A Final Post for 2008 with Thanks to Publici-Tea™ Graduates and Others Who Inspire Me to Keep on Blogging and Serving Your Success

Publici-Tea™ Graduate Success Story Comments Off on A Final Post for 2008 with Thanks to Publici-Tea™ Graduates and Others Who Inspire Me to Keep on Blogging and Serving Your Success

What a wild and wonderful year 2008 has been.  Receiving this ‘thank you’ note from one of my Publici-Tea™ graduates yesterday warmed my heart.  It demonstrates that the way I am contributing is really making a difference for others.   It’s notes like these that lend fuel to my enthusiasm to blog again another day.  Read on to learn how Betsy Talbot of Delegate Now has benefited this year.

Nancy, it has taken me far too long to thank you for the valuable contribution your Publici-Tea™, Media-Savvy-To-Go kit, special reports, and blog have done for me and my clients.  Many people probably take your course or buy your materials for their own benefit, which is what I initially did with some good success.  In fact, one of your “low hanging fruit” tips landed me a spot in the Seattle Times and got me two customers as a result – with no dollar investment and only 15 minutes of my time!

What I really want to thank you for, though, is the way your expertise has rounded out my own offering to clients.  As you know, I provide consulting to solo entrepreneurs who have accidentally bought themselves a 24/7 job with no benefits, no vacation, and not much hope of a raise.  I help them step back from the business, develop a strategy to streamline and grow, and then to actually think about having a life outside work.  Part of this requires a publicity effort, and many of them have never done any kind of PR.  Your expertise has helped me get them started on a do-it-yourself publicity campaign with “low-hanging fruit.”  The almost immediate success of these efforts always surprises and encourages them to do more, which is exactly what they need.  So even though you are not directly helping them, every single client I have interfaced with in this last year has benefited from your expertise in some way.  You make me look good.

Any business consultant, coach, or adviser would be well-served to subscribe to your blog, attend your Publici-Tea™ seminar, or buy your Media-Savvy-To-Go kit (my manual is dog-eared, underlined, and highlighted almost beyond recognition).  The course has paid for itself many times over, and my skillset has been enriched for the benefit of my clients.  You have made an immeasurable difference in my business this year and in the lives of my clients, and I just wanted to say “thank you.”

Every day is an adventure here at Authentic Visibility.  I do my best to get things right.   When I make a mistake, I do my best to correct it.  My heart-felt intention is to make a contribution to the success of my readers and the partners and co-collaborators who contribute to my own service and product offerings.  Receiving letters like the one Betsy Talbot shared with me yesterday let me know I am making a difference.  And that is heartening.

I am grateful for abundant advocates who sing my praises and outnumber the few who don’t.  I will continue in my mission to empower business owners with useful tools, tips, resources, and inspiration to guide their journey to DIY publicity success in 2009 and can’t wait to blog about YOUR DIY publicity success as it unfolds.  When in doubt, I’ll recall this proverb for inspiration:

“Fall down seven times, stand up eight.” -Japanese Proverb

Happy New Year, one and all.

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HARO or PR Leads? I Recommend Both

Media Savvy 101 Comments Off on HARO or PR Leads? I Recommend Both

If you want more success with greater ease as a DIY publicist, you need to use fabulous and often free or very affordable resources to get the job done.   About a year ago, I signed up for ProfNet so I could take this fee media query service for a spin. I heard great things about it from publicists I like, trust, and respect.  I took action to see what magic ProfNet could manifest for me and my clients with consistent, inspired use of the service every day.  ProfNet delivers plenty of fabulous, well targeted media queries that make it easy for me to respond and earn recognition for my clients and my own products and services.  I’ve earned scores of equally fabulous media placements as a direct result of using this service this year.

Sometime later in 2008, I learned about Help a Reporter Out and signed up for this free service.  It is much like ProfNet.  The media queries flow to my in-box every day.  I scan them to find the ones most appropriate to serve my clients, and I reply with cogent, compelling, and concise emails that invite media attention.  I’ve earned scores of fabulous media placements as a direct result of using this service.

What is the difference between the two services, aside from the fact that one is fee-based and the other is free? My sense is that the leads from ProfNet are a bit less quirky and more mainstream in nature.   But that’s just a gut feeling.

From time to time, I have observed some duplication of leads between the two services.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing from my perspective.  After all, isn’t it true that we don’t always act the first time we see an opportunity?  Getting the message a second time from time to time is a good thing, especially if the opportunity is right for your message.

