Alert the Media. The May 16 Publici-Tea is Coming to The Village Bellevue. The 1st 4 People to Register Will Receive a 30-Minute Power DIY Publicity Call with Me.

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I had a revelation last month when I tried to fit 13 business owners around my dining room table for the Publici-Tea Half-Day Workshop. This event has grown too big for my house. That is an alert the media moment for sure.

I am bringing the Publici-Tea™ to a new shared workspace called The Village Bellevue on May 16 from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. The Village Bellevue is a members only workspace and meeting place for professionals that offers first-class facilities and services — and plenty of free parking. It boasts a generous conference room that can comfortably accommodate groups of 12-15 people.

If your business has grown beyond what your home office can hold, do yourself a favor and visit this well appointed facility that offers everything you need to do business successfully away from home. For me, The Village Bellevue is a powerful answer to a problem I’ve been struggling to solve in a way that makes sense for my business and my event guests. That’s why I can hardly contain my enthusiasm in recommending it to others.

And, here’s a special offer for the first four people to sign up for the May 16 Publici-Tea™ as a result of this post. Register today and mention “Village Bellevue” in the comments section of your registration form. In return, you’ll receive a 30 minute do-it-yourself publicity phone chat with me as a special bonus. Folks rave about the impact my publicity suggestions have had on their DIY publicity success, and you can join them when you sign up for the May 16 Publici-Tea today.

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Besty Talbot Shares BIG News to Empower Women’s Success in Business

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I love it when Publici-Tea™ guests connect with me to share their amazing do-it-yourself publicity success. Today, Betsy Talbot wrote to share some pretty exciting news. Here, in her own words, is the latest development.

betsy-talbot.bmpHey, I’m getting popular these days!, one of the fastest-growing websites for local news and content, has appointed me the Seattle Women & Business blogger. I’ll be posting once or twice a week on business news for women in the Seattle area and trying to grab a portion of those 2 million monthly visitors as customers. I made the connection to get this job through one of my eWomen contacts, the amazing Elizabeth Rightor. Thank you! Any doubts remaining on how blogging and networking can improve your business? I’m slightly delirious right now with excitement over this great news for my company, and I hope you will join me in the celebration by going over to the site and subscribing to the blog. You can even sign up to receive email updates when I post new articles, just like my regular blog. ‘ll continue to encourage you all to explore social media and online networking to make your small business small in operational size only. Your impact can be HUGE, and the first step in doing that is to start thinking big. Every success we have individually benefits us all as a networking group, and I love sharing this great news with all of you. (and yes, you may hear about this in a few places – I shared this on Ning and my regular blog and it will be in my ezine later this week – Nancy Juetten would scold me for not making the most of this great news!)

Thanks Betsy. Way to set a winning example. You rock!

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Trying to Retire in Turbulent Times? This Story Started with a Quick and Compelling Reply to a Media Lead

Local PR Success Comments Off on Trying to Retire in Turbulent Times? This Story Started with a Quick and Compelling Reply to a Media Lead

You never know when your comments will travel from one media venue to another to reach a huge audience of potential clients. Certified Financial Planner professional Steve Juetten woke up to a treat this morning when his comments about how to retire in turbulent times were featured on MSN Money.
A few weeks ago, he responded to a media lead from a reporter from seeking experts to speak on this topic. Since Steve read the book on the importance of responding to reporters in a timely, compelling, and helpful manner — and he happens to be married to the author — he jumped at the opportunity to be of service. Juetten’s comments ran prominently within the story.

That the story was picked up by MSN Money today was a huge bonus to building the buzz about his reputation and expertise among the many readers of this authoritative site, offering proof that one good thing can lead to another. Those online story links at MSN Money and will reside online indefinitely, making it that much easier for potential clients to learn about Juetten’s philosophies when they search for his name or expertise online. That will, no doubt, help many make the decision to engage Juetten as their Certified Financial Planner.

Are you having similar do-it-yourself publicity success? If so, please share your stories with me here at This blog enjoys wide readership, and you never know how far and beyond your successes can travel when the right people have access to your good news.

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Register Now for the May 6 “Free Publicity” Seminar at the Museum of Flight

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Learn how to help your business fly high through the power of publicity at this high value event.

The Alternative Board is hosting a Spring Series Business Seminar about free publicity in which I am the featured speaker.  Every guest will receive my tips booklets as part of their event registration. They offer 147 powerful ways to build business and profit from free publicity. The event takes place Tuesday, May 6 from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. at the Museum of Flight at 9404 S, Marginal Way S., Seattle. The cost to attend is $49. Call 425-277-9311 or email to secure your place. Registration at the door is $99, which brings even more value to pre-registration. Plus, your admission to the Museum of Flight is included, too! Don’t wait until the last minute to register.  Act now.  Learn more by visiting this link.

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Media Savvy Column Continues to Pack a Punch for Spreading the DIY Publicity News

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If you live in the Puget Sound region, you’ve likely seen the newly redesigned Puget Sound Business Journal. It’s an extreme makeover completed with the readers in mind, and I think it looks fabulous.

