Are You a Woman of influence in Tacoma? Apply for This Award by July 11, 2008

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Did you know that the Business Examiner, a South Sound newspaper, is seeking nominees for its 2008 Women of Influence Awards? This award program recognizes outstanding women leaders in the South Sound. A panel of judges comprised of past honorees will review nominee information and select a group that has made the greatest impact in business, industry, and the communities. Nominations are due July 11, 2008, and you can complete the application online at this link. Recognition programs such as this one are great vehicles to earn media recognition for your winning ways. If you live and work in the South South and meet the criteria, put your hat in the ring.

Speaking of women in business in Tacoma, have you read South Sound Woman magazine? This magazine is dedicated to women who make the South Sound their home and enjoys circulation of 15,000 readers — and growing. The magazine enjoys very loyal readership among its readers, and the magazine wants to know about organizations or people who are making a difference in the community. If you’ve got a story to tell, connect by email at You can also nominate a South South woman to be considered for the magazine’s “Down to Business” feature, which profiles women in the South Sound. Send an email to to earn consideration for such a profile.

I’ll be highlighting South Sound media tips and information as the August 15 Publici-Tea™ date for my first Tacoma event draws near. Stay tuned to learn more about how to earn the “ink” in the Sound Sound.

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The Golden Circle – A Huge Pearl of Wisdom from “Make Mine a Million $ Business” Event

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If you were among the 400 or so women business owners in attendance at the Make Mine a Million $ Business event in Seattle earlier this month, good for you. You are thinking big and lending support to others who are in the same boat.

A highlight of attending the event was hearing Simon Sinek speak about a concept he called ‘The Golden Circle.’ The Golden Circle is an amazingly simple, yet profound way of defining who you are and how you contribute. Simon says most people start with the ‘what.’ Then, they launch into the ‘how.’ They conclude by talking about the ‘why.’

Simon says that by gaining clarity and articulating the ‘why’ that inspires your business, amazing things happen. Rather than try to explain it and steal Simon’s amazing thunder, I urge you to visit his site and be inspired to doing business in an entirely new way. And, if you or your organization ever require an engaging speaker with big, actionable ideas to share to inspire your business to heightened levels of success, Simon Sinek is one to consider without hesitation.

As for the ‘why’ behind my business, here it is. I am on a mission to empower and inspire business owners everywhere with useful tips, resources, tools, and contacts so they get into immediate action to get seen, heard, and celebrated in their own backyards … and beyond through the power of do-it-yourself publicity.

Everyday I receive ‘thank you’ notes from business owners who apply the tips, resources, tools, and ideas I share to their buzz building advantage. I know the ‘why’ that inspires my business is powerful, inviting, and much needed among those hungry for effective, affordable ways to differentiate and stand apart in today’s demanding marketplace.

That ‘why’ is so much bigger than the free publicity. It’s about empowering others to help themselves so they are never hungry for publicity again or beholden to high priced PR agencies that stop short of helping them help themselves. Join me in the DIY publicity movement, and let’s see what magic we can manifest in the marketplace under our own power. If ever there was a time to jump on this bandwagon, it is now. Come on in. The water is fine. Great rewards are waiting.

By the way, have you signed up for the Authentic Visibility ezine yet? Please do. The sign-up form is on the right hand side of this page. When you sign up, you’ll receive by immediate digital download 12 sassy newspaper columns to empower your DIY publicity success. You know you need some good summer reading material, so let this be the start of your DIY publicity education today. And, of course, I invite you to subscribe to the RSS feed so you never miss a Mainstreet Media Savvy blog post. The sign up is a the far lower right corner of the blog. Sign up today.

It is sunny and beautiful in Seattle today. I hope you are enjoying equally magnificent weather from wherever you are in the nation or the world. Get out there and enjoy this fabulous day!

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Chime in on Today’s Noon (PST) Call and Learn to Be an Expert in Your Field through the Power of DIY Publicity

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Hey everyone, there is still time to chime in on today’s teleseminar with Stacy Karacostas and me at noon today (PST). I’ll be sharing time tested and proven tips to get known as an expert in your field through the power of free publicity. Don’t miss out. Here is the link to sign up for the call.

