The Thrill of the Media Placement Hunt … and the Rewards for Being Tenacious

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As a work-in-the-trenches publicist, I do a lot of “smiling and dialing” and emailing with reporters and freelance writers to pitch story ideas. I get a bit of an adrenaline rush as I make my pitches. You could call it the thrill of the hunt.

A couple days ago, I saw a ProfNet lead that was perfect for one of my clients. I responded immediately with a pithy, powerful, and persuasive pitch with high hopes. The next morning, I got a cordial reply from the writer, thanking me for my submission and declaring her intentions to pass.

Disappointed, I did the power pout for a moment. Then, I thought, “What the heck.” I’ll try again. I thanked the reporter for her quick reply and then shared a personal story to bring the pitch I sent prior to life in even greater detail. And, while I was at it, I took the opportunity to mention that I work with two other clients with products that would be be great fits for the national women’s magazines for which she writes regularly.

Guess what? Read the rest…

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What We Can Learn About Good Bios from American Idol

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29061.jpgOK. I admit it. I watch American Idol. It’s good clean fun, and it’s a program I can enjoy with my family. And, believe it or not, there are publicity lessons to be learned from this program. Last night, each of the finalists was interviewed answering the question: What would surprise America to learn about me? One finalist said he was a competitive tennis player. Another said he loved to drive a race car. The other said he was a word nerd.

Now, I love a word nerd as much as just about anyone. But I have to agree with Simon Cowell that I don’t think a rocker on American Idol earns huge points for being jazzed about vocabulary. When preparing your bio for American Idol or your local media, consider sharing information that reinforces your key strengths in the role you most want to play in life and work

For me, the contrast between rocker and word nerd is just a little too quirky. And the photo opportunity of the Idol hopeful sitting thoughtfully working crossword puzzles doesn’t exactly set hearts on fire. Read the rest…

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Did You Miss the Sound Bite Teleseminar with PR Secrets CEO Susan Harrow and Me?

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Susan Harrow If so, here are some of the key points Susan made during the capacity crowd teleconference on 2-5-08:

1. Producers want a natural presence and clear messages.

Ultimately it’s *You* you’re selling. The more unique and irreplaceable you are the better. If the producer can replace you easily and use your show idea you haven’t done a good job of pitching your topic or yourself.

2. Create and prepare your soundbites tailored to the show’s audience. Soundbites, your essential messages or talking points, should be modular and mix and matched. Which means your stories, anecdotes, statistics, analogies and one- liners need to be flexed to meet the angle of the topic you’re discussing. You wouldn’t say the same exact thing to moms as you would to businessmen.

3. One of Oprah’s hot buttons to get into her magazine is…. Pay attention to packaging. Oprah and her producers highly value beauty–both inside and out. Your product (and you) must be meticulously packaged so as to create instant interest. That means your product, service, or cause need to be well designed, have particular value to women, and be gorgeous, luxurious, delicious, playful, and/or add something meaningful to women’s lives. Your product is a “packaged soundbite.”

I would add that these tips apply, whether you are pitching Oprah or your hometown media. And, you want to practice at home first before the big TV cameras come calling and even bigger audiences are at stake.

If you want to listen to the hour-long call that includes plenty of never before shared information about Oprah’s Big Give and Oprah’s Favorite Things, you can purchase the audio file at this link for just $27. I received plenty of emails after the 2-5-08 call, letting me know how high value audience members found the information. Now, you can listen in at your convenience with this audio file close at hand. Or, you can receive this audio file as a special bonus gift when you purchase the Authentic Visibility Publicity e-Toolkit at the ever-so-low $77 anniversary price. Click here to buy now.

You can’t get to Oprah, other major media, or your hometown business journal if you don’t get into action.  If not now, then when?

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Celebrating 7 Years with 2 Reasons to Get Media Savvy, Build Buzz, and Save

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When I started my business seven years ago, I wanted to earn enough money to buy better groceries. Soon, I had world-class clients with great stories to tell, and I was too busy to cook. Today, I’ve redefined my success by the impact my services, training events, and information products have on YOUR success, and I am having the time of my life. Thank you for inviting me to contribute to your success. It’s been a wild and wonderful ride, and I know there are many more twists and turns in the road ahead to keep me engaged in the process of helping you and your growing businesses get seen, heard, and celebrated in your own backyards and beyond through the power and impact of free publicity.

To celebrate seven great years of service, I am offering two fabulous values on the Authentic Visibility do-it-yourself publicity tools to catapult your business into the media spotlight in a winning way. Whether you have $77 or $7 to invest, I promise extraordinary value or your money back.

