Interesting Times in the Media Call for New Ways to Build the Buzz

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I’ve been working pretty hard to enlist the interest of the Puget Sound media in a big interview with someone with a national reputation and a timely message.  Two major daily papers have declined because they just don’t have the staff to make it happen.  Everyone is over-worked and over-committed.   Of course, big things are unfolding in the news — this week in particular — which makes it that much harder to invite attention to topics that are beyond the economy and the upcoming election.

While this isn’t news, now more than ever, it is essential to learn how to deploy the power and influence of bloggers and other online media to carry stories forward because the traditional media may not have the bandwidth to deliver what you need exactly when you need it.  

I’ve still got a few ideas in mind to earn the media attention I seek, and I hope to be able to report back that I’ve achieved my mission.  Stay tuned.

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Awards Wins Can Keep You in the Spotlight – Are You in the Game to Win?

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Carol Nelson, president and CEO of Cascade Bank, is one of few bankers with good news to share these days.  She earned a #2 ranking on the U.S. Banker magazine list of “Women to Watch” in banking across the USA.

Jean Thompson, CEO of Seattle Chocolates, was named a finalist in the 2008 Nellie Cashman Woman Business Owner of the Year program.  This award program recognizes risk taking, community contribution, leadership, and financial results.  The winner will be named at a gala this Wednesday before an audience of 350-400 appreciative fans.

Any day now, the Puget Sound Business Journal will be alerting 20 top performing women in business that they have been named to the Women of Influence list for 2008.  I am waiting with great anticipation as several of my clients are under consideration for this recognition.  All the honorees will be profiled in a special section within the newspaper, and that is a beautiful thing.  The winning connections to be made with other winners are perhaps more valuable than the publicity.

When YOU win an award or earn recognition for your winning ways, it is a good idea to share the news with the people in your community who support your success, advocate for your products or services, and enjoy the contribution you make in the marketplace.  Now more than ever, we all welcome good news worthy of celebration.  Writing and issuing a press release about the news is an easy and effective way to deploy the power of do-it-yourself publicity to carry your good news forward with the power of the media.  If you are hungry to learn the difference between a good press release and the alternative, Publicity Hound Joan Stewart offers a fabulous, free 89-day tutorial that will show you the way.  You can read more about it at this link.

Just make sure to include a quality executive head shot with your award press release that puts your best face forward.

And, if you’ve been wondering how to win an award in the first place, here is a link to an article that explains the nitty-gritty details about going in to win with a stellar application effort.  As I always say, no one regrets being named a winner.  The key is to get in the game.

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Getting the Financial House in Order Can Make It Easier to Engage the Help You Need to Build the Buzz

Event Promotion, For Women Only Comments Off on Getting the Financial House in Order Can Make It Easier to Engage the Help You Need to Build the Buzz

I gave a presentation to a group of women business owners on Friday and received an “aha” moment for myself.  I started the talk by asking three questions.

1)  How many people in the room want to sell more of their products, services, or ideas?

2)  How many people in the room want lasting and influential ways to set themselves apart from their competitors?

3)  How many people in the room have all the money they need to hire the professional service providers they desire to make either or both a reality?

Everyone in the room answered “YES” to questions one and two.  Not a soul answered “YES” to question number three.  That reality really caught my attention.  I know the women in this room are not alone in their plight, and answers to ease their pain are sorely needed.  That certainly points to a fabulous market opportunity for those eager to do exactly that.

And, since cash flow is an issue for so many, it seems timely to extend an invitation to check out the Money Wise Business Women Conference coming up on October 25 at the North Seattle Community College. You can enjoy a 10% discount on the very affordable registration when you read all about the event and register by using the link provided here. Just fill in the words “Business Women” in the coupon code section of the online registration, and you’ll pay $64 instead of $79.

As for easing the pain of women business owners everywhere, I am brewing on a big idea to tell you more about very shortly.  In the meantime, the bigger issue seems to be getting the financial house in order, and the Money Wise Business Women Conference is just the place to get that mission accomplished.  I’ll be speaking at the event about how to get seen, heard, and celebrated through the power of do-it-yourself publicity.   If this topic captures your interest, I hope to see you there.