I’ve used both services to post queries of my own, and both reader communities have been very generous in sharing their ideas and perspectives to add value to projects in progress.  If you haven’t yet tried posting a query to either service, make plans to do so in the New Year.  Whether you are writing an article, a book, a blog post, or an information product, you’ll find a ready resource of generous contributors to add value to your efforts.

Here’s the big idea from where I sit as a publicist working in the trenches every day. Good replies to either service most definitely deliver meaningful media results for me and my clients.   I’ve renewed my membership to ProfNet for 2009.  My HARO membership is free and ongoing.  Both services are well used and much appreciated tools in my publicity seeking tool chest.

Dan Janal, founder of PR Leads, is a qualified reseller of ProfNet services.   If you are a business owner, consultant, speaker, or independent entrepreneur who is hungry to have your voice carry and your story told in the media, you owe it to yourself to check out this service.  It delivers more publicity success with greater ease without a doubt.  The modest investment to enjoy the service is well worth it for the results you’ll earn through your consistent, inspired pitching efforts every day.

If you are serious about earning good PR for your products, services, ideas, or cause, use PR Leads and HARO both. You have little to lose and much to gain in awareness for your products, services, ideas or cause. In today’s demanding economy, everyone is evaluating the fees they invest in outside services.  If you are going to commit to a paid service like ProfNet or PR Leads, be sure to make an inspired commitment to use it and get the greatest value from it.   And make sure every move you make delivers value for your time and effort, no matter what services you elect to use.

Visit  “The N List” at my blog for the link to PR Leads and all the other products and services that I think are just great, based on personal experience and powerful results.  I don’t just recommend these products and services.  I buy them, use them, and I know they are good.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t have any credibility in recommending them.  If you use them, you will benefit, too.

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Making It Easy to See What the Puget Sound Business Journal Has on the Editorial Planning Horizon

Article PR Comments Off on Making It Easy to See What the Puget Sound Business Journal Has on the Editorial Planning Horizon

If earning a bylined article in the Puget Sound Business Journal is a goal for 2009, now is the time to get familiar with this prestigious publication’s editorial plans.  Let me make it easy for you.  Just visit this link, and you’ll have the 2009 editorial calendar at your fingertips.

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Try a Blog Contest to Promote Your New Product and Invite New Visits to Your Site and Followers of Your Work

Blogging Basics Comments Off on Try a Blog Contest to Promote Your New Product and Invite New Visits to Your Site and Followers of Your Work

What really happens when you agree to give away your newly launched product to a blog? I was eager to find out, so I responded to a media query I saw on Help a Reporter Out.  The blogger at Thrifty Jinxy was seeking fabulous and frugal holiday gift ideas, and I suggested the Publici-Tea™-TO-GO! Gift Bundle as a perfect fit gift idea to bring about more publicity success with greater ease in the New Year.  Thrifty Jinxy is a blog dedicated to offering “All the Best Info for Living on the Cheap.”  This seemed like a good avenue to share a gift item that helps business owners earn free publicity without spending a bundle.

I offered the item as a giveaway, provided readers would write in to share why this gift is perfect for their needs.  Like any new product creator, I am hungry to find out what consumers think about my offering, and a blog giveaways seemed like a great and affordable way to find out.

According to Webalizer statistics, 747 readers from Thrifty Jinxy visited my site as a direct result of this December promotion.   That is a good group of potential new readers I can serve now through my blog, ezine, and information products.  What readers said about the new gift item was equally meaningful and encouraging for me, and some of their comments are noted below.

Earning new buyers for this gift item is certainly on my list of priorities for the New Year.   However, this was a contest giveaway and not a sales promotion.  My intention was to build awareness for the gift item among a targeted group of potential buyers so that sales in the future can follow.  People need to gain familiarity with my expertise over time before they make a purchase.   Those who want more will certainly buy when the timing and opportunity are perfect, and I look forward to that.

Would I participate in another blog giveaway?  Absolutely.  Building an audience for the Publici-Tea™-TO-GO! Gift Bundle is going to happen by earning raving fans day by day.  Earning 747 potential new fans in a month lends some powerful fuel to the effort. HARO, ProfNet, and PR Leads are ripe with opportunities to share your products with the right audiences.  When will you jump into the pool and start pitching?  With a shiny New Year just ahead, now seems like perfect timing.

