Wall Street Journal Today Offers More Sassy Conversation about PR

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A couple weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal did a story about pay-for-placement PR services, and the readers went wild in their commentary on the topic. If you read today’s WSJ, you can read more about what the readers think about this practice. There are also some tips for the art of the pitch, and one of them was provided by yours truly. I say, “To successfully capture the attention of reporters, I read, listen to, or watch their work. Then, I share news, access, or commentary that wil add value to what they report on.” You can read the article and related commentary at this link. It’s a good read.

A lot of folks tell me that they want their commentary featured within the pages of the Wall Street Journal, and I am among them. When this story about PR ran, I noticed that the reporter asked specifically for feedback. I took a few minutes to craft a reply to the WSJ Independent Street Blog about how not to pitch a reporter, and my comments showed up online with my name, and they showed up in today’s Wall Street Journal without my name.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. It happened brick by brick. Perhaps next time, my comments will be featured in both venues with my name and blog link.

I do take heart in the fact that I didn’t pay a cent for the placement because I followed my own advice. I read the reporter’s work and thoughtfully contributed commentary that I thought would add value to the story.

This approach has always worked for me. Try it with your own do-it-yourself publicity efforts, and let share your successes with me. I can’t wait to hear and report on your good news.

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The Today Show Delivers a Perfect Fee-Only Financial Planning Prospect the Day After Christmas

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The Today Show delivered a 27-year-old, Bothell, Washington-based financial planning service seeker to Steve Juetten’s fee-only financial planning practice a day following the national broadcast about last minute holiday gifts that make great financial sense.

This brings up a timely question to ponder.  How many leads do you need to consider your attempts at free publicity a success?  If one lead turns into a perfect engagement, chances are that many similarly perfect engagements will follow.  After all, perfect customers are likely to enjoy a fabulous experience with the right service providers and be compelled to talk about their experiences among friends, co-workers, and co-collaborators.

And, when you consider that the only thing at stake to earn the free publicity in the first place was less than two hours to write a press release, post it to www.theopenpress.com, and blog about it here, I’d say that Steve Juetten was a winner from the start.  (By the way, you can post your press releases for free at www.theopenpress.com.  Visit the site to learn more and see how easy it is.)

Steve is clear about the value he offers so he can attract more of the right clients to engage his fee-only financial planning services.  Those are exactly the right clients he wants to show up so he can make the difference he can make through his services.

I like to say that a perfect engagement can lead to happily ever after for those business owners who are clear about the kind of partnerships they seek.   Steve has that clarity.  His new 27-year-old prospect wants what Steve has to offer.   It’s a beautiful thing, thanks to the power of free publicity.   I can’t wait to hear that additional clients have found their way to Juetten Personal Financial Planning LLC, thanks to The Today Show and other means that bring the right clients to his door.

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On Christmas Day, This Blog Earned #1 Ranking in “Google” for Do-It-Yourself Publicity Tools

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When you figure out how you want to be known in the world, you get some lofty ideas. For example, when I created the Authentic Visibility Publicity Toolkit in July of 2006, I sought to earn the #1 ranking by “Google” for Do-It-Yourself Publicity Tools.

On Christmas Day 2007, I did a “Google” search for Do-It-Yourself Publicity Tools, and my blog came up first in the search. That’s a big deal. It shows that you can achieve what you are seeking if you keep your intentions clear and your actions focused.  My intention is to empower business owners all across the nation with useful, proven, and easy-to-apply information that brings to them more publicity success with greater ease.

It’s a huge thrill when business owners call, email, or blog about their do-it-yourself publicity success earned as a result of following my advice. Speaking of which, if “local PR for me” is on your priority list for 2008, click here for cool tools to bring about more publicity success for you with greater ease. There are still a few days in this tax year to acquire useful tools to support your success. What fabulous publicity buzz might you gain by getting into the media relations game today? Act now by purchasing a Authentic Visibility Publicity Toolkit of your own or purchasing just the Authentic Visibility Tips Booklets for $10. And be sure to share your fabulous tales of do-it-yourself publicity success on this blog.

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The Today Show Lends Fuel to Flurry of Last-Minute Financial Planning Appointments

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When everyone else is on vacation and making merry, it can be a great time to earn the ink and the air through the power of free publicity. Here is a last-minute PR pitch I made to ride on the recommendation of The Today Show to offer holiday gifts that make great financial sense. We’ll see what magic flows from this effort and remain optimistic that big ink and air will be coming to a local newspaper or radio or television broadcast soon. And, if this timely advice is well timed for your needs or those you know, thanks in advance for spreading the good news.


Contact: Nancy S. Juetten, 425-641-5214, nancy@nsjmktg.com

Local Certified Financial Planners Prepare for a Flurry of Orders for Fee-Only Planning Services,

Thanks to THE TODAY SHOW Suggestion for a Great Last Minute Gift That Keeps on Giving

(Bellevue, WA – December 22, 2007) — The weather outside is frightful, and Christmas is just three days away. That’s why the TODAY SHOW suggestion of gift certificates for fee-only financial planning services on the website yesterday (https://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/22361389/) and the nationally televised TV morning show on Monday has local certified financial planners bracing for action.

