My DIY Publicity Clients Don’t Want to Go it Alone, and Engaging Ways to Connect are Close at Hand

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Every quarter, I take a look at my business results to see what I can learn so I can move forward more powerfully in the quarter to come.

After taking a look at the data, what I know for sure is that the vast majority of the clients that hire me for public relations counsel and service want me to “just do it for them.”    Clients love the personal service and the consistent and compelling results they enjoy with ease — without having to learn new skills, take on new tasks, or explore new and unfamiliar territory. However, there is a healthy percentage of my business that is flowing from DIY publicity training programs,  hourly PR consulting, and DIY publicity tools.  While the DIY publicity tools contribute to my bottom line, the training and service I offer that include a personal connection to me and my expertise — such as Publici-Tea™ Workshops and Rent-Nancy’s-PR-Brain-by-the-Hour — outperform.

This reinforces  what I’ve been blogging about these last few weeks.  Keeping people at arm’s length isn’t necessarily what my ideal customers want or how they buy.  They want to spend time with and work with me.  They don’t want to go it alone.

For the first quarter, interest in my Rent Nancy’s PR Brain Service was at an all time high since I introduced the service last year.  Given the demands of the economy, business owners are hungry for hourly PR counsel and action to guide their DIY publicity efforts to successful results without breaking the bank.  Just yesterday, I spent some time working with Wedding and Corporate Event Photographer Trishann Couvillion of Fire Eyes Photography.   She had great things to say about our time together.

“Nancy, Thanks SO much for your plethora of great marketing ideas for my site and my new client relationship. I can’t wait to open up the dialogue to create some fabulous buzz for both our businesses. You gave me so much to digest and dream with and I look forward to sharing with you how I implemented some of the ideas. And thanks for your input on my website too. I really needed educated advice, and I really trust your input. I’ll make sure to re-work the text on my site soon. Again, thank you for your time today.

Trishann Couvillion
Fire Eyes Photography
Seattle, the Bay Area & the World

I just completed another call with a client this morning, and what we accomplished in an hour to move his DIY plans together was productive, powerful, and potentially results-generating for his business.  (I intend to report back on his success once we get into action by pitching the media, so stay tuned.)

Investing my time in hourly PR consulting appointments and delivering Publici-Tea™ Workshops is my favorite way to contribute to other’s success because I enjoy the personal connections, too. This is one of those situations in which what clients want and what I love to provide are perfect partners.

These ways of serving combine DIY publicity effort with the guidance of a trusted guide who can help you avoid mis-steps, wasted time, and contribute to more powerful results more readily without breaking the bank.  If that sounds good to you, take the Rent Nancy’s PR Brain by the Hour Service out for a spin and see what magic we can manifest for your business by working together in this way.   Read the testimonials here. And sign up and benefit when the timing and opportunity are perfect for your needs and budget.  Or, sign up for the May 15 Publici-Tea™ so we can connect in that way.

Now that the first quarter is just about complete, what do your results say about your business, and what will you do differently or better next quarter to make the most of what you have learned?  Comment here so others can benefit from the wisdom of your experience.

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What Single Thing Can You Do This Week to Advance a New Business Connection?

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Berry Zimmerman, a Profit Mastery® workshop facilitator and owner of BizEnrich, conducts workshops in the Pacific Northwest and provides strategic business development guidance for small- and medium-sized businesses. He purchased a Authentic Visibility Publicity eToolkit before midnight last night, so he will soon be sipping tea from his very own Prosperi-Tea cup as my special gift.  And, since he lives and works in Bellevue, I am delivering his gift to him personally as we sip tea and ponder how to enrich our businesses and our lives.  How is that for personal service?

Speaking of which, while attending the sold-out  Total Networking event organized by Score More Sales’ Lori Richardson and friends at Qwest Field last Friday night, I was heartened to learn that my concern over how disconnected we all have become is not my concern alone.  Gayle Hallgren-Rezac & Judy Thomson — co-authors of ‘Work the Pond’ — brought this point alive while describing a situation not uncommon among business travelers today. They said that between noise canceling headphones, ear buds, and other technology, airline passengers often travel across the country and the world without speaking a word, while sitting shoulder-to-shoulder and sometimes on overnight flights.  They said we’ve taken being connected to the extreme, and we are missing out on quality personal connections that are literally within reach.

That’s why I really look forward to connecting personally with Berry Zimmerman over a really good cup of tea.  We’ve met each other briefly at a couple of networking events, and how he serves the marketplace has my interest in a big way.  Visit his website to learn if engaging a Profit Mastery workshop facilitator is what your business needs to enrich its bottom line.