Congratulations to Kimberly Vetrano of Pomona, New York who won her very own Publici-Tea™-TO-GO! Gift Bundle in the Thrifty Jinxy contest.  She wrote:

“I have been in business for almost six years now (home business) and it just seems ‘stale’ and I feel so uninspired. Perhaps this wonderful kit will help me to renew my attitude towards my business and get me back on track.”

Here are some of the other entries from folks eager to win the Publici-Tea™-TO-GO! Gift Bundle:

It is bright and cheerful!

It contains ideas for promoting oneself and Biscot- tea™, truffles, tea and a cute mug does a lot for the soul.

Great inspiration.

While reading and listening to helpful ideas, I could be eating truffles and drinking tea in a new mug!

I am newly unemployed so this bundle may help me start up my own business.

Upbeat, motivating and cute.

I just moved to a new town because of my husband’s job and I am trying to start a CPA business.

We all need to have something to indulge in!

It is the perfect gift because it contains everything I need to get started.

I’m thinking about starting my own business but feeling very insecure, could use all the help I could get.

Tea and chocolate! Need I say more?

It is perfect for me because I am not very creative on my own.

My friend could really use this for her new business.

You can never ever have too many ideas or thoughts to help your business. Just picking up a small clue or point will inspire you to run with it and see what you can create. Then there is the cup of tea!

This will be educational and motivational. Great idea!

Tea makes me feel good and I can do a lot more to make my business grow.

I can do anything after a good cup of tea.

It would promote our business!

My wife has just started a bookkeeping business and this would be perfect for her to share with her clients.

As a therapist, this would be perfect for me to get my name out in a positive manner.

Motivation is a key to success – this bundle will give me the kick in the butt I need to succeed!

One could always use a fresh approach in business.

This is a beautiful gift that serves a worthy cause. Giving this gift would let your customers know you are concerned about worthy causes.

This is an innovative way for people to find out about my business, really cool~

It’s elegant, yet simple.

If you like what you read, learn more and buy here.

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The Do-It-Yourself Recession? Food for Thought and Action

Be Heard Comments Off on The Do-It-Yourself Recession? Food for Thought and Action

I read a compelling article in yesterday’s Seattle Times entitled, “The do-it-yourself recession.” Syndicated columnist Froma Harrop suggests that the economic woes are causing folks everywhere to cut their own grass, clean their own homes, prepare their own meals, and blow their own leaves.  They are taking their kids to the playground and providing their own childcare.  Others are choosing to walk their own dogs or do away with weekly manicures and the luxury of having one’s own hair colored by a salon specialist.  Coty, the maker of drugstore nail products, reports that its nail polish sales are up nearly 6 percent this year.  Meanwhile, Clairol has high hopes for its new line of do-it-at-home hair-color products. Clearly, families everywhere are making adjustments in their spending habits to cope with the changes in the economy.

Small businesses are doing much the same thing.  They are asking the tough questions.  What are essential services, and what services can they take back in-house to navigate the rocky waters of the economy? Clearly, outsourced services that are not delivering a decisive return on investment are ripe for the chopping block as business owners pull in.   In days of greater abundance, it was easier for business owners to declare that they didn’t have time to take on certain tasks or expertise.  It just made sense to outsource them to proven experts. Now, the lines are growing more blurry about what services are essential.  The need for team members to take on more duties — at least for the short term — seems important.

What I know for sure is that staying visible in a demanding marketplace is more essential than ever.  If you have had winning results from your outsourced public relations firm, continue your investment.  You and your business will be well served.  No one ever regrets being featured for their winning ways in the local, regional, or national media — especially when times are tough.

If, on the other hand, you have been disappointed with the results you’ve earned from your public relations firm, have a candid conversation with your supplier and chat about what can be done differently or better to deliver lasting value for your investment.  Make adjustments in your course to deliver a powerful message that will carry in the media outlets that matter most to your ideal customers, now more than ever.

And, if you decide to take the task of storytelling in-house, make the commitment to acquire the necessary training and skills to be effective in your new task.

What I know for sure is that the more you empower yourself with useful tools, techniques, and resources to make the most of your media opportunities, the better off you and your business will be.   You just might find you are very good at enlisting the interest of the media to tell your story.  After all, no one cares more about your success than you do.

