Always Do the Right Thing – Your Online Reputation Depends On It

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Now that email, social networking, Twitter, and blogging make it easy to share your thoughts, actions, and other priorities with the world, it’s essential to exercise caution with what you share. One false move or misinterpreted message, and you could inspire someone into a public tirade and be rendered essentially defenseless to fight back. Once unkind or untrue messages are broadcast on the internet, it’s really difficult and time consuming to call them back. I don’t even know if it is possible.   In the world of do-it-yourself publicity, your online reputation is a powerful calling card.  Don’t risk it.

Seth Godin’s blog post today about taking care about what Google knows about you is timely, relevant — and potentially frightening for those who have been careless with their messaging on the internet.

As newspapers continue their unfortunate decline, their influence and role as “watch dogs” to investigate the truth is likely to weaken.  This is a harsh reality.  That means that doing the right thing in other media takes on even more importance.  Are you going to be known for telling the truth, checking your facts, balanced reporting, and doing the right thing as you share your message with the world?

My advice is to do the right thing.  Share your message in a winning way that reflects well on you, your company, your customers, your suppliers, and your mission in the world.  The alternative — given the power of cyberspace — is just  unthinkable.

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Useful DIY Publicity Tips and Inspiration Travel to Business Readers Far and Beyond

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I wrote a column for the Puget Sound Business Journal this month about do-it-yourself publicity and was pleased to find out that my latest column (entitled What DIY Tasks Should You Do Yourself) has been picked up by the Sacramento, Houston, and San Antonio editions of the paper.

When I started writing this column about 18 months ago, my intent was to write quality content that would earn the attention of the other editors within the American City Business Journal family. I knew I had my work cut out for me because editorial decision makers for each paper naturally prefer to feature writers from their own backyards.  The latest column apparently broke through because the topic was especially timely and relevant to readers across the country.   What a thrill for me and what a service to the readers.  I hope you’ll click on the link, read the column, and get inspired into DIY publicity action.

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Steve Juetten CFP™ Offers Timely Blog Post about Personal Finance, Plus a Blog Traffic-Building Tip

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After President Obama’s speech to the nation earlier in the week, my sense of optimism about what is possible got a much needed jolt.  I know better days are coming, and — like everyone else — I am making mindful choices about how to navigate the challenging economy to achieve my goals.   Certified Financial Planner™ Professional Steve Juetten ( my husband and a tireless and much appreciated Publici-Tea™ Graduate) is the personal finance blogger for  His post for today is well worth reading because of the parallels he draws from Obama’s speech as they relate to personal finance.

And here is another useful tip for the bloggers out there who are serious about being seen, heard, and celebrated through the power of  do-it-yourself publicity.  If you visit, you can find the most commonly searched terms on the Internet for any given day.  Steve visits that site daily to find relevant inspiration to guide his blog posts for  If he leads with often-searched words in his headlines, readership of his posts escalates dramatically.  The key is to make the actual post extremely relevant to the readers of his personal finance blog.   If you blog, consider this tip, watch your traffic grow, and report back to me your successs.  I’ll gladly blog about it.

And, finally, another Publici-Tea™ graduate and a frequent reader of this blog was inspired to learn about Steve’s success earning his own column at  She called me yesterday to report that she’s been selected to write a column of her own for Seattle.  She is holding off on the Seattle column, however, because there is a chance she’ll be selected to be a NATIONAL Examiner instead.  I can’t wait to report her identity and showcase her first post when this is a done deal.

People are reading these blog posts, getting into action, and making magic manifest in their businesses.  That is the way we can all dig ourselves out of this economic mess … by taking action, taking personal responsibility, and being of service.  God Bless America.

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Create a Local PR Blitz on a Micro Budget and Enjoy Sale Prices Through 2-28-09

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Act quickly to benefit from the 8-year-anniversary sale prices on the Authentic Visibility toolkit, tips booklets, and the 3 1/2 hour engaging and high-value Publici-Tea™ Audio File.  These items include plenty of high value special bonuses to support your do-it-yourself publicity success and are on sale for $88, $8, and $88, respectively through Saturday, Feb. 28.  Prices go back up to $97, $10, and $97 on Saturday, March 1.  Click on the active links to read all about the great information within and make your purchases now, while you can save money.   If you apply the information within to your buzz building advantage, you’ll be in the spotlight in no time.  Based on the amazing results my clients are enjoying, of this I have no doubt.