Certified Financial Planner™ Steve Juetten has already experienced a rush for appointments as 2007 fast comes to a close. “This week, I’ve had back-to-back appointments with potential clients eager to get their problems solved. They have even demanded appointments. Getting the financial house in order is definitely something that locals are craving this holiday and into the New Year,” Juetten said. Read the rest…

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My First TV Appearance Offers Free Publicity Tips You Can Use Now

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If you are hungry for useful publicity tips you can apply now and in the New Year to catapult your business from the darkness to the media spotlight without suffering overwhelm, spending a fortune, or spinning your wheels, today is your lucky day.

Tune into to Biz Talk with Zita on Billabong TV to listen to my interview with Zita Gustin about media relations tips, ideas, case studies, and “aha” moments to inspire your own do-it-yourself publicity success.

During this interview, I offer lots of fun and sassy examples of local publicity delivering the goods for clients such as Olympic Hot Tub Company and Affirmagy. I also share a few of my “aha” lessons for turning my information products and Publici-Tea™ events into a real revenue stream. Those of you who intend to do the same in the New Year can benefit from some of the powerful lessons I’ve learned from experts such as Fred Gleeck.

Carol Carini, founder of Billabong TV, offers a wide array of production services that can bring your expertise far and wide through the power of Internet television. Check out her offerings while visiting her site and consider what new avenues you can explore to tell your story so others will listen.

By the way, seats are going fast for the January 18 Publici-Tea™. If you are game to attend, register today. Remember, training events to advance your business expertise are tax deductible!

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Small Talk Expertise Turns into Big Ink – Here’s How

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Congratulations to Melissa Wadsworth for earning big ink in the Sunday edition of the Lifestyle section of the Seattle Times for her small talk expertise. The “How to shoot the breeze with ease” interview with columnist Pamela Sit was well timed for all the holiday parties now in progress. Here is the link so you can learn some timely tips right now.

I asked Melissa how this story came about, and here is what she said:

“Actually, this was a gift from the media gods. The reporter just called me out of the blue and said she had been looking at my website and would I do an interview about small talk for holiday gatherings. Of course, my experience with knowing what to do when the media calls you kicked into place. She gave me five days notice. That give me time to organize some thoughts and stories around the topic. When she asked for two high res head shots after the interview, I had those to send her, which I did immediately. I also followed up by passing along the notes I had made for the interview. That way, if she didn’t get what she had out of the actual interview, there was more information she could choose from. She actually used one of the points from these notes. After the article came out, I sent her a another thank you note, expressing what a wonderful writer she was. That’s it.”

To go one step beyond, I suggested she connect with the reporter to share her website after the fact to make it easy to refer readers to it to make their “Small Talk Savvy” books since that site wasn’t mentioned in the article. As luck would have it, the website offer came in perfect timing to respond to a reader request that can in moments before.

If you need help with small talk savvy, Melissa’s book can show you the way. Here is a link to learn more.

What expertise do you offer that is perfectly timed for right now? I’ll be giving a talk to the Seattle Chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers in January. They sure have timely expertise to share to help folks get a jump start on being better organized in the New Year. What a timely idea that has legs to run. And, believe it or not, Valentines Day is just around the corner, and reporters with retail stories to tell in January want to hear the latest timely, newsworthy, and relevant ideas and trends to lend impact to their January reporting, just in time for the season of love. There is no time like the present than now to start pitching — and earning the big ink. Are you game? Have fun, and keep me posted on your success.

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Clever Idea to Capitalize on Your Name for Publicity, Product Trial, and Sales

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Sarah Roller owns Buchanan Chocolates. She told me yesterday that she did a search of other companies with “Buchanan” in their name and made a pitch for holiday gift giving. This resulted in a number of appointments and quite a large quantity order. Hopes are high that the holiday gift giving season will extend through Valentines Day as corporate clients share the chocolate love with their best customers, many of whom share the Buchanan name.

Stacy Karacostas, the owner of Success Stream Sales and Marketing Solutions, told me she received a sample bag of Stacy’s Pita Chips as a gift in the mail from this company that had a small marketing budget and keen intentions to earn fans right away among those who shared the name “Stacy.” Check out the press release in the “about us” section to learn  more about this clever campaign that got people snacking and talking about these tasty treats all over the country just in time for the Super Bowl.

My sister’s husband’s last name is Hansen. I couldn’t help but notice during a recent visit to her home that Hansen’s soda is one of the beverages her family enjoys on a regular basis.

These examples get to the essence of the “get seen, heard, and celebrated” idea. Your own name carries a lot of weight with others who share it, and it certainly invites folks to consider making your product a mainstay in their pantries.

What clever ways can you use your name to appeal to others who share it and also find a new audience for your products and services through your publicity efforts? Share your stories with me, and I’ll post them here to inspire others.