And, if you find after a period of time that you or your designated team member are less than effective at telling your story to the media on a do-it-yourself basis, you will develop a new appreciation for those who deliver this service every day.  You’ll be in a better position to ask tough questions when you are interviewing potential players to support your efforts.  You will know more about what is involved from your own work-in-the-trenches efforts to be in a better position to see the value in outsourcing what many business owners consider to be essential and strategic storytelling services.

The do-it-yourself recession that Harrop suggests to be on the way is potentially the best thing that could happen, given the ways that I serve.   I’ve been a work-in-the-trenches publicist/business owner since 2001.  I created do-it-yourself publicity information products to serve business owners who want to help themselves in mid-2006.  I understand the need to deliver value to those who engage my services and the importance of empowering others to help themselves.  The decisions business owners are making for their own businesses are much like those I am making to serve my own.

I’ve strapped on my rocket belt and am ready to fly, no matter which way you want to travel.  If do-it-yourself publicity is an arena you want to explore, you’ve come to the right place.  If full-service PR services are on your agenda, I have room for one more perfect client that is prepared to launch an ongoing, consistent, and inspired journey to greater media awareness and business success.  And if getting some tactical help on an hourly basis is the solution to what ails you, I can provide that, too.  It’s all good.

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Public Thanks for Dream Team Members Who Can Help You, Too

Business Success Comments Off on Public Thanks for Dream Team Members Who Can Help You, Too

I thank the many fabulous people I rely upon and benefit from in ways too countless to mention.  “Google” their names or follow the convenient links so you and your business can benefit, too.

David Wiseman, my fabulous webmaster

Cheri Jones, my patient and detail-attentive book keeper

Chris Falco, my outsourced CFO and CPA from Falco-Sult

Mark Adam Miller, my information technology guru

Karla Chin, a talented graphic designer who created the logo for the Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshop, my business cards, and a host of other beautiful, well-branded items to support my service to you

Victoria Vinton, another talented graphic designer who creates flyers, sales collateral, and great looking Authentic Visibility Publicity booklets to support your success — and mine

Michelle Price, who kicked me in the rear to launch a blog, post videos to cyberspace, and get into the social networking arena

Carol Carini, who created ten video vignettes about DIY publicity that are building buzz for my expertise in cyberspace every day based on the Internet TV interview I shared at Zita Gustin’s invitation.

Teresa Moore, founder of Moore Ink, who referred me to the good folks at Seattle Chocolate Company for the opportunity to do work that makes me very proud.

Ben Miller, my Puget Sound Business Journal “Media Savvy” column editor, for the opportunity to share useful information with the readers every month and invite fabulous new engagements such as my relationship with ACG Seattle to my care.

Craig Cross, marketing director for the Seattle Design Center, for the invitation to speak at Third Thursday and the repeat invitation to speak in July of 2009.

Kristen Marie Schuerlein, Sara Harvey Yao, Michele Lisenbury Christensen, Marcia Brixey, Mikelann Valterra, Lorraine Howell, Lori Richardson, Whitney Keyes, Betsy Talbot, Cynthia Flash, Joan Stewart, Susan Harrow, Drew Gerber, Heidi Richard Mooney, Joe Kennedy, Dan Janal, Kathleen Gage, Stacy Karacostas, Kathy Nelson, Rachael Costner, the good folks at The Village Bellevue, and all those equally important but not called out by name for being fabulously supportive, wonderful people in my life and work.

Special thanks and untold appreciation to my husband Steve Juetten who lives and works with me and still says he loves me, too.

Oprah Winfrey says, “Surround yourself with only those who lift you higher.”  In that regard, I consider myself very lucky indeed.

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And a Partridge and a Pear Tree …. Whew! What a Year of DIY Publicity Action

Business Success, Public Speaking Comments Off on And a Partridge and a Pear Tree …. Whew! What a Year of DIY Publicity Action

On the day after Christmas, I took a look back at my activities for the year and let out scream of glee.  I enjoyed many fabulous opportunities to empower others with the value and impact of free publicity.

In addition to providing public relations and storytelling services to Seattle Chocolate Company, Olympic Hot Tub Company, the Association of Corporate Growth – Seattle, Highline Medical Center, Graebel Quality Movers, Cascade BankZookHooks Inc. and a few other fabulous clients with great stories to tell, I delivered:

A fabulous media placement for Seattle Chocolate Company in O The Oprah Magazine!  Earning a placement in this magazine has been a goal of mine for years.  Now, I can proudly say I’ve achieved it!