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Plan Now to Attend Three Women’s Networking Events

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Abandon the isolation that can be part of owning your own business.  Here is your call to action to leave your office and connect with other business people to see what magic you can manifest for your business, your customers, and the marketplace.  Now more than ever is the time to make authentic, winning connections with others.  The good news is that in the Seattle area, several great opportunities to do exactly that are upcoming.

I’ll be among the panelists who are contributing to the Thriving in Challenging Economic Times event taking place on Sunday, March 22. I give the Sammamish Chamber props for making every panelist look like a rock star on their website.   Why not make plans now to attend, benefit from the lessons to be learned, and connect with some fabulous people?   Below are the convenient links, the dates, and the admission fees.  Choose the event that works best for your schedule, needs, and budget.

In related news, on Monday night, about 60 great folks came to The Village Bellevue to learn a few tips about social networking, DIY publicity, sales, and managing money.  Betsy Talbot, the Women in Business Blogger for, posted a good summary of the event highlights, and you can read it here. Just for grins, my 11 1/2 year old son gets a shout out in Betsy’s blog post.  He actually solved his Rubik’s Cube puzzle during the event.  As someone who has never figured out how to do that in my lifetime, I would consider that an “alert the media” moment for sure.  Kyle credits the how-to video he found on YouTube for showing him the way.  Isn’t that something?

When I attend these events, I don’t think first about what I can sell.  I think about what I can give to others to support their success.  I met some pretty remarkable people, and I’ve already made some powerful introductions to help them connect with the right people with whom they can do business and add value.

As for my own “wins” so far, I am pretty pleased.  Since Monday night’s contribution at The Village Bellevue, I’ve received fan mail about my 15-minute do-it-yourself publicity talk.  One person posted a public compliment to LinkedIn, and another posted a public compliment at BizNik.  I received dozens of new ezine subscriptions, a new invitation to speak to a group, and four new event registrations for upcoming Publici-Tea™ Workshops. Those are fabulous results for showing up and taking an interest in others.

If you could use results like these, make plans now to attend the events noted above.  Great connections and other great things await.  I’ll be at the Thriving in Challenging Economic Times event, sponsored by the Sammamish Chamber of Commerce.  I hope to meet you there.

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March 13 Publici-Tea™ is Sold Out. Register for May 15, Or Ask Me to Add a Date for YOUR Group.

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All the seats for the March 13, 2009 event are officially taken.  If you would like to make plans to attend the NEXT event, register now for the Friday, May 15 Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshop taking place at The Village Bellevue from 12:30 – 5 p.m.

And here is one more thing to consider. I am happy to add additional event dates and bring the Publici-Tea™ Workshop or the Winning Bio Writing Workshop to your business, organization or group.  These workshops deliver fabulous value and impact for every guest — and amazing joy for me.  Call 425-641-5214 or send email to to chat about specifics.

And, if you are so moved, join the affiliate program and earn generous referral fees for your organization with every workshop registration or just about every Authentic Visibility information product sale your organization refers.  I’ve already written several nice checks to one local organization, and I’d love to welcome more.  It’s the perfect win-win-win for the members, the organization, and for me.  I look forward to earning your raves and referrals.

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Publici-Tea™ Graduate Karen Steckler Helps Client Earn Free Publicity and Launches a Winning Website, Too

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It’s thrilling when Publici-Tea™ Workshop graduates report back about their various successes in the media and beyond.  Yesterday, Karen Steckler, founder of FusionWorks Alliance, shared that she helped her client earn a prominent story in the Puget Sound Business Journal by following the DIY publicity tips and strategies she learned from me.   Since she consults with clients to help them grow powerfully, she demonstrated unexpected value to her client by earning a prominent story in the Puget Sound Business Journal.