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I Love What I Do, Round Two – Publici-Tea™ Event Inspires Buzz Seeking Business Owners into Action

Business Success, Media Savvy 101 Comments Off on I Love What I Do, Round Two – Publici-Tea™ Event Inspires Buzz Seeking Business Owners into Action

Last Friday was the date of the second Publici-Tea™ half-day training event to empower small business owners with the tools and insights they need to get seen, heard, and celebrated in their own backyards and beyond through the impact and credibility of free publicity. Check out the fabulous comments from event guests:

“If you are tired of wasting your advertising budgets, Nancy’s session is a great way to evaluate how PR could launch your lead generation.

Rose Smith,The Alternative Board,www.tabboards.com

“I really enjoyed the Publici-Tea™ event… Definitely valuable and worth more than $300! Value-added for sure. I was feeling overwhelmed before I came in. I am leaving with a very clear sense of direction and the steps I need to take to get there.”

Robin Daly,Daly’s Paint & Decorating,www.dalyspaint.com, www.tintedperspective.blogspot.com

“I highly recommend this 5-hour immersion in practical publicity education by warm, entertaining Nancy. I walked away with a world of information to act on now.”

Deborah Shields,SoulStar Healing Arts,www.deborahshields.com

“Nancy has a warm, generous spirit that under girds the whole info-packed presentation. I feel informed and encouraged both as a business owner an an individual. Thanks so much, Nancy!”

Margit Crane, Family Relationship Specialist,www.rocktheworldcoaching.com

“Wow! What a bang for the buck. I felt like Nancy was consulting with me personally. Plus, there were nine other professionals to add ideas. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful seminar. I felt like I walked away with tangible information which will definitely help our business. The seminar went way above and beyond. It definitely exceeded my expectations! Keep up the good work. I can tell this is what you were meant to do.”

Darla Schild, www.purlstitchdesigns.com

“Nancy is an energized, enthusiastic presenter who knows her material. The information was practical and well-organized. I left this session ready to get started.”

Annie Skipper,Eastside TM Program,www.pugetsoundtm.org

“I value Nancy’s friendly and approachable style, combined with her willingness to really help. She really personalized her advice in a comfortable environment. She is energetic, articulate, and very helpful. I feel enlightened.”

Dianne Cumberland,www.personaltrainingteam.com

“It was a pleasure to attend the Publici-Tea™ training you offered.  You are the answer to the business owner’s PR nightmare. You are able to take a complex field and make it easy and do-able. Your seminar series is one of the best investments I have ever made. I recommend to everyone to sign up now, before you are an international talent and it costs more.”

Doug Peterson, Business Development Group, www.bdi.com

If you’ve decided that 2008 is the year you and your business are finally going to come out of the darkness and into the media spotlight, register today for the January 18, 2008 Publici-Tea™. There are still seats available. And, oh by the way, training expenses are tax deductible, which makes this an even more timely and relevant opportunity to invest in your own success. Register today!

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All That Good Press for Hot Tubs Compelled Me to Buy My Own “Think Tank”

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Juetten Hot Tub DeliveryFor the last two years, I’ve told a lot of stories to the media about the value of hot tubs to support the buzz building interests of my client Olympic Hot Tub Company. During that time, lots of major media have told pretty compelling stories.

Oprah did a story about happiness earlier this year, and the winner of the happiness survey attributed her life satisfaction to the fact that she and her husband take time every morning to soak together and talk in their hot tub before the hustle and bustle of each day begins.

The Wall Street Journal did a story about how dual career couples in demanding professions struggle with “the dead zone” which is that empty space between partners when they return home from tough days and have absolutely nothing to say to each other. A reader wrote in and suggested folks buy hot tubs to solve that problem.

Just a week or so ago, the New York Times did a story about “push presents.” These are fabulous gifts husbands buy their wives for giving birth to their children. One father of three reported that he purchased a hot tub for his family after the birth of baby number three because he knew they would be house bound for a few years, and they might as well enjoy their home and garden as much as possible.

And, finally, Bob Greene, Oprah’s fitness trainer, says that people everywhere should reward their weight loss and fitness efforts with experiences rather than food. All the more reason to consider a hot tub because the results of your efforts — one way or the other — are immediately apparent as you are soaking while wearing very little. Read the rest…

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I Love What I Do

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There is a lot of instant gratification that goes with being a publicist. You find a great editorial opportunity. You pitch it in a winning way. You enlist the interest of a writer or editor. You earn commitments to bring stories far and wide to contribute to prosperity for all. And you make friends here and beyond in doing so. How cool is that?

Today I heard from a producer for a TV program that runs in 13 markets that one of my client’s products is on the short list to be featured. Just imagine the potential upside this client will enjoy at the cash register when this potential media opportunity becomes a real media opportunity. It’s just intoxicating to consider.

Think big as you consider the media avenues that are fabulous for your product, service, and expertise. Make a list of the ideal media placements you’d love to earn, and start pitching. If you are confused and overwhelmed at this prospect, take a trip to your local bookstore and browse the magazine rack. You’ll have an immediate, gut level reaction to the publications that are a perfect fit for what you offer to the world. Buy the magazine(s), read them, and visit their websites to view the editorial calendars and figure out the best reporters to pitch your story. Then, start pitching.

The thrill is in the hunt, and the wins are very sweet. I love that.

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