Offer #1 – Authentic Visibility Publicity e-Toolkit – Just $77

toolkit_bookgraphic3.jpggetmediasavvythumbnail.jpg image0353.jpg Starting today and continuing through March, you can purchase the Authentic Visibility Publicity e-Toolkit for $77 and enjoy special bonuses besides. I’ve boosted the value of the e-Toolkit by adding two additional high value bonuses. The first is the Get Media Savvy! Woman’s E-Guide to Promote Your Products, Services, and Ideas to the World. It features dozens of articles from some of the nation’s leading Internet media savvy gurus, including Shannon Cherry, Zoe Day, Annie Jennings, Catherine Franz, Paul Hartunian, Penny Haynes, Michelle Howe, Meredith Pond, Lori Prokop, Heidi Richards, Rosilind Sedacca, Raleigh Pinskey, and me! The second is a new audio file that explains how to get your sound bites in order for Oprah or the media in your own backyard — featuring expertise from PR Secrets CEO Susan Harrow. You can buy this audio file on an a la carte basis for $27, but the best value is to enjoy the entire kit at the special $77 anniversary price. Act now before the price goes up and the special bonuses go away.

Offer #2 – Authentic Visibility Publicity Tips Booklets Print or Downloadable Version – Just $7 Tips BookletsGet Media Savvy Special Bonus Report

These two high value booklets include 147 powerful ways to boost business and profits through the power and impact of free publicity. They are packed with time tested and proven tips and free resources to achieve more local publicity success with greater ease. Your special bonus with your Authentic Visibility Booklets purchase is your own hot-off-the-press copy of “Get Media Savvy! — a Woman’s E-Guide to Promoting Your Products, Services, and Ideas to the World.”

Click here to buy your tips e-booklets now at this special $7 price. If you prefer printed booklets, click here.

And, if you’d like to purchase tips booklets in huge quantities to share with all the buzz seeking business owners you know, check out the quantity pricing details at this link or give me a call to chat more at 425-641-5214.

No matter which information product bundle you choose, please use the information to get media savvy, build buzz, and grow your business. With action on your part, great rewards are waiting.

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A Short Mid-Winter Break from Blogging and a Heads Up that a Special 7-Year Anniversary Sale is Brewing

Business Success Comments Off on A Short Mid-Winter Break from Blogging and a Heads Up that a Special 7-Year Anniversary Sale is Brewing

I’ll be taking a short mid-winter break from blogging to enjoy a couple free days with my family.

I’ll be back on 2-25 to tell you about a fabulous anniversary sale I have brewing to celebrate seven years of service and commitment to your do-it-yourself publicity success. I’ll be offering special Authentic Visibility information product pricing and special audio and e-book bonuses never before shared. Stay tuned!

And, there is just one space left for the March 14 Publici-Tea™ half day training event. Act now to secure your place, or reserve your place at the April 14 event. Click here to register.

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YouTube Video Offers Tips to Earn Free Publicity

PR in Action Comments Off on YouTube Video Offers Tips to Earn Free Publicity

It’s fun and rewarding to take new tools out for a spin to help others learn the power and impact free publicity can lend to their growing businesses. Check out this video that was posted a few days ago and learn a few local publicity tips to propel your business forward. Let me know what you think!

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Loving the “Big Ink” for Seattle Chocolate Company

Local Publicity Comments Off on Loving the “Big Ink” for Seattle Chocolate Company

‘Tis the season for love … and chocolate, which explains why Seattle Chocolate Company is enjoying a flurry of winning headlines lately. Check out the company’s newly launched press room that showcases a sampling of headlines captured within the last couple of weeks. In particular, this cover story from the Seattle Times really shines:

Sweeter Sales – girl power turns business around.

The plan now is to bring these winning stories to the attention of decision makers at some of our nation’s leading women’s magazines, including Good Housekeeping, Ladies Home Journal, Woman’s Day, and — of course — O. I’ll keep you posted on the success we earn as share “What Happiness Tastes Like™” with chocolate lovers everywhere. What fun!

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Notes of Appreciation from Clients Do My Heart Good

Article PR Comments Off on Notes of Appreciation from Clients Do My Heart Good

Happy Valentine’s Day. Some great things have been happening for clients lately that show the power of the bylined article for building awareness and inviting new opportunities.

For example, the special sections editor for the Puget Sound Business Journal and the editor of the Snohomish County Business Journal got in touch with several folks for whom I pitched and placed bylined articles last year. In both cases, they invited the authors to make second article contributions for upcoming special sections because the prior articles they submitted were so timely, newsworthy, and relevant. I received immediate and heart-felt thank you notes and phone calls for setting the table for them to enjoy these new editorial opportunities.

Midori Yoshikawa sent a thank you note yesterday because she was so thrilled that her article about interior designing with love in mind earned a place in the Bellevue Reporter, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Midori took my suggestion to connect with Craig Groshart, editor of that paper, to invite his interest in running the article she had prepared. He agreed. Knowing just the right person to call made the difference for Midori to earn the ink in such a timely and local way for her Bellevue business.

And, yesterday, I met with a potential client who has been following my work for quite some time. He had a notebook, neatly organized with tabs, that included all of my “Media Savvy” columns from the Puget Sound Business Journal, my prior “Authentic Visibility” columns from the Snohomish County Business Journal, and recent copies of my Authentic Visibility ezine. He said he had no doubt that I was the right person to tell his story in the media.

