The Latest News from Seattle Chocolate Company, Just in Time for Holiday Stocking Stuffing

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You just gotta love a good joint venture.  Seattle Chocolate Company has teamed up with noted Seattle filmmaker Rick Stevenson to create a sassy holiday gift, just in time to invite the perfect stay-at-home date.  Starting today, you can visit the online store at  to purchase a DVD gift set that includes the award-winning romantic comedy ‘Expiration Date’ with a milk chocolate bar from Seattle Chocolate Company for $19.95.

You can read a bit more about the back story on this deal in the Seattle PI story that ran recently at this link.   And, you can tune in to watch “Expiration Date” on KCTS Public Television tomorrow night at 8 p.m.

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Want Free Publicity in 2009? Sign up for the 1-09-2009 Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshop and Learn What You Need to Know to Earn “Ink and Air”

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If you want 2009 to be full of fabulous headlines, articles, and press mentions about you and your company, treat yourself to the Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshop taking place Friday, January 9, 2009 at The Village Bellevue from 12:30 – 5 p.m.   You’ll learn how to use press releases, pitch letters, and contributed articles to reinforce your expertise, build the buzz, and invite new opportunities to be of service your way, thanks to the power of free publicity.  You’ll also receive the Authentic VisibilityPublicity eToolkit as part of your event participation.  There are just 14 spaces at this event.  Why not claim one of them as you own!  Or share one as a gift with the buzz seeking business owner in your professional network?  Learn more and register at this link.

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Want to Win a Publici-Tea™-TO-GO! Gift Bundle? Here’s How

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Visit this link and share why this information and inspiration-packed gift bundle is perfect to support your buzz-building goals for the New Year, and you just might win a Publici-Tea™-TO-GO! Gift Bundle of your own.  As the folks at the lottery are quick to say, “You can’t win if you don’t play.”  Do-it-yourself publicity success can be yours if you just get into the game.  You must enter by 12-24-08.  Good luck, and break some hearts with your entry.  Getting to the heart of why this item is perfect for your needs is key to win.

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Olympic Hot Tub Company Co-Owner Alice Cunningham is Celebrated in Your Business Magazine

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What a thrill to receive a copy of Your Business magazine today to find a fabulous story about customer evangelism with Olympic Hot Tub Company Co-Founder Alice Cunningham as the center of the story.  The lead to the article  —  “Spread the Word: Customer evangelists can share your good news” — reads as follows:

A woman walked into Alice Cunningham’s store, Olympic Hot Tub Company in Seattle, Washington, and looked perplexed.  It turned out that she had been looking at hot tubs at a big box retailer when a man came up to her and said, “I can’t let you buy this.  You have to buy from Olympic.”

“She had this look of, ‘I can’t believe I listened to a complete stranger,”’ said Cunningham, who has owned the business for more than 30 years.  “We get a lot of those.”

Customers who are so passionate about a product or service that they want other people to have it are called customer evangelists…

This story couldn’t read any better for singing the praises of an award-winning retailer who has made it her mission to make it easy for others take it easy in the comforts of their own backyards.   Never before has that passion been stronger since “stay-cationing” is a trend gathering great speed.

This article came as a result of a media query that crossed my in-box earlier in the year.  The reporter was asking for examples of customer evangelism.   I replied in a compelling, credible, and timely way with on-target anecdotes and access to great information about my client.  The result is a fabulous story that was distributed nationally in this magazine.  The art directors even chose teal headlines to coordinate with Alice’s blazer in the full color, full page photo that is the center of this feature.   It just doesn’t get much better than that.

Hot tubs anyone?   Mine was delivered to my backyard one year ago as of tomorrow.  It was a very good decision.  I even got quoted in Redbook magazine as I shared why the hot tub is good for our family.   And yes, the media query from Redbook magazine crossed my in-box earlier this year, too.

At the very least, check out the award-winning website that will tell you just about everything you ever wanted to know about selecting the perfect hot tub.  Or, check out the Hot Tub Bliss blog for even more inspiration, just in time for holiday gift giving.

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Miss the Teleseminar about Making the Most of Press Releases? Here is the Link to an Excellent Audio File.

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If you missed the teleseminar about making the most of your press releases, don’t dismay.  Here is the link to the audio file so you can listen in and benefit from the timely and timeless information and the fabulous offers to go with it.  Special thanks to Dan Janal of PR Leads for inviting me to serve as his expert guest, and thanks to the 250 or more people who signed up for the call.  Dan tells me this is among the best attended teleseminars he’s hosted in a long time.  That that suggests this topic is especially timely and relevant for those of you out there who are hungry to earn do-it-yourself publicity success in today’s digital age.   This is good stuff, so share this link with your publicity seeking business owner friends, professional groups that can benefit, and others who are just now pondering their escape from cubicle nation to launch businesses of their own.  This audio file is packed with tips, tools, resources, and time-tested approaches to engage to earn more publicity success with greater ease.  Listen in and let me know how this audio file empowers you!  I can’t wait to hear your comments.

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Great Idea to Honor Employees and Give Back at the Same Time

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Right about now, business owners are figuring how how to honor their employees, vendors, and best customers to celebrate the season. One of my blog readers wrote in to share an idea worth repeating.

Nancy Stewart Campbell of Therapeutic Resources writes, “I want to reward our employees at our annual dinner at a nice restaurant. Although the employees really look forward to this each year, I felt somewhat guilty spending the money that I could be donating to a charity. Then I came up with the idea of doing both. I am going to donate the same amount I will spend on the dinner to the food bank.  I think this is a good way to reward the employees and help the community at the same time.”

