided me a way of thinking and presenting a clearer picture of what I can offer others.”

Violette Clark, whimsical artist and creative catalyst for  writes,”Nancy’s Bye-Bye Boring Bio Action Guide is a  no-brainer for people like me who have difficulty writing about themselves.  I asked myself ‘What the heck do I have to share which makes me interesting and intriguing and encourages people to want to know more?’  And then I read Nancy’s guide and voila!   She provides the reader with a map ready to take you on a step-by-step journey to uncover the treasures within.  Nancy’s guide makes it easy by asking the right questions which will in turn help you to fashion a sizzling and fascinating bio.  As an artist who is better at creating than writing about herself, this guide is a life saver.  Thank you Nancy!”

And these are just a few of the fabulous comments that have been coming in as a result of the first round of product reviews.   Buy your copy today at the low price of $29 so you can benefit as these people have.  The price goes up to $39 on August 1, 2009.  It’s still an extraordinary value at this price. Still, who doesn’t want to save $10 these days?  Act now to benefit and write a bio that will make you beam with pride.  You’ll be glad that you did.

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Mom Entrepreneur Tips Earn Top Ranking on Google

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I got a fun email from Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Mike Michalowicz this morning regarding his blog post from yesterday offering a compilation of success tips from mom entrepreneurs.  He reports the following:

“I typed in ‘mom entrepreneur success’ and whamo we are on the front page, 1st spot in Google.  Feeling a little bold (the coffee helped) I tried ‘mom entrepreneur success strategies’, ‘mom entrepreneur strategies’ and this was a little crazy ‘how mom entrepreneurs manage it all’.  Hot dog!  All of them front page Google.”

That is good for all the moms who contributed tips to the post because that makes it easy for people interested in learning from these moms to visit their websites or blogs to see what they have brewing.  Since I am one of them (Tip 68), that is certainly good news for me.

From a blogging standpoint, I say “Brilliant” to Michael.  He involved his blog readers in sharing their useful tips.  He chose 107 of them to be featured.  No doubt, most of them blog, Twitter, participate in social networks, and have other ways of spreading the word.  I am venturing a guess that just about every one of those 107 mom entrepreneurs shared their message with their followers, which explains why this post is earning such powerful attention.  And Michael’s blog traffic is likely escalating in an even more powerful way.

If you are a blogger, can you model a similar kind of post to serve your readers?   Based on the impact Michael has had with this post, that certainly offers powerful food for thought.   Tribes are powerful, so Seth Godin writes in his best-selling book by the same title.  Moms as a tribe rock for building community and making things happen.  It’s a beautiful thing — especially when the tips they share can help others advance along their own journeys to the sweet success they seek.  How can you enlist the interest and action of your tribe to make magic manifest for an idea, product, or service that captures your attention and the attention of Google?  With some brilliance on your part, great results await.

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More Mamapreneur Tips Debut at Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Blog Today

Business Success, For Women Only Comments Off on More Mamapreneur Tips Debut at Toilet Paper Entrepreneur Blog Today

Check out this useful compilation of tips provided by moms who are also business owners.  Their tips for success may help you find more success in your own backyard and beyond.

Mike Michalowicz compiled an abundance of tips from mamapreneurs all across the USA resulting from a query he posted to HARO.  If you are not yet subscribing, why not?

Did I submit a tip? Absolutely. I don’t just preach this advice. I apply it, too!

68. Best Solution And Value First

How Mom Entrepreneurs Manage It All: Clients and customers want the best solution for the problem at hand at a price that makes good sense with service that meets or exceeds expectations. Period.

Focusing on how you deliver in that regard is the key to anyone’s success — mommy entrepreneur or not. That has certainly been my strategy since launching my company in February of 2001 when my son was three years old, and it has worked very well.

Thanks To: Nancy Juetten of Authentic Visibility

Like I often say, action is the key for success with DIY Publicity or anything you do.  When will you get started so others can see, hear and celebrate how you contribute?  How about today?

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Barbara Walters’ Books — Well Worth Your Time for Many Reasons

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Barbara Walters’ best-selling book “Audition” has been a treat to read.  What a remarkable life she’s lived and what a trail she’s blazed.  I would so love to meet her, share a cup of tea, and express gratitude for the example she’s set and the contributions she’s made.  I just might write a letter to her at “The View” to say exactly that.

And within her book, she mentions another book she wrote in 1970 called, “How to Talk with Practically Anybody about Practically Anything.”  A used bookstore found the book and shipped it my way, and I’ve enjoyed every page. If you’ve ever wondered how to talk with celebrities, tycoons, royalty, politicians, and just about anybody, this book is for you. Even though this book was written in the 1970’s, its remarkable how timely and useful her tips deliver, even though times have changed so dramatically since then.