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Publici-Tea™ Graduate Lori Richardson Gets Huge, National Opportunity to Contribute Her Sales Coaching Expertise

Publici-Tea™ Graduate Success Story Comments Off on Publici-Tea™ Graduate Lori Richardson Gets Huge, National Opportunity to Contribute Her Sales Coaching Expertise

Publici-Tea™ Graduate Lori Richardson, founder of Score More Sales, has been blogging at for 3.5 years.  Now, that effort is paving the way for her to reach an even wider audience of potential clients. Lori checked in with me recently to report that she was a speaker at the Sales Shebang in Minneapolis at which women in sales learned from an ‘all woman’ cast of sales experts. Sales expert Jill Konrath put this great event together, and Lori was thrilled to have a place at the table.

Also, because of the fact that Dunn & Bradstreet bought AllBusiness where she blogs, Lori is now the featured sales blogger this month with – with an audience of 250,000 premium members. I asked Lori how this came about, and here is what she said.

“My situation is more like ‘luck is where preparation meets opportunity.’ Hoover’s is owned by Dun & Bradstreet, and Dun & Bradstreet recently bought  When Hoover’s was looking for more content for a month-long customer event, they turned to AllBusiness, which has over 50 blogs now. The managing editor forwarded me and one other blogger the opportunity – primarily because we write about sales. I believe part of it was because I check in with them periodically and there is some presence of mind there – and hopefully a quality product they’d want further out there in the world.”

This is just one more example of one good thing leading to another and still another.    And it started in the first place because Lori put her expertise out to the world through the power of blogging and tended carefully to be concept of always being of service to others.

You can visit Lori’s blog at this link.  You can read about the highlights from the Sales Shebang at this link.

And, now might also be a good time to consider how you can bring your message into the world with the kind of impact and reach that Lori is enjoying now.

You can get inspired with specific action items, resources, tools, and fabulous, new connections over tea and chocolate at the October 17 Grande Sized Publici-Tea hosted by yours truly and “Get Booked on Oprah Expert” Susan Harrow.   If you register before October 10 at this link, you’ll save $100 on event registration.

Successes like Lori’s can be yours when you get into the DIY publicity game.  Are you ready to play?  And, are you ready to win big like Lori Richardson?  I hope so.  Looking forward to meeting you, being of service, and supporting your success.

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Meet Marci Shimoff and Get Inspired to be Happy for No Reason

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I had the good fortune to hear best-selling author Marci Shimoff speak at the eWomenNetwork International Conference & Business Expo in July of this year, and it was the highlight of my event experience.

Given the challenging circumstances we all face in running our businesses, navigating our lives, and negotiating a challenging economy, it’s easy to say, “I’ll be happy when….”  Marci’s message is to learn to be happy for no reason, no matter what else is going on.  Her intention and her deepest desire is that each of of us becomes full of light, love, and happiness in our own lives and through that, we create a world of peace.

As she and I spoke by phone yesterday, she offered that some people have jobs, others have careers, and others follow their true callings in life.  Research proves that those who are following their callings tend to be the happiest.  That is powerful food for thought.  Are you writing a book because you are hoping to create a new stream of income, or are you writing a book because you have something compelling and life changing to share with the world?

After writing six books that earned best-seller status with the New York Times, Marci quips that hers is an overnight success story that took 12 years to build.   I’ll be posting excerpts from my interview with Marci in the coming days, which I hope will inspire you to follow your true calling. In the meantime, if you have not yet read Marci Shimoff’s book “Happy for No Reason” my advice is to run and not walk to this site and buy your copy today.

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Want to Be a Public Speaker? Here are a Few Tips from My Journey

Public Speaking Comments Off on Want to Be a Public Speaker? Here are a Few Tips from My Journey

Folks tell me often that they want to get started as public speakers, and they ask how I started my journey.  Since I started my journey as a speaker a couple of years ago without any experience — and you may be in that boat, too — the specific steps I took might be of interest to you.

In the beginning, no one would invite me to speak because I had no track record.  It’s a bit of a “chicken and the egg” situation.  You want to speak, but you can’t because no one has heard you and decided you are worth listening to.  My solution to this dilemma was to host several “lunch and learn” sessions at the board room room of my local bank.  I charged $25 in exchange for an information packed presentation that also included lunch and plenty of useful handouts.

