Tips to Prepare for an Interview from the Publicity Hound Herself

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Check out this blog post by Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound, about how to prepare for an interview.  These tips are time tested and proven, and they will come in handy when the media come to call on you.  Joan offers a very useful and free email course with 89 lessons that show you how to write and distribute press releases the new way — not only for journalists, but for potential customers and anyone else who needs what you are promoting.  Sign up to receive it at this link.

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Curious about the Susan Harrow Event and Already Own a Media-Savvy-to-Go Publicity Toolkit? Call to Arrange a Discount!

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Do you already own a Authentic Visibility Publicity Toolkit and still want to meet Susan Harrow at the Grande Sized Publici-Tea™ taking place on October 17?  Just give me a call, and I’ll reduce the tuition by the amount you paid for your toolkit.  Call me between 9 – 5 p.m. (PST) at 425-641-5214 or send me email at indicating the best time for me to carry out the special transaction with you by phone. Talk soon!

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This DIY Publicity Blog is One-Year-Old Today and One of the Best Initiatives I’ve Launched to Build My Own Buzz

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Have you been wondering about launching your own blog?  Are people telling you you should?  Does the word “BLOG” make your eyes glaze over because you can’t possibly take on another new initiative to build the buzz about your own business when you already have so many pots on the stove?

These were the questions I was pondering well over a year ago as people I liked, trusted, and respected continued to tell me that blogging would be a powerful tool to spread the DIY publicity message.  It wasn’t until Michelle Price of A Third Mind spoke in very plain terms to me that she really caught my attention.  She said that without a blog, one arm of my potential success would be tied behind my back.

Something about that plain talk struck me right between the eyes and compelled me to get into action. With Michelle’s help,  this blog launched one year ago today.  Since that time, I have made 247 posts within 19 categories.  I have received 132 comments.  Webalizer reports show that unique site visits have grown from 2,598 in September of 2007 to 12,017 as of August of 2008.

The blog is enabled with e-commerce and makes it easy for my readers to register for upcoming Publici-Tea™ Workshops, purchase Authentic Visibility information products, sign up for my Authentic Visibility ezine, and sign up to receive my blog posts by Real Simple Syndication (RSS Feed.)

Most importantly,  I have a powerful avenue at my fingertips by which to share my readers’ DIY publicity success stories, offer tips and resources to empower their success, offer insights and stories that inspire more DIY publicity success, and share what is on my mind with immediacy.

Have I received multiple invitations to speak as a result of the blog? Yes.

Have I been invited to participate in joint ventures with nationally recognized PR experts from other parts of the country as a result of the blog? Yes.

Have I sold more products and invited more event guests to my events as a result of the impact of the blog? Yes.

Is my business earning more money and gathering more influence as a result of the blog? Yes and Yes.

And these are just the tip-of-the-iceberg benefits I’ve enjoyed over the last year.

The media are changing every day.  I am jumping into new media with both feet and having more success with greater ease, even though “tech savvy” is not my middle name.

Am I glad to have launched my DIY publicity blog? Absolutely.  Do I think you should, too?  Only you can decide.   When the timing and opportunity are perfect and you can make your own best case about why now is the perfect time to jump in, you will.

Be clear about what you want the blog to accomplish.  Support that mission with every post you make.  Post regularly — at least 3-5 times a week.  Add visuals to lend interest to your words.  Have some fun, and make a difference in only the way that you can.

As for me, I am going to keep blogging.   Thanks to Michelle Price to kicking me in the behind to get going on this powerful initiative.  Thanks to all of you who continue to read my posts and offer your comments, share your DIY publicity success stories, and track back to my posts.

My audience is growing, and the best is yet to come.  Thanks for tuning in.  Thanks for lettings others you know that DIY publicity support is waiting for them right here at Authentic Visibility.  My enthusiasm to serve is high, and I can’t wait to see what happens as a result of the blog in Year 2.

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Hear Nancy Speak about DIY Publicity – Mark These Dates and Cities

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If you’ve been wanting to hear me speak about DIY publicity, I’ve got a number of dates coming up to make it easy for you in both Portland, Oregon and the Puget Sound region. 2008 will come to a close faster than you can imagine, and won’t it be a bonanza for your business to finally earn the media attention you deserve to realize the growth and buzz building you have been dreaming of? I can’t wait to meet you at one of these upcoming events.

September 9 – Dinner presentation at WEO in Portland, Oregon. Learn more and register at this link.

September 10 – Portland, OR Publici-Tea™ – 9 – 2 p.m. at Pacific USA Mortgage Conference Room, 1125 NW 9th, Corner Conference Room, Portland, OR 97209. Learn more and register at this link.

September 11 – Marketplace Ministries Luncheon at the Auburn Golf and Country Club. Learn more and register at this link.

September 12 – Bellevue, WA Publici-Tea – 9 – 2 p.m. at The Village Bellevue. Learn more and register at this link.

September 25 – Women Business Owners Luncheon, Washington Athletic Club, Seattle, WA. Learn more and register at this link.

October 17 VIP Event for Publici-Tea™ Graduates Only – 9 – 11 a.m., Mercer Island.  If you are a graduate, you’ve received the invitation, and I can’t wait to receive your RSVP!  Get in touch with me directly if you have any questions at

October 17 – Grande Sized Publici-Tea™ with Special Guest “Get Booked on Oprah” Expert Susan Harrow. Learn more and register for this Mercer Island, WA event at this link.

