You Don’t Have to be Helio or Julianne to Make Your Award Wins Pay Off

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“Dancing with the Stars” is a reality TV program that captured America’s imagination — and the viewing habits of a toe-tapping nation. Helio and Julianne danced their way into viewers’ hearts as they won the “Dancing with the Stars” trophy on Tuesday night. It is no wonder that every morning talk show the day after the big win talked about their performance, interviewed them for their show, or asked them dance for their viewers. No doubt, fabulous new opportunities to perform and benefit will soon unfold for the winners. That’s what happens with big prize wins. One good thing often leads to another.

It’s not just media darlings like Helio and Julianne who can benefit from award wins. Business owners with winning ways of their own can benefit, too, provided they use the power of publicity to share their stories.

One of the biggest mistakes award winners make is forgetting to tell decision makers who influence buying decisions about their winning ways. There you are, in a large group of award winners in your own industry, and you never get around to telling the people who can buy your services about the latest award you won or recognition you received from your industry. Humility, fear of not knowing what to do, or lack of time are some of the reasons for that. I invite you to get over all three of these objections right away, and I can help you with that with today’s audio file which talks about how to make your award wins pay off. Read the rest…

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If 2008 is Destined to be Truly Great, Listen to This Audio File Today!

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If you missed the fabulous call about how to jump-start 2008 to be absolutely great, you’ll want to listen to the audio file with me and Get Know Now’s Founder Suzanne Falter-Barns. Here is the link to make it easy to tune in right now:

Click Here to listen to the MP3 File
Download MP3 File (Right Click – Use “Save Target As”)

I participated in Suzanne’s Extraordinary Business Builders program last year at this time, and it was absolutely fabulous. Great results are still flowing to my business because I took the essential time to work ON my business with Suzanne’s amazing insights. You owe it to yourself to at least listen in and see what all the fuss is about. Click on this link to sign up before the first class starts on December 6: Get Know Now’s Founder Suzanne Falter-Barns.

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Holiday Card Contest Delivers Favorable Publicity for Olympic Hot Tub Co.

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Why Santa Leaves Hot Tubs on Decks

Every year, Olympic Hot Tub Company invites the children of its customers to draw original art to serve as the company’s annual holiday card and offers the winner a $100 prize and a box of custom cards to share with family and friends. This year, the company decided to alert the local media about the winner’s clever creation, and big ink resulted.

It was the story behind the winning entry helped the 9-year-old artist earn front page coverage in her hometown newspaper. Here is the text to the November 21 Arlington Times story:

“Why Santa Leaves Hot Tubs on Decks” by Amy Cedarholm has been selected by the Olympic Hot Tub Company for its holiday card this year. A 9-year-old fourth-grader at Cascade Elementary School in Marysville, Cedarholm portrayed Santa scratching his head, trying to figure out how to bring the hot tub — complete with rubber duckie — down the chimney. Each year Olympic Hot Tub invites the children of its customers to create an illustration for the company to use on its holiday card. Amy’s mother, Susan Cedarholm, said that Amy loves art and designs clothing for fun and she really enjoys the hot tub, too. Her teacher is Theresa Randall. Amy told her mother that she was inspired to enter the contest by her older brother who also won the contest, five years ago when he was 10. He is now in the culinary arts tract at Marysville-Pilchuck High School. Along with receiving 50 copies of the holiday card, Amy also won $100. Amy has another older brother at M-PHS named Tim. The family received notice of the award soon after Amy’s father died of complications due to pneumonia, and it cheered them all up a little, said Susan Cedarholm.

This story offered a powerful visual, a local and very heart-warming story, and a timely hook. That’s a powerful recipe for local publicity success.

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Are You Ready for Inspired Action in 2008? Save Jan. 19, 2008 for an Inspired Event.

Networking PR Comments Off on Are You Ready for Inspired Action in 2008? Save Jan. 19, 2008 for an Inspired Event.

I had the good fortune to do the media relations for the Mental Journey to Millions 3-day training event earlier this year. Through a combination of media relations, networking, and viral marketing, our team was able to compel 1,000 people to attend the event at the Seattle Westin in June of this year. The audience absolutely raved about the content and the experience.

Now, Matthew Ferry and Thach Nguyen, have scheduled a NEW event, taking place on Saturday, January 19 at the Seattle Convention Center. They call it the Inspired Action™ Workshop. In this action packed, one-day workshop, you’ll leave with a clearn understanding of what it is you truly want most in the ten key areas of your life. You’ll discover and learn how to tap into your greatest passions. You’ll make fundamental decisions, build a plan and begin to act upon it, while creating strategies for sustained momentum. All in one day. Guaranteed.