And, oh by the way, I got a call this morning at 8 a.m. from O Magazine. The Extreme Dark Truffle Bar from Seattle Chocolates is a finalist for consideration for a special breast cancer feature page in O magazine. The tasting occurs today at 1 p.m. If you have an extra 17 seconds in your schedule and your heart to wish the client luck, please do. Everyone dreams of earning Oprah’s attention. Getting this close is very exciting. Getting even closer would be even better!

“See” you on the call at noon today!

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Are You a Woman of Influence or Know Someone Who Is? The Puget Sound Business Journal Wants to Hear from You!

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header.gifI am a huge fan of media-supported recognition programs as powerful vehicles to bring a winning business and its owner into the media spotlight. The Puget Sound Business Journal is looking for 20 Women of Influence to celebrate at its gala recognition event taking place November 20 at the Fairmount Olympic Hotel.

A Woman of Influence clearly possesses the authority and power to move the needle in business and on behalf of the community. At the same time, she should know that her position is not one she can use simply for her own good, but also for the good of her company, its employees, the community and other women striving to sit behind her desk someday.

If you are such a Woman of Influence or know someone who is, here is the link to the nomination form. Nominations are due by August 22, 2008.

alice-cunningham-50smaller.jpgI’ve nominated plenty of fabulous women for this list in prior years, and many of my candidates have earned places on this prestigious list. Among them include Alice Cunningham, co-owner of Olympic Hot Tub Company; Mimi Kirsch, founder of Paradigm Communications; and Carol Nelson, CEO and president of Cascade Bank. Everyone has considered it a tremendous honor and a grand occasion to connect with other equally inspiring women. The media coverage is pretty wonderful, too.

Self nominations are encouraged, so leave your humility at the door and put your hat in the ring. No one ever regrets being named to this list. And, if you have any doubt in your mind, remember this powerful quote from none other than Oprah Winfrey herself, “Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher.” The Women of Influence event is an occasion worthy of celebration. And if you are among the women to be celebrated, all the better!

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Tammy Redmon Jumps in to Pick the Low Hanging Media Fruit Right Away, Plus a Good Reason to Plan Now for the August 15 Publici-Tea™

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tammyredman.jpgI love it when folks get into action after hearing me speak about the power of free publicity. Coach and Business Growth Strategist Tammy Redmon of Redmon and Associates was among the guests in the audience when I spoke at the North Seattle Community College Network Breakfast about how to pick the low hanging media fruit to create a fabulous local publicity basket. As a direct result of hearing that presentation, Tammy sprung into action. Now she has proudly posted her first article entitled, “Online Networking — Leading at the Speed of Whoosh!” to, and here is the link. It’s a great read, so do check it out. And, she’s create a social networking profile to start building buzz in that way. She is really thrilled to be spreading her message far and beyond.

Here is what Tammy had to say about my approach to empowering her with this useful information:

“Your information does make a difference, and here is why. You make the notion that I can get published, or get someone to write about me, or attack a blog, seem doable and non-threatening. You told me what worked and took the fear right out of it by giving me the steps to results. Your energy and enthusiasm for what you do and the success that you and others are having as a result is what I personally caught hold of. It said to me, ‘You too can do this and get noticed in a new and different way.’ Oh and did I mention it is pretty cool that it is at low to no cost??? Simply perfect. So thank you for showing up in your true essence as a bold and enthusiastic woman on a mission to get people noticed.”

With feedback like this, is it any wonder that I wake up smiling with anticipation about the difference for others I can make today. If you were not able to attend the presentation and want to listen in after the fact, you can purchase the audio file for a song. Here is the link to make it easy for you to read about and purchase Audio Presentation #6.

publici-tea_md5.jpgAnd, if you want to jump in with both feet and immerse yourself in a half-day of do-it-yourself publicity information and inspiration, sign up for the August 15 Publici-Tea™. Because this event will be held at a fabulous historic home in Tacoma and all the 400 guests at Jazzy June are going to receive the invitation to attend, don’t delay in securing your space. Seats are most definitely limited. Here is the link to make it easy. SBA 2008 Women in Business Advocate Rachael Costner will be my very special guest, and she’ll share small business marketing tips and resources to catapult your business to a higher level of fabulous.