One TV interview on KOMO TV 4 with Dr. Mehmet Oz, who came to Seattle at Highline Medical Center’s invitation to empower and ‘wow’ the hundreds of women who attended his keynote presentation offering essential and practical health advice;

One fabulous broadcast feature about Frangos (created by Seattle Chocolate Company!) on KING 5 TV’s ever-popular Evening Magazine;

One new product introduction to benefit women newly diagnosed with breast cancer and support business owners in their quest to earn free publicity called the Publici-Tea™-TO-GO! Gift Bundle;

Two product sales to offer my followers access to Authentic Visibility information products at special savings;

Four radio interviews on Chat with Women, the Dr. Pat Show, the Small Business Innovators Radio Show with Paul Casey, and Bellevue Today with Kevin Henry.

Four Winning Bio Writing Workshops;

Six teleseminars with local and national business building/publicity experts including PR Secrets CEO Susan Harrow, Practical Marketing Expert Stacy Karacostas, Patrick Snow, the Independent Practitioners Alliance for the Public Relations Society of America, Street Smarts Marketer Kathleen Gage, and PR Leads Founder Dan Janal;

Six marketing booths at local networking events such as International Networking Day in Seattle and the eWomenNetwork;

Eight articles to empower the independent business owners who belong to BizNik;

Nine Publici-Tea™ Workshops;

Ten Do-it-Yourself Publicity Video Vignettes;

Twelve “Media Savvy” newspaper columns for the Puget Sound Business Journal (search “Nancy Juetten” to find them conveniently online);

Fourteen speeches about DIY publicity to quality organizations such as:

  1. The National Association of Professional Organizers – Bellevue Chapter
  2. The Women in Business Forum for the Bellevue Chamber
  3. The Go Mobile Advertising National Affiliate Conference
  4. The Alternative Board – Seattle
  5. The Kirkland Chamber of Commerce Panel Discussion on Local Publicity
  6. The North Seattle Community College Network Breakfast
  7. The Snohomish Tourism Bureau
  8. The Marketplace Ministries Networking Luncheon, Auburn, WA
  9. The Women’s Entrepreneur Organization (WEO) in Portland, Oregon
  10. Women Business Owners Networking Lunch
  11. Factoria Rotary
  12. Money Wise Business Women Conference
  13. Northwest Entrepreneur Network “Think Tank” Panel on Free Publicity
  14. The Third Thursday Professional Development Seminar for the Seattle Design Center

Fifteen Rent-Nancy’s-PR-Brain Appointments;

Twenty-Six Authentic Visibility Ezines;

Over 300 blog posts;

And thousands of opportunities to connect with motivated, inspired business owners in the Puget Sound region and beyond through this blog, social networks, and other networking and media relations activities.  It’s rewarding to be part of a community of business owners who share my belief that great success and remarkable results await for those who get into inspired DIY publicity action.

I don’t just preach the power of DIY publicity.  I consistently apply it to my own business, and the results are powerful — even in today’s challenging economy.

I am grateful for every opportunity I’ve been offered and earned to share what I know about publicity to support your success and my own.  And, I am grateful the year is fast coming to a close so I can take a breath and set powerful and positive intentions to serve in the New Year.

So with all that said, here is advice I often share that is well worth repeating.  Consider the five most powerful lead generation strategies you have put in place in 2008 and ask yourself how consistently you have applied them.   Then, think carefully about the best combination of activities you intend to deploy powerfully and consistently in the New year, based on the results your efforts have brought forth so far. I have always found that the combination of power and consistency is the key to unlocking DIY publicity success and any other kind of success you seek.

Since I am someone who is amazingly consistent with DIY publicity, I know for sure which activities have delivered the greatest impact and which one’s haven’t.   I intend to do some strategic pruning to make sure just about every move I make is productive and fun so I can save some valuable time to relax, recharge, and just be.

One thing I know works extraordinarily well for serving business owners and inviting new opportunities to be of service is public speaking, and I am actively seeking new engagements for 2009.  If you or organizations you know are looking for DIY publicity inspiration to empower business owners to higher levels of success, I’d be honored to contribute as a speaker.  The timing to roll up the sleeves and share your message could not be better, and the satisfaction of doing it yourself is good for your soul and your balance sheet.