Just by working with these fine people and being exposed to their powerful material, my life and business took off in powerful ways. I would wish the same for you when you participate in this January 19 event. You can read more about it at Look for the January 19th event in Seattle, click on “Event Details.” Then, click on “Register for This Event.” You’ll be glad that you did. The event runs from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Just $99.

And, one final thing. One of the unstated benefits of attending an event like this is the opportunity you have to connect with other like-minded people who share your intention to have an inspired 2008. Sandra Yancey, founder of eWomenNetwork, says that your success is limited by the people you have not yet met. Fabulous people with intentions to make a contribution in the world will be in attendance, and you need to know them. And, most importantly, they need to know you! See you all there.

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Santa Paws Photos to Benefit the Humane Society – a Timely Holiday PR Hook

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Shadow, Nancy’s Beloved Golden RetrieverHave you heard that song on the radio about the Christmas shoes? A little boy is in line to buy a pair of shoes for his mom, who might be on her way to heaven tonight. He doesn’t have enough money to pay, so the fellow beside him in line steps forward to help him out so he can buy the Christmas shoes. The holiday season is here at last if it’s time for that song about the Christmas shoes. It brings me to tears every time.

I bring this up because now is the time that the media looks for heart-warming stories that delight and inspire — and even bring more people to tears or grins. What are you doing this holiday season to make the world better for another? Are your holiday windows providing a glittering gift to window shoppers who dare to venture downtown just in time for Black Friday? Are you giving to charity in a way that inspires? And are you helping animals find new homes? Now is the time to alert the media about photo opportunities, giving opportunities, and other ways people and businesses are contributing to a merry and bright holiday. Doing so could earn you free publicity for your winning ways.

Speaking of which, Alice Cunningham, co-owner of Olympic Hot Tub Company, was honored as a Puget Sound Business Journal Woman of Influence in 2006. Earlier this month, a reunion of honorees was held at a fine local hotel. Alice and fellow honoree Kaycee W. Krysty, president and CEO of Laird Norton Tyee — who is also a tireless advocate and board member for the Humane Society of Seattle/King County — chatted about a variety of things over cocktails.

It turns out that the Humane Society was looking for venues for its Max Mobile to park during the holiday season to make it easy for pets (and the people who love them) to sit for photos with Santa — with proceeds to benefit the local chapter. Alice, whose company is famous for making it easy to take it easy, offered the parking lot for her Issaquah Olympic Hot Tub showroom as a venue to make it easy for pets to smile pretty for the camera. Within a few weeks, all the details were worked out, proving once again that amazing things can happen when you connect with people authentically about things that matter and ask for the help you need.

Shadow, Nancy’s Beloved Golden RetrieverOn December 1 – 2 from 11 – 3 p.m. Puget Sound area pet owners can visit the Issaquah parking lot of Olympic Hot Tub Company and pose for photos with Santa with their beloved pets. If you live in the area and would like to participate, here is the link to the Issaquah showroom. Of course, we’ll be alerting the media to the photo opportunity. Since more people in Seattle have pets than children, this event could deliver meaningful contributions to the Humane Society, along with new store visitors for Olympic Hot Tub Company. I hope to see you there with my golden retriever Shadow!

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Set Up Your Business for a More Powerful 2008

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Last year, around this time, I enrolled in Suzanne Falter-Barns’ Extraordinary Business Builder Program. What a business building bonanza that turned out to be for me. In a few short weeks — with Suzanne’s inspired guidance — I come up with the “Get Seen, Heard, and Celebrated in Your Own Backyard…and Beyond!” positioning statement for my public relations practice and my do-it-yourself publicity tool product line. I also declared my expertise as a local publicity expert. Since then, amazing opportunities and abundance have flowed to my business.

If you’ve been struggling with what your unique selling proposition is and need an expert to guide you through the process of figuring that out, you’ll want to participate in a free teleconference call tomorrow. In this helpful hour, Suzanne will share tips on how to:

a) Determine if your niche is really working for you
b) Size up just how attention-getting your hook – or unique offer — is
c) Figure out what else you need to know about your market to make that happen
d) Tighten up your brand(s) so you focus on the one that will have the most impact
e) Make a 2008 calendar that will rock your business

If you haven’t signed up, there’s still time.

