If You Missed My Talk about Blogging, Here is the FREE Audio File, Offering Nitty-Gritty Details, Including Metrics and Dollars

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If you weren’t able to attend Steve MacDonald’s Practicial Social Networking presentation at The Village Bellevue last night and wanted to hear my presentation about what blogging has done for my business, take heart.  I captured my 30 minutes of remarks on audio file.  You can listen in —  Why and How Nancy Juetten Blogs to Grow Her Business — and it’s the next best thing to having been there.  Find out the nitty-gritty details, including the metrics and the dollars.  I hold nothing back, and there is lots to learn. Your comments are always welcome.

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Susan Boyle Proves You Can’t Judge a Book by Its Cover; She Turns Snickers into Wows

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If you need a lift today, treat yourself to a viewing of this YouTube video, featuring “Britain’s Got Talent” Contestant Susan Boyle, who wowed the judges with her rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” from “Les Miserables.”   Mary Jordon of the Washington Post writes, “Before YouTube, Twitter and Simon Cowell, Susan Boyle’s angelic voice might never have been heard outside parties and church services in her tiny Scottish village.  But now, thanks to a digital flash flood in the media age, the unemployed woman who claims to have never been kissed suddenly is a global sensation. Read the rest of the newspaper story here.  If you watch the video or read the story, you’ll be smiling — and reaching for the Kleenex™ tissue besides.  Susan always dreamed of singing in front of a large audience.  Mission accomplished.  Very well done.   Dreams do come true.

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Blogger Link Up is a New, Free Service that Promises to Bring Bloggers and Their Content Together

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Help a Reporter Out (HARO) Founder Peter Shankman alerted me to a new service debuting April 20 that do-it-yourself publicists and bloggers will want to know about and benefit from.  It’s called Blogger Link Up, and it’s a free service being launched by Cathy Stucker, the Idea Lady herself.

The purpose of the service is to help bloggers get exposure for their content and find content for their blogs. Much like HARO, this is a free service through which you can post queries or respond to queries that bring bloggers and their expertise together.  Blogger Link Up makes it easy for you to:

  • Request guest blogger posts
  • Request sources for interviews or round ups
  • Offer guest posts to bloggers
  • Offer products for bloggers to review

The service is slated to officially launch on  April 20, though you can start making requests now.  Why not sign up and see what kind of magic you can manifest for your expertise or your products?  Again, it’s free to sign up and benefit, and the opportunities you bring about are up to you.

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Four Local Interior Designers Join Vern Yip at Eye on Design 2009. Enter by 4-17 to Win Free Tickets!

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$10 Tickets for Eye on Design 2009 with HGTV Interior Designer Vern Yip at Seattle Design Center are selling quickly, thanks to word spreading far and wide about the extraordinary value and access to top quality local designers and one of national reputation such as Vern Yip. Special thanks to Robin Daly and Seattle-based Interior Designer Christian Ursino for interviewing Vern Yip for their April “Design Files” column in the Journal newspapers.  You can read their interview at this link.

Joining Vern Yip and Christian Ursino on the panel of interior design experts at Eye on Design 2009 will be Diana Cutler, Dana Hamel, Jennifer Randall.   Please visit the active links for each designer’s name to learn more about how each contributes to making Northwest homes look and live well.  Each would be delighted to answer your most pressing interior design questions and earn the opportunity to bring your interior design dreams to life as your interior designer of choice.

There is still time to enter Seattle Homes & Lifestyles magazine blog contest to win free event tickets, and you can enter at this link. You must enter by Friday, April 17.   Otherwise, you can purchase your high value and very affordable $10 event tickets at this link and simply look forward to a visually inspiring day.  Why not purchase a bundle of tickets to share with all your interior design loving friends and make a day of it?  I look forward to meeting you there, as do all of the participating designers.