This leads me to issue a networking challenge for this week.

  • What single thing can you do this week to advance a new business connection?
  • Can you call someone on the phone to thank them for their business or offer a tip from which they can certainly profit?
  • Can you send a hand-written card to acknowledge someone’s birthday?
  • Can you forward by email a HARO lead that is perfect to showcase one of your best vendors, colleagues, or co-collaborators?
  • Can you spend a bit more time than your client was expecting to deliver even more impact for the investment made through your work together?
  • Can you talk to the person on your next airline flight and find out the single thing that gave the “wow” to their week?   (This tip comes from Savvy Networker Zita Gustin).

If you continue to keep others at arm’s length, you just might find that your boldest intentions for your business will remain well beyond your grasp.  That is certainly food for thought in challenging economic times such as these.

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Want an Inspiring Prosperi-Tea Cup as a Bonus Gift? Make Your Media-Savvy-to-Go Publicity Toolkit or Publici-Tea™ Workshop Purchase Before Midnight

Publicity Events, Special Savings Comments Off on Want an Inspiring Prosperi-Tea Cup as a Bonus Gift? Make Your Media-Savvy-to-Go Publicity Toolkit or Publici-Tea™ Workshop Purchase Before Midnight

The special offer to include the Prosperi-Tea cup with your Authentic Visibility Publicity Toolkit or Publici-Tea™ Workshop registration expires at midnight tonight. Act now so you can benefit and kick-start your DIY publicity activities into high gear.  Great free publicity rewards await.  If you crave lasting, buzz-building benefits for your business, now is a delicious time to get into action. Prosperi-Tea Anyone?

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31 Days to Build a Better Blog – The Challenge Starts Next Week at

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If you are already blogging or thinking about launching a blog of your own, sign up now to participate in the “31 Days to  Build a Better Blog” challenge that starts next week, thanks to ProBlogger Darren Rouse .  You can sign up here. It’s free to participate, and the lessons you will learn will be priceless and lasting, especially if you are committed to serving your readers with a stellar blog. Nearly 5,000 people have already signed up for this free challenge that is sure to be packed with relevant, useful, actionable  tips and information to make the most of your blog. I am committed to building a better blog to serve aspiring DIY publicists in my own backyard and well beyond.  As I’ve said many times before, launching this DIY publicity blog has been the single most powerful initiative I’ve put in place to build the buzz about my do-it-yourself publicity expertise and invite more of the right opportunities to be of service. Why not sign up for this 31-day challenge and see what fabulous lessons you can learn to serve your readers better, too?  Blogging is here to stay.  Whether you are sitting on the sidelines or playing big, it’s time to learn more so you can navigate the landscape successfully.

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Publici-Tea™ Graduate Krista Dunk of NW Wedding Place Shares HARO DIY Publicity Success Stories

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I met Krista Dunk at the North Seattle Community College Network Breakfast during one of my valued invitations to spread the good news about DIY publicity and powerful tools such as Help A Reporter Out.  This free media query service, by the way, just celebrated its one-year anniversary with nearly 70,000 happy subscribers.

Krista immediately got into action as a result of me sharing useful tips to earn quality media results for her NW Wedding Place company and her Blog Talk Radio Show.  Here, Krista shares some of those results.

Hi Nancy,

Just wanted to share some of my PR wins, thanks to your ideas and strategies! You love to recommend HARO , and you are right to do so. HARO has given me many PR opportunities that I wouldn’t otherwise known about. Here are some examples:

  • Video question accepted:
  • Twitter interview about the Koinonia Business Women’s organization:
  • Blog Talk Radio Interviews by and Barry Moltz on business topics!
  • One of 50 women business owner profiles selected for’s Women Giving Back project.
  • information included in the Spring 2009 Northwest Meetings & Events magazine.

These are just to name a few! You mentioned the HARO service during our KBWomen Radio interview with you on March 12th, along with other great advice for our listeners. In a nutshell…. Nancy rocks. It’s just that simple. Thanks for all that you do!

Krista Dunk,,

If you would like to benefit as Krista has, keep reading this blog.  And, when the timing and opportunity are perfect for you, sign up to attend the Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshop.  There is nothing quite like being in a room with 12-14 inspired and publicity-worthy businesses for a half-day of tea, Seattle Chocolates, Biscot-Tea™, connection, and conversation to catapult you into inspired DIY publicity action.   Seats are already selling fast for the Friday, May 15, 2009.   Publici-Tea™ taking place at the Village Bellevue from 12:30 – 5 p.m. Click here to assure your place.