If you are game to get into do-it-yourself publicity action on January 9, 2009, sign up today for one of the 12 remaining seats at the Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshop taking place at The Village Bellevue from 12:30 – 5 p.m.   You can read all the fabulous testimonials from prior guests and sign up conveniently by clicking on this convenient link. And, here is a special offer.  If you wish to bring your marketing assistant or other essential co-collaborator with you to the January 9 Publici-Tea™, you can enjoy a $100 savings on your guest’s event tuition when you call me at 425-641-5214 or send me email at nancy@nsjmktg.com to secure that reservation.   When the 12th seat is taken for the January 9, 2009 event, this offer expires, so act quickly to benefit from this high value offer that will set up your 2009 DIY publicity program for inspired action and results.

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Happy Holidays from Snowy Seattle

Just for Fun Comments Off on Happy Holidays from Snowy Seattle

Happy Holidays to All Who Visit This Blog!

These photos were taken of my backyard and my dog Shadow over the last few days of very snowy weather in the Seattle area.  We haven’t seen so much snow in 20 years!

Thanks for reading.  Keep coming back for more DIY publicity inspiration, tips, resources, and ideas.

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Holiday Window Display Creator Earns Front Page Business/Retail Story in the Seattle Times on a DIY Basis

Publici-Tea™ Graduate Success Story Comments Off on Holiday Window Display Creator Earns Front Page Business/Retail Story in the Seattle Times on a DIY Basis

Karan Dannenberg, founder of Karan Dannenberg Clothier, got an early holiday gift when the Seattle Times featured a color photo of her beautifully decorated holiday windows on the front page of the business section.

I worked with Karan in 2005 to earn a similar profile in the Seattle Post Intelligencer.  Since it’s hard to revisit the same story twice and get a similar result — based on my experience  — I told Karan not to get her hopes up and suggested she make the attempt to earn free publicity on a DIY basis.  She asked me for media contacts.  I didn’t supply them, but I did direct her to the “contact us” sections of the local papers to find the proper names.   Having worked together prior, Karan knew the importance of making it easy for reporters to see the value in her story, so she snapped a few compelling digital photographs of her window displays and sent them along to the right reporters with an email describing her commitment to give Seattle a gift of visual fantasy, just in time for holiday shopping. Karan’s efforts were rewarded with a feature and two photos in the Seattle Times.  Right about now, Seattle is covered in snow, and that means that it is challenging for many people to navigate the streets to enjoy the windows and the shopping.   Still, I celebrate Karan’s passionate pitch to earn prominent do-it-yourself publicity to make the investment she made in holiday decor pay off.  Now, that story will live on indefinitely, along with the goodwill of giving the city such a lovely gift during what has turned out to be a very challenging retail season.

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Watch Evening Magazine Tonight at 7 p.m. for the Back Story on a Northwest Holiday Favorite – Frangos!

PR in Action, Seattle Chocolate Company Comments Off on Watch Evening Magazine Tonight at 7 p.m. for the Back Story on a Northwest Holiday Favorite – Frangos!

Evening Magazine is Seattle’s only TV magazine show that brings unique stories about people, places, and events around the Northwest.  The show airs weeknights at 7 p.m. PST on King 5 TV.  Tonight, be sure to tune in to watch a story about a Northwest holiday favorite created by Seattle Chocolate Company — the Frango!  Since most of Seattle is “snowed in” chances are that viewership of this program will be better than ever.

I got inspired to pitch this story a couple of weeks ago when I saw newspaper ads celebrating the 150th anniversary of Macy’s department store and the 90th anniversary of Frangos.  Business anniversaries aren’t typically big news, but coming up with an interesting back story about those anniversaries could be. I created an email story pitch that highlighted the visual delight of this potential story.  The subject line in my email read: The Wizard of Oz, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Moxie, and Serendipity —  A Recipe for Holiday Magic and Business Success in the Northwest.

Then, I followed up with a phone call to check interest.  Within moments, the producer agreed to proceed with the story.  The camera crew visited Seattle Chocolate Company a week ago, and the show is scheduled to air tonight.

To follow is the pitch I emailed to Evening Magazine Producer Eric Riddle to invite his interest.  Notice that I demonstrate my understanding of his program and deadlines with the first sentence and immediately get to the magic behind this Northwest story that has not yet been told.  You can follow a similar recipe and earn the media spotlight for your Northwest story that has yet to be told.    Try it, and report back with your do-it-yourself publicity success story.  In the meantime, be sure to watch Evening Magazine tonight to see this Seattle Chocolate Company publicity success story in all its holiday magic. Read the rest…

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