Christian Ursino and Robin Daly

Christian Ursino and Robin Daly

Jennifer Randall

Jennifer Randall

Diana Cutler

Diana Cutler

Dana Hamel

Dana Hamel

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How Blogging Adds Value to My Business – Details Tonight

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Practical Social Media Expert Steve MacDonald is presenting a free seminar tonight at The Village Bellevue entitled How to Start Using Social Media and Branding to Grow Your Business.   He’s invited me to speak for 20 minutes during the presentation about how blogging contributes to the growth and success of my business.  If you are among the lucky 100 guests to attend tonight’s free event from 6:15 – 8:30 p.m., I look forward to seeing you there.  You can learn more about Steve and this event and sign up for future BizNik events by visiting this link.

If you’ve been wondering if blogging is the right tool to deploy to build your business, ask yourself if the following objectives are on your buzz-building wish list:

  • Build community among your ideal clients and customers;
  • Make friends and influence people;
  • Earn Page One rankings for your name or company name on Google;
  • Reinforce your expertise as an expert;
  • Invite and convert fans into ezine subscribers efficiently;
  • Influence fans to become customers more readily;
  • Save valuable time delivering information one-to-many;
  • Invite new opportunities to be of service, participate in joint ventures, speak, and grow your influence;
  • Showcase the success you help contribute to others;
  • Contribute to revenue generation.

Based on my experience since September 1, 2007, blogging has proven to be a powerful way to enjoy all of these benefits.

For those of you who are completely new to blogging, take heart.   You don’t have to be a “techie” to blog.  Yes, there is plenty to learn, and you’ll learn what you need to learn one step at a time.  Rome wasn’t build in a day.  It happened brick by brick.  The key is to get started because great rewards are waiting, provided you are ready to rock and roll.  I’ll share the nitty-gritty details at tonight’s event.   See you then.

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DIY Publicity Tips to Guide You to Earn Free Publicity

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A few weeks ago, I was invited to speak about DIY publicity at the Village Bellevue before an audience of about 100 guests.   The audience received my message warmly, and one guest who arrived late was disappointed to have missed my remarks.   On the spot, I gifted Eli Darland a set of my popular Authentic Visibility Publicity Tips Booklets so he could get some of the benefit of the message I had delivered moments before his arrival. While checking my web statistics last night, I found out that he blogged about this act of generosity.  Here is that link.

Thank you Eli Darland of Rare Form Limousine for this powerful endorsement.   I am most grateful.

If you’ve been curious about the quality of tips I offer within these high value and affordable tips booklets, here is a sampling to demonstrate the value you enjoy for your $10 investment.

97 Powerful Ways to Profit from Free Publicity
Authentic Visibility Vol. 1

This booklet shows you how to identify, target, prepare, and share your story and learn how to become a published author fast. Here are just a few example tips to show you what you can expect within the action-packed booklet:

14. Know thy media outlets. Read and listen to reporters who write about your industry and have the influence and credibility to spread your story far and wide. Paying attention to the people who report the news ultimately helps you craft winning story pitches and press releases that will compel them to pay attention to you or your story.

26. Believe in the power of cyberspace and the U.S. mail. Calling reporters to ask if they received your press release doesn’t serve you or your story in the least. Those calls annoy and distract deadline-driven reporters and offer no added value. If you insist on telephone follow up, offer late breaking news that makes your press release even more compelling and worth writing about.

31. Go beyond the notion that if it bleeds it leads. It is not necessarily so. Sometimes, TV and print assignment desk editors crave visuals on the lighter side of the news. Capturing the magic of the downtown holiday lights or the last minute Easter rush at the local chocolate shop can provide timely, relevant, refreshing, and visual news. These kinds of stories can serve as the close to any local news broadcast or grace the cover of your local newspaper.

74. Avoid the dreaded LAQ. LAQ stands for “lame ass quote.” “I am just so excited to bring my product to market,” “We are pleased to have the opportunity to play the game,” and “I’m just happy to help the ball club” are LAQ examples. These statements might work for the movies, but they don’t offer much value to inform readers, listeners, or viewers.