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“Thank You” to Get Known Now’s Suzanne Falter-Barns for Tooting My DIY Publicity & Publici-Tea™ Horns

Personal Branding Comments Off on “Thank You” to Get Known Now’s Suzanne Falter-Barns for Tooting My DIY Publicity & Publici-Tea™ Horns

Get Known Now’s Suzanne Falter-Barns gave my DIY publicity and Publici-Tea™ offerings a powerful shout out in her blog this week in her post entitled, “How a Former Client is Maxxing Her Brand.”   I am honored.  Here is the link to learn more of what she had to say.  Since most of my efforts are focused on helping others get seen, heard, and celebrated, it’s a big treat to be on the receiving end of recognition like this.

My “Get seen, heard, and celebrated in your own backyard…and beyond” brand message took shape as a direct result of the work Suzanne guided me through in her Extraordinary Business Builders program.  The modest dollar investment and the meaningful investment in time I made in that program has been very powerful in contributing to the growth and success of my company today.

Here is a news flash.  It is not easy to get to the heart of why people do business with you and to find the perfect language to articulate that message in a way that makes an emotional connection with your perfect clients.  Working through the  course material and benefiting from Suzanne’s laser coaching, I was able to get to the heart of my brand message. And, I didn’t break the bank doing it and have the additional satisfaction of crafting a winning brand largely on a DIY basis.  That was important to me since DIY publicity is at the heart of how my offerings serve the marketplace.

Margit Crane, The Gifted Teen Coach, followed my advice to work with Suzanne.  She now owns the niche she has claimed and is inviting a lot more prosperity and ease in her business.

Many of the people I meet and work with are still struggling to figure out their unique selling proposition, their market niche, and all the strategic and messaging details that go with that.  Suzanne’s EBB course is a very powerful way to work through those essential elements to arrive at a message that will resonate with your ideal customers.  Check out Suzanne’s blog and other high-value course offerings so you can get these essential elements taken care of and invite more Prosperi-Tea in your business. Then, you will be steps closer to being able to attract free publicity to share your winning ways in your own backyard … and beyond.

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Twitter Gets You Fired in 140 Characters or Less – Yikes!

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This is a must-read article about the dangers of revealing too much information in Twitter posts.  Check it out, and heed this timely advice before trouble strikes.

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New Audio File to Support Your DIY Publicity Success and More in the Best and Worst of Times

New Audio File to Support Your DIY Publicity Success Comments Off on New Audio File to Support Your DIY Publicity Success and More in the Best and Worst of Times

If you weren’t able to attend the Women in Business “Thriving in Challenging Times” event created by the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce on Sunday, March 22, I am happy to share an audio file here of the panel discussion to which I contributed.

Click here — Panel Discussion – How To Thrive in Challeging Times — to listen to an hour of useful tips to guide your business growth (Tammy Redmon), how to work with your banker (Samira Badshah), how to benefit from DIY publicity (Nancy Juetten), and how to build wealth (Jana Williams.)

The DIY publicity portion of the presentation begins about 26 minutes into the panel discussion and comprises about 15 minutes, just in case you want to fast forward to benefit from that information.  The audience responded warmly to the tips and stories I shared, and I hope you do, too.

Thanks to all the contributors to the panel and the 80 or so fabulous event guests who attended to benefit from what we shared.  Special thanks to Issaquah Press Publisher Deborah Berto for moderating the panel and for the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce for creating a venue for women to connect, collaborate, and catapult to higher levels of success. Here’s to more prosperity for us all.

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Promoting Your Events Just Got a Whole Lot Easier with DIY Publicity

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Yesterday I told you how Full Calendar can make it easy to alert the online and traditional media about your upcoming events. Today, I am going to share some other tried-and-true ways to promote your events while using your time wisely and spending very little money.

What I know for sure is that once you create the first event notice for Full Calendar, it’s just a matter of leveraging that same information against the other media that make sense for your message. You are not re-creating the wheel. You are just making the same wheel spin faster so the right people sign up to benefit from what you have to offer.

Since I sell out my Publici-Tea™ Workshops consistently and have for the last 18 months, here are the best ways I’ve found to get the mission accomplished:

  • Share the relevant details with the benefits clearly and compellingly stated via your ezine, your website, and your blog.
  • Write and share a press release with the relevant media in your own backyard.  The best way to find the right contacts at the local newspapers is to visit the “contact us” section of their websites.  Don’t just “spray and pray” your press release and hope for the best.  Target it to the person at the newspaper who is responsible for covering similar events.
  • Twitter about your upcoming event, offering a convenient online link to learn more and register.
  • If you have an online shopping cart, deploy the “broadcast email” function to alert your customers that something special is coming up.    Share the relevant details, and invite them to participate and spread the good news to people they know who can benefit.
  • If you offer an affiliate program and have active, enthusiastic affiliates, let them know about your upcoming event and invite them to spread the word to the people they know who can benefit.
  • Create an event at the social networking sites to which you belong, and invite your friends to help you spread the word so others can benefit.
  • Create a new signature file to accompany every email you send that makes it easy for people to learn more about your upcoming event and register.
  • Take promotional flyers to events where you speak or to events at which you display your marketing materials, and share them generously with others.
  • Extend a special offer to registered guests to bring a colleague or friend with them at a preferred rate.
  • Invite VIPs and other people who can influence large communities of potential guests to attend your future events as your special invited guest as a means of evaluating your offering for their extended networks.

