In the Age of Web 2.0, Do You Still Need a Logo For Your Brand?

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I’ve been considering this idea quite a bit, especially given the popularity of my Publici-Tea™ event. I’ve come to the conclusion that having a visual icon for my event packs a powerful punch. In just a week or two since the new logo for my event was created (see the tea cup logo at the right!), I’ve received dozens of emails from folks with fabulous comments to share about it.

I am heartened to know that one of my colleagues and mentors, Suzanne Falter-Barns of Get Known Now, agrees with me. To follow is an ezine article Suzanne penned on this topic, and I know you’ll find this of interest. Enjoy.

In the Age of Web 2.0, Do You Still Need a Logo For Your Brand?

By Suzanne Falter-Barns

One of the things that always comes up when I coach clients is the question of a logo. It’s only natural – we’ve just defined their business, created their brand and their unique position in the marketplace. So isn’t a logo the next logical step?

Kinda sorta.

What I’ve discovered in the last 2-3 years is that thanks to blogs, blog headers and signature visuals, a standard ‘corporate’ logo is really no longer necessary. Think about it.

Logs as we’ve known them are stuffy, dry affairs; stylish symbols that are basically generic and can be interchanged from product to product, service to service. Close your eyes for a minute and imagine the logo on your car … now you know what I mean. When it started out, that could probably have been the visual symbol for any car, right? Or even any business. And this worked great back in the 50’s when logos came about. Read the rest…

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Fabulous Resources to Empower Free Publicity Success

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It’s that time of year when business owners are looking to the New Year with high hopes about how things will be so much better with much more ease. If you are in that boat, this blog post is for you.

Here is a quick list of some of the fabulous resources I rely upon to earn publicity for my clients. Consider them for your do-it-yourself (DIY) publicity efforts. At the very least, subscribe to their free ezines and/or visit their blogs to sample their offerings to be convinced of their value. You have much to gain and nothing to lose.

PR Leads – Active Media Leads Direct to Your Inbox
Publicity Hound – Fabulous, Useful Publicity Tips and Advice
Get on Oprah with Susan Harrow’s Help
Gift List Media – Holiday Gift Guide Leads
Press Kit 24/7 – Need I Say More?
Plan Your Marketing Road Trip to Success
Create Tips Booklets and Make Money
Get Known Now with Suzanne Falter-Barns

While you are at it, consider launching an ezine of your own. I use to send my ezines, and I have been very satisfied with the ease and reliability of this service.

2008 is going to be great. Just be sure to take advantage of the great and often free resources that are available to bring about more publicity success with greater ease.

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Have You Read Microtrends? What a Great Source of Story Hooks to Fuel Free Publicity!

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Trends gathering speed are always a great hook to earn free publicity. I’ve been pouring through my copy of “Microtrends” by Mark J. Penn with E. Kinney Zalesne with great interest. They organize the trends in sassy categories such as love, sex and relationships; work life; race and religion; health and wellness; money and class; and looks and fashion, among many others. It’s a fascinating read. When writing about money and class, he offers six categories:

Deal Masters – think Gordon Gekko of the movie Wall Street

Altruistic Achievers – think Bruce Wayne, the public face of Batman

Secret Succeeders – like “Citizen” Charles Foster Kane

Status Chasers – Scarlet O’Hara

Satisfied Savers – Oliver Wendell Douglas of Green Acres

Disengaged Inheritors – Dudley Moore’s Arthur

Don’t you want to know more? And, if you can find your product or service at the center of these microtrends gathering speed, you have the start of a story angle that could help you earn free publicity. Add this book to your holiday gift list if you are serious about earning the “ink and the air” in the New Year. You’ll be glad that you did.

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Publici-Tea™ Anyone? – Here’s a Gift Publicity-Seeking Business Owners Can Give and Receive

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Avikai Spa

Great news! The Publici-Tea™ half-day training events in November and December have proven so popular that I’ve decided to offer them once a month for much of 2008. Save Friday, January 18 for the next Publici-Tea™ to take place at the lovely Avikai Spa in Issaquah from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Each Publici-Tea™ offers a half-day of in-person training to empower your do-it-yourself (DIY) publicity success.