Since I’ve been doing a lot of research about bios and how to tell others’ stories, I enjoyed some of these great conversation starting questions. Barbara Walters writes:

  • What is the last year has given you the most pleasure?
  • What do you like and dislike about yourself?
  • For what act or achievement would you most want to be remembered?
  • What is your favorite book and why?

See if these questions help you get the magic that is behind your story.

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Story Pitch to Associated Press Delivers Ink to Main Street Media Savvy in Washington Post and Well Beyond

Media Savvy 101, PR Beyond the Backyard, Seattle Chocolate Company Comments Off on Story Pitch to Associated Press Delivers Ink to Main Street Media Savvy in Washington Post and Well Beyond

I love ProfNet.  The media queries come to my in-box.  I reply to those that are a fit for my commentary.  And media results flow.   This time, my own name and company name got the ink in the Washington Post and well beyond, thanks to a story by a reporter for the Associated Press.

The media query was seeking people to comment on the adjustments to be made when managing kids and pets, while running a business from home.  Here is how I replied:

I started my boutique PR and DIY publicity training and tools company in February of 2001 during one of the toughest recessions on record in the USA.  Because of the recession, the PR firm I worked for eliminated my position. At the time, we were working with a lot of high tech companies that failed when the bubble burst.  Undaunted, I put out my shingle in pursuit of clients in the “comfort and joy” space, including Fran Bigelow of Fran’s Chocolates Ltd., Olympic Hot Tub Company, Affirmagy, and Seattle Chocolate Company.  When folks aren’t buying high technology, they are most certainly comforting themselves with premium chocolates hot tubs, affirmation blankets, and the like.  Business is still going strong, almost nine years later, as we face a recession even more daunting than the last one. There have been powerful lessons learned along the way.

*    You have to build a “dream team” of players that includes someone to support your information technology (IT) needs, a webmaster to manage website issues that require expertise you don’t have, a lawyer to set up your business properly, a bookkeeper to keep track of the money, and a CPA to make sure you are doing the right things consistently.

*    Working alone can be isolating.  It’s important to join a professional networking organization or trade group so you can connect with other like-minded professionals, access quality referrals to clients and service providers, and have your pulse on the marketplace so you can invite the right opportunities to serve and contribute.  It’s also important to apply discipline and focus to your goals every day because your success or failure rests squarely on your own shoulders.

*    If you’ve worked in a corporate office for any length of time, you have to get used to the fact that there isn’t anyone waiting to take your calls for help.  You have to learn to do a whole lot of things on a DIY basis, and that can be daunting at times.  Be patient with yourself, stay with it, and be sure to keep your eye on the revenue generating ball at all times.

*    Never tell a client you have childcare issues to contend with.  Rather, offer several windows of availability to meet by phone or in person, without offering detailed explanations about why. Clients want their work done in a winning way on the timetable that suits their needs.  As long as you meet their needs in a timely manner with quality leading the way, you and your clients will be well served.

*    If the dog barks, simply laugh and say that having your golden retriever by your side is one of the benefits of working independently.

*    The buck starts and stops with you.  That means you have to evaluate every expenditure carefully, being mindful that earning return on that investment is a priority as a result of the impact you create in the marketplace with whatever it is you are bringing to market.

Most businesses fail within five years, Michael Gerber – author of the E-Myth Revisited — has written.  Most people “Escape from Cubicle Nation” — with credit to Pam Slim — with hopes that they can specialize on their genius.  What many soon find is that running the business is equally as important as exercising the genius. One without the other isn’t good enough.  Almost nine years later, I am still running a profitable, home-based business that serves clients in my own backyard … and beyond.  I’ve learned to work on and in my business, and there are still new lessons to learn every day.  If I can be of more help to the story you have brewing, it would be my pleasure. You can learn more about me and my company at

My telephone number appeared in the signature line of my email. A day or two later, the reporter called me. We had a nice chat, and some of my comments earned a place in her story.

For this business owner who would very much like to welcome awareness about Authentic Visibility among publicity-seeking business owners well beyond my own Bellevue, WA backyard, this is a very good thing.

Study the pitch above to see how it addressed the needs of the query at hand, and then start responding to HARO, PR Leads, or ProfNet queries following a similar recipe. The next thing you know it, your comments will traveling beyond your own backyard through the power of free publicity.  People will check your website to learn more about you, and wonderful new opportunities will be yours to make the most of.

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It Must be a Slow News Day When Michelle Obama’s New Do Grabs the Headlines

Just for Fun Comments Off on It Must be a Slow News Day When Michelle Obama’s New Do Grabs the Headlines

Summertime and the living is easy … or darn quiet on the news front.  That could be why Michelle Obama’s new hair style is grabbing the headlines.   Now is the time to pitch stories that can earn attention while so many people are on vacation.  If Michelle Obama can change her hair style and earn attention, what do you have brewing to do the same?  That’s something to ponder on your next trip to the salon or wherever your summer errands take you.