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Hurray for Gift List Media – My Pitch Invited Interest from O Magazine to Taste Seattle Chocolates!

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I started sending holiday gift guide pitches to national magazines to bring attention to a client with a delicious and heart-felt story to tell. Thanks to my subscription to Gift List Media, I have access to the names, email addresses, contact preferences, and editorial plans of the exact people at hundreds of national magazines to whom I can pitch timely, relevant, and worthwhile stories to add value to holiday gift guides in development. And, since I believe in aiming high, I started with a pitch to none other than O magazine.

Guess what? Within 15 minutes of sending my pitch, I earned a request for product samples. Now my client’s Extreme Dark Truffle Bars to benefit breast cancer charities just might earn the ink. Because I read PR Secrets Founder Susan Harrow’s book on how to appeal to decision makers at The Oprah Winfrey Show and O magazine — and because I am an avid viewer of the show and reader of the magazine — the right words just flowed. Here is the information I shared in my pitch:

new-packaging-truffle-bar.pngextremedarktrufflebarlores.jpgOprah appreciates exquisite packaging and extraordinarily good taste perhaps more than anyone. And doing good matters most of all. That is why I am proud to share with you the family of truffle bars from none other than Seattle Chocolate Company ( Each has undergone an “Extreme Makeover” to debut sassy, contemporary packaging this coming August that looks just as delicious as the bars taste when they touch your lips. Now, “What Happiness Tastes Like™” and “What Happiness Looks Like” can be enjoyed one delicious bite at a time. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the company’s Extreme Dark Truffle Bar — the best selling bar in the line — will benefit breast cancer charities. These products dressed in their new packages will soon be available in well over 12,000 retail, grocery, and drug stores across the nation and via the company’s online store. Attached are images of the sassy new packaging for the entire line and an image of the fuchsia-colored Extreme Dark Truffle Bar. It would be a pleasure to send samples for your tasting pleasure. It would be a dream come true to earn a placement among Oprah’s Favorite Things at any time of the year — and holiday in particular. Here is a link to the company’s online press room to make it easy for you to learn more about a company very passionate about all things chocolate — that operates with heart to benefit women everywhere: Seattle Chocolate Company is a successful, woman owned company that generates well over $12 million a year in annual revenues. And its owner Jean Thompson is proof positive that life beyond 40 is super sweet indeed. At 47, Thompson is fit, fabulous, fulfilled, and forever grateful that her passion for premium chocolate is making women all across the nation happy every day, everywhere they live, work, and shop.Thank you for your consideration.

ist1_4723669_beautiful_girl_holding_starfish_at_the_beach.jpgNow I believe in the power of positive intentions as much or more than most people, and these products do taste fabulous, look great, and make a difference for women everywhere. Now, the product just has to earn its stripes with the folks at O magazine, and I can’t wait to tell you how that turns out. In the meantime, if you have products that are well suited for holiday gift guide consideration at top national magazines, now is the time to start making your pitches. Invite more publicity success with greater ease by subscribing to Gift List Media today. Just one amazing placement in a prestigious magazine like O could be just the ticket to make your investment more than worthwhile. Aim high. Reach for the stars. And believe that great placements are waiting. When you prepare well, target your pitch, and deliver a compelling message, you’ll enlist interest so your business can take flight. What are you waiting for?

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Reply to a ProfNet Lead Brings “Getting Known” Expertise to a Much Wider Audience

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Two days ago, I replied to a media query from ProfNet by offering one of my media relations articles for editorial consideration. Today, I received a “Google Alert” and an email from the publisher that my article had been posted to the “Making the News” blog. I love that. Now more people will have access to the information so they can get into action to grow the buzz about their business. Read the article and be inspired to act to build the buzz about your business.