I created meeting notices for the local calendar sections of the media, issued ezines to alert my customers and subscribers about the upcoming workshops, and talked up my sessions at local networking groups to which I belonged.  I wrote press releases to invite interest and created flyers to share with colleagues and prospects.   It was a low budget, grass roots effort that delivered good results.

The first two or three events attracted 50 people who were interested in learning how to win the media relations game.  The better news was that influential program directors from local business networking organization elected to attend to hear what I had to say.  At the close of each session, I asked for written feedback.  I received many compliments about the information I shared and the manner in which I shared it.  Those compliments — complete with the names, websites, and company names of event guests — started laying a foundation of credible support to make it easier for event programming directors to invite me to address their audiences.

I created and posted to my blog and website a speaker profile that included my favorite topics to speak about, along with what audience members said about my presentations.  I even captured a few of my presentations on a digital recorder so it would be easy for decision makers to sample my content before making a decision.  When I was interviewed on the radio, I captured the MP3 files from those interviews, too.   I even posted a “hear Nancy on the radio” button on my website to make it easy for decision makers to tune in and benefit.

Pretty soon, I was receiving invitations to address the eWomenNetwork, local Chamber of Commerce groups, and other professional organizations in my own backyard and beyond.  I accepted those invitations and worked at improving my speaking skills by joining SpeakerMatch and observing other speakers who did a great job delivering their messages.

Today, I get invited to speak or serve on panels about small business buzz marketing and do-it-yourself publicity regularly.  I’ve contributed to webinars, teleseminars, and other virtual conferences and earned favorable reviews in my own hometown, from my colleagues in the Independent Practitioners Alliance of the Public Relations Society of America, and well beyond.  In fact, just last week, I received an email from a teleseminar listener from South Africa who thanked me for inspiring him into do-it-yourself publicity action at long last.  Now, I often get paid to speak, and I always have the option to bring my information products to sell in the back of the room, making each engagement a higher return opportunity for my audience members and for me.

What I love about public speaking is the opportunity I have to share my message with impact and efficiency in a one-to-many manner.   Invariably, people in the audience who want more information, opt-in to receive my Authentic Visibility ezine, subscribe to the RSS feed for my do-it-yourself publicity blog, elect to attend my Publici-Tea™ workshops, purchase the Authentic Visibility information products, or engage my services.   It’s all good.

If you want to be a public speaker, consider the journey I have traveled over the last couple of years and decide if you are game to get started along your own path as a speaker.    And, if you would like to hear me speak this week, I’ll be talking about how to get seen, heard, and celebrated through the power of free publicity for the Women Business Owners over lunch this Thursday, September 25. You can register for this event at this link.  I hope to see you there.

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A Gift Arrived on My Doorstep Today that Filled Me Up When I Needed It Most

Just for Fun Comments Off on A Gift Arrived on My Doorstep Today that Filled Me Up When I Needed It Most

As a service provider, giving to others is a daily commitment.   And sometimes, I get a little depleted.  Last week, I hosted two Publici-Tea™ workshops, gave two speeches, and participated in a national teleseminar.  And this week, I was on roller skates again, serving clients, attending meetings, and solving problems.

That’s why it was such a treat to receive a very thoughtful gift at my doorstop this morning.  I received a very gracious card that was accompanied by a “DREAM” Affirmawrap.  The card extended powerful words of gratitude for sharing information that inspired one of my Publici-Tea™ guests to take specific action steps to fulfill her dreams.   This gift had a profound effect on me.   Frankly, I was moved to tears by this gift.   It arrived when I needed it most.

If you have been giving consideration to how to express gratitude to the people who contribute to your success, allow me to recommend Cyndi O’Neil Dady from Send Out Cards to you.  She can make it easy for you to touch others with your thoughts and also include an inspiring Affirmawrap in the package to complete the gift and serve as a lasting reminder of the impact you’ve made on their life.

Special thanks to Bettina Carey, producer and show host of the Ultimate Marketing Makeover™, for sending such an inspired gift that I will treasure for a long, long time.

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New Tech Pub Offers Media Opportunies at the PSBJ and the Seattle PI

Media Savvy 101, PR in Action Comments Off on New Tech Pub Offers Media Opportunies at the PSBJ and the Seattle PI

This blog post comes to you from my trusty team member Sharon Baker, and its a good one.