  • We’ll enjoy delicious pastries and tea in the morning, a tasty lunch, and tea and chocolates from Seattle Chocolate Company for dessert.
  • I will offer great ideas, resources, and access to my media contact rolodex to make your publicity success flow with ease.
  • And, I’ll do my best to offer answers to all the local publicity questions guest share with me in advance of the session.
  • While we are together, we’ll enjoy plenty of time to connect authentically with everyone in the group. Personal attention is my intention, and results for you in the media are my goal.
  • And, parking is free and plentiful.

Your $297 fee to participate includes an abundance of print, audio, and electronic materials — including your own printed version of the Authentic Visibility Publicity Toolkit, refreshments, and all the great ideas we can collectively share to catapult your business from the darkness to the spotlight. What a great way to set the publicity foundation to build more buzz and greater success for your business in the New Year. What a great gift idea for all the buzz seeking business owners on your holiday list — including yourself!

Business owners raved about the first session, and you can read the specifics at this link. This is an energizing, fun, and productive half-day of training that packs a powerful punch for your do-it-yourself publicity success. I can’t wait to meet you, learn more about your business, and support your quest to get seen, heard, and celebrated in your own backyard … and beyond with the power of free publicity.

Register today to assure your place so you can jump-start your 2008 with the publicity tips, resources, and tools you need to catapult your business to a more visible and more fabulous place in your own backyard … and beyond. The first two events sold out within hours, so act now to reserve your place!

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How You Ask for What You Want Matters

Business Success, Networking PR Comments Off on How You Ask for What You Want Matters

Every now and then, I get a call from someone who needs PR in the worst way and asks for it in an even worse way. The conversation starts something like this: “I really need your service, I don’t have much budget to work with, and I need help right now. Can we talk?”

Oh boy. I can’t wait to continue this conversation.

I get calls like this more often than I’d like, and I just scratch my head. How you ask for what you want matters. Starting a conversation in this way reveals volumes about you — and the story isn’t a good one.

No matter what service you are seeking, remember that service providers want to work with great clients who value their time, see value in the products or services they offer, and have the resources to pay for them. If you reveal otherwise with the first sentence you utter, what are the chances that you will attract and engage the right resources to solve your problems? Consider that food for thought on a Tuesday morning.

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Wall Street Journal to Report on Getting the Most & Best PR for the Least Money & Effort

PR Success Stories Comments Off on Wall Street Journal to Report on Getting the Most & Best PR for the Least Money & Effort

The Wall Street Journal’s Small Business Link is preparing a story for December 17 about getting the most and best public relations exposure for the least money and effort.  If you have ideas, recommendations, and success stories to lend to this timely and relevant topic, this is a great opportunity to share and perhaps have your business and its local publicity success  showcased within the pages of the Wall Street Journal.

Send your suggestions to so you can empower and inspire other buzz-seeking business owners.  

And, if the Authentic Visibility tips you enjoy from reading this blog, my Puget Sound Business Journal “Media Savvy” newspaper column, the Authentic Visibility Publicity Tip of the Week radio show, the Authentic Visibility ezine, and the Publici-Tea™ training I offer contribute to your success, don’t be shy about mentioning it!  Thanks much.

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If Earning Publicity in the PSBJ is a Priority, Take Advantage of This Special Deal.

Local Publicity, Media Savvy 101 Comments Off on If Earning Publicity in the PSBJ is a Priority, Take Advantage of This Special Deal.

Many of my clients and Publici-Tea™ event guests tell me that they would love their businesses to be featured within the pages of the Puget Sound Business Journal. This is one of the most widely read business journals in the region with 67,000 business decision makers reading its pages every Friday. If you are serious about earning free publicity within the pages of this publication, you first must make a habit of reading it so you have familiarity with the newspaper and the work of the reporters who write about your business and industry. And, I’ve got a special offer to extend to you to invite you into action to activate your subscription.

Just in time for the holidays, subscribe to the Puget Sound Business Journal and save 20%. If you’ve been meaning to subscribe and just haven’t found the time, today is your lucky day. Subscribe to the PSBJ by December 21st for just $69.95. To ensure timely delivery of your 2008 Book of Lists, subscribe by Friday, December 7th. Contact Elizabeth Case in circulation at 206-876-5418 or to subscribe today. Make sure to ask for the Authentic Visibility rate to make sure you take advantage of this fantastic deal. Read and succeed with your DIY publicity efforts with the PSBJ.  Great results are waiting.

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