DATE: Tuesday, November 20 at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific

To register go to

Even if you can’t make the call, sign up anyway and Suzanne will send the replay.

By the way, I’ll be on the call, too. As one of Suzanne’s successful students, she wants me to share the specifics of my success as inspiration to others who will join the ranks of the Extraordinary Business Builder Club. Don’t miss out. This is well worth your time.

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Article on Award Wins Delivers Speaking Engagement and More

Awards PR, Local Publicity Comments Off on Article on Award Wins Delivers Speaking Engagement and More

I often say that one good thing leads to another, and here is another example of that.

About three years ago, I wrote an article for a local trade journal called Marketing. The title was, “Winners Get More Than Trophies,” and it went into detail about the business and buzz building advantages of entering and winning award contests that are well supported by the media. Yesterday, I received an email from Dan Lane who said he read the column a couple of years ago, liked it, kept it, and wanted to have me speak about it at a November 28 gala event to celebrate award winners for the local chapter of the International Association of Printing House Craftsmen (IAPCH).

On November 28, I’ll address the audience about the publicity impact to be enjoyed for winning industry awards. And, Dan has decided to share the Authentic Visibility Publicity Tips Booklets with every event guest as a parting gift. I am thrilled with invitation and the opportunity. One good thing does lead to another.

If you’d like to read that article about award wins, here is a link:

If you’d like to offer Authentic Visibility Publicity Tips Booklets to your event guests or share them with your small business customers, here is a link to learn about quantity discounts: /tips-booklets/tips-booklets-customized-orders

These tips booklets can be customized with your logo on the cover and your brand promises and contact information inside. What a great way to support the success of your clients and keep your name and contact information center stage all year long as recipients benefit from the useful do-it-yourself publicity information inside!

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eWomenNetwork Event Guest Puts PR Tips to Work to Earn the Ink

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I got a lovely email from Kathy Hope, president of Hope Fitness Center, today. She attended a meeting of eWomenNetwork during which Executive Managing Director Zita Gustin and I talked about the power of reaching out one-to-one via networking and one-to-many via publicity. Here is what she wrote:

“I just wanted to let you both know much of what you said at that meeting stuck in my head. I had written an article for a local paper in the past, but felt I wasn’t qualified to write too much because I am not a personal fitness trainer and my trainers would not help me. Well, again I was asked by another paper, this time the Mukilteo Journal’s owner Greg Harris, and he really encouraged me to give him 500 words on the topic “Why a Personal Trainer.” I had one hour before I had to be home and leave on a trip…but I did it and it was published in the November 2007 edition of the Mukilteo Journal. This is to thank you again for your words, and let you know how much they were appreciated. Looking for the next opportunity!

Kathy Hope, President, HOPE Fitness Center, Inc.

I say, “Great job Kathy!”

As you have found, no doubt, in your work as a personal trainer, action speaks louder than words. You got into action. You earned the ink. Now, let the rewards flow to you by way of new client engagements and new opportunities to be of service. By the way, now is a perfect time to be pitching stories about fitness and health as people anticipate a healthy New Year. What are your plans in the regard, and how quickly can you get into action?

Keep me posted on your success!

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Hurray for ProfNet, PR Leads, and the Quest for PR Success with Greater Ease

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Did you know that you can sign up for a fabulous service called PR Leads that funnels active media leads direct to your inbox for your timely and compelling reply? I subscribe to a similar service for PR firms called ProfNet, and it is fabulous. Within the first ten days of initiating my subscription, I earned five national media placements for clients and for myself.

For example, just yesterday, I was asked to call a nationally syndicated columnist about a story pitch I made about champagne marketing on a beer budget. The columnist said, “You get an A+ for responding to this query. Your reply made clear that you had visited my website, reviewed prior columns, and prepared a submission that was exactly on target for my needs.” He added, “Thanks for making my job easier.” Read the rest…

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Serious about Free Publicity? Two Work-in-the-Trenches Publicists Share Proven Tips

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What a treat to chat with Michelle Tennant, one of the co-founders of Wasabi Publicity, about common media relations mis-steps and other nitty gritty tactics and details to support the quest for free publicity. She and I connected on Halloween night and talked about a lot of direct-from-the-media-trenches tricks and tips from which anyone serious about earning her own free publicity can benefit. Tune in at, and visit the PR Shop on the left hand side of the navigation to listen. No charge. That’s a treat, too!

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