I am honored that my “Media Savvy” column continues to earn a place in the “Growing Your Business” section within this prestigious business journal. Just yesterday, a neighbor told me that she looks for my column every month and shares it with her network of self employed lawyers. Another colleague got in touch to let me know that the latest column about how to write a bio that actually helps attract new clients came at just the perfect time. This kind of warm feedback keeps me motivated to create even better columns for the months ahead.

If you need help writing a better bio, you can read my latest column on this very topic in the April 25 edition of the paper. If you are not a subscriber and don’t want to wait 30 days when the column becomes available online to non-subscribers, send me an email and I’ll send the column your way by email.

And, if getting your bio in shape to attract clients is a high priority, sign up now for the press kit writing workshop taking place Friday, May 30. Here is the link to tell you more about it, make it easy for you to read the testimonials from satisfied prior event guests, and sign up today. Why struggle a minute longer trying to tell your story when help from yours truly is so easily within reach? I can’t wait to be of service to the five lucky business owners to benefit from this super customized day of press kit insights and bio writing magic.  It’s a power-packed, results-oriented day that eases your bio writing pain so you can get on with your business and your life.    Enough said.  See you there!

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Just 4 Spots Left for May 16 Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshop. Does One of Them Have Your Name on It?

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I’ve got just four spots left for the May 16 Publici-Tea™ Half-Day Workshop at my lovely Bellevue home. If you’ve been thinking about signing up, don’t wait too much longer because seats are going fast. Read the fabulous testimonials from prior event guests at this link and register today.

Both women and men attend these events. The ratio has been running 80% women to 20% men. I think the in-home, comfortable setting with great food and chocolate has great appeal among women in particular. For the men out there thinking about attending, go ahead and jump into the Publici-Tea™ cup with both feet. The water’s fine.

Oh, by the way, I’d love to bring the Publici-Tea­™ Half-Day Workshop to franchise organizations, professional groups and associations, and networking groups to empower their do-it-yourself publicity success. I did such an event last Saturday for the Go Mobile Advertising National Affiliate Conference in Kent, and the event guests rated my part in the conference “Best of Show.”

Here is the quote from one of the conference guests and the company president:

For the second year in a row, the GoMobile Advertising Network was graced with the privilege of having Nancy Juetten provide a wealth of knowledge and publicity know-how to our National affiliate group. It is, without doubt, that each of us can and will use her invaluable and effective tools to grow our business nationwide.

“Nancy provided real life examples and a simple way to use blogging and technology to promote my business. Fantastic presentation!”

Bernie Montoya – Bay Area Mobile Media

Nancy’s presentation was full of straightforward information that was easy to understand and simple to implement! Her Media-Savvy-To-Go Publicity Kit was also a real winner with our group allowing the opportunity to execute her tips of the trade back at the office or on the go. We are excited to apply her media-savvy methods to gain us better coverage from our media contacts.Thanks again, Nancy for your informative and entertaining presentation!Mike Seifert, President
GoMobile Advertising Network

If bringing the Publici-Tea™ to your people would be of value, let’s talk about it! Give me a call at 425-641-5214 or send email to

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From Personal Pity Party to a Profound Sense of Gratitude Overnight

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Having lost out for the third time in as many months on house bidding wars, I was having a little pity party for myself last night. I was disappointed that we didn’t get the house we wanted to buy. Then, I attended the fund raising breakfast for First Place School this morning and quickly adjusted my attitude.

beegle1.jpgThe keynote discussion was about poverty. Donna Beegle delivered a moving keynote about what privilege is. She said, “Privilege is being able to buy groceries with cash or check, rather than food stamps. Privilege is garbage service. Privilege is having a warm, safe, and dry place to sleep every night. Privilege is kids attending school in clean clothes…”

Beegle grew up in extreme poverty. By dint of hard work, tenacity, and many other admirable qualities, she earned her PhD. Today, Dr. Beegle is a nationally known speaker and author on communication. She moved a packed Washington State Convention Center ballroom room to tears with her story — and I know I was moved to write a generous check. I left today’s breakfast full of gratitude for my life and the privilege to contribute to the wonderful work First Place School is doing to educate children of homeless families.

Here is an excerpt:

…One day in a theology class, Beegle was given what seemed like a simple assignment: write about how freedom, or the lack of it, had affected her. That night something opened up inside of her. It was instantly clear: What was wrong was that she had abandoned her roots, and since poverty would always be a part of her, no matter how successful she became, abandoning her roots was abandoning herself. She would never be free of her story until she told her story. For hours she poured words and tears onto the keyboard.

She wrote about all the freedoms she had never enjoyed. Freedom to not see her mother crying, to not watch her father unload trucks full of watermelons for 16 hours then try to decide whether to spend the handful of cash he earned on food or shelter. Freedom to not watch police take her brothers away, to not come home to an eviction notice, to go to the doctor when she was sick, to hold her head high. And the most important of all, the one so many people had helped her discover: freedom to get an education.

The instant she turned the paper in, she was certain she’d blown it. Everybody would know she was an imposter, just a dumb poor kid pretending to be someone else. When she got the paper back, she could only stare at the words scribbled across the top by her professor: A+. Best paper I’ve ever received.