Are you a newbie and unsure how to write a pitch in the first place? Here is the text I shared to make my pitch:

Hi Michael,

I am a “Media Savvy” newspaper columnist for the Puget Sound Business Journal — one of the most prestigious business journals that actually boasts growing circulation. I have prior served as a “Media Savvy” columnist for the Snohomish County Business Journal. Business owners rave about the quality of the practical information I provide to help them negotiate the media to earn attention for their winning ways. Below my signature is an article offering tips to get known as an expert in your field resonates, given today’s challenging economic times.

You can learn more about me at /about. You can access a number of my articles at /press-room/print-press-room. Here is a link to make it easy for you to preview a number of articles I’ve written about how to earn free publicity for

Of course, I’d be happy to edit any of these submissions to 500 words to meet your editorial requirements. Most are in the 750-800 word range now. Tell me which topics resonate most powerfully for you, and I’ll get started! Thank you for your consideration.

You can reply to similar media queries by following the same format. The key is to be responsive to the pitch at hand, make it easy for the decision maker to value your qualifications, and provide winning content that is on target for the venue at hand.

As an agency owner, I can subscribe to ProfNet — which brings me hundreds of media queries to review every week. As an independent business person, you can subscribe to PR Leads. It’s essentially the same service and just about the same price. And boy it is worth it. To have my guidance travel far and wide with a reply to a pitch is a beautiful thing — for readers who get into action to follow the tips and for me!

And, if you want to hear even more about building the buzz about your business, be sure to sign up for the noon teleseminar on June 26 with me and Stacy Karacostas. Here is the link to make signing up a breeze.

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Have You Posted Your Articles to Yet?

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kristadunk.jpg“I took Nancy’s recommendation to place my wedding and marriage articles on a well-known ezine site called www.ezinearticles. Just two days later, I now have expert author status, and my articles have already been viewed 1,245 times. My website’s traffic levels are the highest they’ve been since it launched. Thanks Nancy.”

Krista Dunk, CEO and Founder, Northwest Wedding Place, Olympia, WA

Don’t you want the same results for your company? Just visit Sign up for free. And start posting articles that celebrate your expertise. Article by article, tip by tip, you will invite readership of the right people who want to know more about you and your business. This site offers useful reports that demonstrate about how many people read your articles and publish them in their ezines. The reports even show how many visits to your website flow as a direct result of your article posting.

Just for kicks, I “Googled” Krista’s name, and her Ezine Expert Author bio came up first in the search. Gotta love that. By the way, Krista attended the publicity presentation I gave at the North Seattle Community College Network Breakfast on June 6. We ran into each other again at the Make Mine a Million $ Business event on June 11. She has made all this excellent progress just since then. Gotta love that, too.

I always tell my Publici-Tea™ students and audience members, “If the first five ‘Google’ references that come up with a search for your name reinforce how you want to be known, you are on the right track. And if the first five references offer the slow times you ran in your last five 10K races from ten years ago, you’ve got a lot of work to do.”

Believe it or not, that was my situation when I first took my own name’s temperature on “Google” a few short years ago. And, I am not a fast runner by any means!

My oh my, how that has changed. “Google” my name now, and the results offer an entirely different story that reinforces my DIY publicity expertise, thanks to the power of DIY publicity.

Start posting your articles that celebrate your expertise at this site. There is so much to gain and so little to lose. What are you waiting for?

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Women Business Professionals (and a Few Good Men) Gather June 26 for Jazzy June

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rachaelcostner.jpgI am a big fan of connecting with other women business owners at networking events. It’s proven to be a powerful way to expand my dream team, learn new things, and find new ways to contribute. I’ll be attending Jazzy June at the Tacoma Convention Center on June 26 for the first time because I can’t wait to experience the event my colleague, friend, and 2008 SBA Women in Business Champion Rachael Costner has been bringing to market since 2002. Here is another link to make it easy for you to read more about it. In addition to owning Sands Costner, a Tacoma-based advertising and marketing agency, Rachael is the creator of the Women’s Resource and Business Directory.  This is a comprehensive online directory of businesses and resources for the community, business owners, leaders and those seeking direction, along with an online calendar of events and half-rate advertising opportunities for non-profit organizations.