All this feedback does my heart good and certainly gives a powerful boost to my business. And, I hope these examples propel you to start writing articles for the local media sooner versus later so you can experience similar benefits.

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Here’s My Mompreneur Profile from Which You Can “R&D”

For Women Only Comments Off on Here’s My Mompreneur Profile from Which You Can “R&D”

Henry DeVries, founder of the New Client Marketing Institute, made me grin when he first made reference to the term “R&D.” The definition? Rob and duplicate. He said, “Why reinvent the wheel. Follow a format that works.” Makes sense to me. So, here is my Momprenuer profile that I submitted to for editorial consideration. I just answered the questions in a compelling way. Now, I am waiting to learn if my story will be selected for feature. Read on and learn a bit more about how my business took root, and then put pen to paper to craft your own story for consideration.

a. What is your name? Nancy S. Juetten

b. What is your age? 46

c. What is the name of your company? Nancy S. Juetten Marketing Inc.

URL of web site?

d. When was your company founded? February of 2001

e. How was your company funded? (If you want to share start-up costs, feel free, but not required). I funded my company start-up with personal savings to purchase a computer, fax machine, and business cards.

f. What does your company do? I help small business owners get seen, heard, and celebrated in their own backyards and beyond through the power and impact of free publicity. Some businesses retain my services, and quite a few purchase the Authentic Visibility line of do-it-yourself information products ( ) so they can learn how to earn the “ink and the air” without spending a fortune or spinning their wheels. Still others participate in my half-day Publici-Tea™ ( ) training events during which I share insider secrets to help others unlock the power of free publicity to advance their own businesses.

g. How/Why did you come up with this idea?

I started my business with the goal to earn enough money to buy better groceries. Soon, I was working with top companies including Fran’s Chocolates Ltd., TalkingRain Beverage Company, and Oberto Sausage Company, and I was too busy to cook. I have always felt a passion for helping small business owners, and it occurred to me that they didn’t have many affordable, accessible ways to get their stories told. In July of 2006, I created the Authentic Visibility line of information products to help others enjoy more local publicity success with greater ease. In November of 2007, I created and launched the Publici-Tea™ half-day training events to be of service in deeper ways in a group setting. It is rewarding to help others help themselves, and the comments people share about my products and training events are glowing. I know moving in this direction has been the right decision for me, my business, and my family. You can read more about me at this link: /about

h. Where is your product/service sold? (list brick and mortar stores, web sites, etc.)

My products are sold at the DIY Publicity Store at my blog, which can be found at .

i. What is the best piece of advice someone gave you about starting your own business?

Have fun. Make money. One without the other isn’t good enough. This sound advice came from my CPA.

Another piece of stellar advice came from a treasured client, Bill Fritsch, a 30-year veteran of the advertising business. He said to decide if I wanted to be a big or small company, and that every decision I would need to make after that would flow from that decision. I was driving down the highway one day and heard a promotional announcement for a Broadway show called “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.” It was an ‘aha’ moment for me. I decided then and there that I would be the best little PR and PR information products company in Bellevue, WA. I have kept my focus on that intention since then, and it has served me and my clients very well.

j. What is the most valuable lesson you have learned or advice you would like to give others that might want to start their own business?

Oprah Winfrey said, “Surround yourself with only those who are going to lift you higher.” This is sage advice that has also served me very well. I would also offer that the best way to network with others is to lead with how you can be of contribution to others’ success. See, hear, and celebrate the intentions and aspirations of others, and people will always remember you well and be happy to recommend you and your services to others.

k. Does your company support any causes? If so, what are they? My company provides pro bono publicity services to causes that speak to my heart. For example, when a neighbor suffered a tragic accident that left him a quadriplegic, I worked with the local media to draw attention to a benefit to raise money to remodel his home to accommodate his very special needs. I give time and funds to the Bellevue Schools Foundation so my 10-year-old son Kyle and all his classmates can benefit from the extraordinary resources and tools this organization makes possible to advance their education.

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Are You a Mompreneur? Here’s a Free Publicity Tip That Could Propel Your Business Forward

For Women Only Comments Off on Are You a Mompreneur? Here’s a Free Publicity Tip That Could Propel Your Business Forward

Kyle and MeThey say that necessity is the mother of invention. I know from personal experience that becoming a mom can provide plenty of motivation to reinvent your life. When my son Kyle was born 10 years ago, I knew I had to find a way to “Escape from Cubicle Nation” and launch a business of my own. In February of 2001, I started my public relations agency, and I haven’t looked back. I am grateful to my son for giving me a good enough reason to blaze a trail of my own. My life and our family is all the better for taking the leap.

If you have followed a similar path, check out this link and submit the story about how you launched your business for consideration. Your photo and story could soon appear within this well visited site for moms-to-be. That could lend powerful momentum to lead generation for your business. You’ll find all the questions you need to answer to tell your story on the site. Good luck.

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