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A New Way to Promote Your Events and Learn New Skills –

Event Promotion Comments Off on A New Way to Promote Your Events and Learn New Skills –

Many readers are also actively promoting their events so more of the right people will benefit from what they have to share.  If you are in that situation, check out TeachStreet.    It’s an online community where people love to learn.  Whether you are a student or an instructor, there is something for everyone.  And it’s free to play.

Once you start posting your events there, your students can post reviews about their experience.  This helps build the buzz about what you are bringing to market.  Whether you want to learn about public speaking in San Francisco, Yoga in Los Angeles, or DIY Publicity in Seattle, there is an avenue to learn more about what most interests you or share your expertise with those who can benefit from how you serve.  Check it out and start splashing in the waters of TeachStreet.

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Honoring Walter Cronkite and Other Lives Well Worthy of Celebration Today

Personal Branding Comments Off on Honoring Walter Cronkite and Other Lives Well Worthy of Celebration Today

The passing of Walter Cronkite gives us something to ponder when evaluating life from the standpoint of making a lasting contribution.  Those who write the obituaries have an important job to do. Cronkite’s contributions throughout his life gave the reporters plenty of magnificent content from which to draw.  Reading the many articles about his life these last few days has been inspiring.   One of the reports asked Cronkite which of the stories he worked on were his favorites.  His reply?  “All of them.”

If you were to write your obituary today or read what others would write about you, what would those stories say?  Would yours be a life of lasting and meaningful contributions? And would you be proud of the stories told?

Matthew Ferry, who speaks often about living a life of contribution, often says that “someday” isn’t on his planning calendar.  Rather, his calendar offers Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as days of action.

This brings me to ask a timely question.  Is your bio today telling your best story right now?   What is your contribution today?  State it clearly and get into action to  bring it about every day, and not just someday.

After all, wouldn’t you rather that people reflect upon your contributions — as Walter Cronkite would say — as “THAT’s the way it is” as opposed to “THAT’s the way it was?”

Thanks Walter Cronkite for sharing the news with us for so many years and with such grace, credibility, skill, and passion.   May we all be lucky enough to serve the world with skill, talent, and joy as you did for so long.

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New Audio File Shows You How to Pitch an Article the Media Can’t Resist — and Why You Should

Article PR, New Audio File to Support Your DIY Publicity Success, Publici-Tea™ Graduate Success Story Comments Off on New Audio File Shows You How to Pitch an Article the Media Can’t Resist — and Why You Should

Here — for one week only — you can have access to the audio file of my one-hour talk that earned rave reviews at Seattle Design Center last week.  It is entitled How to Pitch an Article the Media Can’t Resist and Why You Should.

During this presentation to about 65 members of the design trade and others, I share a wide range of publicity success stories from Fran’s Chocolates Ltd., Peter Swindley Architects and Interiors, Award-Winning Interior Designer Midori Yoshikawa, Robin “Paint Princess” Daly,  HGTV Designer Vern Yip, and Sound Financial Partners Founder Debbie Whitlock as I demonstrate specifically how to ask for the media coverage you want — and get it — through the power of a fabulous pitch.

(By the way, Midori, Robin, and Debbie are all Publici-Tea™ graduates who are enjoying remarkable success in the local and national media.)

I often say that action is the key.  Putting a one-week time limit on your access to an audio file such as this offers one more reason for you to ACT NOW to benefit.  Otherwise, you’ll need to invest a modest fee to purchase this and future audio files at the DIY Publicity Store in order to benefit.

Listen in now for one week for free. It’s my gift to you.  What you do with the information you hear is the buzz-building gift you give to your business.  Enjoy!

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Things to Consider When Hiring a PR Agency — or Not; Beware the Bad Publicist, Rembrandt Writes

Media Savvy 101 Comments Off on Things to Consider When Hiring a PR Agency — or Not; Beware the Bad Publicist, Rembrandt Writes

Here’s a link to a good post on this topic from my colleague Melanie Rembrandt from the latest issue of Pink magazine.  This link also points you to some useful DIY publicity resources that thousands of publicity seeking business owners worldwide are applying to their advantage.

It’s one thing to have the most prestigious PR agency in town working on your business.  If the person who is working on your account has less experience earning meaningful results in the media than you, that is food for thought.

And, if you live and work in the Puget Sound region, consider some of the local resources I offer to help you make the most of your DIY publicity efforts.  Publici-Tea™ Express dates have been set for September 11, October 16, and November 6 in Seattle, Olympia, and on Mercer Island.  Read all about what you’ll learn, and register at the active link above, and get into action.

And, if you live beyond the Puget Sound region, the “Anytime, Anywhere” Publici-Tea™ Express is perfect for you.

Wherever you live, make sure you are reading, listening to, and watching the media that matter most for your message.   That is the best way to know how to prepare your message so the right people will listen.

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