She writes:

Enterprising do-it-yourselfers playing in the technology arena will want to take note of a surprising change at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Microsoft reporter Todd Bishop and venture and startup reporter John Cook left the PI Friday to create a new online technology venture in conjunction with the Puget Sound Business Journal. The news was first reported by Brier Dudley at The Seattle Times.

Their departure wipes out the technology coverage at the PI, and opens a window of opportunity for publicity seekers with news tips and story ideas. If you have a technology story to tell and would like to see it appear in the PI, send your pitches to Business Editor Margaret Santjer at

The new PSBJ tech site won’t be up for a few weeks, according to information posted on a temporary holding page, which provides a form to sign up to receive updates on the new venture. Visit it here:

It is interesting to note that Bishop and Cook have co-founder titles, a good sign that the new venture is going to be controlled locally. With their years of experience, professional blogging credentials and large following, the new site will be a good place to learn about start-ups, financing and entrepreneurship. While the focus will be on technology, the venture will offer plenty of tips that are useful to all industries so wise do-it-yourselfers will want to tune in.

Enterprising DIY publicists wishing to get in touch will Cook and Bishop can do so at and

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Dr. Oz is Coming to the Emerald City on October 4

Event Promotion, For Women Only Comments Off on Dr. Oz is Coming to the Emerald City on October 4

You can imagine how thrilled I am to be doing the PR in anticipation of Dr. Mehmet Oz’s visit to the Emerald City.  He is was recently named by Time magazine as among the world’s most influential people.  He regularly appears on the Oprah Winfrey Show to offer practical medical advice on issues we all worry about.  Now you have the opportunity to hear him speak in our own backyard.  Visit this link to learn more about the Live Healthy  Stay Young  Women’s Wellness Event featuring Dr. Oz.  Saturday, October 4 from 7:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. at the Hilton Seattle Airport & Conference Center.  Seats are limited and advance registration is required.  Plus. you’ll receive a copy of Dr. Oz’s book, YOU: Staying Young.  If you are ready to register and benefit from a fabulous day of inspiration, information, and practical health advice, call 206-695-5544.

And, oh by the way, the dessert to be shared at the keynote luncheon during which Dr. Oz will speak will be the Extreme Dark Chocolate Truffle Bar from our very own Seattle Chocolate Company.  As you know, 100% of the net profits from the sale of these delicious, beautifully packaged bars are donated to women’s breast cancer charities.  With Breast Cancer Awareness Month coming up on October 1, the timing seems really right to welcome Dr. Oz to our Emerald City and enjoy dark chocolate for health reasons.

Getting so close to Oprah in such close date proximity to the Grande Sized Publici-Tea™ is just wonderful serendipity for me.  At this October 17 event,  “Get Booked on Oprah” expert Susan Harrow and I will share essential information to make it possible for you to share your own winning story in your own backyard or with Oprah.  And we’ll connect over tea and chocolate as we ponder the possibilities and inspire you into productive action.  Seats are selling quickly, so you’ll want to claim yours today.  Here is the link to make it easy for you. Here’s to inspired health, positive actions to make life better for women with breast cancer, and the opportunity to connect with you to inspire your DIY publicity success in the media venues that matter most to you.

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Did You Miss the Kathleen Gage “Top of Their Game” Teleseminar about Becoming an Expert? Here is the Link!

New Audio File to Support Your DIY Publicity Success Comments Off on Did You Miss the Kathleen Gage “Top of Their Game” Teleseminar about Becoming an Expert? Here is the Link!

If you missed last week’s teleseminar about becoming an expert, take heart. You can listen in by clicking on the play button below at your 24/7 convenience. It’s a free audio file. Kathleen Gage offers a Top of Their Game Teleseminar Series, and you’ll learn a lot by tuning in. The session tomorrow offers the truth about making money with teleseminars. If this captures your interest, sign up and tune in.


By the way, I have added a new DIY Publicity Menu to the right side of the navigation that makes it easy to get the help you need for free, for under $100, for $250, $297 – $397, and beyond. This latest teleseminar with Kathleen Gage will be posted to the FREE section of the site shortly and remain there indefinitely. I invite you to take a look and find the perfect solution for the publicity issues that are brewing in your business. I look forward to being of service. And, if you’d like to see me speak in person, register for the September 25 lunch meeting of the Women Business Owners. Register at this link.

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