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Got Media Clips? Here are Tips to Make the Most of Them

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Check out this post for great tips on how to make the most of your media mentions.

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The Pride of Doing It Yourself is Priceless

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Whether you are earning your own publicity or doing something else for the first time on a do-it-yourself basis, the thrill and pride of accomplishment that you feel is pretty darn priceless.

Case in point. Earlier in the week, I helped my son Kyle bake his first batch of homemade brownies. He is 11 years old and eager to get his hands into better groceries. I helped by setting out all the ingredients he would need, along with the recipe. Then, I stood nearby to help him as he added one ingredient after the other to the mixing bowl and then to the baking pan.

When the timer went off and the brownies were ready, Kyle was first to the oven — baking mitts in hand — to place them on the cutting board to cool. My husband Steve and I were delighted about 20 minutes later when Kyle delivered freshly baked and very delicious , warm-from-the-oven brownies to each of us. They were delicious. And the pride in my son’s face for having baked them himself was priceless. I know that experience is one of many pride moments Kyle will enjoy as he tries new things for the first time and brings about good results.

Whether you are baking something for the first time or going about the business of earning your own publicity in your own backyard … and beyond, the sense of accomplishment for your efforts and results is very similar. You no longer have to rely on others for what you want because you’ve taken the steps to learn how to successfully do things yourself. That’s all good.

Here’s to better brownies, better groceries, precious time with those we love to enjoy all of it, and plenty of do-it-yourself publicity successes for all!

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Want to Learn Story Pitching Tips from a Master? Tune in 8-28!

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Want to get more quotes in more articles when you use PR LEADS? Join Dan Janal as he interviews BJ Gallagher, one of the most successful users of PR LEADS. Over the past five years, BJ has gotten publicity for her business books and women’s issues books in hundreds of major newspaper and magazines. She’ll share the secrets of her success — easy steps that you can use to improve your success rate. Her tips will help you, regardless of what your main topic is. If you are new to PR LEADS, a former client, or a person considering using PR LEADS, you’ll improve your game by listening to BJ!

Join in for a 45-minute teleseminar on Thursday, August 28, 2008 at 3 p.m. Eastern, 2 p.m. Central, 1 p.m. Mountain, or Noon Pacific. If you can’t attend, no worries. You can listen to the MP3. BUT you must register to attend live, or listen to the MP3. There’s no cost to attend the seminar or listen to the MP3.

I am a HUGE fan of PR Leads because this service really does bring me and my clients more publicity success with greater ease. Once you try the service, you will know first hand why. Listening in to this free teleseminar is a no-risk way to learn more.

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Meet the “Get Booked on Oprah Expert” Susan Harrow at the 10-17 Grande Sized Publici-Tea Workshop!

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Listen Now to Learn More about the Grande Sized Publici-Tea

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Zookhooks Gets ANOTHER Story in Hometown Newspaper

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I am a big fan of inviting interest in your evolving business success story in your community newspaper. First of all, getting seen, heard, and celebrated in your own backyard is thrilling. Second of all, your neighbors and friends are most likely to support you. And, finally, chatting with your hometown media is a great way to get your interviewing skills in shape so when it is time to meet Oprah some day, you are practiced and ready.

Alexis Meisel, founder of Zookhooks Inc., lives in Newcastle. I pitched the story about her fashionable and functional purse hooks to the reporter who writes for Newcastle News and enlisted interest. The better news is that Alexis’ story ran in the more widely circulated Issaquah Press, bringing her story to neighbors beyond her own backyard. Here is the story link so you can read all about her and her very useful and fashionable products that make sure your purse never touches the ground. If you can hardly wait to purchase your own collection of Zookhooks for your wardrobe of purses, here is the link to make that easy for you.

If you’ve been dreaming of earning Oprah’s attention for your story or your products, here is breaking news. The Grande Sized Publici-Tea is taking place on October 17 from 12:30 – 5 p.m. at the Mercer Island Community Center. My co-presenter for this extra large session that can accommodate up to 49 guests is Susan Harrow. She literally wrote the book on how to invite Oprah’s attention, and she is flying to Seattle for the first time ever to share her knowledge and tips with Grande Sized Publici-Tea™ guests. The link to register for this very special event should be “live” a bit later today, so check your calendar and save October 17 for this very special, empowering session that has the potential to rock your business to an entirely new level of media awareness! We’ve got plenty of high value bonuses to share to make the $397 tuition more than worth your while, and the opportunity to connect personally with Susan Harrow herself over tea and premium chocolate is just priceless.

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Zook Hooks Inc. Starts Earning the Ink

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We started our holiday gift guide pitching campaign for the Zook Hook purse hangers a few weeks ago, and the media placements are starting to come through. In addition to earning placements in several blogs which you can view at this link and this one, too — we’ve also enlisted the interest of the in flight magazines at Alaska Airlines to include these fashionable and functional purse hooks in their holiday gift guide. Since I am a big fan of seeing, hearing, and celebrating others when I pitch, I took the initiative to insert the photo of the publisher of the magazine within one of these sassy items. I had a package of three Zook Hooks delivered direct to her office with a personal note. A few days later, I followed up as I promised I would. I was rewarded to learn that the editorial staff at the magazine agreed that this item deserves a place in the holiday gift guide. Holiday travelers most certainly need to protect their handbags from germs and other ills, and they should certainly look good doing so! If you would like to purchase your own collection of Zook Hooks for your wardrobe of handbags, visit the company website today.

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