50 Powerful Publicity Boosters to Build Your Business
Authentic Visibility Vol 2.

This booklet shows you how to employ ezines, award contests, seminars, and “Jumbo Shrimp Marketing” into the media relations mix to achieve extraordinary results.

Here are just a few example tips to show you what you can expect within Vol. 2:

3. Demonstrate your expertise and value over time via an electronic newsletter, also known as an ezine. The beauty of ezines is that prospects sign-up to receive them through a form on the home or contact pages on your Web site. In doing so, they declare their interest in what you have to offer, though they may not yet be ready to engage your services/products right now. When they are ready to get into action with your area of expertise, you will be among the first professionals they call.

17. Invite new subscribers. Register your ezine to sites such as www.ezinearticles.com. Here ezine readers and publishers from coast to coast and worldwide can review a brief and compelling summary about your ezine and elect to opt-in. Plus, this helps your name and company name pop up more readily in the search engines.

20. Enter award contests. Choose competitions that are well-supported by the media in your industry or community. Select legitimate and prestigious contests that reinforce your company’s core values, strategic initiatives, and marketing claims.

28. Host webinars or teleseminars to share your expertise with clients, prospects, and reporters. Visit www.audiostrategies.com or www.freeaudioconference.com to learn how.

37. Promote your events on www.craigslist.com. The “community” section of this site is an online bonanza of publicity opportunities to reach potential customers from hundreds of cities across the nation.

39. Practice “Jumbo Shrimp Marketing.” This concept comes from John Moore of Brand Autopsy (www.brandautopsy.com), who says being the best — and not necessarily the biggest — at what you do is the way to advance. Grow your business larger by taking a genuine, personal interest in your customer’s success.

These are just a sampling of the 147 powerful ways to build business and profit from free publicity you can apply to your own efforts to earn free publicity for your product, idea, expertise, or cause.  Your investment is just $10 to receive both tips booklets, and you receive the Get Media Savvy eGuide to promoting your products, services, ideas or cause around the world as a bonus. Here is the link to learn even more and make your purchase.  Quantity orders are always welcome, along with customization requests.

Now more than ever is the time to roll up your sleeves and make some magic happen in the media for your business on a do-it-yourself basis.  You have $10 at risk and plenty of upside.  Check out the results happy customers are experiencing by reading these stories.  Then, get into the game!

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The Benefit of Renting Nancy’s PR Brain from a Publici-Tea™ Graduate’s Perspective

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Business owners are lining up to schedule their Rent Nancy’s PR Brain appointments, and sessions are open starting the week of April 13.  If this high value service interests you, check out the newest testimonial, generously shared by Fusion Works Alliance Founder Karen Steckler:

“I witnessed firsthand the power of Nancy at one of her Publici-Tea™ workshops.  Nancy is the queen of ‘sound bites.’  I am so amazed at how effortlessly it is for her to quickly grasp a situation and recite it back to you in such a way that your chest swells with pride and you say to yourself, yep that’s my business!   After the workshop I decided to take advantage of Nancy’s brain and rent it for a couple hours to help revise our web site content.  In two short hours, Nancy was able to capture our business in a language that resonates with our target audience of women-owned businesses and coin a new term for us ‘business success cocktail’  — which is exactly what we offer.  You can see firsthand the power of Nancy’s brain at https://www.fusionworksalliance.com.   I would highly recommend that you rent the power of Nancy.  It is an effective way to propel your marketing efforts and help you see yourself or your business in a new light.”

Karen Steckler, CPCC, CEO FusionWorks Alliance, Inc.

The smart, collaborative, and Fun way to grow your business!

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Craving All Natural Chocolate Bunnies for Easter? Get Free Shipping on Seattle Chocolate Company All Natural Bunnies and More When You Order by April 12

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If shopping for your Easter chocolate — and Mother’s Day Gifts, too — is high on your priority list, visit the online store for Seattle Chocolate Company.  You’ll find adorable, all natural chocolate bunnies to delight the kids and a whole lot more to make yourself happy.   And, when you place your $75 orders by April 12, you enjoy free shipping.