She began to tell her story again and again, speaking to various groups and being interviewed by journalists. She completed her major in communication. In the spring of 1990 she graduated with honors, and the University named the woman who spoke Middle Class English as her second language its student Communicator of the Year.

Please read Donna’s story. And, if you are so moved, make a contribution to end poverty. Start at First Place School.

My pity party is officially over. I will never forget Dr. Beegle’s powerful message. And I can promise you, you won’t either.

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Check Out to See if Your Expertise Can Add Value to 250,000 Unique Visitors

Business Success, For Women Only Comments Off on Check Out to See if Your Expertise Can Add Value to 250,000 Unique Visitors

I just stumbled upon a site called that caught my attention. The site features videos of dynamic women with tips and suggestions to empower others’ success. In just ten minutes, I watched a number of sassy videos that showcased successful business women and their useful tips for success.

If you’ve been thinking about sharing your expertise and inspiring business success story with the world to a site that boasts 250,000 unique visitors each month, this could be a great place to start. Before you do anything more, visit and watch some of the videos posted to the site to get a clear picture of the quality of the information each expert shares. Then, if you are convinced you have value to add, connect with to share a brief email about your story and tips.

I just sent him a brief email to recommend a number of my best clients, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Are you going to follow this tip and see what happens next for YOUR business? If so, keep me posted about your success, and it will be my pleasure to blog about it!

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Check Out These Publici-Tea™ Testimonials from April 18 and How The Guests Came to the Table

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These Publici-Tea™ events keep getting better and better. Last Friday’s event was a sell out, and the event attracted an amazing contingent of inspired, generous business owners eager to support each other’s success through the power of publicity. Here is what my guests had to say:

“Quick start your publicity with this program that Publici-Tea™ offers. Whether you are a solo business or a marketing guru…the system and resources will help get you going and save you money.”

Rachael Costner,Women’s Resource Directory,Tacoma,

“I loved the intimacy of this event. Each guest could have his/her issues addressed. I learned three things that I can immediately implement to become a known expert in purposeful profitability.”

Audrey Godwin, CPA,, The Godwin Group, PLLC,

“As a new business owner, Nancy Juetten has given me the inspiration and confidence I need to launch my business with a ‘walk then run’ approach…I’ll be skipping the ‘crawl first’ phase.'”

Cheryl Michaels, The Color Coach,

“We knew tea was good for our health. Now those lucky enough to spend time with Nancy know Publici-Tea™ is good for our business.”

Regina Glenn,Pacific Communication Consultants Inc.,

“It’s about time someone realized that small businesses need exposure, but can’t afford it through traditional means. You have armed us with some nuts and bolts to make a difference in our businesses. This is very useful to all business owners. Many are in their first years, when marketing is vital, but money is tight.”

Lisa Pike,ScribeRight Transcription Agency,

“Nancy gave me the opportunity to get my arms around my media and public relations strategy going forward.”

Debbie Whitlock,Sound Financial Partners,

“The information presented introduced new ideas and reignited many dusty recommendations from past forays into the publicity arena. You managed to corral some wonderful simple and common sense approaches to getting results. Your presentation helped clarify, inspire and gave us the tools to create our individual plan for the results we desire.”

Craig Weindling,Smiley Dog,

This time, I asked all of my guests how they learned about this event, and I learned some valuable information.

– One of my guests saw publicity tips I posted to and was curious enough to register.

– Another saw an article written about me in the Bellevue Reporter last July and decided now was the time to register.

– One person heard me speak about the power of publicity at a presentation I made last summer for the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce.

– One person attended at the recommendation of one of my most powerful advocates.

– One person attended as my special invited guest because having a talented freelance writer in the room is a fabulous value to offer to guests and a great way to serve a writer seeking quality assignments.

-Seven guests are people I have met at local business networking events.

This is proof positive that the actions we all take to build the buzz about our expertise DO make a difference over time. Everyone differs in their readiness to get into action, but people do most definitely take notice of information that offers the potential to help their businesses grow.

publici-tea_md.gifSpeaking of which, the next Publici-Tea™ is set for Friday, May 16 from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. at my lovely Bellevue home. Zita Gustin, social networking expert, will be my special guest with insights to share to empower buzz building via social networking. And, Betsy Talbot’s “Blogging from Start to Finish” special report will be included among the day’s powerful materials to lend even more fuel to your buzz and publicity building efforts. Register at this link to secure your place. Why not attend with your mastermind partner, best colleague, business coach or CPA? Then, you can serve as accountability partners, long after the Publici-Tea™ concludes. Only seven spots remain before this event sells out, so act today.

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Good News for Positively Fundraising on the Good News Network

PR Success Stories Comments Off on Good News for Positively Fundraising on the Good News Network

Check out the front page coverage Positively Fundraising earned on this cool site. This is great news for Affirmagy Founder Kristen Marie Schuerlein. If you have good news to share, log onto the site, become a member, and share your news. You can learn more about how to do it by following this link.

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