I am pleased to announce that Rachael will be my special guest at the August 15 Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshop I’ll be hosting in the South Sound. Yes, I am taking the Publici-Tea™ beyond my Bellevue, WA backyard, and I can hardly wait. Rachael will offer plenty of small business marketing tips and resources to add tremendous value for every guest who attends. Why not make plans now to join us so you can get your DIY publicity machine in perfect order in time to earn fabulous results for fourth quarter? I can’t wait to meet you — at Jazzy June and at the August 15 Publici-Tea™.

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One Good Thing Continues to Lead to Another — for Rent-a-Brain Client, Column Readers, and Me!

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The day got off to a great start today with glowing feedback from a variety of sources. I heard from one of my Rent-Nancy’s-PR-Brain Clients this morning, and here is what she had to say:

“I have had so much success with the work you and I did. I have 6 radio interviews lined up this week, so just go ahead and let your network know this…you are a superstar!

— Bea Fields, President, Bea Fields Companies Inc.

Receiving feedback like this is very rewarding. Bea and I first met at the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Forum in March of this year. She was the morning keynote speaker — addressing the topic of Managing and Motivating the Net Generation — and I was one of the breakout session leaders — talking about the power of DIY publicity. We both had the benefit of hearing the other’s presentation, and we connected by email to see how we could work together. She has since applied a number of my DIY Publicity tips to her benefit. She reported today that she has six radio interviews scheduled for this week! She is really delighted with how well her speaker sheet is delivering the engagements for her. It’s all good.

And, Amy Spain, the programming director for the Snohomish County Tourism Bureau, wrote to me this morning to share glowing comments about my June 10, 2008 presentation to her audience of 50 guests. She learned about me by reading my former column in the Snohomish County Business Journal.

“Nancy Juetten is a refreshing, energetic, and knowledgeable speaker. she lends her tips for improved publicity to small business owners in a captivating way. All of our program attendees walked away with concrete ways to implement or augment their own campaigns. Very relevant information!”

And, to make things even better, another programming director for still another quality local professional organization read my Puget Sound Business Journal column from last month, offering publicity tips to be learned from American Idol. He wants to talk with me about speaking before his trade group.

Speaking at events, writing columns for prestigious business journals, and connecting in person with engaging people are all powerful ways to build buzz and invite new opportunities to be of service. These are the things I advocate that you do to build the buzz about your business. I am not kidding when I say great rewards are waiting. To lend more support to this claim, I hosted another sold-out Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshop last Friday, June 13. Just for fun, I asked the 13 special guests in the room how they learned about the event. Here is what my guests reported:

  • Heard me speak at the Women Business Owner event last year – 1
  • Heard me speak at the North Seattle Community college on June 6 – 2
  • Heard me speak at the North Seattle Community college last year – 1
  • Learned about me and my expertise by viewing my articles and profile at – 1
  • Saw something about my products at the website for the radio show – 1
  • Met me at a recent meeting of the eWomenNetwork – 1
  • Got acquainted as a result of a blog post that invited interest and comment -1
  • Saw a meeting notice posted in the Seattle Times business calendar – 2
  • Heard me speak at a teleseminar and wanted to learn more – 1
  • Registered as a result of reading about the event in the Authentic Visibility ezine -1
  • Came as a result of the recommendation of a prior Publici-Tea™ guest – 1

Every guest came as a result of a publicity tactic I put in place to build the buzz about the event. I didn’t buy any ads. I didn’t mail any post cards. I just “alerted the media” and my own best customers and prospects via my ezine, the blog, and beyond. People came. And they raved about their experience. Best of all, one of my guests from a prior event just invited me to host another Publici-Tea™ in Tacoma, Washington to empower her extended network of small business owners who crave more buzz for their businesses this August 15. I’ll be putting the details of that event in place shortly and will be certain to share them with you so you can benefit.

All this is to say that one good thing does lead to another. When will you jump into the DIY publicity pool with both feet? Come on in. The water is just fine.

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