These suggestions to promote your events assume that the marketplace is hungry for the information you have to share and you have compelling solutions to offer for very real problems that potential event guests are eager to solve.  Before you walk down the seminar/workshop path, make sure what you are offering is a hot topic for which your ideal customers are willing to invest time and money to learn more.

For example, if you are offering still another retirement seminar that sounds boring and “blah, blah, blah” as you write about it, chances are the message will fall flat as you share your news with others.  Take care to share your information in a manner that clearly articulates how event guests will benefit and what you bring to the party to make the session particularly worthwhile.  Set your offering apart from others that you’ve read or heard about.  Give your event a memorable, appealing name that will raise eyebrows, bring grins,  invite curiosity, and inspire registration action.

Once you have a winning seminar idea, go forth and promote it systematically by using these tried-and-true methods.  You will invite more of the right people to sit at the table to benefit from how you serve and welcome more opportunities to do exactly that.

When people sign up for your event, be sure to find out how they learned about it.  You’ll learn which of the methods are producing the most powerfully for you so you can be encouraged to keep working the system to your advantage for future events.

Remember, this is a system that must be worked consistently and tenaciously over time to enjoy ongoing rewards.  As with most marketing and publicity efforts, anything you do only one time is not likely to deliver the bounty you crave.   You must make an ongoing, consistent, and tenacious commitment to enjoy ongoing, consistent, and rewarding results.

As you re-read the list of tried-and-true methods to inviting more of the right people to participate in your events, take note that most take a little bit of your time and hardly any money.  In these demanding times, that is welcome news for all.

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A Tried-and-True Way to Build Buzz, Promote Your Events and Fill Seats

Event Promotion Comments Off on A Tried-and-True Way to Build Buzz, Promote Your Events and Fill Seats

More and more people are hosting regularly scheduled events and seminars to introduce potential clients to their products or services.  Just about all of them are struggling with the winning recipe to fill all the open seats.  Many are spending big bucks on expensive invitations, direct mail campaigns, and other tools.  Many completely forget to deploy the power of free publicity to build the buzz. This week, I am going to share some of the most effective ways I’ve found to build buzz for events while using time wisely and spending very few bucks.

Among my favorites is to post meeting notices to Full Calendar. This is an online event promotion service that makes it easy to alert the online and traditional media about your upcoming events with one click and just $19.95.  Full Calendar is based on a belief that event publicity is the single most important factor in event attendance and an organization’s vitality.A big “Amen” to that!

One of the things I’ve found by actively using this service is that my Publici-Tea™ workshop notices come up readily in a Google search.  Check out the “Google” rankings for the term “Publici-Tea™ Workshop” to see that 12,900 references immediately come up.  That’s pretty good buzz for an event that is just 18 months into service. Those who are curious about the credibility and value of this event can rest easy when they read all that has been written about it over many months.  That makes “getting to yes” a lot faster and easier. (By the way, I am taking registrations for the May 15 event, if you want to save your place.)

Check this link to see all the cities served by this welcome and effective service.

Here are the “how to” details for using Full Calendar.

  • Write a short, mid-length, and longer description of your event four – six weeks before event day so there is proper time to alert the shorter and longer lead time publications and online media about your event.
  • Offer the details about how to learn more and register.  Save all the details in the system, pay your $19.95, and hit “send.”
  • When it comes time to promote your NEXT event, simply update your saved information with the latest information.

Full Calendar is as close to an “Easy Button” as I’ve found to alert the online and traditional media about upcoming events for the price.  If you consider how much of your time or your overburdened assistant’s time could be taken alerting every “business calendar” section of every community paper about your upcoming event, the $19.95 for a “one click” solution is a no-brainer.

In the days to come, I’ll share a few of the other tried-and-true ways to use free publicity to build buzz, promote your events, and fill workshop seats. And, if you have a tried-and-true idea of your own to share that fills the seats at your events, please post it here so others can benefit.   Here’s so sold out events for us all.

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