Thanks Nancy for the great suggestion that is sure to inspire other business owners to follow your lead to give to others in multiple ways with one special effort.

And, business owners who want to help themselves build buzz and encourage women newly diagnosed with breast cancer with the convenience of online shopping can give Publici-Tea™-TO-GO! Publicity Gift Bundles and accomplish both goals with ease.   Visit this link to learn more and buy. By the way, the press release I issued about these gift bundles via PR Web last week has contributed mightily to new visits to that site.  I just got a fabulous email from a recipient of this gift that empowers do-it-yourself publicity success, and here is what she had to say about it:

“Nancy, first let me say that I returned from my trip to San Diego to find a wonderful package from you.  I love the way you have put it together and know it is going to be a smashing success!   Thanks so much for all you do.  I will be writing about Publici-Tea™-TO-GO! Gift Bundles on my blog as well as in WE Magazine.  Have a wonderful December.”

Heidi Richards Mooney, WECAI

WECAI stands for Women’s E-Commerce Association International.  This organization helps women do more business on and off the web.  Check out this robust website with useful tools to empower your success and open up the world of Internet opportunity for you and your business!

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Small Business Scene Media Opportunity in the Seattle Post Intelligencer

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The Seattle Post Intelligencer runs a regular photo feature on the front page of the business section called Small Business Scene.  It highlights the small businesses that shape the city served by the newspaper.  If you know a small business worthy of a visit by the newspaper, you can make your pitch at  Here’s the story from today’s paper.

The headline reads, “Repair work gives stained glass company a break in tough times.”  The photo from today’s story is at left.

If you are a small business in Seattle — and I know there are a lot of you reading this blog post — why not check out the archives for the last few weeks to read the kinds of stories that show up here and make your pitch about why your story is worthy of feature consideration?

For the last several weeks, I’ve noticed that this feature has taken the shape of a large “below the fold” photo accompanied by a brief story, along with a sidebar with the featured company’s name, address, store hours, website, and phone number.

If you have a business that has a fun holiday angle to share, now would be a great time to make that pitch.   Do-it-yourself publicity success could be yours just in time for holiday shopping if you just get into action.   Good luck.

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Bending and Swaying with Technology and a Special Offer to Help Sell Yourself without Selling Your Soul

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Dan Janal had some technical difficulties during today’s teleseminar about press releases.  If you signed up for the call and were intending to listen to the Mp3 file after the fact, just know that you will be receiving that audio file one day next week.   Dan and I have rescheduled the call for next Monday.  Apologies for any inconvenience to those who were “on” today’s call.  If this is a perfect opportunity for you to sign up to receive that audio file, please do. The links can be found in the prior blog posts about the teleseminar (see below.)

It’s funny how technology gives us all a run for the money from time to time.  I sure have learned a lot this year about bending and swaying with these kinds of issues.

A year ago, I was just getting my feet wet with blogging.  Now many thousands of folks visit here every month.

A year ago, the term “social networking” made my eyes glaze over, and today I am splashing in those new waters every day.

About a year ago, I was trying to find the perfect words to help describe my Authentic Visibility Publicity Toolkit.  I hired expensive copywriters.  I spoke to expert consultants.  I worried and wondered about getting the words right.  Today  — just in time for today’s teleseminar — I debuted a new letter that I wrote myself, and I know it will earn the right readers in perfect timing.

Bend and sway.  Remain flexible.  It’s all good.

Speaking of which, I’d be honored if you took a look at the new letter about the Authentic VisibilityPublicity Toolkit that I just posted.   If you like what you read and are among the first 35 people to buy it, you’ll get a copy of “Sell Yourself without Selling Your Soul” — a fabulous hardback book by PR Secrets CEO Susan Harrow that explains how to promote your product, service or cause with integrity and spirit.   It’s a $19.95 value that is yours as a special bonus with every Authentic Visibility Publicity Toolkit purchased between now and December 12, 2008.  Just make sure to put “Susan Harrow” in the comments section of your online order form to qualify for this high value gift.  It’s a clear, practical, and supportive ‘must read” for anyone serious about earning publicity and maintaining peace of mind.   For those of you who elect to take advantage of this special offer, enjoy!

And for those of you bending and swaying in the breeze of technology, thanks for being flexible.

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If You Missed Affirmagy’s Kristen Marie Schuerlein on QVC, Here is the Link!

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When one of my favorite people on Earth earns time on QVC to promote products that have the potential to postively shape our thoughts and deeds, it’s something to shout from the roof tops.  Check out this link to watch the TV segment featuring Kristen Marie Schuerlein sharing her Affirmawraps with 93 million viewers around the world.  I can’t wait to learn what is happening at Affirmagy today!

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PR Web Press Release Spreads Word about Cause Related Initiative that Helps Business Owners Earn Free Publicity

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I got inspired to issue a press release of my own today to bring attention to the new cause related initiative I have launched to help business owners everywhere earn free publicity and encourage women newly diagnosed with breast cancer.  I decided to use PR Web to send the news because the Publici-Tea™-TO-GO! Gift Bundles are products that are purchased almost exclusively online.   Sending the message to a business and breast cancer-focused audience is my intention, and generating awareness and lead generation is my goal.  We’ll see what happens.  High hopes.  High expectations.

And, I figured, why not make mention of tomorrow’s teleseminar on making press releases work in today’s digital age within this release, to make sure the message carries to as many interested potential guests as possible.  Hundreds of people have already signed up for tomorrow’s call, and there is room for more.  Care to join in?  Here is the link to sign up. Whether or not you can be “on” the call tomorrow at 10 a.m. PST or not, when you sign up, you will receive the Mp3 audio file to enjoy after the fact.   How convenient is that?

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