Karen said, “World Key Services, a division of Brass Key Inc., has such a great story to tell that —  after attending Nancy’s workshop — I immediately saw an opportunity to use her techniques and contact Puget Sound Business Journal Reporter Steve Wilhelm.  Steve wrote a great article and said that he usually doesn’t get his sources in this way.  Nancy’s experience and knowledge definitely contain the right secret sauce.”

In other exciting news, Karen launched her company’s new website yesterday.   Karen shared her web copy with me at an early stage and rented my brain to refine the message.  (If you just read my other blog post for today, take note that I am a results-generating publicist and an award-winning copywriter.  You can learn about a few of those awards at my LinkedIn profile.)

In just two hours, the copy was transformed.  I invite you to visit the home page to find out how FusionWorks Alliance delivers for women business owners who are ready to grow in smart, collaborative, and fun ways.   If you like what you read, make plans now to attend one of the Open House events coming up in March in Bellevue, Seattle, and Edmonds, WA to learn more about how you and your business can benefit.

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Not Every Writer is a Results-Generating Publicist

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Those are fighting words.  I am annoyed with the writers in the marketplace who are claiming to be publicists, taking client dollars, and delivering disappointment in the media results department.

Last month, I met a business owner who invested serious money in a PR campaign, and he lamented that he still didn’t know what he got in exchange for his investment.  Stories like that are disheartening.

With economic times as challenging as they are, writers are claiming to be all things to all people in order to earn your business.  Your lasting business success depends on you making wise choices with your dream team. Due diligence on your part will ensure that publicity services you outsource deliver the results you need and deserve.  In these demanding times, anything less is simply not good enough.

If you are serious about getting seen, heard, and celebrated in the media through the power of publicity, every move you make and dollar you invest needs to contribute to and deliver accurate, compelling, and prominent media coverage in the outlets that are a perfect fit to serve your ideal customers and your unfolding business success.

Before you hire anyone to write a press release for you or launch a media relations campaign on your behalf, ask to see specific media results that have flowed from press release writing and media relations efforts in the past.  Prior results are an excellent indicator of future success.

“Google” the publicist’s name to see how often it comes up in a search in connection with press releases he/she has issued to the media.  If your search comes up empty, pause and consider if this individual is really the best available talent for the job.

Ask your potential publicist about his/her passion for publicity and the business you are in.  If the temperature reads lukewarm, proceed with caution.

And, if you are on track to spend serious money for public relations services and are dissatisfied with the results, dismayed by the process, and unclear about the value, stop the train and get off. As you get your bearings and prepare to move ahead, remember this. Not every writer is a results-generating publicist.

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10 Tips for Blogging Your Way to Small Business Success

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Run, don’t walk, to this post that offers 10 tips for blogging your way to small business success.  Blogging, social media, and Twitter are fabulous friends for any business owner who is serious about do-it-yourself publicity.  Remember, if you do what you’ve always done, you get what you have always received — or less, given today’s challenging economic times.  Try and apply new tools with consistency, tenacity, and passion and enjoy as new and remarkable results flow.  There is only one real choice here.

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Puget Sound Newspaper Business: Sunset or New Dawn?

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If you’re interested in the future of newspapers and news in the Puget Sound region, read more about what was said at a panel discussion hosted by Seattle City Club on Friday 2/20 at this link. Reading these notes is almost as good as being there, thanks to Seattle PI Reporter Mónica Guzmán.  Now is certainly a time for reinvention of the business models for delivering the news, and there is plenty of that on the horizon for newspapers, journalists, work-in-the-trenches publicists, and do-it-yourself publicists who must navigate an ever-changing landscape to share their messages with the world.

David Domke, communications professor at the University of Washington, addresses an audience at a Seattle City Club panel about the future of newspapers. David Brewster, editor of Crosscut, is at the podium. Other panelists are David Boardman of The Seattle Times, David McCumber of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and John Cook of Techflash. (Mónica Guzmán/ Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

David Domke, communications professor at the University of Washington, addresses an audience at a Seattle City Club panel about the future of newspapers. David Brewster, editor of Crosscut, is at the podium. Other panelists are David Boardman of The Seattle Times, David McCumber of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and John Cook of Techflash. (Mónica Guzmán/ Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

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