If you write a shopping blog or other media column and are looking for delicious and exquisitely packaged items that are perfect to share in your Spring gift guide, send your sample requests my way at nancy@nsjmktg.com with your name, the name of your publication, the reach of your media outlet, and your specific sample requests.  We’d be delighted to earn your editorial consideration and the delight of your readers, followers, listeners, or viewers.

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Blog Contest, Blog Interview, and More Reach Perfect Clients for Eye on Design 2009 with Vern Yip Event

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When I got hired to do the PR for the Eye on Design 2009 with HGTV Interior Designer Vern Yip event taking place at Seattle Design Center, all the local glossy home magazines were already complete with their April editions. Still, reaching those readers was my highest priority, so I thought a bit outside the box.

  • Could I suggest blog interviews with Vern Yip to appear on the blog for Seattle Homes & Lifestyles magazine?
  • Could I suggest a mention in the magazine’s ezine to readers to enlist their interest and enthusiasm in the event?
  • Could I suggest a blog contest that would invite perfect readers to write in and share their most pressing interior design questions for Vern to answer in person in exchange for the opportunity to win free tickets to this popular, high value event?
  • Could I invite a regular interior design columnist for a widely circulated chain of community newspapers to interview Vern Yip and bring his message to those communities in one bold stroke?
  • Could I enlist the interest of a popular human interest columnist with the Puget Sound Business Journal to interview Vern Yip for a possible personality profile in advance of event day?
  • And, could I appeal to the publisher of NW Asian Weekly and Chinese Post to interview a nationally recognized Asian American — Vern Yip — who just happens to be coming to our fair city on April 25?

The answer to all of these questions is YES.

Seattle Homes & Lifestyle magazine is doing a fabulous job alerting their readers to this upcoming event.  Robin Daly, one of the co-writers for the Design File column for Journal Newspapers, did a fabulous interview to debut in the April edition of the Journal newspapers, and all of the other items noted above are taking shape as I type this post.

When I got this assignment, I did a quick “Google” search to find out what I could read about the Eye on Design 2009 event at Seattle Design Center with Vern Yip.  No references came up in the search.  Just a couple weeks later, that situation has changed mightily.   Check out this link to see how far and wide the news about Eye on Design 2009 with Vern Yip has traveled.

Publicity really can build the buzz.  It’s a matter of thinking creatively and approaching the right media outlets with quality ideas that serve their readers.  Good results are unfolding every day, and I have great confidence that every one of the 600 seats for this event will sell out soon.  If you want to claim yours, here are two suggestions.

1)  Enter the blog contest at Seattle Homes & Lifestyles magazine by sharing your most pressing interior design dilemma for Vern Yip.  If your question is selected, you will win two tickets and enjoy a fabulous day enjoying the beauty and the bounty that Seattle Design Center has to offer.

2) If you want to be sure of your space on the event list, buy your tickets for $10 each by visiting this link.

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The Last Issue of Eastside Business Published Yesterday. Publication and Website Will Refocus on Bellevue, WA

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The newspaper business continues to deliver tough news.  Yesterday, I learned that the latest issue of Eastside Business is also its last issue.  You can read more about this from Publisher Joe Kennedy by reading this link. The paper will refocus to serve as the Bellevue Business Journal and BellevueBusinessJournal.com, and Joe has some plans to support businesses without traditional advertising budgets with something he calls the a Special Stimulus Package for Business.  Joe invites you to inquire at www.BellevueBusinessJournal.com.

If you run a small business in Bellevue, keep watch as things unfold at Bellevue Business Journal.  Newspapers and media outlets that niche to serve very specific communities will always be interested in hearing the news and perspectives of those who live and work there.   That opens a door of opportunity to earn free publicity in your own backyard.

Last March, 2008, Fortune Small Business magazine named Bellevue one of the best cities in which to operate a small business.  Having a backyard business journal in which to share some of the news that unfolds from the quality businesses making a contribution is a good thing for do-it-yourself publicists and work-in-the-trenches publicists alike.

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